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Yahoo Sports Jeff Passan: Problems in Sox clubhouse are multi-fold

Aug 14, 2012|

We speak to the author of an article that came out this afternoon that helps paint a further picture of the Red Sox dysfunction in the 2012 season under Bobby Valentine. From closed door meetings, to text messages to picture bombs, things just seem to get worse over on Yawkey Way.

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-- -- the big -- global work why Michael Holley has the week off he's -- on vacation. That meet shepherd. Back in the one of the big chairs here in the -- -- show a happy to have them will be around tomorrow as well. Big story this afternoon Red Sox opened up a three game series in Baltimore. But there might be a few questions after some of the players surrounding. Tonight's game because Jeff Johnson on Yahoo! Sports. As an exclusive piece up today where Red Sox stars. Blaster Bobby Valentine in a heated July meeting. We have ownership. And talk to Jeff and just march 2 we will talk -- Bobby V Bobby Valentine will join us at his regular spot tomorrow afternoon. At 235. Right here. On the big -- but according to the pace. That -- route. The owners called a meeting for Red Sox off -- in New York on July 26. After Adrian Gonzales texting on behalf of himself and some teammates -- of their dissatisfaction. With Valentine for embarrassing starting pitcher Jon Lester. By leaving him in to allow eleven runs during a July 22 start it was the latest incident. In a season worth the bad relations bubbling. Between Red Sox players and Valentine. Sorrell right Bradford has got to Baltimore decided he was gonna go up Adrian Gonzales and ask him about this meeting. Very little was said. But here's what Gonzales told rob Bradford about. They had the meeting with the players at -- -- coaches and I. Nobody analysts assess what where we -- doing -- as a team as an organization Wallace. Why we were well aware of what our -- work and it's. It's done playing Wilson's answer okay. That's what we're gonna -- And Jeff passive from Yahoo! Sports the author of this -- joins us live on the phone right now hey Jeff our. Don't want to thank you this obviously has caused a stir up here in Boston as you could -- well imagine and it didn't sound mean -- Majoring Gonzales and anyway dismissed the story right there huge stir and. Yeah it's just it's solid it's what happens. I first heard about that awhile ago and I do look pretty incendiary. Thing and my source on it was really really did but I -- want to throw it out there with with just one person and so. And we're gonna a couple of weeks now finally. Found a couple of other people who were able to confirm it and what I wrote is what happened and they have been objecting confirmed -- and it's just another incidence. In a season full of them -- these threats stocks. -- -- access to show you. Just how chaotic it's been since Bobby -- time has been hired in. There are a lot of play -- back our pals who don't like him and or resign. Are having it for the rest easy there -- a lot of players and clubhouse who think that some of the guys to be into whiny and not be accountable for their actions but. What they show more than anything that the fractures. Within the Red Sox at this point a multi fold and Beck getting this whole thing back together -- The cohesive unit 2000 or 2007. Is going to be much longer process I think that anyone realized. Jeff did the talking of the players giving you the information did it fall all the vote of confidence. Given by Red Sox ownership the Bobby -- was that a reaction of that. Now I don't think it has anything to -- that I think that people just understood it one way or another this was coming out I mean there's no secret that baseball. There especially in a secret among the Boston Red Sox and essentially it's going to filter out and I think. Not people are are -- At this situation right now what they feel like they're resigned to it and that there's nothing they can do about it it doesn't make them happy and I think that the sort of chatter this whole thing that there's just -- -- dissatisfaction around the Red Sox and you -- say that. You know a lot of their troubles this year has come from underperform and how much you can attribute that that the climate around the clubhouse. The typical thing to view but I don't think you can -- is considered that I it at all. Jeff from all sorts of tweets are coming out now two hours to respond to your story -- -- you think correction yet this meeting I'm hearing as many as seventeen is that accurate. Yeah what the -- I didn't get the actual. Number of players that the meeting you know that nobody does that nobody what you like about the city -- out. I got the. That that it was that the majority of the team just not everybody in there and there were some there are some bigger pain C decided against. I go to this meeting. Also the other departed this story that really to sodomy the name is is Adrian Gonzales went part about texting on behalf of himself and the team is now eight and its policy probably know. Accident around here kind of like mr. neutral kind of like J. D. Drew lots -- their attitude not doesn't get too high or too low. That's the part of the story that really jumps out at me that surprise you that his name was attached to the. Our question of I didn't think that -- the perception about Beijing's policies that. There's a leadership skills I mean I know that people have talked about how he's just gently back and Diego guy I don't think that's true at all and I think that. There's in certain about the respect that he has from the players for being the guy stepped. Forward to do that and even compete directly with him and the one. Who put his name odd that extra 10% from his and let it go out there. Going to ownership don't make it. For entry involved in that has got it is heated baseball player. At the think I think that. You know the perception of and then balked at a small sample and I'll be there because the guy who. Let out there and who did something that he. He felt was right now want to write is it is important patient is it. It humorous is that I didn't. Players go to an owner is gonna change and all that I think a -- You know -- option other than. Whoever sprinkled ultimately but Adrian Gonzales I don't think is a lot of people think he would. We're talking to just pass and from my Yahoo! Sports who has the story out today do you favor people had just gotten their cart we read -- earlier but I'd like you -- -- to detail. The picture that was circulating around. Via text message and again another one of the -- so in this case so called leaders involved with this team and Dustin Pedroia. Yeah Dustin Pedroia. It is some been -- and just can't out with a smile on his face. Those -- in the background. Whose purported to be obvious now signed with his head