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Johnny Pesky Tribute

Aug 14, 2012|

Joe Castiglione's retrospective on the life and career of the late Red Sox legend, Johnny Pesky We hear from former teammates of Johnny's and current Red Sox players...and how he impacted them every day.

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All right here's Johnny Pesky. Johnny Pesky yeah I think Mickey will win today. He's got tears in his eyes Johnny Pesky has got to be one of the greatest moments in your life on the bench whenever. It is this is something you live horn. And fans in Boston. Mostly I could really happen and certainly takes a lot of staying out of things that have happened in the past that the -- Tributes pouring in tomorrow lower for a Johnny Pesky. The sole surviving. Teammates. In the book immortalized by David Halberstam. Ted Williams Dominic DiMaggio and Bobby -- And the Red Sox hall of Famer and Cooperstown hall of Famer talked about his old friend. I've gone Johnny ever since 34 Theodore car for letting he's been very successful -- thing he's done manager's amendment plan and coach and whatever he was doing. Johnny also served as broadcaster advertising salesman. At special assistant to the general manager including the handicapped when he managed general manage the Red Sox now here in Baltimore. I thought -- -- I think reflection is everywhere and you know. It's great ambassador businesses -- representative for the team had a terrific run you don't you have very often there's a man like them both want to his personal group there was -- go along missile. Johnny's relationships with players spanned generations he was especially close to -- Garcia. He really our needs are so many others politically. Let their children it likes it Williams. -- about what they connect -- development and what that I have so much why we're there for each. After a lot of water higher -- -- that all men so. Nomar Garciaparra Trot Nixon. She had a lot of fun with Johnny over the years. One thing that I enjoyed the most was here in the game that would he play. You consider that it has dug out all day long even after the game and just listen this guy talking handedly PI even to some of the visit great. Red Sox history you know these guys who have been around the game for so long this is. It's fascinating. -- sit down and listen to this. Or as they have Terry Francona major Johnny was front and center when the Red Sox finally want at all little four. He was still was so -- pride you know reduce street and -- watch you -- -- you'll look. Quite Curt Schilling and most guys given Johnny called out to the World Series or -- stopped abruptly stop or mean they were genuinely. Proud for Johnny. And that group included Jason Varitek. I heard yesterday evening. -- and it's just it's sad because I remembered just seemed like yesterday used. Didn't under your belt bongos city infielders you know during spring training and and does. -- a lot of data had been out -- -- field every day ahead as they shouldn't you know him being eighty something years old and Bill -- Congo has been given guys work in trying to coach the best you can and don't you just he would always just so great with me. And always encouraging. Racked up my church Cheryl for force and you would always always had some positive decides. And that was similar to these -- of Tim Wakefield. Oh boy. I think dubbed a bigger one will be able to assure the true go to war World Series trophy would come you know we want their sailboat and tree in the mile on base that it would hold up for the trophy -- The remaining. Boston faithful they're saying look it's pretty amazing. You know. It was a very sad day in the news just days per hour you know. And I can hold onto -- when I first got there and taught me about you know the -- -- I'll let you know later -- -- -- came -- of a friend and a father figure Foreman you know away from home. And Ricoh printers Saudi Red Sox saw a -- went back to the sixties -- Johnny Pesky. I think 62. Signed and they purposeful young guys to spring training early spring training started. Round the first week of February. And down in Florida and there were it was Johnny Pesky ran it ran the that the training these structural part of it. And in the -- he was this year. Was also with the Red Sox over sixty years but anyway they were five guys did when they signed me there was talk about putting me at third -- he came over to me it has we got too many guys can -- over shortstop -- dead -- -- for a few days yet do we sort this outside the -- of the effort to three days that he came up to me it's says it's. He is we like it -- because of -- shortstop I think okay. -- -- gave the shortstop and that would. I was so happy I love -- -- -- plays shortstop to end up Johnny with a guy who moved me you know who that gave me that opportunity to -- short. And hall of Famer from the same era of Red Sox hall of Famer Bill -- on -- cat. At his best year with Johnny -- I don't. Think when. Concern is slash humans in 91 and sixteen -- thank you for. Or it could include renewed commitment good. But I still love planned for. So we're used to a couple of is that you and I love all I do I love this game I've played about he said to be stupid who did. -- -- Don't you think the voters. About it incident markets. You have in tears you know just -- And union. Intense story you just love this park and now I'm sitting in the stands with them. And achievements we see. That they were great couple you know. And I'm -- Really -- emissions. And a modern players to the players it today. Had a bond with Johnny like Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz because he's the best. Minute every day you know you become men he'd always put a smile on your face you know it always known joke around with you in and make sure that your focused in response system are arm or my rookie year -- always give me a hard time in and tell me stories that you know about ten wins and stuff and he'd always give him a hard time back -- Denies this and when you think of the Red Sox you can Johnny and you know I was treated everyone grade. And now. You know we're gonna -- and I do ma'am. In the Sudan vision for the best thing years ten. Any. It is worth the -- -- coal. -- Because none of those number. The rest it -- about -- here and not being able to I don't know. Basically. Anymore this is something. Hard to feel. Very Dempster this. Find no that is -- number to him in person that show you from the very beginning I was a look. Begins Obama Johnny Pesky live so wonderful and full life and got his wish -- proud to have been a Red Sox all these years and I hope -- -- diary of shocks mister Red Sox got the age of 92. Johnny will always be with us. John.

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