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Blame the players for talking to the media

Aug 15, 2012|

Lou and Mut talk about the Red Sox players who have consistently been anonymous sources to the media this year.

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An organization that does things right. Play winning baseball. Stop all this stuff comes out. Are going to turn -- manager fired this. The case. Oh I'm never look at the story. I think bothers me fired. Listen we haven't played well I mean that's that's the bottom line I'm not planning on Bobby. I don't think anybody else's. It's on the players coming in last year was on Tito. You know -- know -- have -- hard and help it. That is Dustin Pedroia who takes a hit if the at least to me if the Yahoo! stories to be believed Jeff pass and -- Yahoo! Sports Docomo -- not a 37 WEEI so. My big tickle it was about the ownership -- my big feeling reading through just -- and the players to you may give me. Go cry and ownership again about stuff that Bob -- the crap out of me apparently had a different. Big take away from Jeff passed and story I did I did -- and we've heard a lot with the drama we know we started we've heard from callers talking remote. -- media is. Manufacturing these things are making things up and that's why I thought it was important to. -- on the Joseph Hagerty story in a beer -- those manufacture. And appreciate those cheap shot. I don't think the media manufactures things he'll and we heard this time and time again from from from players or managers we've heard this. There's there's some very very good media outlet here and there are some very very not get and the one that says. Are not good are the ones that walked perception to be what they want to be enough support our right -- -- -- -- So you know we have to at least be at the source here and this is absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good drama so let's keep the ball rolling and maybe he'll get us it's more air time you know that gets -- -- two weeks. Is another nationally got me. Way yeah we've and we we've heard a lot more bit haven't we like got sick it was even yesterday. There was you know PD talk I just wanna play baseball. You know what this is it good god -- -- answer I when he asked about this a meeting is a -- part of his first answer was. I just want to play baseball big you know for a team that bitch and -- about what happened in October. As far as stories getting out. Right for Josh Beckett to walk in the spring training is still a rat you know and try to deal with that brought -- talk about leaks -- -- talk about rats. I mean they should just -- park locker room. Get the -- is out of there should just put mirrors they should just put me errors. All around the locker room everybody can look at themselves including the manager. Okay who was offering information of stories that did to let me to run with it. We think this story came from. You think John Henry and Larry Lucchino gave the story up. -- I think the story came from of the text message the picture of the joy yeah. You know behind Bobby Valentine he'll allegedly sleeping. That comes up tongue wagging in the comedy that's our manager at 330. You ready for game get great line up contemplating a lineup that was circulating amongst the players correct -- -- -- the story from. The players. For a team that college moaned about staying what happens in the club most days in the clubhouse I actually believe that. I actually believe that statement they apparently do not. And then they're gonna hide behind. The help off I've never seen -- -- a regular -- this guy is always supposed to walk around it and now we know what's going on our club as he does you want to watch. Because look he left looking right look in the mirror it came from you know. Depiction bitch and moan about the stories to get out. The people that report of the fact that the media runs with it in the media so -- makes these stories never once -- given it up. -- is no story no stock and correct there's no story if nobody's told a reporter what the hell's going on in. And there's no benefit for ownership to -- the story. There's zero benefit are all for literally -- or Jon -- to a source the suggest ascending given. -- track record here I believe Jeff when he says that now that the part about discrediting. Past and Pedroia Gonzales try to do I look past and fight back today with DNC. A passing I've met the -- doesn't -- I've been in that clubhouse that is is that defense mechanism right all that mean Els back just chills not down here -- training a past it's not here buster pops in once in awhile what. If somebody if it's I talk to somebody in a phone that's as a last night there was a a fight in the locker. And I talk about a radio Vegas or will he was in the locker room last night was now to tell me. What do you expect it though. Yeah I mean you don't have to be there. Pick up a phone to talk to contact the talk to somebody that you know get all the story passionate. Three all references -- for sources resources than a fourth before source felt the Detroit picked yes -- a -- for sources -- Mean for the love of god. Pick up the lockers and put mirrors in that locker Jeremy can just look at themselves as far as that the crap polyp they've created. It. It just it's a terrible spot for this team and I think this is. And a friend Tex -- citizens Titanic my response was Nile this is the tip of the iceberg of the Titanic I I believe there will be. Much more of this we joked begin the show but there's still forty games. Would you bet one single solitary dollar of your hard earned money this at the end of it. To me this is like the beginning on it because now. These players see the response now heat's gonna come even harder on the players because plenty of people gonna say they're crybaby Cintron go to ownership just play. -- -- and started as you said a couple weeks ago. More than about a couple of months ago but a couple of months ago. More this stuff is going to come out and I think it's gonna be works for the Red Sox worked for Valentine worked for -- -- -- worse for the players. I guess just the beginning of this. And it's gonna make egg I -- clips in my opinion. What happened last October terms of that story may not get a Terry Francona like. You know he was on medication and affected his way he managed you were concerned about it. I think the wealth of these stories of past and alluded to today. And jump almost look at Canada back here right like one source that held the XY and see that even more is coming but I can't I can't get a feel about what's up what he will. It's a -- Kelly Shoppach goes to new York and you start to talk a little bit. Yeah he was label is gonna start the pipe up -- On and off the record in New York you'll think of the Red Sox a lot of the next week that other veteran players going to be out here via the trading deadline prior to the wavered date August 31. And they get -- other town's other media and they sit down and Dallas and XY NC and those stories don't come alt circle back together. The players had this meeting they knew this was gonna get out they know in a media market like Boston -- they know it. They wanted to get out and the try to get the manager fired and now it's a matter of who's gonna blink first. The players gonna show up and play the rest of the way where is ownership make a move here. In the next forty games. And try to shake things up with this team. I see Jimmie Matt Ralph press in an unnamed caller already to go at 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. Buster only joins -- I just over hour from now your phone calls are next.

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