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Chris Mortensen, ESPN, on NFL replacement officials and the Patriots

Aug 14, 2012|

Mort joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the replacement officials and if the league is any closer to reaching an agreement with their referees.

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Our much -- and -- three point seven WEEI patriots will practice all week before their Monday night game on ESPN. Patriots and Eagles their second pre season game and they'll play their second third and fourth pre season games in a real condensed schedule ten days and they're gonna play their final three pre season games and preparing this week Chris mortenson. Of ESPN has been all over all things NFL and more to always on the AT&T hot line AT&T forgy LT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. More I gotta tell you you add a chapter scared the crap out of me last night with your report and it was at halftime. Of a raiders and cowboys last night when you said that you guys are hearing. That it's week three or so of the NFL's regular season. When they're expecting maybe to get the hat regular officials back officiating regular season. NFL games that's still what it's lookalike got about thirteen fourteen hours later here. Yeah I mean actually did to be out there was some might be I heard two -- three weeks ago from somebody it is really I. An executive who's involved in the process and then you know he would. He told me to go to war one inning that saw any of them and I'd be weaker in my -- couple games through these guys investors realized. That we and that's speaking the league and and the team. Are really brought into their position. -- so. You know this so content to the integrity of game the league just has put another compartment. As you know the -- to. As opposed to just basically get this deal done now the -- at these issues the this year beyond economical and that is that did like -- A full time official and each one of those does have the officiating positions -- you know. One told our referee one full time umpire headlines and it's back judge and so forth and so forth. There just basically one crew of full time officials. That would -- then coordinate everything. You know with all the crews in the neglected three reserve cruise. You know. Additionally in and then you -- crews rotate through that the season to train would be a deeper pool. And and and in any case some officials are being downgraded now based on performance they expect to be able to replace those guys and you know the least -- these and makes some sense of this debt growing there's a lot of resistance to that from the referees association and they get sick and understand why but David apparently. They're deadlocked. More than ever. -- more one of the things we discussed this kind of gets confusing I think it really matters me start. Look at the situation is what these guys referees actually make in the NFL of the NFL sent out basically their proposal they said in 2011 the average pay. Artificial was a 149000. But other reports say at 25 to 70000 what -- -- how much are these guys. Alberta and there of course of the season then adding that that does the leagues -- 140000 whatever is that that's that's see everything that's that's the proper amount I mean and obviously depending on what. We you're doing it here referee you're gonna make more. -- know that the economic issue is over the really over defined pension vs a 401K plan. And the league's position is that you know they don't they -- freeze the -- the pensions that these guys have been operating under -- time. And they'll move to look forward -- 0401 K plan which a lot of teams have done. And they say this is a -- lot of business and corporations are doing in a very stressed economy might counter to that. Is it that's fine as it is -- it is distressed economy -- the other token. The full meet annually into thinking that this is is that league under economic duress and so I think that -- so the issue and then that let those other issues to me maybe a little bit more worse debating you know the issue of what you wanna do with and also top officials got three reserve crews and and so forth. I do think it's all bought negotiating right Roger Goodell and sending it out that you know we're willing to go into the season with these officials both sides need to show that they are serious and I just don't again -- really the biggest until absolutely. Passed through the. I'm really I think in having me that's why that one executive of the city's image Dickerson in -- couple games and be week three but they helped me and that it has 72001. We forget you're replacement officials. To open the season. And then you know unfortunately 9/11 happened and obviously everybody felt like hey we can't you know we can't have a lock out other strike. Under these circumstances and then they came back and worked so. You know we have. You know kind of reaches levels previously but -- to me it's just bad it's I mean I got a little. I got a little sarcastic you know this -- have even just look at them in uniform I think it's just -- -- -- them. I hate that I mean I don't I wouldn't look good and they are you in uniform I mean you know. But noted that two other new uniforms down Nike he was new uniforms that was their responses that. -- -- -- with you in the talked about this for a couple weeks now it's been a pet peeve of ours we hope that and we do what are the patriots fans do. Hope it gets done Mort and we know that there's a report out there. That the league set out a memo saying publicly. Young adult. Disparage these officials aren't going to go after them Belichick basically did by say whenever my prayers that I agree with Cabrera was. He is -- up on the last couple weeks you've taught him. I -- I gave I gave coach Belichick is standing ovation. Men with every spot. -- A lot of arrested but you'd talk to these guys is so off the record off the -- what our players more what our coaches saying about. This first week -- first -- games what what's the major sponsor getting. You know I've not been there enough camps to talk with players but I know coach -- or not. Happy with that I mean this is supposed to be you know the premium league overall sports leagues but premium go to premium players premium owners even having. Into the held babies are great example that but. You know cute cute and think about how much money this league makes -- and I think Pereira. It is one incentive would be to settle this still would it would cost 13. Of 1% of the revenues. You know to to basically get this deal done. It is being correct and as soon that Mike is then it's silly that we're in this position and it's silly that -- be compromise and do this and it's true that. No we sit here complain about the officials during the course of the season a player's wrong coach as well but everybody acknowledges. That there -- the best we have. And there they are portrayed in and to make sure there are only part time ball. In these guys. Probably put in about thirty to 35 hours a week in addition to whatever deal with her the job