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Jim Breuer: Steroids really get my motor going

Aug 17, 2012|

Comedian Jim Breuer joins D&C to talk about how he thinks Bud Selig ruined baseball and why he thinks money is what is causing athletes to corrupt their bodies. He also touches on how his time at Saturday Night Live ruined professional athletes for him and what it was like to work with Chris Farley.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan on a free for Friday's. Jim broke Europe's Saturday Night Live fame do you always play this music and the reason I ask this guy has -- Because I'm wearing -- guys shared -- wasn't sure if those are. Operation -- and escapes Lou produce just -- area yes yeah we call him Ryan Block the judge you and then now he's the smartest guy in the room and he figure though was who you worked -- did you dual purpose. Sure enough. 'cause Draco that was really get into your last conversation about Melky Cabrera Jaret some playing Wilbur theatre so we need to -- now you -- -- didn't win tonight. Yet you seem like a very moral guy -- very very Morrison like steroids she really gets -- are we gonna rub. Are Democrats into go boy already. And they got a -- a little cream on your knees or your elbows and cement you can make six million or more than that -- -- million dollars -- twenty million dollars and NB a star or would you go home and you don't work and Home Depot. Here's here's. Here is is this is tough on. Is at the end of the day do you want to be it -- -- baseball. Was. It's. I don't think it was ever meant to where the only way to get into it. Is you've got a poison your body in cheat and put your life at risk. Just to make money when money is the new guide to. And it takes away all morals of what you do -- this six -- twenty million would you sacrifice your family in cheat on your wife and but you're gonna get exposed -- you know what it is really easy to rationalize computer Melky Cabrera and I get it and Ryan -- the MVP of the league is do when you send it -- -- -- -- got away any got to go away when he got away Scot -- does OJ -- -- like if they are okay eight it was in his blood. And it's there -- that he will FedEx delivery guy where if you're battle to show you didn't Melky thought about doing that Sam I think that kind mishandled the shipment can work for crying and of course there's others that that that. Absolutely hands down there's still -- -- so I I really got a beef I can't stand. But see league I think he ruined baseball in general I -- the guy when do I hate. The players union I think they're evil. They have no regard for life more than a game whatsoever when you know they did they like -- everything so your steadfast -- let's dig below the superstars who were going to be superstars anywhere the bonds in the Clemens -- -- steel and let's send you are in -- -- and AAA for three years now -- and you're going nowhere I'm going nowhere -- -- comes up and whispers in your -- back in the days is Jim Wilson. Little scream oldest clear you know needle. Nothing like that tiger not here he caught your not gonna be -- I know we gotta keep the testosterone level under -- one. You're gonna be cut you are not going to be caught. And you're gonna explode on the baseball scene in united make a big contract -- get to the show when you're gonna make fifty million dollars -- for your career you would say -- -- that. That is that is a situation. That is really hard to define it's almost -- comedian gone and I'd lesson you've been in the clubs yet. College tourists here 45. Years old. Will TV ten million if you just steal this whole guys act and one's gonna know I spent some name knowing -- no use Doleac to just hate gate and and you know that guy a little low -- Petersburg you'll now be an arena and that is sound. Some you'll have to that it's all so I don't care what you say in debt that could harm or some. How is gonna come back to you some way or another it's a moral issue. And we know morals anymore do I want my kid. Who's who's starting out at whatever spore is doing knowing you're never gonna go anywhere unless you -- yourself -- two runs and and sheet. That is what you're telling society. That is the it's not just baseball it's not just I -- -- does he. Are you willing is so all these people or go do root for your entertainment -- children. You don't have morals and -- have a long term commitment to look at your life in your family are you willing I can see. Himself -- -- can go to and then go -- hard yet there's like there's a realization that my -- can go to you know -- the Stanford got high school I you know literally a better neighborhood they -- you know they live. A better life for just put a little -- inject myself whenever I am Republican and -- Cabrera. Up till this year in his career and made six and a half million. This year is Macon six million people who he doubled his