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Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider, on the Bobby Valentine saga

Aug 15, 2012|

Buster Olney joins the show to discuss what his sources have said about the players/ownership meeting.

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Thing bothers me fired amazed. Listen we haven't played well I mean that's that's the bottom line might come blaming him Bobby. I don't think anybody else's. It's on the players come in last year was on Tito. You know I know he took a hard and -- Homes on the players. That is Dustin Pedroia speaking. Yesterday couple players spoke afterwards as well David Ortiz Cody Ross will get to. Their comments throughout the show boss stroll -- ESPN a weekly guest on our show on buss for always. On the ATP hotline AT&T -- LTE was speeds up ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible Jeff passed and wrote the story yesterday at a July 26 meeting buster. Via Twitter said seventy players attended other attendant she postured to ever roll call for the seventy players who -- at that meeting that day. And actually you know we don't have the roll call but actually this is first reported on -- July 31 by a but -- chairman the year posted there'd been been in this so overture by the players. An elected the first -- I heard about it I was not what you guys. And I reacted to beat you this story would you guys the next day. Does it you know this is definitely been out there for awhile that the players went. You know went management I would I've actually been surprised that it wasn't followed up on their Boston. You know I've always got on this organization for the lack of communication and I do think that the -- about meadowbrook situation was different want players and owners. Jabil atlas to deal with your manager go and talk to on. But I I think as a good thing for the ownership the thickness meaning seventeen players -- voice their opinion as an ownership. You can then voice your opinion that Bobby V is the guy do you think it was a good idea for ownership or was it just empowering -- players. The way it's a complicated question. You know I -- account and I really think that probably. Maybe -- better way. For this in a perfect world rather than have the players essentially -- -- -- Go around and -- regional manager -- -- in the general manager and going straight to the owners I don't think that that's certainly good idea when you talk about a chain of command. You want to communication if you happen you know level below ownership and that's. You know I wrote today I think it was that John Henry should take it to. From what George Steinbrenner didn't fall 2005. And basically give Brian Cashman the power to Korean chain of command where people on the baseball ops. He answered to Brian and Brian took their recommendations from their up. Do you George Steinbrenner. And then he made the decision you know ultimately need to go better. Or don't go ahead and I think the reason why George chose. Brian Cashman because even though they argued all the time and they would scream at each other he trusted Bryant motives and I think John Henry getting their two day. I'm trying to figure out what to do this -- I think he's gonna feel good about Ben Jenkins motives in -- Red Sox like a lot of other teams have a lot palace intrigue. Yeah -- he's been fighting all that other stuff. But I I never heard anyone to get the band support of that and sell. In him to get back to your question about you know what should they take in the meeting. We wish it was a situation where the players would have felt comfortable. He's going to abandon and and you know go straight ownership rather than have all these meandering. Pads didn't have a communications organization. Yeah I'd do this and I agree but I also think at same point. Ben writes at didn't say I can't not know pollen and hire this guy and -- -- gonna fire them so don't talk to them. Our. In a perfect world you wish that -- and could. You know basically take that and act on it rather than. Probably didn't know more than I arrange this meeting. Between the owners and the players. And again you wish it did it there was more communication that really is at the root of all this stuff. In the players not feeling like that. Bobby communicate in a way that they like. Being you know not doesn't communicate and up -- and I mean you guys have been around McCain. There's no question in a year round Jim -- he got on the field Utley back and -- players. In on the other hand you know when -- threats such players quietly. And they'll tell you that -- they don't have nearly as much communication with Bobby they would prefer. Well the next step and buster -- I tend to agree with what you wrote today give Ben -- in the keys to this thing and let him. Make the baseball decisions we heard from John Henry about a year ago. Layer dual -- no runs the Red Sox Larry is sort of the baseball ops guy and and bends the GM have you heard. Something that we haven't that Larry who was in the final year of his deal I guess might not be back that the ownership might be willing to say. Larry how long say we're gonna let Ben take Iran at this thing. You know I haven't heard anything along the lines that they would that they would. Adopt the recommendation that I was talking about today. But let's face it and forget about titles in effect what happened. In the power struggle between dale and Larry. Where is that you got control the baseball ops Larry would push to decide what deal left there was the power vacuum. In -- that steps Larry who became the patron saint for Bobby in the managerial search. I don't think it does surprise to anybody that it had been left in the hands of the other people on the baseball ops and Bobby wouldn't be the manager. And so I think in this case if you're gonna. You know -- did and cheering -- the power the -- -- diamond David detachment. You've got to let him decide who the managers going to be and that means as soon as possible let him deal with the current situation you know maybe back and -- the way. Where he can really Foster better communication between Bobby in the players or maybe you think it's a lost cause and he considered to change that needs to be made in that case. Given the power to -- it -- right. He can't sort of have been -- you know one foot in one foot out. It Larry McCain is gonna run a baseball ops. And he basically get to oversee all the all the other parts of it as well. Heading bands at -- by the you know at the end of last year. A lot of people that looked edits video is bad month and maybe hopefully we figure figure this thing I think at this point they realize I was talking literally opposed bend. Or disorganization I would I would move on from Bobby V but then after the applause -- -- -- the players -- -- -- -- -- safe either as a matter effect elite money I'll do whatever it takes to clean its roster he's got a big off season. He really does. And and I know. From talking with people that it -- they wonder about the