Alan. Hop on -- -- somewhere on the table somewhere and the picture they captured our manager contemplating it lined up at 3:30 PM. -- get back. Eight I got here that I left a little. It does it indicate that the Red Sox are winning right now and act because it go Larry it's. The Red Sox losing right now and Bobby Valentine. These -- nice to hear me -- let like that crashed. In outlet like -- the shot before the game in the post that beer during. You do it you do before it ever after. The -- -- -- but just Europe shall we corrected that. We probably would be laughing at a lot of the stuff with their ten games output. They -- to date they've right now look like we try to pick which I'm figuring out earlier mathematically. I don't care how well they play the rest of the way in a much -- -- capable playing a lot and they are right now. But if they do to LeapFrog over five teams look like it's just not going to happen but on top of that you've got a total payroll. With luxury tax a 191. Million and that's Larry Lucchino giving up figure. There are a lot of other things that make this team not likable. How they fixed it and how they sell the brand to the public in the offseason when -- the payroll like that you've got a lot of guys. That a lot of teams are not going to take -- -- you're gonna take a lot of the money back. Well I'll wonder they just go through want to Odyssey through one of those that period like the Yankees went through. And it'll you know they want the last championship -- six. That in your area where the Yankees were competing because at the players. Players 150 plus million dollar payroll by by. They just weren't able be competitive I mean I think the Red Sox need more will -- boxes and they need to. Start developing like they did when they had that run with Lester it was Pedroia -- you Clinton all of these home called grow got. The only thing that's gonna be dealt with anything about it Carl Crocker under contract for twenty million a year each. Through 201734. Million left on Josh Beckett. He got 32 million left on job Lackey he's got two years Pedroia. Plus an option before it free agency. He got a year. Blaster. I think there's you know these guys get. And it what you have to do I think if -- -- -- is make sure that you are right here and archer. The point that. One can say Bobby Valentine is doors going to be direct and -- now that lit the whole perception that it's the running in the bottom of if you can get rid of it's really a no win situation. Well let's are saying jet Jeff because -- I believe in my heart of hearts now that this part of the stories come out. That it would've met if Bobby Valentine wasn't here to force Maddux -- deals plain to me now. These guys were found and some other reason to have this I look toward mutiny. I really believe that now that the inmates are running the asylum and anybody but Tito had no shot. No shot. I that's. Well. I think al-Qaeda exacerbated. Because I think that the outside Britain and I think that. Mac since blame are the sorts of guys. We don't necessarily relish the attention and who don't necessarily seek it out and that -- -- reputation. In this case. Due him from the beginning and what their reputation and that being sort of -- self fulfilling prophecy it's the worse and you have an opportunity at the beginning of spring training get everybody on the same page. Whether it is stubborn -- of the players or his old managerial inability he did not he's. And once that happens once you -- thing blew up. Hole. And here we're in deep deep trouble and he never -- I just don't think he was never able to rescue himself from the -- quick -- See and that's what we're saying with with with Bobby V was lost last week volunteering. The middle Brooke's story I mean who -- that shifts and now. -- then you're trying to tell everybody you know it's just here you know that's the other the other side but you wrote about. How old he kind of stage by himself in the office as you know he didn't handpicked any of the coaches in this coaching staff with the exception. Of the assistant pitching coach whatever the hell that is an assistant coach and I was rhythm with the Mets right W I I can understand it but. How can work. Popular at work when the organization. Right up front told the veteran players on this team lead to read in the newspapers. Hearing on radio not hire Bobby V how does that work when you shut everybody up like that. It. And you know I wrote before this is where at this I was happening. -- you're gonna be the biggest stroke of genius you know we've seen that a long time or is going to end in a mushroom cloud and how much or force seniors you are not -- you bought the right now but one of the US government. And yet I would say this that I felt the same way that didn't seem to be. To be a combination on the that end -- promise I will say this. It's the same -- Red Sox in the last couple years it's starting pitching its top of the rotation pitching that they don't have is is the Bobby V thing. Will it mask the real problem. I'll pull it. You know for probably for the time being -- the Red Sox won didn't we know. Look at what happened last Nazis you know there's the Red Sox. Didn't necessarily. I think -- you let people chicken and -- things slip out idiot would have won where other. They didn't have to let Terry Francona go in the way that they expect. Bought that has a very unique an interstate way up. -- -- And I think that start at the top however Larry Lucchino John Henry -- Suspend this whether it is by jettisoning players and continuing step by Bobby Alpine or. Getting rid of bodies -- having a hold up that higher in the first place was a mistake something's going to happen and the Red Sox. Ownership have to make a command decision that's going to be. Fascinating. To see what they -- because. They -- -- divorce is pretty I mean when it comes off. When it comes to Red Sox leaving whether it is managers players or otherwise. It gets ugly in a hurry. I just fascinating stuff obviously raising some eyebrows here in Boston thanks for spending some time this at that picture. Yeah that picture up. I actually we picture other really really but if I do you will be if you guys in the box in and out. Please let us -- -- ceiling if fashioned from Yahoo! Sports -- -- Texas today on our AT&T text line AT&T forgy LT EAT and T. Rethink possible. Have been texting in Curt Schilling was right. All along well it's obvious from while door and notice she's back on ESPN a lot of my outlook tonight. I would take a 92 break and we'll get more of your reaction at 6177790850. Get Bobby Valentine will join us tomorrow afternoon. At 2351. Hour. Of the big show but it and we don't want -- like coming up at 540 to implement that right deal one on court ideologue I know them -- -- -- one. Six point 77790850. Back to -- -- -- a minute now.

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