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The grandfather of Red Sox Nation is gone

Aug 14, 2012|

The guys open up the show with a remembrance towards Johnny Pesky. They share their own personal memories of him, along with reactions from players who knew him best. John, Kirk and Meter go over the career of Johnny Pesky, from a WWII veteran as a young kid to an old man still hitting ground balls at Spring Training with the Fungo bat.

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Everybody in new England's. Graham law died yesterday that's exactly it yeah it feels like my. Grip on their -- and -- did everybody yeah definitely in Ottawa gets overstating the case and everybody's had some kind of connection with Johnny Aiken is head and got his autograph and scene but the ballpark and talk too much spring training or you know he made himself available actually everybody in the best light -- -- was he had time. For everybody who did and that was the case -- it was it was some. Also this. I think I've been around asking for 34 years and if I had to make a list of my -- Three or four or five favorite people in Boston sports to be around. I talk about the best athletes I'm talking about the greatest performers I'm talking about the hall of there's people who fund to be around and you enjoyed the company rescue would certainly be the top of the list. Don cherry would be one of those guys Mike Green well would be one of those guys Cam Neely John had to -- Johnny Pesky to be first and most all of. And everybody has sort of consensus today and you hear all the time and I've never heard. A bad word ever said about Johnny Pesky everybody's gonna pesky story just great and it's and played its true it feels like. Toward the grandfather of Red Sox Nation whatever that is is gone yet. An -- everybody pointed to the fact that I'm watching all the coverage last night and Morgan review this morning. About -- how we did have time for everybody and and everybody loved being around him. And listening to stories about heads in the good old days the way baseball used to be and all of that. And how he had this in eight ability to make everybody else feel good you know what the two way street. They -- be -- to thing. People who were around him his colleagues his his teammates. The coaches. The -- of the younger players the fans all made Johnny feel good as well you could tell there was a simulate relationship they were good for one another. Incredible run I mean you started your 1942. And was still with the Red Sox in 2012 at seven years that's Dustin Pedroia lasting rounder in 20076. Correct I'm he has just. One he's unbelievable run it was not a -- to op Bill Russell he's not Larry Bird we know that. He's one of those uniquely Boston yeah she's -- Portland raise -- but he's one of those Boston guys that makes the city. It's so great taken again like this and and the right -- is an attempt to players to -- I had to go. I had a -- oh what a couple -- -- -- -- I don't know 200 it's 33 years like that -- -- that yesterday because -- you know I've I've figured everybody the people who knew him better when we're gonna focus on him -- mission done. Ultimate player. Supporters incredible the only player in history to have two -- -- its first three seasons right to players in history. -- scored a hundred runs each of their first six seasons. Payment had blames him when you look at his his baseball reference page you know this. There's a three year three -- -- if technology was some sort contract rural -- -- real world -- Tuesday and and he -- came back was still a great hall of Famer. If you play those three years. What is your visual image if you're younger that I your younger than nine were run under was. He fumbles and spring training -- ten years are my visual it was an 82 and bungled our -- going to -- -- my dancing at that who's that guy in the fund -- probably you know at the time is probably ten maybe fifteen watching Johnny -- -- -- the ball there and practice I was in better shape than anybody do you know it's 75. Still there and fund goes visual images he never went anywhere without -- -- exactly a review a week ago from Dwight -- last night out in California -- -- in the Jonas he's vacation is now Maria California season long six page -- And it really appreciated if you could read this on the year from these talks about the fact when when players were putting their spikes on. And their uniform on Johnny Pesky was picked up -- never went anywhere. A nickel. For every fungal he hit it up eldest Jim Rice left field -- got to be a million. Those guys have boundless energy to magnets that things cause he's always stayed shape he's always trailing who's always moving moving moving you solvent and -- sort of similar to -- -- I would. -- the filming early eighties there's an as a kid that would seat Johnny Pesky and you knew that -- and but he just looked like somebody that you didn't see there was that. You know guys that -- didn't do which passed in -- -- and fifteen years later. You still doing the same thing. Yeah and Powell say but I spent an inordinate amount of time with them oldest 34 -- generally -- it was relegated to spring training win as is -- to point out the rhythms of spring training in the casual listen to allow that kind of right take place. And it would be every single spring training and here's my original story join us economy. March of 78 which was the month after the blizzard of seventy ever hear that part of irons it was my first spring training and in Winter Haven Florida at chain O'Lakes in part all of our lord that it will hit he got a great way to help al-Qaeda. And left. I went down there on this young kid. Fresh in the Boston first full you know spring training