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Jeff Passan: I feel worse for Ben Cherington

Aug 15, 2012|

Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passen joned the show to talk about his recent article concerning Red Sox players meeting with management trying to get Bobby Valentine fired. Passen discusses why he feels bad for Ben Cherington, why he finds the idea of outrage over a rat in Boston laughable, the owners demeanor during the meeting, and whether he think Valentine will survive the year. Passen also describes how the Sox are like the early 2000 Yankees and why the farm system will help to solve the Red Sox problems in the future.

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The Red Sox are seven of thirteen and Josh -- it's twenty starts yet another rough one last night as he gave up six runs and 871 loss. -- Baltimore. It has won just once since may twentieth mark reynolds' two home runs. A three run shot and it's really -- -- Lance and Sox left twelve men on base -- took -- Miguel Gonzales tonight. A begins at 625 of the show on WBI Red Sox try to get Bobby Valentine fired. -- is seventeen of them had a meeting with -- ownership July 26. -- they're no longer wanted to play for Valentine and the aftermath. Him leading John Lester in the game against Toronto or days earlier when he gave up eleven runs Kelly shop I traded to the Mets are a player to be name. The rays had a seven game win streak it was now by Seattle three to sue. Yankees three Rangers nothing -- no hitter broken up in the seventy it to two -- royals bodies nothing White Sox have the blue jays. Two Patriot Act on the practice field today at 130 Dane Fletcher cleared waivers he's on season ending injured reserve. Flash is occupied giant glass column a 1800 port giant. Broader auto glass replacement aids or Dennis and Callahan -- Yahoo!'s -- thousands all the way next. I'm -- to Perot and that's the flash. Mean I know and we lost last year when. Made huge signings and all kinds. We're trying to play of the game right away. And having organization and does things right and we're winning baseball. The stuff from all this stuff comes out. You know everyone's turning of the manager fired this time. It's not the case -- I don't know I've never met the guy that wrote the story. So. Dustin Pedroia talked with reporters after last night's loss in Baltimore referring to the explosives or. By Jeff -- -- from my Yahoo! sports' Jeff Jones on the AT&T hotline good morning Jeff what Gloria great job of reporting by you Austin. Droid indicates that -- one of those sneak up the back they are meeting to get guys fired just. Round table to discuss issues among the team. -- -- -- I would agree about that I've it and they're -- -- yeah I just wanted to clarify that. -- either of them want to try to get a little more. That is the meeting was at all you know who by oh and let's get on the same page it was. A lot of it. Focused -- -- and on the players. Lack of it had. And -- Whether or in -- weather report because I couldn't get second and third source confirmed on elm. But there's more out there. What has it right at this point and because a lot of these red. That stuff is gonna come out. They have that they were trying to get -- -- -- that perfectly fine and about it set fire Bobby felt -- but everything. At that meeting would. Trying to do was elect the ownership note that they did not like that accurately could not get along with them it is not respect them and it would be better things okay. When things didn't change. There's a resignation on the players that have made it this out going to be -- He's been mobile with Pitt -- a lot and hopefully going forward we get this franchise back on the right track Jeff -- -- to pack. When you say there is more that will come out you read more about that meeting -- you refer to it at getting ugly almost turning ugly almost immediately you're talking about those details. Other instances or other incidents. In and around the clubhouse. I think -- combination. Well. Brought up to be in jail. That let it's something about Terry Francona. Allegedly taking pillows and come out yeah I think the clubhouse stuff that I hit it in you know what if -- caught. Right well I'll Wear it. Represented -- it cracked me up late I I was out with a couple weeks. And and I buried vaguely alluded to this because I knew all that that's going off. And it is he's somebody complaining about leaks. In Boston at about there being a raft crack me up and you know it because. Everywhere are out there it is part of the organizational. Dysfunction I do like feel where sport the other venture. Caught in the middle of this whole thing you know venture and -- -- operations. And then his daughter what covers had to hire -- manager he got a contract that I have been inherited. Layers to. You want a permanent mutiny whatever may be but. Oh in a plane to ownership about these guys that between Iraq -- -- what -- He ordered -- -- wanna get rid of the manager because that would make you ought to look at it yet. They don't wanna get rid of manager either because it would look like you're opening the players and and make the writing its files and so. But the situation -- dot -- right now. And it's gonna take a little while -- You you didn't help here and I know. I know there are people there with every day you're gonna try and denounce your reporting but so far. It's -- enough men and I believe it and there were seventeen players or so in this meeting in two and an owner and the president in the club so we're trying to figure Heidi good story just between us this between us -- -- -- did you get the story. We've got. Hundreds of thousands of listeners yet have a I was kicked off. But the -- -- by companies we're we're very intimate knowledge that put it that way and and their motivation. I I. I don't know. Obviously I really didn't care all that much. You'd be because in the that this story here what was Eddie motivation of anybody's doing that epic it was the actual content of the at what happened and I immediately among the first few things I did. Where is all around other executives in the game. After that they heard about that after that they've heard of anything like that like -- -- -- ownership -- saying there's a problem. And too bad none of them bit and I I called players and I picked the -- -- back -- if you ever heard of guys being guys doing it. As they that bad it is and really I. I yeah I understand that the red -- -- roundtable meeting like that it and outlaw. But they used to invite to manages to those. And that's exactly right he's a particular bit is that it didn't. That. That that word. I get much more you can take. -- nature. The very one sided yeah I mean one of the people through my books that Lucchino and Rees Jones were on the floor. And it was going to. Yeah I was gonna ask you what what what your sources say about their -- and back up I'm sort of surprised that they took the meeting and empowered them and and