Red -- culture and -- -- -- -- body -- out of the equation. LA and it probably going to be tough format that come into play out -- have a chance to retain his job because I'm guessing the Red Sox ownership -- state. I think Bobby is not responsible for what happened they can't -- -- look ahead toward next year and think that that's that's a situation they're gonna wanna Foster but at that point. Besides the questions about the rotation then also -- that the question look at there's something in our culture. That's gone on here which needs to be effects. And you know I will be -- I agree view it's gonna be buried. It's gonna be a long off season no work for the reds got to prevent. But wouldn't getting rid of bodies are now given a clear picture. Of exactly who the hell getting rid of. I gotta say that my first question would be if our and that decision would do because. Let's say you know there there six gains in the world as we speak they're probably not and they contend but I'm spending -- 180 million dollars. I wanna play it out and that team their chasing. We're talking about the 27 yankees. You talk about the Baltimore Orioles. Is one of the wild card leaders with a negative run differential it's crazy is it down and as the likely it is that the -- such would get back into it. I would wanna play that out of from their ownership given the investment that you have in -- today that question would be. Are we in the best possible position going forward with Bobby as manager or not it would be -- -- And you feel like that you have a better chance to some -- leading eighteenth the last 45 games. That's when you addressed that issue. We're talking about strolling ESP and I joked about your tweet yesterday seventeen players -- -- -- back because obviously bust you've got some sources that were talking to you about this meeting. Do you believe that that meeting and and that getting out over the last couple weeks and finally coming out full fully yesterday with the deet -- Is that the tip of the iceberg this thing goes the wrong way are we gonna hear more stories like an -- more murmuring that maybe you haven't quite been able to confer with when multiple people that. Yet this actually more stories to come up behind this thing. So yeah I think he'll question I think I've told you guys the last step a couple of months and we talked about this issue. It's been surprising to me because it's not like it hit. -- you got to meet someone in the back of the parking garage like deep throat exhibited what I mean it is out there all over the place. And it and I did and I wrote -- column today you know you're talking about a group of Red Sox players. Who are not -- dealing with the media they had to know. When they went into this meeting that eventually this is gonna get out and eventually. And it probably speak to their level of frustration that as they made this assessment of what to do it you know a lot. He's probably gonna get out it's probably get you know lead into some sort of a conflagration. But this situation to the point where. We don't care and we're gonna go ahead and take this meeting we're gonna Eric differences that we have a body and let the owners decided probably eight. I'm guessing there was probably some expectation. In Canada it's clearly that the managerial change but some expectation of change in helping to Don. And it doesn't seem like that's taken place. Just joke and that that John Henry should tickle the lockers just put mirrors you know in that locker room because I find it. That's the one disturbing thing is these players continue to talk about other sick of all the drama that's surrounding this team yet. These stories are coming from players in that that's the open complaints about rats -- complaints about snitches. If they weren't talking -- pulling about it it probably wouldn't come out. Well I and I would they get -- -- and you guys have heard been cheering continued talk about things that the organization needs to better he basically command said. You know it's it's my fault with Don -- that's good and -- thing. And among all the phrase is that you'd wanna hear from your team your baseball people. Whether it's players weathered the managers the gentlemen if you ever afraid. It's my fault. You don't hear a lot. With the Red Sox can you don't have. Ownership coming you know they and it's on my shoulders you know this is on me I created this issue. He you know besides and -- I have not heard that from a lot of people that organization this year and I think. If you're talking about and getting better and improving the situation. That's the first thing it's gonna happen people have to start there and you know what I bought this thing I bought my role in this thing. And we have to get better added and I have to get better what I do. Buster -- quick get on Strasburg in Washington we talked about this yesterday it seems like this morning there are some player quotes being associated to the national saying look. What are we doing here promote the playoffs we need are big on other teams -- do this what's the end game Washington of what are they gonna do with basket. They're gonna shut -- down. There's no question about it and I -- Mike Rizzo in early may the question. Mike are you guys ready for the fall out that you could be facing when you shut that guy down. Because he's one of the best pitchers in baseball. He's obviously -- huge part of what the nationals are trying to accomplish going forward. And just knowing that mentality in general people. In the sport where they feel like the players should grind through -- And Mike said absolutely prepared for it and someone else in the involved in this decision told me. Look this is a medical decision it's not a baseball decision we get the foremost experts in the world. Telling us. That if you you know don't limit the innings for someone -- -- Tommy John surgery. You put them at a much greater risk than in the past. It'd be -- to put in that. You know to any player OK if you're doctors looking you in the eye and telling you do not do -- -- -- your career could be in jeopardy because again. He's already had one Tommy John -- guys into it's not good. What would you do I I'd bet you that feeling that would be a little different they had to date they were the ones being spoken to by the doctors. Buster herbal all the BS -- we got Sox yankees this weekend enjoy pastoral watch on TV for that series. -- have a buster is always is brought to you by Leona of Nashua. Given a try before you buy in a home run on your new next new or -- -- car truck -- -- visit to a go to a Nashua. Dot com that maybe gets some more info more stories this weekend. Red Sox yankees busters in town. As always call. There's always a coma after this is another week we can make an over under given week and a half a pivotal week we -- -- -- drama stories that update the over now on that we can Marty Avery Chad gel all your -- call 6177790850. It's still 38885250850. -- and -- don't go anywhere.

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