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Kevin Millar, Former Sox 1B, on if Boston is a good place to play

Aug 17, 2012|

Kevin Millar addresses comments made recently about Boston not being a desriable place to play.

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I'll lunchtime hour Friday that means our guy Kevin Millar of MLB's intentional talk program that really features Chris Rose. As the star that thing with Lars -- of the psychic he's on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible what's up Chris Rose psychic -- The just hanging out just trying to build this show for wrote in the Stanley. If you have a great opportunity to assist you. Yeah I you know they'll let it -- this. Like like like Matt bastard called an intentional -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it was it was truly. You know while we always felt that you not get my grandfather and me -- -- are very close loss to middle line. And -- Johnny Pesky. Was -- dear friend. You know people left who you most excited to see. During a hundred years celebration and you know using Varitek and wait you'll -- -- your teammates. The bottom line giant ASCII I mean the -- to give my hard -- and and see him we couldn't you can't put -- work when someone passes. It's always you know it was a great person what a great person it was truly a great man. This was truly a great man that never. Ever said no do another fan never signaled a picture treated their -- just wonderful for the that this is a true true good person that was big loss for the nation. I was curious going back to that spring how much your member of 2005 the following year -- when Johnny was one of those guys Kevin. Actually raise that World Series banner and that's the video that I I've seen over and over that was a memory that I can't. I can't shake you ever be on the field and -- Johnny pulling up that rolled to get the banner up there Fenway Park. Yeah he was part of us I mean that's why when you know we won that World Series it was supporter of the Stanley the nation the fan Johnny Pesky backed group. Everybody Bill Buckner but went pesky. He was a huge cycle point six man he fortunately every day fungal Q 8345. Years old back in the day that. And I mean you could be in the field talking baseball but he don't go away when you were struggling to sit down we arm around yet. It was per year Ted Williams story anyway eleven G OK you're Kate cap ballplayer. He always had a way to suit the rough times so he was almost like a -- But up player you part of us and so you're right it when he raise that banner it's where it was all about. There's been a rough week over here espresso rough season period for this Red Sox team a lot of -- been made. Jeff passed a story Yahoo! Sports talk about these roundtable meetings and -- I was -- -- I know you're part government usually good things duke a model your thoughts and hearing. Round table sometimes we you'll and one with a manager wasn't present. I don't know maybe want a handful one or two but we have animal we're there we talk about just different things the parking lot and adding a batting cage and you know different food -- there -- three we start those things. You don't actually a great great thing to do you sit around you just you know just certain things that you get off your chest that. Whatever but. You know the whole story -- stuff this Woolsey has grown tiresome it really doesn't mean there's a story every single week about something coming out so. You know it's funny we're going over showed they talked about the series in the Red Sox yankees series and you get this series in that series the pirates and cardinals and -- And wrote make a point -- just like. If the Red Sox sweep may be all lots and next here you've got uninterested it's almost like you're an interest anymore with these. All these rumors and stories until someone -- next to that quo. Would be an unknown source and and the after player dollar fine and amount of -- -- to -- what is the real story I think that's amazing we would all of -- know -- block. Well Justin said it's it's been drama of the team unfortunately become a likable I think because of the way they played on the field Kevin and the stop off the field I wanna go back to that Jeff passed and story getting help because you've sat here. Week after week and told to shut up and play and that clubhouse is is supposed to be sacred that that that nothing's -- -- out of there. I don't know I feel like some pin is getting out there -- there are a couple weeks there what what it it was a player. The try to make sure that stuff stays in and that what you're saying within the walls of that that clubhouse don't get to a -- pass and somebody in the media. Right I -- well I mean there's there's a leak somewhere and and the problem is the man usually coupled with the old stories out you know -- -- oil -- -- -- -- story. Two months after it happened in -- indicated he he said that. You know he he he create -- one on that you close situation. You know on -- Bobby Valentine himself. The other stuff you know ye here which -- John Lackey what's he doing with two Beers in his hand oh my god is on the DL. He I don't know these thirty