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Terry Francona, former Red Sox manager, on Johnny Pesky

Aug 14, 2012|

Terry Francona joins Mut and Merloni to share his memories on the late Johnny Pesky.

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And manager of the Boston Red Sox for two World Series Terry Francona joins us on the eighteenth the hotline Terry Mike a little RU. I. Good deal we always talk to a lot of the -- four players that played. With this guy instructed by him as a manager of the Boston Red Sox -- what was Johnny Pesky do you. You know and what do you -- or actually one of the worst calls I've already and just because you know you've been nursed along and I think I think you appreciate -- -- on that a little bit then. You know it come down this spring training and shoot back till -- Noticed pretty far right he buried it or go around and you know it's a song go walk around popular guy. Editor in this -- past you -- -- -- or harder or move around. But he would go to launcher got a third baseline by an art -- -- stringer and and he talked anybody you know anybody about the Red Sox -- so passionate. Little Red Sox you probably the greatest ambassador for the -- -- Guerrero. Know we've talked about him what he meant and just the tradition and while port it was to Wear that uniform into speed. -- proud to be playing this game was important for you to -- -- your guy's gotta have their moment would Johnny did you like to see your -- sit down with him. Well I concede you know ever but he really important. And again would make it to be a certain age you know maybe you'll only be -- early talks. About strategy. Game and he certainly had -- want to do whatever we wanted but mostly just. Kinda -- branding them or given them an urgent work. My number should know. It or actual five. When we raised the flag you know on opening up opening buried Johnny -- -- why don't mean anything to do with the Red Sox. She had such an enormous amount of pride. Like outer -- -- remember. Well I just see from the outside Terry that's sort of energy I got to imagine you commit -- 2004. And see this guy at that point was was in his eighties he sick of bungalows he's talking of people down there that. That energy in your former players talked about today seems like that was contagious to anybody he was around. Yeah it is actually what you think about it and you -- it'll or -- go to war treaty. She's 84. You know that a total match and I'm I'm not you'll do you worry. Mean what put you form on -- you elected to a person. -- just. You know this spring training heats up well portion of editors beaten. He walked beginning and he'd ask questions Obama of opposing player dark arts -- just able to play her -- -- Was it like with adrenaline as a player always be in positive with you after games -- you before and pushing you want to be better. Was like a Johnny did you ever come into the office and you guys sit and talk talk about the games and entity. Ever tell you what we do that could it be a joke right in America and they. But it really well and even Oakland would be a lot -- certainly I think the -- -- to wait a minute. I don't know -- well if you don't ended the one common thread here is we put their Red Sox. Or law or what he was representing the Red -- Which was pretty much forty or so little -- he was still so much pride. You know in street -- you watched dispute that you'll look. Quite Curt Schilling and old guy who's given -- called deductible series. Let's stop outbreaks -- and they were genuinely. Proud for Johnny. -- baseball long time Terry in this is a guy and Johnny Pesky who played he coached he managed he was of I sold advertising at one point was in the announcers Booth you. Can you think another guy who represents his team in Major League Baseball the way you just looked at pesky and said that is the Boston Red Sox. Well again -- there's -- -- were so fortunate archaic a meaning. You look around like the Yankees are -- -- Yogi -- of the overtime -- Yankee Stadium my yoke. But that's part of what makes -- being so special and I think collusion meet. Yeah I think it's great and I know that they are no -- -- celebrating. Johnny where I think that's great because you live such a sport. And there were sold and Hampshire or at least or used in you know it just a way it should be. Wondered -- a call you -- had to call me that all the time Hillary. Upper. They're earning a lot opera not occurred. Was this time was it like spring training -- that was -- -- -- best that. Would you -- happiness and you look at Daniel -- orbit it's. It could roll around -- you know there there were only more strict than about and people in uniform and you know hatred. Quarterback he'll talk to a lot of -- cute he wanted to hurt a bit. -- -- What I remembers this in a little larger on third space site and sign autograph after autograph and -- -- that anybody you don't look. You know anybody to -- -- on super power. There are two Red Sox yankees Sunday night we'll see on the broadcast we thank you so much for your time here today appreciated. Okay does it actually enjoy it not -- epic which are. Terry Francona two time world champion manager.

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