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Trot Nixon, Former Red Sox OF, on Johnny Pesky

Aug 14, 2012|

Trot Nixon joins Mut and Merloni to share his memories on the late Johnny Pesky.

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What are your former teammates and guys spent some time with Johnny Pesky and the Red Sox Trot Nixon joins us a -- -- What's up -- sad day yesterday always I'm just wondering like when you heard the news in just your thoughts of that Johnny Pesky. -- can -- our capital melodic this year though let me go -- all the way to. Football practice without pop Warner. Or we have of friends up there be bothered that you first. Had contacted us -- must -- that he had passed away so. No me when I got a feel like I -- Look up -- voted itself that he had passed away enough. If this clipping here that. Obviously guys in a better place right now abroad are. We've -- people here we'd rather have -- here with us and like I just heard you as a tremendous that bathroom negate. It's about through the Red Sox. I mean that -- would that you direct action they could I was tortured to church you know the storied tradition that way in which also. It also -- about Johnny Pesky and down -- he was. Absolute joy and looted. The good around. In the dugout it's you know other dugout now. Just an absolute you'll be around whether it was. Story from the old days. You know just the paddle ashore from you know if you had a rough day out there of the billions of I was shorter you know Johnny -- Was always terrific to have that clubhouse and I know Major League Baseball at one point they. Try to get about it the dugout that he was supposed to be there by is the right side stratified he'd been an active member of holiest city in Major League Baseball war or not. Was that special that have been enacted in the baseball mind. Yeah it's yeah it's it's the stuff the talk about you know because like you said you know he was down here's a special guy for all of us with. They go out that was spring training you know it was his time taken Greek eighty year old man in -- shooting ground balls to infielders. It just it that was his tab are so other mortgage walk in the clubhouse isn't just seeing his vote here and him seen him in need TR a quarter. But just the interaction that he had with every single what the being young player or veteran the respect to us as an enormous. That's -- that I think you know the head that I told us. Well my buddies who works Tuesday on your job for a moment I told Johnson the it's spring training to be like not hundred degrees. Out there okay humidity if he's -- ball goes and he's eight years so he could bomb goes over and over in wherever you because you know thousands of fungal. You know. No we did it. Our theaters. I've ever had you know every now that he's itself but they'd rather outfitting each day. They did have a glove in a while ago and he would hit -- Fargo and I swear to god be it right to the budget. You know I tried to -- a while ago that it would. A -- that roll over -- Dream you know and you want to first baseman but he's you know. All the money every time without. Do we know -- lot obviously on the field. But. I'm sure he would it was a tremendous man off the field. All the lovely kids always loved being around ball players and I think every. I can't imagine there's one ball player out there that. Did not like being around Johnny Pesky unless they were probably -- -- is that so. Always sought energy you know for as from our fan media standpoint -- we saw god and always had its energies at the same guy you saw behind the scenes that he does that same store energy in that clubhouse every day spring training went. When you would see him preparing for season. Absolutely I mean the you would hit you don't is that he has debate audible we saw that in the dugout but he was always upbeat view ready to go. I'll you know I think the one thing that I enjoyed the most was here in the game that would he play it. I think that you know -- I would see. You know people who love the game of baseball you know. For myself we go out kind of goes through you know nowadays let you know it's that -- -- here -- some of those stores from the old days you know obvious she you know their travel their hotels. He'll -- you don't think about the of the game itself and died here about some of these all time greats that. You don't we have this here you know maybe divide passive. So equipped Baltimore players. Always think about you know we'll be here what course historians that say but I mean here's your real life historian here he he has a guy that played against -- so. You can -- you know. Is it dug out all day long even after the game and just listen the guy talking handedly PI even does some of the visit great. -- Red Sox history you know these guys -- been around the game for so long it's just it's fascinating. To sit down and listen to the stores that they haven't. And in. -- -- what is. Johnny's favorite big game for everybody. Actor had that's. One big. As soon as smooth as a conservative. Assorted development of the -- being caught up that the album's lead by. But go -- and they don't know that but the players that were in the clubhouse. Loose with a minor league. When the big league you know that was -- -- little word you monitored who work so. -- he's a great man is going to be sorely missed right still have a lot of fans people to accidents and Richey tell -- thank you people just curious you know how's everything going with you what are you up to these days. I -- this football. It is August. And you scream that those kids -- to see you're always intense at -- -- -- -- -- As I tell him I think that can -- right there in my -- and I have -- -- out there I got my youngest one both have reported so bobbled. Approach the -- -- kid that -- -- Dixon said the usually enough. It was important you put a lot of -- -- -- you try to teach him. You know some of the basic fundamentals you start it is just like in baseball you know you have a strong four. Fundamental base and that you build off of that and that's what we try to this year. And that it -- make it's it's pretty awesome to see what the kids start off where red value they wanna. You know talk to each -- than a wanna pay attention but then by the end of the year you know all. They're prepared to go to the next level if they have to you know did a major way you know so law. I love football. I was she tumbled back throughout baseball but I really enjoyed dinner appeared in. The coaching football and help these kids out now gut. Tremendous kids they get tremendous coaches so law that's that's format right now. Dabble around that in baseball. Obviously with my boys I should go to USA baseball complex tomorrow. To visit I think there's fourteen you were fifteen -- kids visit -- is that there are so. On going to be excited you know there's so law. I didn't -- -- -- was. And they'll duke it out yeah let's semantics or appreciate you call -- and took -- -- high and all the best meant aren't there yet -- I don't Trot Nixon. Or Red Sox open and I guess he called coach Wright joining us here in the -- -- -- how intense individual talked awhile ago but. Second to see you man scream and yell at these kids on field you bring that same intensity I swear to god as a matter after five years old ten years old eighteen years old. Get on that today that's a great man right there a debate in the truck coming out of high school I gotta go back and and double -- state court NC state like he -- -- they -- -- a decision there to be made right was again at NC state quarterbacks can continue with baseball itself like idol couple words and output. Public football says is his car love I don't know baseball he always a football with a beat replicates the body there would be at a pretty good arms so. -- Beckett played again right away that was he was a joy to watch a plan with a lot of great just superstars hall of famers but watching him -- they're probably too damn -- here -- the back injury all the way through minor leagues a little bit kind of caught up to a the death -- Mike -- a snap from Trot Nixon I mean nothing and I some head butted dugout I think one time I mean this -- was we had to put -- -- -- down -- this -- You -- animal rights Sweeney all right snapping up budget thing yes. Trot was an absolute animal an absolute he played the game our boy. -- -- Will continue with the thoughts from some some -- over the course of the show Nomar Garciaparra will join us next hour see Roger and -- and some others waiting on hold my promise. We'll get your phone call 6177790850. To -- 3888. 5250850. Mott and -- 937.

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