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Meter expresses his love for cats

Aug 14, 2012|

Meter turns from the world of sports to talk cats, porn names, and his sleeping ways in this flash. Meter revealed to John and Kirk that his cat Stinky sleeps on his ass. The guys also talk about Atlanta Braves Color Analyst Joe Simpson's offer to fight a twitter follower and the latest questionable answer from Family Feud.

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-- an easy one. Not reactive. Nor was it based on one single incident. In making these decisions we based our violations on a set of criteria. For supports our organizational goals. And includes a player's performance both on and off the field. Essentially we take into account the overall body of evidence to determine. Whether individuals the right fit for this organization. And more specifically this football team. Joseph Philbin porn name Tyson kokua. And and the coach sort of -- that's. Who clearly is establishing its -- house and if you give utopia if you're out at year gone Chad Johnson is -- time. Now wants to be appoint start. -- studies -- a -- -- crappy wide receiver. But his girlfriend they're both real stars for yet it's. -- -- the standards that ship yet watershed are good and I think it's it is is it must deal tonight hard knocks -- -- -- a -- -- you do what you can -- in with -- it would -- -- home by them but -- -- and we -- so. And again. Our economic I have to do stop them all the it. -- said the cameras jail. And it is right. And added that leaving jail park among guests. It and anyway so it didn't have a 911 call. To me south that should mean just Johnson was the only reason you gonna watch. Who -- into a second job. From about one in Orange. It's not fun. And earn a living. He uses and yes that I would do. Much good. Buck naked I wonder I wonder what this first pet's name was what -- you lived on the -- I don't -- that it'd be nice to find out -- (%expletive) -- the Johnson park yep I want my second pet my second street would be happy pine hollow. -- -- Happy had a minute cat -- it was a dog a dog. You -- happy as it was a boxer the status based receiving -- like the -- like most in loan and a -- -- It too -- to -- Britons who send it a little promoting a loss still. So it's perfect intermittent remittances and ran away yeah I was in college knows briefing -- was also. Came over no minced garden cylinders she just ran away and died and and smitten after that I don't know smitten I was minutes there was a gap there in the when I want to share a moment ago by them think you -- -- Think these -- that -- -- expects -- -- you must have been by it. Does not surprise me -- calico cat guy. Love cats. So oh you're so -- -- in the -- Nader is there's enough enforcement and nothing at all you are so wrong complaint absolutely pure left cats. I I. Yeah I -- knock them down is when you when he's going. There hayride. Creepy make my eyes round and meet you don't get a kind of given us a federal trust if -- -- and for your room and board. -- keep you healthy if Biden ticket into the events if you the read -- via the reason you were alive. And by god when I come home from work I wanna -- -- politics hey -- but he's parents at the television -- the other way that I got myself or not I can -- is they couldn't quite sure if they had a -- They give the middle finger -- important -- that they can look you off Mike yeah. Is is very friendly is greets me every day. Licks me tunnels would mean you caught up on YouTube this sleeps on me that easily but the -- yes the cats sleep and you went to sleep -- that -- yet -- -- right now. Yes. Which is dangerous. -- right of the bucket. Do you sleep -- -- the bus they faced them faced faced it that is right on your -- -- Jesse's desperate mode and the majority of you and exists does the can't get around. The blast away singer's legal. Recourse does sound legal. -- is based on your face that you turn your base of the side notes like faces in the know are so you get a Daisuke cricket and from and I usually you know really I've I have to do it matches. You have to slip Chris Hansen I -- -- -- -- -- I apps we aside I'm I'm I'm -- what's so awful brown a moment Batman yeah. It's a night of town on among about a Dorsey go to bed at night -- -- keep going you just. -- I'll call you you're you're giving him the benefit of the doubt and -- that we all know that's not a surprise at all Zell might Chelsea is empty just flopped out -- your face and call for the cat to come over the counter and ask how old Abdullah the -- as a routine will -- it was a cat -- think you have come class thinking. Well it's called an artist -- does that. Pick up some other bad. You know model to me like it the night she does a mom in -- your tickets don't cut detonations on them that's. So what's your on your birthday -- is out front is that the other yet. And and does speaking get under the covers on your -- were on top of the covers on your usually on top of it was social venture exception noble -- social nozzle in the you know all. The right under the covers. And I don't know what I'll do I I. -- -- her and her you -- rates. Do you sleep naked and dead and I'd pets iPad competitors head to break it -- worked with the -- her stomach. I'll commodity sounds awesome. They love a woman at the stomachs of -- that's no problem touching I went to -- about it the