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Pat Chung, Patriots S, on the defense and training camp

Aug 17, 2012|

Pat Chung makes his first Patriots Friday apperance of the season on Mut and Merloni and discusses the defense and training camp.

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Are patriots Friday guy mr. that's confidential Patrick Jones Patrick Butler Dario. It sure where we're doing good now I I I was not there for this event but apparently you played in -- charity basketball tournament with Lou -- theater. There were broken down -- a scouting group you -- enough tonight I shut him down while not shut you set up and let let Patrick grabbed at the woman athlete that you are at this point I'm clueless the scouting report here. Lou Lou it will be nice now I don't -- -- -- -- to your belt broke. Hey listen I didn't have data barrels to pass the ball to adopt a shot in a happy note slugger where you would have thought it would matter is it like this definitely. I was so for about a week I don't know how the hell I -- but that's all right OK listen I was I was down their last week Gutierrez said the practice with the saints now watch and you're the one on ones and of -- and assist doesn't seem right amiga Drew Brees there are CU. At times covered Jimmy Graham to get the whole field there's no help that's got that's not good right I mean I believe that you got to -- -- you're pretty good again. I mean wanna warn them there's. It's definitely opposite Israel army he -- somewhat normal no rush I mean you don't pretty good vehicle are pretty good also. Kind of tackling the I can't act and sort of physical you can could you know I mean. That's always open you know this summer seventeen under the same not a -- growth and it makes it harder as. As article possible before the piece of their clothes -- that it. Does that kind of prove we've talked about this before -- defensive backs here you get pressure on the quarterback that can make you guys that much better to work together as a unit if you are out there and island in this league some of the -- wide receivers and quarterbacks it's it's awful tough to stay with guys were. 567 seconds. -- -- to cellular he says so much during merit that your restaurant so quickly that will cover for a couple seconds you know we can't. Particularly flattering kick kick cover perfect sort of and that great kitchen so. And applaud all and then all together -- of the -- -- particulate air moving vehicle gonna get there you know we're all working together. I speak at a working together again new tag team partner back there and Steven Gregory and I'm curious Patrick what you knew about Stephen coming into this year what have you thought about. Playing with him alongside him so far camp. Our elected and then in order and he can't he came directly east any more of them don't open them and if the -- and give them mean. Generally thought the first and you know I mean culturally there chemistry to keep -- -- -- is gonna be like -- similar to purchase tenable right now we're gonna get better. And get consistent so we can keep let's keep -- thought Jesus. He spent a lot some of the slash you're talking about chemistry and haven't have chemistry with whatever guys back and I was curious you know in terms of night it's been one game a couple weeks of practice but. How is that chemistry -- how is that on the field chemistry been so for. Also our -- -- took in their -- -- them and we we can it'll get better and you can never be in the derby too good at something you know so that I keep striving to people here. And pretty much speed is that there's you can be Ameristar -- perfection so we know we can be beaten great. It's about Wilson's other guys expect there with the UN and who knew his draft the lepers of the sky was invited to the com -- -- -- Nokia maybe. Here's a football player -- may -- not a good skill guys got an -- for everything you hear. Seems to be that the -- like what you see what you see from him. -- -- I mean -- America but. Come Latin community coming and be focused and you're better looking like -- in the electoral batter Rickie came -- -- aren't ready to play great to get better. I mean Scotland. And I could care -- if you look might you unfortunately if you're Smart reliable sisters always. Well the here's the thing about Libby talked about his basketball game I can say -- is Gil Scott all of -- explain why he's skills. What they should have been because -- has watch and he won't admit this but he has watched the Nate Abner. Rugby sevens video seen in Ohio State like a hundred times Patrick what did an editor did -- rugby in Ohio State you gotta check that out by the way go online. I don't know at its absolute it's unbelievable. Let's take -- comrade machines are really ever seen him look -- about starting in my heart I'm later. -- -- -- on the field guys in the my size or not but at that time this -- that it's it was amazing was fun to watch would have. He's been out there to feel lately though we receive Mecca. Yeah I'll leave if they're back out there I mean these are aggressively -- there's been popular mutant whatever. I mean it's it's too early -- that nobody read along. Long she's elderly actually archives he ought not to see we keep getting better. What about another new guy that you you've faced as an opponent in Brandon Lloyd lot of fans are talking