acquiesced to okay will meet with -- but they did. That's what they do around here supposes is bend over backwards for the players. But what of the totem of their demeanor in that meeting. This sense I got shocked. Surprised a level of -- -- To fight it may. And davis' this is our guy who are -- it you know things are changing I think. You know I think that -- up players. Her reality you know that you work is that they think about that situation in your life where you pit stop here are you up on -- -- you work yourself up to use. Hate this pictured your head of what opinion or -- And what. Plays out. Usually not like that it usually get brought back to reality really I mean ultimately. You guys in the Red Sox. Players and -- I don't know that the number was seventeen by the way I was open it was more than half the team but. I'm -- sources that accurate count on and -- You know when you have a group -- guys in there. It brought back to reality. Very quickly. But pretty. Very quickly by the fact that these guys arriving at -- you get sensitized to hold all their professional careers and -- And I suppose that you have their number and you can pay them a little strange to. And guys come from other teams they must be like the owner will come into my call and listen -- Do you get the sense that Valentine will survive the year because the vote of confidence. And no further I mean that it doesn't seem like the way it's gonna go that he gets or over -- -- a change. Absolutely I think -- articles about here are -- -- some sort of very weird happening barring. -- I didn't look I think I don't want to predict anything unequivocally with -- -- -- because. That. The way that this year has gotten crazier things have happened after getting tired of the first year but I think. Between the vote of confidence. And that meeting. Not causing to change. That pretty much says poppy we'll be here but there. Correct side culprit but OPEC -- now you wonder what the long term. -- relationship between -- in this organization and -- again get back it. The really typical clubhouse all players do what they've made it publicly. Privately they're. There have been -- but now. -- hit you know. -- what you have back going on and at players under contract so that the who may not like the guy. And those players again he -- figures worth the money as it is the map. Layers. Let me like that are not generally are gonna wind up. We're talk we're just pass and from Yahoo! Sports and -- beyond. A possible offseason firing of Bobby Valentine. Out of bench Harrington Larry Lucchino ownership begin to solve the dysfunction that is the Boston Red Sox in the offseason. It militia and you know I could make a lot of money in the consultant if I had any yet. It seems like you rather large project doesn't that I -- it -- it did it orbit Arctic I can pair of this already. -- the Yankees. After. After 2000 war. They had really -- -- -- -- -- For players to where ostensibly on the decline. They had in what I would say it was clubhouse function that barely let. -- a lot of guys who were out or themselves. Years in years -- years. Those problems out. I think -- simply an infusion of talent from the quietly will help it whether it's Jackie Bradley let Eric Bogart. -- whether Matt Barnes. The red -- -- really Goodyear's part they're -- it. It got them into coming and we're gonna bring a little bit I don't know -- -- he. Early that some much needed you. Happy instead it would you look at accurate roster ever but he. They're really right now there's really not any change. -- -- back about pack back pack Lester back lacking right. I mean yeah. Not Daisuke Dice-K is moving on Jeff. But it and I don't think that I can honestly as much to do it that it. Yeah our clubhouse culture if you hit a. Four you're you're still working on the small ball sources with the next shoe to drop. My right. -- that there will be -- called -- certainly I expected this ordered state they're getting. I -- the these days not able is that the Red Sox. Could they -- your -- law. And -- as we -- as we've seen in the past. Unfortunately. For the Red Sox and talked it out and well. Fact they've made and I I believe bodies the word archer -- Op Ed. And I I think it's -- that he. Not be the first bomb dropping. Certainly there will be more market. -- -- The sets a different tone in these final few weeks. Yeah you're you're yeah -- this month. I don't think it is an -- -- spot and I think Kelly Shoppach going to be the biggest. -- the big group that they pick up you know but it that the gave back I think -- of the lucky that you know you have I want. Are are -- or is anybody gonna get their hands on the picture circulating around via text message of Dustin Pedroia and Bobby Valentine of sensibly asleep on a table. And the captains as our manager contemplating his line up at 3:30 PM is that gonna come out. I truly wish it did. I. I tried so hard to get that picture that you know was watching I. You haven't seen. Serena described view is that right. Yes yet but that it distracting to her. You're it -- independent people and I I must admit what I what I heard that for the first time I laughed really calm back there are just. I don't if it ignorant here's the thing -- we have direct. The red doctor -- -- -- -- over 500 right now that's what Larry. I mean it just it just did about the -- That clubhouse can laugh at itself and that they can laugh about it have fun. That's not in the -- and -- that -- -- it it's all a matter of contact -- the contact with the content. Contact with the Boston Red Sox. Argue -- Or are you lose it's you're taken -- What you're dealt. You take a shot you anywhere in the World Series. Yep got a question for me one of the things that surprised me about your story Jeff is that Adrian Gonzales played such a primary role in effect the net meeting getting it done. Being vocal at the meeting I didn't I thought it was -- -- -- get along to go along kind of guy. I think that the perception everyone's. That the players. What Adrian -- -- they knew that he shared that. They -- saving tip off they said. Essentially you're respected figure he lit it you. Know. That you'd use it. You're not a person. You have -- -- behind durable. Add though. That -- is that out of that problem. You know what whether you. Look at it it is subordination or look at it is something else I think that there is there. Read the leadership and that and that's the whole idea of a about mr. Public backed it -- it is probably accurate. Well. I I do with this franchise going forward needs to take out more active role probably because he's going to be there for a long time but. Because with that back up out I think people look up so. A great piece of reporting Jeff Jeff passed and from my Yahoo! Sports thanks for the time always a pleasure talking with -- double talk to double -- -- -- -- wrapped -- passage from Yahoo! Sports on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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