some years all these of these he's drinking a beer. On the all this other stuff it's like who went to. But automatic but the story just rumors and sometimes it's not true that's that's all of this. Whole equation when you grabbing People Magazine sit on the airplane and get right -- some work. Some of the stories are true. Some of the rumors are true but you have to be careful when addressing this stuff but I know you radio shows and -- show that you get their immediate topic and you just glad that we get we have an opinion. Right all -- has given our opinion but until these are factual stuff. What's true you tell me much you give me you've got around more I am. Why first of I think the -- things an absolute joke and optical window Lester. Does a video up their Lester throwing seeds in Alex Cho was faced in the dugout and try to make a big deal of it and -- like I spent my tech career in the dugout never got to the field. Do all that in no debts. We do do not doing Francona put tobacco my -- -- all. You know get mail -- you know -- may go up there weren't exempt any of a Yankee series tobacco put on how the tobacco and the disrespect note joke you know two boys being boys and -- -- My point I'll -- anything right now -- -- -- but you know latest. Person. Obstacles that get addressing Red Sox. -- I would love to see these men kicked -- field with some passion and some luck and some pride. And get their head that you know what and it like for the playoff run this thing is not over but the problem is we're so concerned of the next. Stupid story the next guy that's walking in the clubhouse with a beer. Who cares. What you Dakota our old man up and cowboy up and get in the batter's box to drive the two run you know a two run double with two out. Did tonight that's what's important is this group finally get back on track but I don't know the cable. Yeah and I think a lot of people -- agree with you there I think it definitely do you know what one of the things I was brought up with all this drama that's going around now circulating with a company ownership -- the manager himself for a guy like Jon Lester. Questioning whether. Free agents still wanna come to Boston this is -- look at discussion for generations. And they continued to come I don't think it'll ever changing and if Bobby V is gone there was old album management ever wanna do. There's plenty of people though love committed to Red Sox left the play for the Red Sox. 100% -- I mean why it's always that bitter statement by whoever makes that. Statement it's a bad time in their life during the season to -- noticed it if you didn't hear a during the golf sake I don't wanna go to Boston for a hundred. Some odd million and you -- call -- say oh my goodness gracious that 144 million I don't wanna go there may or may have a combined. It's always had that bitter. Quote by a player or staff member or management etc. that that time it's the greatest place to play. To put on a Red Sox uniform you're from there you're from that area. -- I grew up in Los Angeles. In and took accustomed to the East Coast mentality now I feel like I'm a Bostonians but that doesn't. It's just it's been great we played well I don't wanna hear -- -- like get if you can't stand the heat get that particular particular profession. You can't and a -- shops in little article. Any -- upload them or are go home. But this is this the shelf broke they say you -- money you make a wonderful living and and and and Europe big -- so you can't stand that you know change professions. That's what I think. Talking to Kevlar like we do every single Friday terms of this weekend you said the Yankee series and rose -- they sweep mail we get that point where. Yeah they got a sweeper take two out of three here for to keep any sort of make contact with what has become. A stretched out American League field Kevin their way back in this pact while -- Way back but I mean they pick up that sketch showed they don't show the opposite basically went out I don't know what they have to do I don't know they had to win nine in -- -- in -- I did but I -- actually stopped and no but whenever that is it start with a W but I want you to fight. Policies and loved ones -- compassion what some might knock somebody down at second base and a double play. I want to see some sweat. So I don't know what you do let me get a direct talks with the Yankees this weekend to the cap is a step breaking. Who knows that it's Lieberman and lose the next three or go right back to normal -- They could -- that Arnold they need -- they need to go out there and play play the -- You don't care we would get a lot you know we get prepared now you want on the phone you know Kevin aloft manager we get it you know people like little you should managed -- you should -- bring in week. -- I mean can you imagine how hard that would be walk into and managing players you played with recently that you had. Gonna battle with on the Plainfield guys like like a back -- or someone like that -- wondered fix it. As we get tech an awful lot of difficult I think that would be. Yeah I don't know you know if I don't think it's difficult is it difficult people think it's all on me. That you're dealing with Matt Wright and and we forget that you're dealing with meant so what about relationships it's it's about -- how to motivate different. Personalities and people don't want thing about me personally is alcoholic and I am going out. Some like it some don't like it whatever it but I am -- I am there's not a whole lot of greatness I give myself -- troubled by speaking the truth right. -- but you know that's just the latest but. Your job is just to -- away. To get these players play and they -- trying to currencies and you go to Iraq as a club that's normal but that's one -- team meeting. You know it's what about just can't get people back on track. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean my goodness gracious I don't know how tough that would be I don't -- -- would -- that I've read about about that as far as you know managing guys that you play with but I know one thing. You have to you have to find a way to get players to play for yet and they're all different there are different personality. Washington national players wants Stephen Strasburg to pitch for them and we met this couple times with -- but it seems now it's locked in -- 160 innings -- four more starts -- Strasburg last two when asked. -- earlier your player on the nationals. This appears to be a once in a lifetime being bitten in the playoffs in four ever how would you feel about straw Serbian shut down a -- when your teammates. We don't you know it sucks it sucks period. -- me tired I mean big league what are we protecting a prospect of property -- baseball America prospect he more he too big league pitcher. Okay is he that you and I management and help yet feel great I'd be shut down but that's like rattlesnake -- comments -- questions. How would you feel though. All these questions about Strasburg and you sit over here to Jordan -- legally marry Sergio results with fifteen wins. About one of those guys how they feel that pricing that's OK I understand the business side have been in whatever process step up. So they're just -- capable Edwin Jackson Lee Boyd. Just -- capable. Stepping up also now they've taken that spot you don't know we don't wanna lose Strasburg no doubt but it it would insult -- look at it from their side. Yeah I I give Rizzo credit for this disease goal of what he believes because this is a situation where that's all you can do because you can lose both ways right. If you go against and pitch him when he gets hurt you that Reagan eighty if if you rest him in next June. Any he gets hurt right now you look like an idiot those don't you stick with what you believe in which what he's do what's -- game credit for that but I'm with yet. You know I'd be pissed you know because -- -- that they're gonna get back -- her next in Connecticut kaposi's never again. That's it simple little he can't pick me anybody get hurt anything. What do we don't want who sent this to give me some factual statements. Bet if we do that this particular pitches fifteen straight years like red and acted when it he's straight games I mean. It's silly but that's that's the business side of these days that we get all these gorillas that no everything about a hundred pitch count and and certainly -- at some. Say that's the way to game -- Our last one for me IC Kenny -- he's at Gillette next -- and for couples shows I've seen a picture of you surfacing on the Internet with -- shirt off with with your voyage as the agent is their plan and a on account takes stage with -- what. But there there's there's good possibility I'll be up there are seeing in the blue rocking chair with -- It just just bring earplugs. An awful lot of lyrics. But I just someone New York last week in it's an amazing -- I will say this it's an amazing show healing act -- country -- But it's it's it's it's a great show. -- McGraw. Yet Jake all and it's -- country's best and do the best I can get drugs -- -- give the -- -- Bob we've built so we'll see how it goes like about choices but try to make the right choice but -- quite make it. And that's some shots outside the right choices kids at home McGraw all wanted -- is -- Brothers of the sun toward your get a couple Colin voice -- saying let's go boys club. Next thing you know you get -- -- opera will go on all four champs but -- this. And I walked. By it. Always a pleasure blood thank you Kevin I I've cracked awesome Chesney. Israel have their car. As always he's brought to you by a voted tractor. And it's going -- dealers swing into New England about a dot com win Kuwata gifts to navigate throughout the entire baseball season. That's -- England voted dot com the buy dot Rio's northern at night steak house locations Boston. Patriot place of clock for weeks in suggest the jolly blocked outline. It is a good show. It is late late -- it's a young fans show you get to my -- ego as usual. Little too creepy especially the tailgate party is still go to the Shelby got out tailgate throw -- walking around their whole argument cool little tool to go to a party like this -- young at hearts Sergio young in our but he 92 break we'll come back we -- -- lineup we'll get to your votes and Victor copies comments about testosterone baseball --

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