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A different Bobby Valentine?

Aug 16, 2012|

Mut and Merloni react to Bobby Valentine's interview with the Big Show. The Sox skipper who is usually upbeat, lively, and aggressive during these interviews was surprisingly subdued.

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And -- a tough lesson yesterday not the Red Sox came as the Orioles. Those -- port Bobby Valentine. Yesterday on the big show with Colleen or with no -- Wayne shepherd we got all fired up. Evidence on previous experiences with him a body ballot and I thought I knew what I gotta get but. A changeup yesterday is that it was a different Bobby Valentine and that was a god knows his lot life and recognizes the proverbial writing on the wall for the 2012 Boston Red Sox he's not -- took out of Bobby V with the boys yesterday's big. -- it wasn't the same guy that we've seen or heard from the past that would. You know confront. Michael Hawley about not -- stable pitched around a guy is sort guys guys guys you know it's. Some make too much of this that's not that's not go there I'm not go there too much drama there wasn't that guy it was. Someone -- The -- set I think. Now there's too much information right if there wasn't confirmation of this meeting if you didn't know that existed. You know he -- probably downplayed it but the practice it was confirmed it was longest there was a meeting in. Well you know things different -- Spartan may change culture it was just like you said. -- -- -- just broke in her gratitude I think just emotionally. Was just kind of okay. What ever spent -- spent -- and their -- exhausted palettes are tied to the great word to use I think he's exhausted and a couple levels wanna do is exhausted by the off the field drama the Boston Red Sox I also believe. That he's exhausted beat that -- a week ago he was talking about. Winning the division and -- nine weeks wanna catch the Yankees we looks down last night on this morning. Thirteen snapped back with several weeks to play the idea they're gonna make -- -- run in the division is ludicrous -- -- Even Valentine who is them immensely positive he's a positive positive guy. You redux Dan Gross felt peace over the weekend the globe people called it a puff piece but it gave you an idea that Valentine. Is just. Who -- is go back to the conversations we had about now time for retired here. How he's in Stanford he's the public works guy he's over here he's over their energy he's positive. But -- -- got their breaking point and I think that it's -- the starting pitching and the injuries and the way he's been treated when -- at a crawl up. I think up breaking what was yesterday with. With with the big now what Pete shepherd when he it's some of these questions in a manner that quite frankly we're not used to your body -- to finance the quite. And this way but if this is true that the players gripes. Why didn't they come to you first it was a postage is going to the -- things and -- -- that they're -- let's have a meeting -- try to work this thing out. Let's get the feeling when they don't do that. That they want they want you to -- what I'm sorry I'm trying to be as delicate as like this but you'll just get that feeling from the outside you know what I mean. Indicated that they're just being -- that the says. And nobody listening in and they feel that the right way to do things is really the wrong way to do things up an attacker. Do you have radio hosts telling Bobby Valentine these guys are going about this the wrong way your players guys you manage -- wrong way and instead of going all crazy sand. You you don't know that. Those are my guys they did the right way. Sort of matter of fact. Yeah. You know what they did the really thought it was the right way is -- the wrong way of the opposite. What we heard from Bobby Valentine in the past yet been you know the whole -- middle Brooks thing to you know we heard. Comment from him saying are you surprised that some -- go to ownership I think even back then the responses known rhetoric is some guys just don't get it. As the assistant of that at the standings. And it just went back as of August 16. -- back to July 16. You know couple days right after the all star break the only one in in a bugle -- a couple of games -- other half the game out the -- card. They were two games or 500 was this we mean last year the last month a month. From now. There's a -- right viewers a half game back a month ago I have to game and it's almost like 10 August and I have talked a lot about before you know haters you know that. You know -- a two for twenty and the interstate -- -- they just think that they can't get out of this thing in in its snowball into a in joyful for sixty years six -- sixty. And in which is six for sixty look back is -- man by just control things. -- -- better grasp -- -- just impacted -- what I need to do when mr. purporting. Probably be all right right now. It -- where they were just a month ago. There half game out after the break -- he's had a tough series against the Yankees right in Austria -- to come out one couple games against Tampa one month ago Saturday. There are half game out of the wild card. And you look at it now and it's a -- waited waited eco -- The talk about the the second half is for guys like Lackey Lester rather in Beckett the ticket after Lackey -- you know. Start here and things about maybe -- Pedroia came on that point that you know the perception is -- like our manager. Yeah that's just not true. Bob McClure team with -- yeah we've had our issues but working on helping to allow up terrible hard headed in news -- remember after hearing that -- -- the series thing OK you know what. It is team is ready. Because. I whether I believe a corporate lawyer everything -- heard over the weekend right to vote John Henry talking about. You know out out it was the topic. Or Bobby -- the players still backing it up to today's date you know wasn't mean that was don't want scream you know when nobody was -- and nobody wanted to jog. With the belief that are not affected it was set back and -- yet this -- a public OK let's just give act of -- in baseball. Insistence that absolute. Disaster -- two games over then you know four games. -- games under worst record they've had since the the gulf incident for Josh Beckett back in their four games under right after and -- will -- missed the start when it's just awful lately sacked seven games back. While -- loss column. Just turn things snowball you can't control. It's it's it's unfortunate and Bobby was asked the question yesterday you know did this start to snowball for the season was he given by ownership. Was he given the opportunity to manage the way. That a Bobby Valentine. Used to manage the pastor maybe thought it was gonna manage coming into this year. I don't know again -- that idea of -- an adjustment in. You know I didn't I didn't good side. Not a democratic. Go through things -- OpenId but I. -- on trying to. Figure out. And again this is Portland including. And they're trying. Situation and that and trying to figure out what what does work best. To get the result that we need. So right there again asked the question about it with you given the proper tools to manage and it's to me it was like an acknowledgment. I've had a change in -- -- make these changes