earnings this year went right next year right who's gonna but make forty million -- get a contract probably. I don't know four years forty million I was. It's another thing it's another reason why he should take it and basically it's ruining baseball it is made. These ball players they don't care about anything when I -- Jose Reyes last year. I hate the guy you know I hate him because. He played half speed has played his whole career is a Mac we saw his potential last year why do you play that way analysts say was on some -- He played his life off for one year. And we're the ones that are -- to come see him. And everyone knew he was our you don't leaving everyone we never got -- Jacoby Ellsbury is the same way where everyone knows he's leaving -- so he plays to get the money so you're playing with the person that's buying a ticket to come see you. And really you don't care about the fan and you don't care about the organization. Is no more hair and I blame that all the way up the blood Sealy. And owners and everyone that your lessons -- his -- man. I'm not Yankee hater Mets fan anybody baseball fan. Like baseball fans. And and -- jets fan I don't care I grew up the cowboys fan. I grew up I grew up seven these cowboys I would see that. Offensive line all stand up in units India for -- really -- that the gas -- owner -- a lot of good actor and -- and then they show -- it is rather an Adams unsolved and solve this is a great show ever made the jets would give you much more material you know if you wanted to work gets a grade -- elected to whoever's winning -- really I'm not. -- you know satellite kind of tainted -- a little bit once I started learning and give me inside. And hanging out were real ballplayers were hung out real ball players. Is when I saw it too much -- -- -- on what do we Brady wasn't there you -- before Brady's time running game. And neither is is so Brady retard Tom Brady was -- who -- me he had no this is in New York. When I turn any hosted and hung out with those are -- now he came on after me yeah he can I mean get a couple of guys who hope our Keith Hernandez are Joseph Montana -- -- -- -- -- it was going on nine these nine these ball teams. And that's with steroids really start you know -- And I get to seal out the ball players I guess I was crew rushed. I was I was crushed. As a fan. To see. We're really went we went on and and the lack of real fair. Of of the team in the of this four and it was just my hanging final full week yet did as it was it was morneau weakest I've become friends certain guys as. I was crew rushed to which brings me even really tell us off here whose content and even embraced -- like bound to -- steroids I again. I can't. I get the double go and Jewish character she knew her murdered -- fifty marine guards pillows and opt in what would you do pornography. Would you do would you. As a man knowing that you're chilled in say you do -- -- can see is we're gonna do in Tunisia for -- Umenyiora. Which one do we know what the boards all huh. Nobody -- -- I did in Thailand million dollars. You can just live now have a great demo so what's the difference in style I don't need when you re Iran I knowing you're cheating in knowing -- set an example flushometer. John made the distinction between the guys who -- all -- bonds and Clemens anyway they have polonium money -- -- -- overall it was anyway. And they got so greedy that they make me sick it was borderline miner in the guys who were a lot of late game. -- guys aren't gonna make any money aren't gonna have a great life yeah and they say if I do this it's -- it's the ultimate deal with a double. You know what it's it's it's the deal with a double case closed and these -- Suisse euros and into the girl after she passes out it appears is life's about guess why you're not good enough. Right they're not good enough face the fact she weren't as good as you thought you are. This -- better that guys better. Case closed get over it if you got a stake in needling you it's time to -- -- get a real job and -- -- -- -- bit more Melky Cabrera is out there and escorting them at Honolulu half the league is doing that I believe that and I don't believe that'll happen and leave a lot of guys do it because it just seemed so easy. He says -- we got it. Can get out of your system and less than a day. Yes so we get a day off you go not cheap right -- Cream everywhere hey -- I'm just looking at the yet timeline of Saturday Night Live always configure the so you were Gerri can you work isn't there -- Jim was always -- an anti Jerry Kelly and I went down from that. I'm assuming Nancy Kerrigan march 13 1990 action without seeing huge out here reforming a before you particularly -- -- -- all right I get chill out I got my -- bottom. Rockefeller Center -- brother asks Deion Sanders dinner. The threats and that is saying here's what I wanna know do you get sick of people like