Aug 14, 2012|

hear the story of Jon Meterparel and teh cat that sleeps on his ass. (yes....

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It's a story a little man and his cat love cats starring John meet you Bruno my cat is it is. Very friendly is greets me every day and his camp stinky and makes me tunnels -- -- community odds and needs this sleeps on me in the relationship. That might be a little too close for some time and you -- sleep with your -- your bed yet we that is tack right fast you -- dry -- right the bucket into the story you need here and his ass cat. Just flopped down right your face and call for the cat to come over to -- as a routine we'll shall we are what's at stake thinking oh come on I asked thinking is that an. Media loves he's asked can I had her stomach and she loves him and know what social nozzle in the you're not I just -- toward the right under the covers but he really low return value to us -- her -- Sarah. -- -- cutters and had a break with the pussycat don't miss meter. And his -- cats come and I asked thinking now playing except two meters didn't -- she does -- mom -- -- -- -- just don't -- definitions out of the room.

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