and -- -- that humanly possible veto means working an eight -- -- these days I don't know many. So and I think it is humanly possible and then and what do you wanna -- Blur is going to Texans for a lot of these guys -- -- had some of the best officials in the games have you have good job so I mean. But it was detected had a defined pension program that was one of the things that they could sell a wide on a good -- do organization our -- This pension is important in in the -- says look forward cable satisfy that and ended. -- the referees association does not commit to that. How concerned are you let me -- of the of the game itself for you know when it. Certain plays that might be review will be an issue given extra extra challenge flag but at some of the players -- review ball. Well I mean. Is more plays they're going to be review noble but. Here's the thing about it is that it so -- -- of liken it to relating to keep the flag in the pockets now put together. Player safety. You know let's face -- most most of these ladies that. Injure players are would be considered illegal hits are gonna happen anyway you McGregor officials is just a matter of the other added that the fine is still common. So I know better the same time you know when you're out there you wanna -- play with confidence that they're gonna see and there are so many rules there have been hit. What league undergoes more rule tweaks there in the NFL. Now there is only get a little more rules changes. End and so to be able to master that nobody likes they've been training for two months going to be three months that by the end of August. Really didn't that's good enough. I mean so to me you know it's it's worthwhile for the lead to settle it in and -- I'm -- and added from one perspective that really have tried to understand -- my name -- know my feeling is. There's still the best you know located make mistakes were not always happy -- -- -- officiated. The outcome but you know there's still the best. We're talking to Chris mortenson of ESPN. A lot on your network today regarding Tim Tebow I know yesterday like. Yeah I just those -- watch in the back on what you. -- -- directly and Evan like a 25. Recognition of his birth I'll just add to that standard it's or left handers in the head. You know he'd call and and Babe Ruth saying -- fact Ron Amadon no film developed and people really. -- I just point out without any sort of via I don't know. No comment other than nice guy whoever probably not -- it's just ridiculous happy 25 Tim Tebow right now behind me on tomorrow at the same thing but but so let's let's go to jets camp and Cortland per second bill because their -- -- in the wildcat. And apparently they practice at the told the media they can report on it that's standard operating procedure Chris in the national put. That's that's climate my reaction was do they think we're stupid personal they have practiced in the wildcat. It just is the first time they've practiced the wildcat in front of the media. And so. Yeah and and and why is this is I don't you understand the significance of the story. When they hired Tony Wallin in the -- victory is Tim Tebow the openly said yeah we're into a lot of wildcat. And by the way it's not if it were in there and there'll be variations in it. And that's what we're anxious to see -- -- -- read which really cameras it was very effective and in no way in Denver. You know exactly Napoli then you really of these stronger -- I'd I'd put him right between him -- the running back next year that I really -- be effective. You know. As a running back that. You know is just surprised it didn't give -- of what this news. That -- -- -- -- Kapalua so what you yes under a the past two dollar -- us that we all knew was run there and actually that's a reason why you get people what is the end game with him we had discussion before elected on a but hard to believe that Rex really constable Tim Tebow is back -- the product is good football player and I. -- that he brought in couldn't get the ball where really Rex which -- of -- the defense coach mentality. Somewhere along the line Bill Belichick and maybe build every at a defense recruitment bill. Embraced the totality of the team I mean you know it's fingerprint on everything and the offense. And and and in the Rex is just you know it's all defense and at all. You know it's that some analysts were on the football Wilson -- their ultimate thing now. They have problems last year in short yardage situations -- often do Ryan has some weaknesses -- his strengths too with Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. And Brandon more at right guard but. -- can help you convert a short yardage he can help you down at the goal line in the in the red zone I really believe that. If he cannot be a starting quarterback that it is. It will be it'll cost them that he can't go to the Super Bowl. Ought to be Christmas for patriot fans of that happens. While it'd be yeah everybody love everybody I mean so you know but I would say in in the terms of it is it is. The skill set that he brains for certain occasions that -- say. Mean is this guy in the human down at the goal line that and I know this is blasphemous clip like what they have Barry Sanders didn't yet everybody I think that Barry Sanders who's the better running back. The other one thing like cut and out of line go to WW -- you know life goes. He's got great patience and vision down there at the goal line in most bet they'll. And did at that table has that quality he had great patience and vision and the strong at the box so I really believe is the place form a bit of Columbia directs. And Mark Sanchez. -- manager and that'll motivate him. I'll last month for me more is the plan Indianapolis planet Washington take their rookie quarterbacks in week one start these guys and plan renegade. -- was. Always rather than. You know -- that this into rocks. Now he he might -- is. As good or better than advertised and and then Robert Griffin that's on the real poised and comfortable -- basis points -- he rubber -- from progress I think there -- -- -- that's going to be which is. Help probe broke our quarterback from the almost from the get go and and Robert. You know. I'll I'll -- it's just inning and he's in the middle be you know that they'll be fun to watch in. And over religious it's going to be there for five dangerous there to see more this call -- that is over eats up the option. It was a different team you know and then that will be seven keep. It is Tebow is when he's at -- let's go to shoppers give out more I get a get a move away at party had on. Thank you Chris I guess speaker he is the best that I love. Sarcasm as our sense of humor. Our Chris -- on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. We spent a lot of time early in the show talking about the life in the memory and celebrating life memory of Johnny Pesky. Or Red Sox manager Terry Francona is gonna join us here in ninety seconds and will get that Terry Francona thoughts. On what Johnny Pesky meant to him a -- -- to the right Boston Red Sox Terry Francona and sex.

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