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Jason Varitek, former Red Sox C, on Johnny Pesky

Aug 14, 2012|

Jason Varitek joins Mut and Merloni to share his memories on the late Johnny Pesky.

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-- joining us on the AT&T hotline former captain of the Boston Red Sox Jason Varitek joins us Jason how are you. Thank you Jack I know Johnny -- a lot to you as he did to a lot of people what are the similar things its own stories you'll be told people vote Johnny. I think it's is that presents. I mean. It's spirit as presents constantly you would always around. Now when you're young player and you have that. Their -- from people about -- uniform and everything that he has done for playing the managing to. The end you know pretty much to be Red Sox icon and the Johnny you know as well Friday -- just. Happy it didn't and here it's just a joy to be around. -- we it trod on earlier and we're talking about Johnny -- people packer had been fifth fifth fifth. Did it make you laugh you know because it's a sad day -- it was a like for you would then when did you hear the news. I heard yesterday evening what can. All I -- everybody know if -- -- our health for awhile. But I it's just it's sad because I remembered just seemed like yesterday he's. -- -- throughout -- goes to the infielders you know during spring training and and those that -- had -- -- -- got killed every -- -- -- they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- golden. Bill -- Congo has been given guys work in China coach Sebastien -- and as soon as. I -- just he would always just so great with me. And always encouraging. Now racked up my church Cheryl for force and you would always always had some positive decide. Hey hey Jason blue and and trot I've talked about that positive nature that he had -- there was it was never sort of a negative coaching approach was always. Lift up there was always posited you feel. The same way because these guys have talked about that's sort of help them and down moments that Johnny they knew. The giants can have a positive word for them there was going to be a positive reinforcement style of coaching. Guy a 100% -- -- -- you act so what I'm talking about it says. In archaeology though -- maybe you're 03 last twelve -- Yeah he's -- -- looking down and yet he always he always let problem rather -- saying -- alert eSATA alt rocker didn't. You have to do it always positive thing here always. It always says same thing to me over and over you know and that they are -- The days are -- rolling he's just it just a joy. You know we -- we're pretty much the same time as far as that big league level when and always amaze me -- time that we spent with Johnny and we were all really close to them what do you guys that -- commend. In their first year with this team. And within within hours -- days whatever was it was almost like they had that special relationship also he was just that type of guy people. Would be around him all wanna be around him his old stories you know and and it tells the amazing thing is just clicked with Johnny what do you new home for ten years or an hour. I NJ yeah have to agree because it and it didn't matter pure superstar or you just walked in the door he learned. Boy you're about how you play the game and he brought to reach out to everybody every level. Was he a guy Jason that would would talk about in the years cities that would dom DiMaggio and Bobby door and Ted Williams and those stories that he would still tell. The current players in spring training during that. Prep for season year after year. Now coming charger we expect in -- bullpen more diverse views storied red. You know he has it involved a litany was more. They tell me so happy you -- look forward needed that guys like clockwork. They're very or something you know I've heard I've heard plenty of stories spent binding -- spent. A lot more time which I am. You know during my years studio records that he was. Lavished he'd always put them in and spring training every single day can bongos and bongos didn't Congo's. And but I you know you sit around a long after gonna -- storing -- get ahead here pretty funny story. Cause -- like for you in time -- -- 2004 is a great moment for use organization the fan base. But the she got like Johnny Pesky neck clubhouse after you guys who won the World Series. I don't mean and it you know we're not there. Days actors Johnny it's never bit or a uniform up until that point their bed yet really to bear that burden. -- I am now waiting and don't some like -- to be a part of it. Where she has been a part of it that way for what 52 years. Patent. It's. He loses it joyful anybody. And you were part of the hundredth anniversary Bremer -- remembering correctly you know over Fenway Park a couple of months ago. It was UN human wake actually you know where who Wheeling him out onto the field and as a fan someone watching you seem like that that Johnny. Jason you up close and this really took a lot of pride. In that event and was just thrilled to be a part of the hundredth anniversary that ballpark. Yeah I and he was extremely emotional. Like -- like everybody was that was there I mean it was. So alert are pretty spectacular moment forever credits -- uniform and effort Johnny could be. Yeah well. There are -- toward orbit they give them. You know center stage or they're all although he has done that organization we've been. Pretty much the majority of photos -- here -- part of. Go to necklace so once they commit per share some of stories about Johnny -- tough day for a lot of people in their lot through to everybody so they should come around. Absolute. After. I thank you Jason four Red Sox captain Jason Varitek joining us here on the eighteenth -- hot line and now will contain.

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