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A tribute to Johnny Pesky

Aug 14, 2012|

Listen to this montage of a collection of Red Sox players/coaches/broadcasters talk about the late Johnny Pesky.

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-- An announcement we made -- Pride was admiration. We respect. That and with gratitude. You're very kind of an announcement isn't. Maybe Boston Red Sox organization will be. Retiring. Forever the number six -- my -- as the. Well I heard about was just last night when -- can economies have been if the boss is on the scene in places. Must've done something so. I thought may well -- -- to -- see what they want because when they told me about this I was flabbergasted and I'm very I'm very fortunate to have this. To say I'm very flattered about the whole thing I didn't think that was a good player than. I was in the Ted Williams and Bobby go to class but. I've played with some good guys and I'm quite flattered by this announcement and comment really gonna enjoy it and -- by. Live long enough to enjoy it. Ten years ago even when I was coming up I mean he still hit me ground lost. You know -- we're talking about a guy that's what eighty years old 81 years old at that -- him with a -- what his baton spring training and in 98 still hit the ground balls are still working. And that's where Johnny -- You really. Are needed but so many other politically. Where that enemy likes to hit Williams now I'd -- about. Let me next I development but what that what that -- I have aren't aware that before reaching epidemic. He was big stars like -- from as a walk a lot remembered to start to get in this offensive stuff and 35. Johnny Pesky was starting walked -- never -- -- you could not -- the field you can not beat him in uniform and he was just a star in just a baseball guy. Effort Johnny defeat you know better date for all that you -- -- organizations have been the majority of photos -- here see the part of you agree or over the game is going to. The state law. And I think that was hardly the yellow book -- -- and everything kind anybody's. You know -- -- dollars ten million million dollars in my view but your -- doors by field. It was -- looked back maybe again. In the clubhouse kid it is below for the Portland beavers -- because -- few hours -- -- look like Charlie -- Include uniforms. Is it true that everybody of the clubhouse kid he was Smart thing about -- -- kicking and hitting. He knew fielding what you you know you would pick his brain it was just assault on a walk around this Graham would sit there and lock. There's -- it was -- love the Red Sox definitely one of the reasons you know he's stayed here who live here so. And you know he managed he code. He was the broadcaster. And he was involved with the community did a lot of things a lot of appearances but nothing. Know that help -- charities and people who don't know who lost loved one thing play. That he was very recognizable as it is that you know the leader of Red Sox Nation. You know because he did so many things and -- organizations. He didn't even you know the last few years when he wasn't able put the uniform time. He would come to the ballpark and he would sign autographs from people outside the ballpark. And that's just where he wanted to be so these are young and old all know who years. You know what was special to me was -- -- trophy out of the dugout for the field of candidates are now allowing him all the World Series trophy -- You know the other countries on the space for those who is a huge girlfriend to do. Yeah. You were.

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