me -- knew what it was like to just be in the presence of Chris early because I find this is not always. And he has stories and I just find it fascinating. You're in the presence of his genius but he knew he was self destructive and it was pushing you knew was you know not gonna gonna burn out here. Again steering with morals and a double and all that stuff right there's a connection there if you're in and at that time yes there was there is still when he came and back then I still. Would smoke marijuana. Right so before he came in and you like. Yes -- can mean MLB and black sheep two and three in Austin, Texas he came into it and I heard great things about him he came in to use an -- he came into our. Officer who he was done is cast member he was almost nice hosting and it -- mean Tracy Morgan. On comes on the same individual who can't I mean Tracy shared Germany comes in any settings. Amy -- no way you know there -- you -- sounds alienating yeah. I got that way and good. Concentration -- -- -- to bring out our Jim Jordan bring up any any start opening insurers and -- and I had like this little. You know it was a one hitter thing and kind of take the edge often code yellow he found that he had a little bit of that he opened the window blew out the window and then he -- Tracy had some juice and now. About an hour later we had a sit down in mourn Michael's office with the whole cast and writers and pitcher ideas with Chris and he was clearly. On something more than continue to look at and I like what happened in our office up and up. And he was -- chin in and ray didn't sweating and quit seeing and it was really all -- the whole room was awkward and -- wind and then. One of produces came our rooms -- white hat what did you guys still what did you do she keeps talking and -- can hang out which you guys in years but I -- and and -- racy I got to give him credit I immediately. Told him I go and talk about. Losing you got any error. Oh you mean here are dares utter a word treason -- grown men don't -- meet our -- our -- 200 students and Bloomberg took a normal and culminated records in -- -- -- -- -- -- So but that is that is why things to where I I don't think I was ready for he had a 24. Hour nurse around him she said. You're a stand situation where he may drop dead any second. He's got a bad problem. We have people town -- and Chris Rock is here Chris Rock was hanging out just in case. He couldn't stand him he was just got it back it up he was a backup for the lead you get a -- for our nurse who. And when he was doing the read through Chris who's doing the read through -- -- and we -- in the -- Warren sketches. There's sketch get a do mean trees and he gets up and start acting it out and was a huge. Blood vessel. On the size to have my pinky. Came out of his nose and bounced off and landed in front of -- down off. A she screens for a while I. The room got silent he kept doing his sketch he scooped it up well. And a role model included in his pocket and kept. Is better really mean now what I -- toast no no no but it was definitely like a blow -- big blood vessel -- and and he scooped it up and then though is. There is -- hook here is it was really. It was a really dark I heard her say that before you met him you weren't a big fan but then you all know -- -- candidate I think but you saw him on stage all my guys this guy. He'd when we did this sketch we had to do wrestling schedule he was el Nino. I don't mean and I for guy and we were hurricanes right and I I forgot what tropical storm I was and that. And I did this sketch and I'd I'd be good. But he waded through the lights were on them and then you saw this guy's huge. Performer and scene stealer. There was just nobody. Ever that was bigger and better he UA there's lights rise like -- -- -- see our okay. -- all of. -- Stop any stock in -- then any to have the whole crowd and you add a hard time not -- laughing because you saw him going off script and he there was patent I got it as his guys are great and then I started watching all the movies and I laughed hard at everything he did he never showed restraint or disciplined in anything or he just say yes to anything everything. I think norm like that now but it really -- -- that point no way is. The saddest things when can you talk Coleman sent. Now did you aren't -- yet yeah my funny he called me Thursday. The week of the show. And tired he had clear what I mean Wayne and I wasn't going near him I was in my -- I so producing came in like war eyes nose like that. And it's no problem. Kept clear and I get a whole my apartment I'll never forget it. My wife answered the phone. As she secrets are. Whose army. Timothy scanner. Pure form from. As he picks up the phone and I can hear people -- the background. Is -- -- on our way out jail or around it wired act. -- He and his -- it's ladies Thursday's start rehearse -- like Jimmy. And then he