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Larry Lucchino says Bobby Valentine will not be fired this season

Aug 16, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about Larry Lucchino's comments about Bobby Valentine and discuss the possibility of Bobby Valentine getting fired with Lucchino against it.

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Bobby Valentine being your manager for the rest of this year. Unequivocally -- That's Larry -- earlier today asked the question. Well Bobby -- be the manager rest of the way he says absolutely. That might be a little bit of a positive thinking Blair Lucchino much Lou 93 point seven WEEI I'm not shore. It's a lot you can say it only wants their can be. All these public pronouncements of how much the ownership supports Bobby Valentine and he's our guy it's not his fault injuries everything else poor performance that's while failing here. But that's in Larry's world of the rest of the way final 42 games ago 22 point one and there's no major drama stories. Around the Stephen ago while in tonight they missed the playoffs by atomic games they don't factory and and there are a lot to make a move there in the office in the first second week of October. Is anyone really believe that's how this thing is gonna go down title I don't believe it's gonna -- be that easy. For the Red Sox to get these final 42 games quietly without any sort of drama popping up in the next 79 this is to me what's important this is gonna goal. The way the players wanted to go. The case is in order as I say that because of the the if these stories. I'm gonna get out and it's gonna get ugly and it's gonna come from these players now I know a lot of these guys spoke out. About you know the information act out about this meeting and David Ortiz. You know say I think that bothers everyone was supposed to be baseball team's -- coming here and pick the best way to win as a team. Not this other crap I hope it's not someone on this team maybe it's come from the outside other stuff comes from the outside people never seen year. It does from the reporters who cover this team because they know what's going on. This I think some of the reporters that know what's going on miserable it is their threat at a local beat writer text me these guys are miserable while one out. Wasn't from rob Bradford put it that -- the case of somebody else. Recently. So these players can. Be -- set in in you've heard that you know this this will be heard spring trio with everything that came on October. Now not a thing to sort of mark play from our team possessed or was it be really upset. They know OK they know what happened in that meeting with all the denials they know exactly what went all. That there were some pork most likely some people they had an agenda -- Bobby V the wanted to voice their opinion bank among deny it only they know -- speculate too. It's -- of the finger point to it right at that didn't happen. So -- to come out and denied their stuff even happen only they know what they need to do is. Really to sit down as a team take you know if we want this attorney or circus tent you know for the rest of the series title or a club out. It can happen it can happen if you have with us continue to talk to the media. -- tell stories. It's up to them. That's just me here. You know so so this animated. And what the most vocal guys in the meeting that's false. -- get denied some of what was said he didn't deny that he's. Called the meeting -- in denial lot of what passed instead denied he was adamant about you said the players. Are gonna make the decision about former players ride because it the first guy lead the Red Sox who is part of this team Kelly Shoppach. He was in New York for 24 hours and he gave you this well let me be very careful. I think and maybe this this bars all go with -- 20 there is a disconnecting communication between the players through the upper management. That's the on the record statement workshop is telling you on the record. And maybe this as far as I'll go with that -- That there is more he wants to talk about there is more based on that clubhouse there was more than he believes to be part of the conversation is upper management correct. Yes communication between the players through the upper man for the disconnect there and -- communication. Actually several ethos of -- -- yes there with with upper management I'm reading the direct quote from the Boston Herald. Let me be very careful shopper told reporters I think and maybe this as far as all go with that too. There is a disconnect in communication. Between the players. Through the upper management. Yeah. It is -- Hillary -- call -- thought it was just players and upper management knows kind of curious that there was -- apartment now I expected -- players and in their manager Ter now the rule upper management all the weight throw that means that that to me that seems like from the players all the way up to the top. And there is a disconnecting communication. I make you bigger part of ABC could possibly be with a gated details and it's probably good. You hate to see a player leave in just spill the beans -- and leave the guys you just left the deal with it. I mean. Kelly Shoppach will but he be wrong if you're up to New York held a press conference in just told everything that that's he feels is truly going on on the record -- you'd be you'd be. Like what healthy don't yet but -- about a national yeah it will be. Exactly. What do you think that he's not going to off the record. Tell -- Joel Sherman periods until