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Bill Lee remembers Johnny Pesky

Aug 13, 2012|

Mikey and Lenny talk with Bill Lee about what a great guy Johnny Pesky was and how he helped so many people in and out of the Red Sox organization.

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Back to planet Mikey show on his -- August 13 Monday night program. And your -- mourning the the passing of the great Johnny Pesky Red Sox icon and legend. Lenny Magglio is here were administered -- and the one and only bill -- the space man is on line ones. I basement. I'm a big play here -- just turned those down it's got to read the bottom of the hill when they flashed it during the Yankee game after that little up. Pinch hitter hit the hardest home run ever -- hit off a Dempster. Are you -- that I I've been watching Yankee game you know busy Macon big money here -- -- Evolution mag every fifteen minutes. Meant jab deluge you don't pesky forever or out. When did you first meet him. I met -- I did what I got called up he was doing the color. You know and I he broadcast the first game they when they came out the second game of the doubleheader against Cleveland sixty niners in 69. Committed Stan Williams was pitcher for Cleveland and I. I came in they drove down the highway and I got lost that made a right hand turn and up in Cambridge came back over the bridge on the light to moderate in terms of Boston College. That this town sucks. Its part by Carter walked the ball or. And and that was your first Major League. Yeah it is going to and say hello everybody and going out the bullpen in the third inning -- gets ripped and they call and get Lee up ago you gotta be kidding. First time there's been -- been -- was doing the broadcasting said a lot of nice things about me you know and I I've got a clip from them the museum bought the museum it was a it was shown that it was a TV games so I have the first footage of the first game ever pitched well while in. It has used to a course he did everything the Red Sox over his career yet he did you know the coach to open the door was my coach at the time and you know I drove the Bobby doors house this winter and he is just I saw the footprints that can dispel what he got into a limo and it took him to the airport he would. You know this is the year that Bobby door goes the funerals because the only lefty belt part Ellis just passed away and help -- -- passed. The way I I think -- -- just vastly recently to logo or gold old door Ellis likes being outdoors like this yeah that's -- a little while -- had. And that's her whole life yes indeed took kids meals he took you know took care we're done a great curled in that I at all I just I heard of those guys that wrote. -- -- -- get dinner ready Johnny's comment upon us I think later that night that now -- kind of says goodbye to Johnny I said you know that there. -- -- table for two and have a right now and that. You know Monica will be there and you know Bobby he's a great trade -- out of that wheelchair during media event just because. Johnny couldn't walk but Bobby to walk actually this footprints on Sunday he did that to just -- about oh yeah I I. Without a cane I saw the footprints in the snow after that blizzard in Eugene Oregon that's winner. I went to his house to check on him and Bobby. You could see no -- know walker know not that he -- got into the car. That you saw the tires back out and went down there was like seven inches of snow the ultimate gentleman was they'll. -- Eagles what Bobby is -- hold the lead I think the needle you know he was tough. They called him that he was a -- that tough kid you know his dad worked at a sawmill that -- yawkey probably don't doubt out of -- Portland and just a tough kid the keys to shine Ted Williams and shoes when he played triple play in Portland. You know -- buddy Lee was the visiting clubhouse kids. It did Ted tip -- Oh yeah -- I -- hold him -- put your hand overload with them together you have a couple and hitting -- You know it's funny because when I Johnny got up you remember this an innate in the fantasy camps and Johnny we get up -- -- sometimes people -- boy here -- John because it was over the long wind it. And he'd tell long stories and he'd keep on its -- good but he had a -- you know. But the one thing about Johnny Pesky bill is that you can't find anybody to just love the guy. Yeah -- -- you turn he was the greatest you know and he. He knew the game and he loves the game. And I said. You Kelly it was said that he would like to go I gave my bad he uses -- came late in life and that. I just remember him you know at the foul balls -- pesky. -- I mean that Eddie about the -- -- down there in spring training and they hated it when the foul balls. In the home runs went over the park and the fans took about a winner David. It I would beat over the fans over the salt marshes that surrounded the field like remote -- I would -- the fans for the baseball that they thought that was the Cubans they. Get the ball back. Well you know it's it was probably five bucks a ball you know at -- time right back then yeah yeah I was that's the way we used to used to return baseball community. Used to use the same baseball for two or three innings. The only game really changed in that. Not a lot for the better and stuff. Pay a bill after a lousy day in Boston traffic your first thing in the bigs -- -- And into the game. Either that goal and now -- pesky say on on that tape if you could are trying to -- a third. I think you did get through the rest football game and say yeah I got out of a tough