could I say it's -- man we need to rehearse and I can't go out tonight my wife's here Bob upon any -- any -- the -- -- -- It's too. I always -- in my -- and I spent. I'm an assailant was an hour. China explained to him what a great person he was and how the hairdressers loved him in how to. The camera guys talked about him and how people looked up to him and he would he just kept going back cartel but everyone thinks I'm just that don't fact I -- And non. You met him prior few days earlier -- young in a matter very much she pretty much half and nom you is a horrifying call -- And I. I had a hard time the rest of the week is every sketch was the big fat that -- guy and some of the biggest writers were there and they were right in the less big dumb fact guys sketches and I I had a really. And messed me up about three months later I had this really strong urge to call my -- my wife's. Why feel he needs. He needs a real friend right now -- knees are real here and I try to hunt them down. Coleman manager my imagining get his number to call back the boy's latest quote do you find Farley. And -- -- need to talk to him. And then he has our own candidate tomorrow and then that he -- the -- die at any and that's when he died was David -- not good form. -- I'd I am no I think David was great David Spade so. A great guy I think David. This is not gonna condemn what more can you do and what can we do you tried to do Khartoum and we'll maybe David did I don't know when maybe Dave tried talked to many times in the when you're when you're possessed like that derby elements in your held now and there's nothing you can do your own demons in your head -- taken over. You know the richest people in the world of -- -- of did the Melky Cabrera isn't sure he might grow up loved -- church going god loving never didn't you know he saw a -- -- all right let me stick -- -- matter Iran didn't. Make fifteen million dollars now he's paying for a no -- and paying for -- to a terrible in the midst of all of this how did you maintain some sense of enormously normalcy got a wife you guys can't you moral compass why didn't you go around the bend with the rest of them always really easy I mean I was -- 052 -- but. Again I -- the and the day I have a huge. Respect. And I concede. I look. I would -- future of building a future for family and alana has so my family and my wife. And I you know she sacrificed her life to be with me and -- I remember saying her. Does -- me crazy train ride but if you're at it I'll make sure it's worth your while and so. I wouldn't do that are I would never do that are and that was it that was a learning experience too because I I learned then to where I would. You know there's a lot of CEOs and people that make money in your grade at where you are -- life form where they are rock stars sports star -- You better be that CEO and home. Because that's where is important everyone else is your yes ma'am when you make your money is that moral compass applied what they're gonna see you Wilbur theatre tonight is they're back. RF LY new York and no curses no cringe humor around here and we generally. Sorting yeah I swear and I was just a guy tomorrow yeah. -- -- I last talked to -- legal fray if you know where indices and he's got to reduce dot LA SU guys get a kid stuff we did you worry. Tracy Morgan was hadn't done on the Chris Farley wrote now point two dollars -- kind of unstable sudden. I think -- she plays a game a little bit I'll really Tracy plays that I'm crazy a little bit and just drinks you illustration. Beaten -- -- does that anymore. I know you and smoke Gary are you very all right damn red regards the I -- cruises -- will enact. So he's really I only guys. And -- I've seen -- I'm really enhances it. He has seen it you know just like you know there's certain. Acts in comics still you only go on stage in the character starts and you know Chris Rock when he's hanging out he's not god. And would you. He's he talks do you symbolize when he hits the stage is the prancing. You know tiger and is that the character comes out Tracy. Plays a lot of that I know are good good you do or not I don't why won't get my. We don't go important moment right Florida. All right so we shall 58002. Accused generics. 48 does there was great do -- of who Gmail. Greg do you heard from humans will birthday tonight what time showtime. Laden. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alone real we want me to go -- -- I think twelve years young people even know I am anymore. -- -- -- He freely watched goodfellas. DR Jim brewer Wilbur theatre tonight Jim thanks for stopping by appreciate it now on thank you -- -- -- and all right Dennis and Callahan will be right back -- Jeter. Moon. That's it thinks he's given the thumbs down now Derek she is great. Great Deion Sanders is a -- whole -- I've seen him in action.

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