means texture eighteen -- money 5050s he sounds more like Francona and Bobby. It's as close to Francona is Bobby Valentine's sound this year just reserve. Doesn't wanna fight back not confrontational. Again just. -- to his lot in life. And that's a different god we've heard. Up and down on these interviews and -- conversations. Mean out -- like a month ago. Guys -- back left and right about the reports about this baseball team. A month ago when Basra only stuff came out. August is -- August 4 that's two weeks ago. It's all I filibuster attempt that I would go on the show with him when he does Sunday night baseball. And he's crying a little here because I didn't let him in your QB in the fourth inning so you know we have to in this field. Source here. That's 660 days ago Europe that threw that into that blew me away was. You know when Bobby was hired there is that a lot of work to do. You know I got I wanna I wanna talk to all these guys fly across the country news' meet with Josh Beckett seems trying to get a hold a Carl Crawford and he's doing everything he could to kind of get to know these players. In baseball is you get there in spring training. You know each and every day all day. Every day at the ballpark in Hollywood manager might be their ball caught 1 o'clock -- role -- any just yet there all the time relationships are being built. In EU law are you feel like -- you afford a half months or more going on five months of -- season. You just feel like nothing. Is built right I mean are things better between him and the players are things better. Between him in the coaches maybe the better between the coach has been the better between the players better than what it was that you would just think that. It April when it launched trying to get used to this pitcher trying to get to know this pitcher. I still -- trying to get to know these guys. I think a lot of it has to do with the players not really allowing him get to know you know I felt that they gave him a fair chance. I think don't think some of these coaches gave them a fair chance. But you would have thought that -- too much of spring training right April. May. June it pretty good pulse on these individuals that shouldn't take it. Who years or entire season and go to spring training in April may next year say I'll start to get to know these guys. Shouldn't take that long not in this game when -- spend as much time as they do on trips on planes each and every day for all of these months. And what I detect -- interview was when those guys start asking about the coaching staff feel like it's still there. When you don't get to pick. Your own coaches and you've been a baseball for a long period of time and if you don't click if it doesn't work how can you trust each other. And isn't a problem Bobby when you wary of looking over your shoulder when things aren't going well. But some of those other guys may be looking for their own personal -- they're not your guys. -- it that this situation then that is a problem. -- situation here. I don't think so. But again -- we still evaluating. -- -- I mean we're still. Of evaluating -- like be okay by you know you -- that the rest of the day that I -- about it but you know I don't RB I don't think so. OK Robby is that is it still a problem I don't think so about the -- was still evaluating what month as it. It's August 16 evening you played a hundred and what eighteen games. But again -- -- still evaluating. We diminish the coach step is announced you get together with the players -- am sure you get together with the coaching staff you know you get the spring training early. All the hours that you spend in Rome -- spring training. You'll forget about the that the practice -- -- field in the morning meetings gold over the day the end of the day evaluating practices like evaluating players. You know all those guys hanging out together you know there and invite -- -- decision process right the end of camp. Traveling on a road all of that. He's not shall war you know he doesn't think so isn't think that it's probably should know that it's not a problem you would hope. Is still about it is a problem that's the answer it still is a problem there's still guys there. That you know he's not -- with that he doesn't trust that he feels -- guys -- going to and by the liability issue I think that they are. There are -- netstat that a right to be Matta Bobby Valentine made public or a particular. You went over pretty quickly Mike is Ballantine popped right over when he senate but a public -- Went home to take care of a young child -- couple weeks was it tricky situation that you hear around -- the cork. Bobby Valentine called that a vacation. You went on that same -- -- -- And said Obama -- on his two week vacation I -- up vacation nations said that. Well I think that had a if I was Bob -- out of a major impact on me is a guy on his coaching staff. That the manager of the Red Sox who -- being in the media who worked three ESPN. And did documentaries and movies. That he would allowed it to come out like that and no it was going to be portrayed a certain way. The fact -- pissed me off and if you're saying today in August okay that there are still some issue with communication. I would point to that is being units and that would cause me some friction on a coaching staff not just for the player not just Bobby -- towards certain coaches. But certain court coach is for Bobby V. I called going -- taking care his kid a vacation. At some level that's got to be found offensive by Bob war. Ellen in these guys are not guys that you see talking a lot who get the text all the time these guys never talk in the bench. Well that would lead me to have a rift. That would lead me if I work with somebody publicly they said vacation when they knew they knew. There was something else involved there. And it wasn't some guy first turn on their first chance the rodeo. -- media work informally with TV how stuff works. How it pissed me off. And it just it's every one it's the ownership it's the players Bobby Valentine's coaching staff they've never while Bisping to settle land and your point. Is well taken its scale the fact that he would say we are still evaluating. All was August 15 with seven weeks ago as of yesterday. That tells you all we need to know about investing. OK -- Well if you believe Larry Lucchino. They'll be still plenty more weeks to evaluate Bobby Valentine because if you listen to will keynote today would be NC. Bobby is not going anywhere you gonna hear that you'll hear more -- looking at your thoughts on what you heard from Bobby Valentine yesterday and if you thought. It was a different Bobby Valentine what do you do 6177790850. -- phone number 888. 5250850. Got a -- cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call you can text does seniority are in the eighteenth -- text line. An 85850. Also in this -- Asia know what next Tuesday Wednesday our annual Jimmy Fund radio telephone it's part of that ramp up we have an awesome. Ruins prize packet today it is a unique one of a kind of package if your Bruins fan or you have a child as the Bruins fan. This is something you're gonna wanna get the ball -- and it's all get a benefit the Jimmy -- on the radio telethon. You'll hear about apple for eleven killer looking -- next.

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