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Dan Duquette: Johnny had a great run with the Red Sox, helped a lot of people

Aug 14, 2012|

Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Baltimore Orioles Dan Duquette joined the show to discuss some baseball along with a reaction to the news of Johnny Peskys passing. Duquette credits a breakout year from Adam Jones as well as the young guys, including rookie sensation Manny Machado for giving the team an extra boost. Duquette also shared his thoughts on the legacy of Johnny Pesky.

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-- road trip. Wise in front of the Boston Red Sox three with the Orioles in Baltimore three with the Yankees in New York to that end we talk with a general manager of the successful general manager. Of the 62 and 53 Baltimore Orioles stand to get good morning -- how aria. A few more and good. Very very good you had no fade after a hot start is just more than you expected or about what to expect your baseball team this year Dan. We -- whoa -- got -- we've got a couple of pictures that came up until this. -- and Gonzales like 242. And they. It was a little extra loose and are we do a lot of these. And then does care providers to vote which he's got a lot of. Michelle I've heard a lot of bottom what's so what's your take on him. Well he he. It was appropriate -- Miami which is great based order. But he's these are really just do Dominican kid who was educated in the states and you know it -- got all the tools is that strong -- you know he can do everything. What sorts have for power and those guys don't go longer ago. But he's taken over at third base right. Yeah I'd be here all deployed third J. J. Hardy does a good job for -- it's short and he's been -- defender. And we just goes easier than Adam and parliament for. To a fire interior defense is a good. You say he's a bigger kid does that mean third base is going to be as position of the future for the foreseeable future. Well. I mean that's that's up to bark he was played -- it and double weigh in and he looked in the futures game on campus. Orioles prospect shorts some. You know you look good. In the field. So you know it on the government to be seen I think. There's a lot of people confirmed a rather remote play short -- third and you know maybe this is his career. There's certainly has the physical skills. It Daniel 62 and 53 we just look at the numbers. It it doesn't really add up you know minus run differential -- minus 49 year. 25 and on base percentage 23 -- batting average 27. In quality starts. -- 62 and 53 right now. Well I'm here we are open -- in we get into a close game. We've been able to limit by executing. I think that's probably. Was that the virtues are open and and really good. Give Pedro -- we is strong -- And our city. -- days been really good to. They don't look very been very he's. Particularly from it's. So what we are under a close game. You know booked on multiple -- is generally -- hold those in or. -- what does that say about your team that only one team in the American League has won more games on the road that be the Yankees have won more road games in the Orioles and it's close 33 to 32. What's that say about your club. Well every -- way we played pretty good on the road. You know I I think Euro -- -- You know adversity you say. It's on the road so many guys that are you know pretty good pros that are. There. Their belt -- winters -- -- producing a lot of -- Have a good year and Adam jones'. And so the break. Doesn't it -- pretty conservative voters. As a general manager how do you know when it's time to signal and figuratively wave the white flag. It is that is that a formula is that an eyeball test -- -- feeling in your stomach and the reason we're bringing this up is there's a lot of talk about whether Carl Crawford. To get a jump on next season and start with a Tommy John surgery right about now and shut him down. I guess is the Red Sox think that would be the same thing as waving a white flag which I don't think they're prepared to do at this point. But you know what that got to do was teams play and then and a -- for. Right to lose the wild -- race. See all these teams in the race and it would -- it -- neck and neck. And you know it gives hope to and other. In other counties in those cities. You didn't do it so it you know. It's a little bit -- harder. A lot of teams. Like you don't do that trade deadline is good news in loaded trucks at a remote for the future. After that there's not as integrated managed to. You know trying to move players whose -- of -- -- for. But if you're a handful of games under 500 for the past two years is and that's second wildcard. Spot sort of fool's gold then. Well is it fair you know it there you can get it going you know looking to you isn't going. You know reluctantly and this is she still. He surprised Tennessee the Red Sox at 5759. Though when you look at it before the season started did you ever think to be two games under 500 here in the middle of August. There they have have a great line -- Voters disturbances in -- strong. They had envisioned it you know when when stern which isn't. Is in the foundations and it's it's tough to overcome. You understand what the nationals are -- Strasburg they're saying they may go from 160 to 180 innings before they shut him down. That's still doesn't get into the playoffs that's kind of a rock and a hard spot is it not for that organization down. Well -- scattered throughout. He -- that they have such a big lead. You know they can get accused of horsepower