Sherman New York Post July 31 had the story about the Red Sox -- need of the beginnings of it burst. He's a New York writer. You don't that you sniff around Kelly Shoppach locker right now try to get an idea what goes on there you say it's about the players and it's about they can control what happens here. I'm -- some cases. I'm not sure. You can -- control over the Kelly Shoppach has on and off the record shop expressed that he was that considered a clubhouse lawyer one of the stories. Shop have an opportunity is minding your packet some of these guys maybe not right away but on the course the next couple months I just article -- always wishful thinking. When he says. Yell we get bodies the manager of the rest of the year and -- evaluated at the end of the which essentially what he told Dennis and Callahan today. Well that's if everything goes perfectly and in his mind Debbie just over 500. Get through the end of the year without issues if there assurance. I think that cherry -- Henry and Warner Lucchino. If it you get more these past like stories. You'll notice that get rid of Bobby Valentine I don't care how much he supports and today. On the radio yeah I don't Baltic -- -- mean virtually nothing to her alone. Again -- at times we heard GMs and owners come out and vote culprits for the manager and be gone to a two weeks from now. It's not often enough -- -- right foot is that and we talked about the series in Baltimore in this series the Yankees him and Larry mentioned about how maybe eleven series left against teams that are above you well you've started at one operate here in your own -- Great to talk what are cook you know you don't hit it to five -- evidence of force and basically -- point nine. You know same thing with Jericho got to judge Specter items that first inning but then -- five he was outstanding. Lawyers really good up to that sixth inning and it managed to play nine innings and typically. That's a good performance. That performances that's -- every day. That's DC on this team right inconsistency. Just can't put anything together they dropped two straight to Baltimore it was an opportunity -- teams missed opportunities left and right in reality it's just not good enough to beat the team with Baltimore now is there more talent. The back of the baseball cards that has more talent -- Baltimore but those guys played in the right way. They did Buck Showalter think they'd love Buck Showalter. Not so sure they'd love this guy but they respect the living hell out of them. Right in the bullpen depleted in the right way and it's interesting because. I won't get to this later on the record it's this idea of the Red Sox it's good they play these teams above and -- she heard you said. You've set up before it's good that -- these better teams down the stretch chance to catch up looking a senate today. Based on the record again this year against those teams it's not good if your Red Sox and the numbers are staggering. When given the context how bad they've been historically. Against some of the better teams in baseball so far 2012. 6177790850. Your phone number 8885250850. Jerry's on the cape what's up Jerry. Hey good morning -- -- -- and enjoyable conversation even though that topic is and a miserable. A lot they share a story we got a good friend. Who works for the Orioles back during the pat Gillick here. And that within weeks at Lucchino coming up here it ownership group. He sent me yet here were caught in the same -- with and make sure you pack out the it'd -- earn your background and look at night. And I think the problem and the fact that he looked -- -- on the on the radio this morning and they absolutely. The managers their parents at -- and all -- and normal. Team operation general manager -- the manager but here. And looking I was on the Russia and. I believe in particular. It is it's more than all the players you've been talking about although I don't disagree with that the church to get in the how often seen. Indeed he cast a dying bit. I mean TO laughed and then came bank deal in its battle with. Any responsibility for Crawford and her at eight street and lecture those were ordered by -- Lucchino is well we don't know. But he's certainly want to be the -- operations. Even though his expertise. Clearly I mean administrative side of the equation. Well he is obviously making a lot of decisions here I think your point is well taken nets on the -- wrote about yesterday. They've got to make a decision in that front office what direction they're going who's gonna handle. The rebuilding of this team I think -- said he yesterday -- the buster. The -- whose job this year is -- months while it charities here and they're willing to give in the keys that this organization. Got a lot of work to do. But the same set up that he can do some of the baseball stop but the bigger picture things like manager. What Harry but it handled by a -- -- the -- -- gonna throw a monkey wrench in the entire thing I gotta think mega Eric McCormick -- orders via a link though just let them you realize August 16. -- -- August 16 2000. Was the day David extent are you realize -- it was slick off waivers by the angels. -- -- that was put on waivers 2000 August. To activate me. But I came back from Japan and -- 10 win World Series and became an absolute stud. And I was part of that for the reason why the Red Sox lost -- -- twelve years ago today. -- twelve years ago on the anniversary of the waving -- reload that eleven years ago today. 