current style. Sound you definitely had -- appeared at the Waffle House is that that's that's a pretty put caps. Yeah yeah that's true. Go ahead and there don't panic if you didn't give an Olympic track that's a good question -- make. Jobless but boxers boxes yet at a teacher new album which in an attempt and left the ice bucket -- and -- not -- -- well we'll just would you go -- thing. -- -- occasionally go make sure that I a boxers and -- want him not totally new poll numbers and that's that's a attempts to look at the your dog sleep. Dog but the idea that now now we never have W separately at an ad that's disgusting all is that it. I do is you honestly Albert Arnold by the never not on the bed and goes. Out shattered after night. No writers vomit or something. No we just left for a week she catch feisty she dropped the -- some openers -- not it's silly to I've ever -- it's. All the time she didn't know what what is what's the it'll. Do that but that's one look out and frankly a blow it. That's a little bit it's it realistic to go a mile got to get a great text here to sleep by Chad Johnson to my cat that I. I have no idea what we can tell you. The MLB Stanley Stewart Damon and I didn't check out. The Houston Astros. Well 38. And 79. Brad Mills nosy. Cults it's available listen shorten it to be fired at the this year I've ever likes him so. -- another lossless data to Chicago that comes. They'll beat anybody. On the deal -- with you know on that. If they adopted a dog in November 07 named Beckett oh well I -- that -- -- the that's pretty well dug in its it's so that's. But 3879. Houston Astros and cubs a 45 and 69. 41 under -- to win fifty. The worst teams have been after they have 3830 AO LL. So look at it like 45 ways in India 48. Record. Itself believe. Eleven at 47 on the road so he's probably not for contract extension right I know we're not yet we are about remembering him I heard someone -- that was on the -- And governor Bradford. They don't they're still convinced the -- girls the next minute it's. That couldn't be for two more years -- right wants that contract is up. So that is -- just -- for next year and then fairly aggressive that then -- -- what the team is it ever thought that maybe just maybe John Ferro and the situation looks sentences. It. Exactly turn and up into Ron okay bill could take the job well most important I think he would -- who worked for the Brockton rocks Kidman. I'm not a big fairly few guys. Account lost jumped the shark from the Richard -- yeah -- left them but homestand. Josh -- posted on the feud now. -- -- Steve Harvey Steve -- thank you the other. Of this as -- interesting question on family feud yesterday. Next our commitment some Shaquille O'Neal has triggered in -- I'm gonna go width. -- junk. -- judges in the someday scrambling right now. How we -- talking about he has the bigger joke. That's all body parts. That's totally separate. So you know what I don't ports. Big go long. Before you say no doubt or the first. Shoot it they've probably feed -- house -- -- house call up my -- I don't know right now. Judge step foot in the top five and said Venus. When was that there the there was no illusion that's where the body market and that was the number one answer a body part yet okay. Applied that -- -- Johnnie both agreed it's a some clarification Steve on our right to I know we're all big. Twitter is twit suspense going Woodson. That Kirk MI and I am I am now a ten -- throb. It's just getting at least two Internet -- -- to Twitter and -- you know at John Dennis W area thank you very simple very simple. But evidently Joe Simpson who -- one of the voices of the Braves right there analyst. Very upset other broadcasters. Because there's another Josephson and that's Jessica Simpson Simpson's father. And I just. This Joe Simpson got diffused with the other Joe Simpson for some something very bad. Hollywood. There's a data. -- a couple of days ago. So whichever one you idiot tweeters. We get that phrase for it -- exclusives because there meantime I'd like to meet you wouldn't be home. After the game tomorrow and I'd like to -- As Daniel Murphy has. I don't even need tickets. As -- carries contribution -- and the minute hand -- say to. Elect to eulogize your tickets after they did. So that's that's good Twitter say it's you know so advised not to professional -- are advised besides being. Like you're driving next -- cut -- -- you think about like opening offer yelled -- and on the windy relates. Cars you know like lot of people have weapons in cars you'll need like look at somebody the wrong way home this happened to me in away. 1213 years ago as the volume were driving down. -- and a car compass this is true story cut us off ruling. Ridiculous strike on going to ago we pull over the card access we look. There's one guy driving in the dying overseas Mike. Well hold back after you got -- that chair. So I've always thought yeah this is crazy I was so crazy people up about. You would know nothing at all with it that's kind of stuff some cat lover next yeah. Well -- a -- is him these. This this is you were your blast -- Her hurt her lots of tolerance and -- You're obliged on the last -- -- -- -- -- does. Doctors there who -- give any else for us. -- I know earlier threats rush out to about four lines opened 677790850. The NC without this he will be right back.

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