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WEEI Exclusive: Adrian Gonzalez responds to the Yahoo! Sports story about the team wanting Valentine fired

Aug 15, 2012|

Rob Bradford had an exclusive sit-down with Adrian Gonzalez and we've got the audio.

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-- Yesterday course. The Jeff passed the story in Yahoo! Sports. Adrian Gonzales. A little bit dissect and affect the -- two quick questions and move does not want to talk. Much about it. A lot has been made of its -- We add more of it at the ballpark last night we've got John Henry answering it to date we've got a Bobby V answering it today. On today. Just moments ago in Baltimore. Injuring Gonzales felt and it apparently talk a little bit more with a about it with -- our own rob Bradford. There isn't accurate. You know so so as animated and what the most vocal guys in the meeting that's false. -- yeah absolutely this. You know first of all of somebody in -- Tribune unnamed source. Who better -- better be right when everything is saying you know physicists. Putting our integrity in everything about us out there and that's just -- -- Cancer happens does know that I was in proposal released local guys there. The other. -- organization. Truck factories -- today. Yeah he did. Yeah. Well I mean just like every starter and hang -- there's parts that are term parts are false and that's. Thinking then that strong for the fans to get have. Half of the story after the truth. So you might -- have been saying and our focus now has been the focus has been -- just on football we're about baseball. And so you know things that this -- that we have to. Do -- respond to but again I think our focus for about. Guys. Com. I mean every story that's the significance in his right. I was ballplayers get frustrated in the sense that when things aren't gonna present accurate. Because and that's just making people perceive things that are true so. No we care about -- care about the fans of Boston people because in Boston Red Sox Nation so if something's gonna come out we want to be 100% honest. And when it's not you know it's it's. And it doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- The story and. Absolutely everything everything in -- doing everything -- production. You know. We make around like we want to but we're striving for. That's -- -- on the back -- that. We don't. Have to be part of the reason why. And it's unfortunate because you know. Let's here -- club out of focus on winning the focus on preparation focus on doing everything we can win. And he's zero site knows that you know. Take your mind away from. -- -- Our cars are it's -- Hustling out and distractions and honor is normally is. You see we're professionals are. We're groom to understand it's part of the game and that's why we need to get me about that and so. What I do get on the field has nothing do what's right about me. You know. My guess Obama feel I'm focusing on playing the game and you know. I had. I had a discussion about it today about that until it and you know. He knows exactly what happened he knows the truth so. I don't know why this all the sun becomes something because it's. This happened a month over month ago or months ago. And so that's all being cleared and then that now that this had to consummate -- right it means it's very you know hold. -- it. Work it's. Or pocket. -- went. Back. Actually. They -- all who are getting accustomed to. -- -- about the so this is John and I have told us to venture into so that's about it music imagined. Yeah. And you know nobody faults and flew from losing. And that's. That's unfair. -- Adrian Gonzales was rob Bradford thank you -- for not that dropping -- That'll for a minute that -- an interesting stuff he has told ownership. That Bobby is a good manager. Said that he had a discussion with Bobby to date about that meeting that's interesting because you seem like. He's talking about having a meeting with Bobby today. -- clarifying all that stuff Bobby was not quite as clear I didn't think Pete. But in dealing with what happened with that meeting what transpired before when he actually. Met with the ownership group. After -- then we heard just -- last night and Bobby Valentine to believe him. No I think they're saying okay have to say I have no idea what you ask the question I think -- Gonzales right here do you believe him lest you think anybody believes -- I think the goal. There role I'm glad -- got a great get by Robin -- agencies and no win situation without fishing pole he's gonna spin this it is often it's been in any Weight Watchers like Dustin did last night. Fans are gonna buy it whatever the silent fans are gonna -- they had their chance. Well I think -- -- I agree with his underwear I think their actions have shown that this is not necessarily. What's going on at the ones all said and done it'll be fine. -- clearly got a feeling of resignation today. From from -- in Japanese side but that he's finally just resigned to the agent it is what it is and this is what -- and I'm gonna go through and finish -- -- -- that this wasn't about that this wasn't a distraction that's it for crap I mean Bobby Valentine said it's basically. -- divisive factions aren't reason why we lose alteration. -- -- -- They get the ways they get in the way of the objective -- the game and that is to go out there and when you're thinking about something else other then. What you're supposed to do at the plate what you're supposed to do on the field he said. -- It was -- bomb. Where he said he said that the story was false though he did as the interview went along there. Said he got frustrated when things aren't under percent of the truth he did admit some of that. Was factual. But he said that the part that he felt was forces. That'd said he was animated he was vocal he said that it's simply not true that's played semantics and does that mean I mean for -- if people of vocal in different ways to be out no -- I don't know them and maybe be raised quite a bit that for him that's like being outraged like when you're. You know or are you juggling Harry he said that John Henry was the one that organized the meeting not him Jeff -- story basically had the the text. From from Beijing Gonzales that actually was the catalyst to get the media together but he says John -- -- committee which by the way is -- John Henry said in an earlier. Email today said it's frustrating for the fans. That you get half of the story out. Of the troop all of our focus is to go out and play ball with John Henry organized the meeting and no doubt that he did it because leader Gonzales said look. We need to have a chat and so I'm gonna talk about semantics here -- don't know what justice who drop the American Express down nets at a reception at the palace -- -- -- house that was John and Alice and therefore you're organized some of the Jon Daniels on hand would you please. Then -- you've now heard from one of the players divert from the owner your effort from the I feel Boston manager. Give back to hear from you here's -- in -- for Miami. -- -- -- -- -- -- I know you you good baseball and shut up I'm the only conclusion -- come -- what listener. Agent Gonzales I like Bobby Valentine a big -- and -- aren't celebration. -- Brad rampant John Henry you'd have to make their -- pocket. Or. And -- and I'd say they're out of the box. And poppy allocating him keep you want to plant you understand Spanish. -- -- -- -- -- It may anyone any will be hero we don't always to try to do you ever tracked the bull group that video which -- and they and they made it and a nice frozen section at your raw bar or some nice clams I -- now at cherry stone -- Right. I -- what 777 -- steroids have been reaction maybe not quite like that coming up next.

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