2001 August 16. Jimmy Williams was fired. And that you carried in there. I thought -- What has put out there a big day I think it's a huge day for the organization plotting I think he'll -- -- -- Here. Are you better go talk to Seattle he plays for Seattle. And August 16 held so much. Excitement in the history of the franchise X nine out to back it Japan big day today Jimmie Lee can you cut Williams out Kerrigan and what -- -- Kerrigan are 2000 with tremendous. Wish they would recycle -- Dayton maybe make them and to change that a 2012. Kevin that a car driver out cabbage no such a big and Red Sox history. -- you know. In the beginning I always known that he would leave it blew people out. -- so all. -- David extent was lost. How well you -- you so much more. Like. So I thought they re not optimal and you know little the last Holland but not entirely. That the real problem this let us keep them from. John Henry and Tom Warner. A 100%. I think they're they're all trying to be. More than George Steinbrenner. Behind the scene in the masters and I think Larry Lucchino and ventured that are just ultimately. I mean I know you guys we're able to hear about strongly. Com it -- were -- quarter. Pick up without idea to Tokyo and somebody like but only -- game for 20/20 last year. Are -- -- -- ownership and outlook you know really helped me a lot. I really think that you know John Henry. Tom Warner who are they all guys are really trying to make baseball decision and it's really -- -- -- What Arnold and buster says ownership I think Larry Lucchino was include ethnic busters. Been on the bandwagon and -- the keynote chose the manager he -- on our show yesterday he set on this show Kevin yesterday that Lucchino was the patron saint of Bobby Valentine and the Bobby Valentine would not been hired here. If it were for Larry -- pushing it -- the organization did you notice though there and this morning hours talk about the hiring and that is the governance it was more than just one person. Yeah I was pushing all -- more than but it is more than one person yet. Few weeks back with -- and was on -- when they mentioned you were not the guy and so it just -- over you know you what we're back talking but that then. Then when those guys -- questionable Bobby -- that was not your choice he's just skipped over the answer. You know whereas when they said Larry Lucchino he was your choice he -- and waited and that wasn't wasn't just me there's other guys and everybody every there's a governance everybody was -- And I really I really think that you know he like picked them about an album art history of that. But I really think that the orders are coming from John Henry and layer and I'll order whereas before in the 2003. Doesn't all work. They were making those decisions they were not seeing back trying to wait to check where it now I think that the much more proactive. And -- two disastrous effect. Policy that Kevin you and I disagree their place your call I get Larry Lucchino pushed the Valentine thing big time no matter how much you pass the buck today. About who made that decision in governance everything else think anyone will battalion. It Lucchino was of the foreign of that attic -- makes a lot of decisions here and that's part of the problem. I think Bobby Valentine was a little keynote decision I think cherry -- at some point or whoever they'd ever meter today Sammy charity gets fired. The next GM's got to have some more poll and the next manager this team. His got to have a better setup -- with all this test have a better coaching staff has to come in the players have to be told this is what we're doing. Just got to be done the right way now that this was on the right. I -- give it do you think that that would never be a possibility that -- bench Harrington was fired into this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You let me do what the hell I wanted to either anyone this manager. How important this situation at the my best to try to get out of it not a got to give they had to give venture Arrington and offseason. -- or -- And to try to get some plant together here that's what this organizational lacks apparently is a plane and can we haven't seen anything chain of command don't have one. Planned don't have one short term long term not which York. It's not really evident to anybody it's there their job the lettuce know what the long term plan is pleased to be nice to note they have -- do you give Ben cherry and an off season because you I think last year in the offseason and it. And took over he's he he's known this so he's known these players. And so he probably even looked at a guy like Beckett heard the stories but it you know what to look a pitcher for five months she was outstanding. We could change this thing let's change it up you know new manager these guys who come in. Dedicated in -- some last year and you'll see it different Ross do you see a different team you -- different dedication. To the craft. After watching it for -- near. I think now we can sit back and say you know what. It's out of work I gave these guys a year I gave him an opportunity it's not gonna work announced decision on this offseason. So a bunch a Red Sox stuff on the table I see all your phone calls stacked couple get to and I'm finding out more about August 60 Joey this is. It out where we're getting ready for the show we have to know how important is days and we're finding out some other things that have happened here August 16 that make this. Memorable day that I had no idea about we'll get to that in your phone calls keep it here.

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