I didn't know what to do. Talked to. How it worked you know when batting practice was what the players were available when I could give up an interview on when you get interviewed when I could not. When -- should understand when I should take the -- the airport you can bleed that is to dig itself to the airport flight back. And I had no idea. And liver or first person who approached me. When I walked in that club policy look at like lost my finger in my nose like ballot why do we Johnny Pesky is -- the new kid at Tel seven right yeah. You see him what to do -- -- -- I don't -- I thought but whoever does well -- isn't let me tell you is are always do an interview Marseille tell about it. This is batting practice and this is what he can get the guys and here's the best time to catch it and went after that run between running and change insurance analyst for the stuff. And for no other he was a nice guy. I looked like lost you know a deer in the headlights he kind of took me under his wing for the first week hinted here's how you -- -- entering -- Report and that happens all the time I'm sure all is well yeah but elect candidates in the last a kind of differently you know Agassi -- you got a couple of Beers -- your hand that's true. You're never gonna see this again now -- classic -- -- right balancing act and have a guy with seven decade run. One organization so tied into it. I hurt people even younger than you are nice people in their twenties they look at him -- sort of almost the mask not a bad way but that cuddly guy. It was 2000 forces was number we -- this past April the last time these look but people signed here. That's a great way to go out. 400 than -- I mean you know -- and I talk to regular administrative yesterday talked to boo Ferriss team and and of in the 40s46 the fiftieth. He said he's just that he's the greatest guy you grace -- -- in the nicest guy he ever knew we talked and everything being profession these and you. -- mostly to tell these guys if you read out resembled the team shall learn more about. Rescue teams that guy who was just below you'll see a lot anymore especially now in the cynical world promised never happened yes but it's genuine -- -- perhaps. I think Johnny Pesky loved more than the Red Sox was Ted Williams and he could not go stories -- love including Ted Williams reference into it. I'll say this in in in all the years that I saw him in spring training as -- said you know more than three decades were for me. If he's spent two minutes in his room. I'd be surprised I mean a reason for him to rent a room and these places we -- he was either at the ballpark. Getting bongos in uniform were sitting -- a folding chair of fungal by his -- signing autographs and telling stories when that was over and he showered changed left the ballpark facility. You go back to the hotel and sit in the lobby. And hold court it would just got to all the time and you remember the last few years of course it in this does this home with sweet place yes there. It's like a big dining room and typical spread out the free for some reason we all right. And and and -- at their from. 515. 8 o'clock to come by and he does have -- certainly aren't Schwab story after the I think you know maybe he went to his room to sleep. Maybe and then got up and went back to the ballpark in the morning he really live for. Images are together ever live baseball more than Jonathan's knowledge you seem to -- -- -- you -- and that cannot -- yet again I can't imagine these guys 4050 years now talk remote. The good old days of 2012. You know I got the would be. Contemporary of Johnny Pesky but someone on the equivalency of him in terms of of their reports it would be sort with the Dodgers yeah I guess I -- well you don't think anybody -- sort of sort of the Johnny -- the dodger baseball or any sport -- -- -- -- baseball for now -- -- for the Yankees. When did you actually well I don't read don't you know donor -- Libya assured yet you know musical -- video -- -- not does not it's not as involved as -- he's not his pesky was set on the president still -- -- is not like that. He just wasn't any other teams. Cardinals mutual's not really like that Baltimore's had a few in the desert Brooks Robinson compiled Baltimore -- those and an. Old ski area and has that type of organizational feel. Yeah kinda he really is yeah what Jimmy set compartment while it was -- in Rosario. Resume always do the resumes of all that pastor is a better place yeah. I think -- -- -- it definitely was definitely well because it was a patriot because he dedicated three years of his left the world of an Avian world were to golden -- that cost him. It doesn't seem fair to know what you're -- think about you sit down and check and -- he was eligible 1960 looked up yesterday he votes he got first timer and 111. News outlets and promote. Just off. The reason all our hall then again he's in the Dino hall of fame did matter start off with him he's Israel there is -- he helped me out when I was scared to know what to do. The tech a couple of phone calls or take a break 6177790850. Mike and limit your first of the NC. Welcome like Tillman I'd like open. That's what I just want to check in real it and actress Gloria -- talk about. And Florida and all I was doing. Video. Back in the nineties -- I'd do some spring training couple years in a row. And being a baseball guy go to person in morning trying to do in the ambient but the ball are located between 730 and in the morning. Inevitably outlook in the -- and dissident in by the two days ago with uncle Brett also -- up would be joining. In his though is holding -- Indecent and -- talking servers. It was always the same two guys. Join in the such as certain talking baseball and whatever that