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Jerod Mayo previews the season with The Big Show

Aug 17, 2012|

Jerod Mayo comes on The Big Show to talk about how training camp has been going how well the rookies have come along in joining the defense

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-- back here to -- show I'd look toward let Michael -- out on vacation Mike will be back on Monday's program and he'll be around for Tuesday with the senate Tuesday and Wednesday. For the Jimmy Fund radio telephone Kirk money it filling in today. For Michael. Last few years. Matt Light has been a regular here on the picture every Friday part of our. Patriots Friday. -- programming he is obviously moved over to the dark side. I'm Matt has become one of those god awful media guys. So like us -- scum of the earth. Worse so. That may be worse than that aussies and so we have -- brand no Friday guess -- be joining us each and every Friday here the big -- It's Jerod Mayo when he joins us right now presented -- just be alive the no nonsense life insurance company it's now offering new low rates for men and women. Call 88 get SB -- or visit SP -- dot com. For your free quote Roger -- -- -- -- -- we're looking forward to a terrific season. -- my MMI group yeah yeah yeah you are you are -- -- -- said that the net and and I I will tell you this right now we're not unlike. What you do with Tom curry and when you sit -- both that the restaurant eating food. You'll be on the phone and will be sit -- the food OK I don't find out right. Order now a lot of adult Bible it's great to have you will -- not how it's practiced and we have any fights or anything. Everybody -- -- -- are regarded program right are actually aren't sure. Ask a bit about Russert are there are a while we love that. Rescued Jessica McClure that this campus a little feisty than normal is the weather have anything to do what it's been hot out you know. Or the fact that the campus a little bit different you don't of the two days the way you did in the past where guys are worn out you take a while the bush and -- body around. Nobody out -- -- camp and I'm Erica Yahoo! the web have been great I'll no doubt about it come out now. And I say you know low lying area in the -- and now it's briefly and there was some suspect that. What's failure so far few defensively with this team -- a Ben Jones you talk over what you've seen from Chandler Jones even surprised at how it will again we've racing the first pre season game but. How well he's adapted to this. Yeah I think I'm gonna work are in other post -- no doubt in order I don't know and that's something that at Baylor. Nobody commenting it -- art class -- armed shipment of deadly. He -- a want to get a practiced there right. It yeah we're under no pressure to act like Twitter plus 212. There. -- -- -- does that get your guys get tonight opposite what that means. Actually looked -- still in the air right now. -- We always you know Larry did a great. It's great conditioning. Ago. It is there's no -- Patricia did they -- this defense based. On new players with a slightly different skill set that you -- may be last year does he tweaks in this into what you do defensively because. Out of the pick out what you got so -- -- -- -- so many different you know you're the new addition or got a multiple holes on the on the at least I sent. You know every day -- something different that with -- opener something new word. Welcome to it and you release their. You personally you come in here you make a Big Bang. Early on in your your career now you've been here -- public more of the game for you. Is just understanding everything knowing office of personnel that you're facing each Sunday. And the -- you think should differently that you did your first year to. All -- are you know it is accused of armed you know -- one year I'm not because. Of you know now that -- -- -- -- are not smarter. Know what what checks are on the -- -- what they're trying to do -- and that group you know their focus or greater Austin tomorrow so. I've got breakfast restaurant good to hear improve their pick up our ethnic outwardly. -- to make it. I did ask your question here is the controversy right now Boston. You may know by now sometimes the media tries to find some negative stuff and you don't believe that but that her and I'm not trying to be honest it. Is it with the Red Sox right now and that Adrian Gonzales may have texted his owner John Henry when there are problems I guess my question you would be. How often do you tech's Bob Kraft and things are going to have the patriots is that the what does -- Norton -- -- on the -- a -- greatly and you know he comes out I'm meeting all. And an you know. And diamond income that he knows I was -- its. So so public -- let me put it in in the context of what's on the Red Sox for something was going bad and you were upset with say your coach would you ever. Tech's Bob Kraft to complain about. Aren't you kind of on our current welcomed like a little bit like you're part of our yet. Well no well I don't know where -- -- -- apologies are startled that are required to offer their take. -- curve ball he would take a lifeline and the outcome elect. Only two week eight and brain -- and ultimately broke off all check it out note reader up and you're. -- car that's -- -- are are you. Right here and by the way when you -- -- you compliment him on his theories get this you know we're going to get -- -- -- -- -- -- hair done you know that the monkey's -- spot that he's got up on topics get that all cleaned up so make sure you complement -- occasionally. Yeah got a notice an extra you know pretty good idea did yeah. Yeah check gonna do you wanna you wanna mention it to me feel that they don't know check with -- -- Monday brought up an interesting point you -- three. Pre season games in nine days he was talking about. Makes a little bit more difficult for guys fighting for jobs because they play well in the first game you want to give them time for their body to recover. That's second game did you wanna see if you can do it in that second game. Looking back at where viewers a player with eight different out my you've got a job but is that difficulty I think for guys compete. You won't. You can't get the minority rights -- guaranteed that. That's sort of -- is very difficult not only mentally that you -- your -- Credit and I I think it's well -- -- does not appear ready he got to come back. About high tower. We've received so far from him. Spurious. A dollar on alarm all of -- question. So does -- out there and -- and go back and made no I'm back room deals were able -- enough overture a year. Bruschi you have got like sets up a crowd over and yeah odometer merit -- Against a tree trunks for legs doesn't he ought rewritten or your arm while it's amazing to. -- Jeff Demps the silver. Medalist at the Olympics the splinter. Apparently has been picked up by the the patriots this edition has got to run. Are. Lower or this guy is quick man he is but apparently not patriots -- delivering a -- gitmo is a as a kick returner. Well you know way you know code such -- rhetorical. You know latter no doubt where -- get a man -- -- it here. I drug will look at -- to Hispanics have done with the each and every Friday during the during the season have a terrific game on Monday and check out -- little -- -- it's gonna. Gone or on Siobhan or Palin that's Jerod Mayo right here -- election. Take a break we get right back -- your phone calls we'll talk about the Red Sox Larry Lucchino we gotta get into the little bit in this Victor -- stuff because. What he is revealed here now. Is startling. And it may be that all of this talk about steroids and maybe -- -- that Major League Baseball. -- --

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