and -- definitely going to be about it talk about -- talked about stupid and to route to restore. Lou. We've got his cute bill on Monday signed last year and we're gonna remind what does that mean. In you can probably just like other board vote no excuse me in the minors it was of course it will only news. We just slowed it down the game. We had him do it version four -- About can go a little bit later in the season. It's more days. So Leo as they develop Strasburg. Would have been in this situation. Did you kick the tires on Derek -- would think. Like their hope. That I -- -- These guys I beat -- because there are very very and he's just so. You know at work to do. But I -- be yeah -- like -- to reduce. Had a couple chances. Side. You're they have figures so. No electorate or book or was. -- -- -- -- I'm doing great thanks the best executive and is really baseball league history Dan Duquette. That Heyward who's not even though we're gonna replay of in that -- WBZ qualifier. I know the team's loaded you committed the. If we definitely get the first here we go. It is that we can draw the big guns you know -- salute them for. You know you can't let that do -- they've -- -- -- war. Everybody -- -- to tell it which he nominated him or are yet I yeah I don't forget about Israeli baseball gonna nominate you for executive of the year -- The -- -- run away. Thank -- -- I presume that whoever is back in. Good episodes are -- with the world's. Nazis you're doing a great job you got weighed in showed tonight he -- three years and twelve million -- like the Korean league. Well yeah it was -- RD pitcher and he isn't that long. Very short of the Japanese -- so inside the -- and less so you have music good music is so that you saw broad you're involved yeah. -- -- dollars outstanding and you mentioned Dylan Bundy earlier. I saw the Tom -- cheap piece on -- MLB network and it's the Bundy project. They've been falling the -- all year he wrote about on Sports Illustrated do you project him. As your next great find your next Pedro Martinez. He's he's good have to work to do in -- and work -- and LaMarcus. But he's got a chance to visit. The rotation starter would respect conservative. Like to dispute Kevin because. From LSU. Who started his debut -- he was up with your. But you're seeing good things are vicinity -- he's got a lot of felt we -- in his business is about her so both guys that are. No they have there on the horizon force. It will look forward we just move on the -- In the first start as we. I did I'd be interested in your response in your reaction the morning after. Every New England baseball fans grandfather died last night Johnny Pesky. Yeah -- That's you know I think right it is everywhere and you know it is great ambassador. Is that -- representative for the team. To report rotten development because you have very often. It. A man like that -- wanted personal reports there was wrote. Mobile missile. Who wouldn't who -- else beyond that Johnny Pesky sort of timeline with a team I mean I guess LK -- would be may be Ernie Banks may -- -- sort of not many more than that right. -- up anymore than that. I think he's gonna -- losses. You know it was a road can he represented the red. They'll start room. Have poker world. I'd be remiss of I didn't ask you to explain and and and and enlighten us on 1997 when Johnny left the dugout on on your orders was a controversial -- -- -- and why did you do that Dan. Well that you know you I was really took that your own development and reform. That -- Johnny was it was. Spent a lot of time ago but. Or that or his career. -- it is an open book. In retrospect you wish have been handled a little differently you know because it was I mean there was. A huge outcry locally around at the time it just seemed insensitive I think to an outsider anyways in retrospect which you've. You've done. -- recruited. Little better. Water under the bridge and you know majority. You know a lot of people. Down my sources tell only the only thing these days you are unhappy about is the fact that Springsteen is tonight and tomorrow night at Fenway and Saturday night in Gillette and you're stuck with a baseball team is that about right. Well I thought it. Opening salute. Our friend way to oppose government here yeah yeah it play a bit these cities. And be the Arctic cat -- because there through the great show great tribute to -- And there's the band back. -- I'm sitting among two. Springsteen groupies I would say Daniels -- -- -- comedy shows us only 1111 and -- has seen this about 58 trip to -- -- where where you on the list and. -- -- -- -- -- -- While also so Bruce does a lot of your cash down. But let's step. Well you go to great night evaluate -- we depart -- showed there. As. Knowledge that the guard yeah yeah. Gardner and we've got to go over to some without which was great. And bad we have the road rules were put assault on him that runoff against Springsteen's. So it -- like a lot of honesty might everywhere they went editorial editor you know we were -- drivers on the Chicago so you know -- know. To have -- But anyway isn't it it's -- great quest right. Awful thoughts the past did great partial owner of so -- 58 he's at sixty yeah you gotta -- -- -- was yelling at -- yup that should aren't. Won't resolve by -- Like a standstill etc. I continued success down the talk and appreciate the time on this Tuesday morning to talk me -- reluctant thanks Dan Duquette with Denis and tell element AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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