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Nomar Garciaparra, former Red Sox SS, on Johnny Pesky

Aug 14, 2012|

Nomar Garciaparra joins Mut and Merloni to share his memories on the late Johnny Pesky.

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I spent most of the show here today celebrating the life and remembering Johnny Pesky what he meant to the Boston Red Sox of the organization meant to the Red Sox fans. Passed away yesterday at the age 92 and joining us on the eighteenth the hotline or Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra know -- Lou how are you. -- Good no -- kind of a tough day for you you know get the news yesterday and stick -- we were room when you heard the news. There are rarely actually bought. At a speed and isn't it. During although there I heard it I -- victories -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is true that -- -- issue like on street -- question. It's not obviously. Not. Little mostly -- yesterday. And it's -- -- -- we talked attack and we talked truck earlier and you two guys obviously Johnny touched their lives but you know is as infielders house talking about spring training was his time in what he meant to us and -- 8082 years old still hitting us -- goes and I know that. He was always what are your favorites you know and I think that you will -- -- pillows and always look back -- how -- he. Just made -- better want us to be better. Yeah. You sit in that sense Larry. -- Obviously -- baseball you let the Red Sox. You to look at the players it's worked art. It looked player's respect it really didn't matter what -- that was caught. Obviously you -- those. -- You know -- -- -- -- It cal sports. You don't do about. Roanoke civic. HL org. And should not once I didn't think -- -- there's an ocean on the on the other side California. -- -- We we're. I brought that act like sports. Really. Into the doctors. I went and attack our soccer and die hard. What. -- -- -- -- -- Like -- getting -- but I. Feel the action but -- really know what we're -- or. And that's -- You really. -- some other political. Let -- and it. Like it -- Williams. To think about what -- -- -- development. What that and why have so much for in order for each. Lot of water fire correct that -- -- so. -- -- Like. Really still back. Later at coming up. Note history the whole history direct talks -- Like he said it would once but eventually she'll like it -- the bill. That are. Fortunately we're teachers are correct. They no longer that that lecture. That. And -- you were quoted as is saying. I think kind of what you just said that guys like pesky helped you realize. That what it's all about we help you understand the game he's also help you understand Boston. I think that in itself is key. My question is how did he do that was it just the -- was there something that Johnny did. That was key to you helping -- gain that understanding about Boston and about baseball. It was more the story. On the story of a gentle child like him so. -- -- better all the big upside. To our beat -- and equity to. Sit -- and -- or or or action at. Actually hack we're. -- out what. It ought to be out there with. Think that literally stuck. Like that many in the floats which only that. -- -- -- -- -- What are -- on the doubt about like that story out. They're. The -- -- But I bet that they took that well. Or not but outside of baseball. Like this well. In addition I just think about it bought. It was that was a lot. So the rest. Like baseball. It's about it at all. You know that -- that that. Or not the -- On them with -- Arm around on or. And notable here that certainly are -- -- -- Well I'll. You know always remember Johnny nick we're joke about earlier try to -- Munson Lou what's. What's the nickname you always heard from John in right away -- -- -- -- you know and it's just that puts a smile on your face. And I think that's -- -- ever going Rebecca. You -- yours. So there are you in the world. People there's a leader in all. That you'd see. This. Huge. The crew here -- people don't buckle -- -- -- rhetoric right. And weren't on the I don't Smart. He. But it story. That you just looked. At. It that day. -- -- Should should they ought to you don't -- a lot ought. Org Tuesday. You will blow there. It. -- they liked it. Lot of people ought to be sure that act. No mom -- she talked about this bond that you that would Johnny how you feel like you sort of welcomed you win. It to happen day one was at the first day showed up there was it. The gas to earn it with Johnny jet to sort of prove as a player the you were all land for him to show you that respect for him to. To bond with you as a player. There are warm and they want your breaks but I like. You -- it -- on that date is literally respected. Play all. He thought I'd like you like shot. Out there you -- back -- for extra work the -- -- actually work. Is that which -- -- the right place at eight extra art. -- If you talk about. It and that commitment on. You know -- You know a little bit which. Took out all. Trying to win and it really she. Is an art you'll hear a -- Should that be worth thirty all day. Remember I dismember what are you gonna do now he's on my left that and as I caught he's already hit a ball in my right what do you do now. A member for him. Almost like that so you know I think those are the won't get -- and say. Hey beat it beat you can expect her to -- it all the all the added. Execute what it could get there we expect -- What it will -- -- source. -- -- I'm pretty big picture is it -- a -- out there is sitting right here. Or he. Ought. Don't -- all at all. Why no you know target rate to cover the Little League World Series your Prius. Who just love the play the game its purest form and a guy like Johnny Pesky that's pretty much what he stood for what he said it made us all remember a lot to her with a uniform and and latest game so we really appreciate you taking time Nomar and insurance and -- broke. Yeah yeah I'd say it's like -- -- bet -- already dark and. Eight at least I'll I'll see you celebrate the -- like there aren't that should. -- our thanks Nomar Garciaparra joining us here are some thoughts on Johnny Pesky and his memory passing yesterday. At the age 92 measure senate think that coverage starts here this week attic of the prix wins across the country are pretty much wrapped up -- that. -- we'll see nobody SP advocate -- that's a signal unfortunately summer just about over man when he starts that Little League World Series on ESPN. Mean the labor days here and means ball which is good for football bad for Franz of summer. All of this we'll get a break Chris sports city ESPN. Is gonna join us top of the hour 1 o'clock so wanna mix and some football and Chris mortenson sounded that warning flight last night. When Adam chapter audience the end with the thought that not only gonna get replacement officials in the NFL. For four pre season weeks but how about 123 weeks in the regular season potentially Chris mortenson ESPN 1 o'clock.

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