might appear that always -- You live sport and got all the stories you know what. 88. I'm -- told same stories a few times but never they never about the same way. And and I -- some talk from time to time Etsy Skype sounds familiar as a way -- the last time different twist on tailor different twist -- I Jimmie -- throwing him into the upper bunker the train as they were traveling north ring and clashing with -- -- that is against the -- put a price went up the back stairs fell on Johnny personnel would best there was the matter that they guessed it right in with the -- that we could not David's opened Denver's David. I huge -- -- agree that I just -- share a couple of great. To -- great strike at key moments. Eight years ago -- into four that we won the World Series on the history. China loosened by that you're such a lot and -- I didn't think were the one on call to make it happen and -- about it. I mean he -- it's sitting on lap side every party. Although with the trophy. Internally so relaxed person that -- personal. There's -- -- -- several years Lucie before rupiah achieved any outside of -- -- -- what story can bet they could people about those two. Six -- something years merit heavily complicit and it was sixty Aaron. -- yet made any team rupture into the point she was in this map. Rest I'll miss my father at the end and she died about a year before -- the password. But every -- and -- my father. He'd -- -- that wrestle over and swaps new and Republicans won't like and I -- in their just. Bring in. Cookies or whatever to the -- note with. The staff in memory of his wife and I purchased version of art in general in personal let's. It's quite -- -- It was quite a guy I I I -- this habit if the information is up there at the treatments. Announced not yet as I think there's this in the -- still formulating the plan that would hold something on him you know at a later -- -- to a doctor Charles was on this case -- into some well obviously it's different by the time the -- wrote that your doctor girls -- my -- up -- -- for -- ever read -- the -- beyond them and arrangements that -- big church. What church hold this group of people. Yet not gonna be raised him up more suggestions as as the Johnny Pesky ties. If Henry aaron's does that kind of cold you know not not not removed -- as an all time great he's not like Ernie Banks. That's -- -- All the sort of we said re changing ceased our commitment cardinals organization but the biggest active in -- -- A -- obviously still install they'll also show spring training I -- let's -- -- I see Joseph Torre territories that took. A calories can. -- -- Now too early. Stories and it was around all about around the team much to ask you the last couple years Ripken's last couple of 600 pounds. -- happens to the best of -- secured at Russ is that wall -- -- would have. I joint very sad day in my my father us spend many many mornings without Johnny and a group of off. People are not different slots -- to just talk baseball and my father was the biggest -- senator you guys talking about this and the stories that he told my father about Williams made made my Father's Day every single morning and it's just it's very. The state bird but what I think about the Red Sox at bank of Johnny I've met a few times and and I could have been nicer to me and -- again it if it's about the stories about the connection he -- mister Red Sox and I don't know they'll be anyone quite like him. You know the demeanor the other stories and beyond the time for everybody and nice to everybody. His demeanor was one I don't think it all the years in all the time and it's been around him he ever seem to be in a bad mood. Was angry about something hacked off about something I'm sure there -- things in his life -- maybe Al's going up the backs there -- something like that angered him. But you think of anybody that you ever been around for so much -- time that didn't have a bad day that wasn't in a bad mood I mean with the committee. Of course except him a happy go Michael Lewis always more fun every single day. Johnny Pesky I can't get anybody in sports -- -- I just didn't seem to enjoy being John asking other people enjoyed being themselves he had it figured out the Steven -- Steve. They've got -- Arctic night. Great story that doubt go down and not Fort Myers and -- game. Were -- -- game right at the signing autographs and secure -- walked up the -- was and everything and it couldn't be nicer and talk to everybody and really genuine. And all the other players we went and yell at them and they looked. At the site. And you know I just hope I you know it didn't -- this way. You know -- -- -- you don't Iowa they're really nice man and that you know he really meant what other guys that have been church. It go to church. And -- -- Liked I. Liked that idea the church it'll 37000 apple not you know there was a great. Why not haven't -- His church that's exactly on Easter I think he -- into the break -- little to -- once talk produced more 61777. Lines -- -- at fifty. -- you know that the beat the niche that he had carved out for him not a candidate you know actively and consciously it just sort of happen organically -- not calculated -- -- -- -- is who he was this is what he loved this is what mattered most to him. This was his extended family it's the thing that that that drove -- -- it was sort of his is like blood if you will. Nobody that technical problems in the past. 677790850. What duke -- -- -- 8 o'clock yeah Duquette. General manager of the Baltimore Orioles -- hang in there pretty -- -- -- pain and very fast carpet and executive of the year Dan -- duke will join us in the 8 o'clock our 92 timeout or your phone calls next.

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