about and Patrick is a guy that. Can make a lot of plays can jump out of the gym look at -- Brandon Lloyd data data practiced it was just got a report what you see and have. Then you get kicked you can check -- out for yourself where it'll -- secrets. But he fights for the ball that's on the biggest things right like you go up against some of these wide receivers may be -- got a shot bit that the word is with him. He fights for the ball ignore the wide receiver. Are here then is is popular demand yeah I'm sort of final point so. China that kind of easy buddy and good they have regular rock he's moving very very moved so I'm I'm anxious to see how -- Now less aware of some these reporters -- -- -- defense is ahead of the offense right now. The (%expletive) you off we -- just beat him up out there. I gotta do whatever -- broke. Out of Agassi yard -- -- that's confidential so all we can ask you this one go blow it your idea this is -- reports here Patrick did there was an altercation yesterday's practice and that really since the opening days of training camp there have been. These scuffles that -- deeply behind that why there's been more of these these reported by the reporters there there -- these these public scuffles on the public practice this year. They -- -- or you take corporate or. It I want -- can't -- that. To be a good thing like people. General public -- think the public can -- be a good -- that there's that much intensity or is that just the -- you guys -- sick -- -- each -- want the Eagles on Monday night. -- that felt there were -- to get better here. -- a guy that. Those with you last year. -- that -- position to ever recorded it's expected that corner position do you you see a different guy was that level of health and conference last year with them. Not -- getting a little either way everybody. Mean there's got to benefit from it replaced in the matter so somebody can make let's suppose in our actual nature games where he's confident I -- wars let them into -- You guys got a ton of practice time here this week and when it comes down after Monday night in -- three games in ten days. You really have a camp last year -- at that point now we let guys get these games going to three attends a long time a lot of games. -- I mean this -- nature of the -- it's your camera you know in the be mature body confidently against. Everything about you know we have a three -- stretch or go to get a break can't figure but secretary in -- lost it gonna. Taken as a coach layer does follow. When you came in as a rookie this CB it was obviously different there was a stretch there where you guys have a bunch of days in a row full padded practice sometimes two days and obviously now it's different ever. Some veterans say they like this Patrick it's easier on the body preparation for the year do you like the new set up in terms of the days and pads stays out of pat leading -- of the season. It doesn't mean I mean definitely -- yet secure your body at that he's in the body but sometimes you need those firecrackers and meet those. Those days when. He supports -- learning them bunch install all you know he's not -- a burst here first your brain in the first year ignorant as some other good to have Palestinians could tackle -- The -- -- that perfect their practice to be the hardest things to the game is just easy and natural instinct to put into practice so. Of course there yet -- irritate some terms. You know you need it sometimes. You don't need you know -- well you know certificate your. Well I had to work on my jump shot society and in and out there -- -- well you're you're. -- -- when they houses grabber we'll get it what about the -- -- or I get the SI put college football preview came out yesterday Sports Illustrated and you would probably agree. -- and four is vastly overrated that he is not the number fourteen in the country. -- or. Abort the orbit early in that we're very aware Patrick enjoy -- Monday night we'll talk you down the road. Are -- it's our guy mr. confidential Patrick John on a patriots Friday will be here we single patriots Friday. Speak Monday night about the rise in matchup featuring the patriots defensive line against Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. -- vick's ability to scramble to be important for patriot defense against Chandler Jones Rob Ninkovich to keep Vick in the pocket. This week's matchup brought you Bible rise in the official wireless in telecommunication provider. Of the England patriots that's not fair. When he does that he used that confidential cart OK that is -- will be about any week that back rotated to a different question and answer the question Gaby in archives confidential and that's a really want to ask with -- ever heard of the wild cat. -- this tricky thing in New York -- not allow anyone to watch. -- they don't wanna try to. You know you can learn how to defend it or does the jets game or two coming up during the regular seat in the house out that what it's doing some crazy out of that we would have been so ESPN if we asked him first interview the year about Tebow at some level of the matter -- After -- hard not to be as -- That -- that right that's correct all the -- top of the hour John Chandler the steam John Chandler is Kutcher update Kevin a lock our weekly baseball guy will join us don't going where.

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