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Rob Ninkovich: Logan Mankins is one of the toughest guys on offense

Aug 17, 2012|

Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich joined D&C to discuss how training camp is going and his switch from LB to DE. He also gives his impressions of how well Chandler Jones has done in camp, what makes the Patriot system so complicated, if Olympians can translate to the football field, and why he’s grateful to be a Patriot.

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The NFL's regular -- almost upon us this is our first patriots Friday joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTD the in the patriot Rob Ninkovich Roberts Jerry John to Boston how aria. There aren't there are all fine at what stage would you describe. Training camp at at this particular moment is it at the tedious point. Is it at the repetitive point is -- the guys getting pissed off point at each other what where would you describe that the state of the -- -- camp right now. -- that. You know -- dollar in about three weeks you know or against. One another over at one game so far so so like it or you're you know it's too. Let it -- other people you know so. You know it can come up for all excited to have a little bit. So different competition. Insisting that -- -- Saturday. -- did make clear enough based on element and and -- to get kicked out of practice yesterday that there's a zero tolerance for the -- for the fighting stuff in camp under bill. There are are you have an -- flights this pre season have you -- Doggone I thank you you know keep Leno or we will. There are borderline relaxer. It's your chiropractor. But we know -- we know you're tough guy when they're strong guy who would who would you be afraid to fight who would do would do intimidate. Yeah. Who would that -- straight Logan Mankins. Yeah is either the scariest guy on offense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Louis ought most often hit you flick from behind it when you've got like -- from behind the little shield cheap. And you turn around and there it is which teammate is done that the most -- that the Americans also. Well you know it is here. You know order out of practice and sometimes you wouldn't it. I wouldn't say they're you know I think anyone at any particular time. Can you get frustrated and you know what that political -- -- -- Pot you're tired. You know the usual pusher thing it's. No more orderly years and you know draw so -- got that from everybody else you bear it's. It's all part of that. And who would you not like to ask that you feel -- it be too easy for you who don't know -- portal would you look at it be like you know your sister. -- You can I don't suppose Belichick would appreciate that idea that nick -- body slam Brady and in the middle of an -- has been dismissed from the school. -- primarily as an outside linebacker recently now defensive end what is which -- don't. You know it. It's it's it's here it's somewhat done -- -- It hurt familiar to me you know operation last year. -- -- bigger -- that well Eric are being so you know here. And then there -- a lot -- -- sure you're playing outside backer Egypt that it also lottery also what techniques. -- -- you just don't have some of -- cover our abilities which. I don't mind. Get after the quarterback at some. I've been doing for all of our. UC larger men stronger man in this position though with your hand in the dirt deal not. But you know -- Yeah he's in the same. Your plan linebacker. You know just it's just a different change in technique amounts that are. A home. It -- -- people here -- it is they are carried the lower. On all the better but there are. You are relying you are angrier and now that's all technique. On this side strength where you have respect. You can -- your beautiful people. And technique creates leverage leverage creates openings is that out works thrower. -- -- ever see. Or hear. You have the ability to assess where this defense is a -- -- three weeks into the camp. Vs last year obviously everybody from -- to you'd everybody wants to improve that defense you get the sense that improvements have been made and it's working it's getting better the processes is a positive one. Yeah I think that you know we become and it's great camp. You know the goal is to give everyone. You know at the end of training camp -- these -- -- over there therapy. You know -- a single unit everyone is doing their job knows exactly where nobody else sit on the -- At any particular place so I think that you know obviously we're working hard. It's that it were brought slide around. You know our mutual respect you know. We're everyone -- going to be years as an entire. Ages ago like you who's had to battle forever -- -- refute team's been released. Is that some small party that resents Chandler Jones says boy he said it easy in comes here it once fawning all over him. -- -- -- wouldn't series that at all as -- Obviously you. He has agreed still says America all the -- older they're harder than blanks. Cute you know that you're great -- player -- also not think that is great that he's. Able to have the opportunity. You know is at that they at all it's -- -- him result he'll make plays -- There's been a lot of cars that there are trapped in the first round circular charities. In our economic successes. But what about you and meanwhile we overlook while we were fifth rounder what you've been released and bounced around and then saints twice and is it and they missed something or you just an over achiever a minute ago. You know early -- they would injuries. And you know. A complete. On blew up my right knee arts and the search team that you're murder here. You know the first. Three games this year and are easier I was playing thirty to four snaps on Easter so that's pretty good for rookies you know. So. -- they were just bad luck. Get injured I got injured again. That next training camp and other knee so this is our curators their overall I mean you're. Just that are narrow little.

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