situation in the first inning the first guy. You know. He hit a ball down the right field line Duke Sims and it was called salary bump the umpire took twelve minutes they got him back in Alvin dark was the manager for Cleveland. And then I ended up walking him and then the next guy up. Was Tony Horton and he had a foul home run wrenched his back they had become the trainers out they finally got him back in there and I walked him and then Ken Harrelson. Hit the first pitch. Looked like a base -- -- -- George Scott was playing him off the line. Got to go one hop went to second for 11 double play or strike out Max -- some out of the I think. You remember every hitter while -- -- repair actually. Yeah that's a little different but today's ball players yeah I don't think you could -- yeah you could pin them down say. I who was the next hitter in your first apparently they had I don't know I don't. I don't know you remember your first appearance and then my second -- that they get through Washington senators and I think Frank Howard hit two home runs off him that but -- they probably didn't travel very far yet they just got out of the ballpark the one point three seconds. You know I always -- this and I'm Ivester before but it -- ask -- again because I would think if I was a Major League pitcher the one thing I remember in my career is. Who hit who tagged me for the longest home run in my career Richie Allen Richie Allen got -- He got into risky. Had a two run lead in the ninth inning and that. I remember I got a double play to get out of a tough gym and he came up at a two run lead and threw him a changeup out over the plate yeah. And he hit a whistle by my ear and it rows into the upper deck -- Kaminsky had just rattled around and -- so it was a line drive it past you out at me past second base and in the past. Declined. It was literally climbing when he hit the second. The second -- the second deck. Now why did he changes name to Dick Allen. Well so many minutes after a few Richards with an automatic that they ask that same question it's the you know he said. All Frank Robinson. Yet but frank -- -- cement wall yeah you know even if I'm mark feed off me. Oh yeah that was a bullet I wouldn't there it was it. Six years with Cleveland -- -- -- the did. Did you know Dick Allen Richie Allen I mean use a -- and doing well yeah I mean any credit smoke in the dugout and I'll let. Right good friends that I remember I got him like I got into cue ball. Off the end of the bat and it just spun around and they are on deck circle and it didn't reached out of the ball but he reached down to the chalkboard and you didn't -- his bat. It's wild he loves the racetracks you love the racetracks on day love the ponies -- -- it was a great guy can hit in the daylight he just. Just couldn't get it night and tonight it shades offered. I Kansas hundreds -- passes. Let me ask you this to about this year's -- team go against your opponent they're important it is to. I guess now I said in honor of Johnny Pesky was a positive man if nothing else. That I am not gonna give up. On his Red Sox team -- two things happened first the ball until they're mathematically eliminated which is the obvious. As secondly they haven't honestly mean not to make excuses for this team but when did they ever have all their players together on the field. Well they haven't had its. Well they are got up because you closely comment back -- their other third baseman instead then he's old you know I mean you're not gonna see. You'll never see that this year you'll never see them all up there together or what you wanted to see at the beginning of the season at right will never materialized as Youkilis is gone. You know and the man he's gone and you know I think it Beckett and I think back with a guy named Rivera what their guy. They used to play with Marlins -- came over with. Spectator just after back -- it was a really radical right handed reliever crazy kids you know Julio. Well I don't know -- out to bars Julio and -- far right right you'll realize that Beckett when they were there. They had a Bobble head night for Beckett and that. For that the other starting pitcher -- and and back it would not do it -- they had one for Julio. Because Julio was is closer and stuck up for that the Julian Tavarez. Yeah absolutely yeah -- expected you know I don't think the communication level. People don't they patted down on him and everything else but the guy's got a World Series ring computer replaces. -- go in and I think his attitude is bad but what created that attitude and that's sort of we don't know. You know you don't know what did that and stuff. Did you guys drinking a clubhouse after the games we all regular wedding he'd been here. Don't really so regular club out -- there and we're proud history get in trouble so this whole years thing has nothing to do with steps. Don't but. It's stupid to put the red Herring that people uses the excuse that you've lost control the ballclub that's about generally. Guys play hard you know they come in -- over -- Mickey Mantle to beer away from him and only hit 200 home -- -- -- -- All right now let's go to yesterday for a second here they are -- the Red Sox there was written them off or admit at least mentally three quarters the way written them off visit. A non factor this year. They go out without middle Brooks without hop beat -- they get fourteen runs against Cleveland and Lester. Throws a -- twelve strike out game he looked unhittable. Is it because he's -- initiated something about with -- break and -- Garcia -- to -- boy yes they get guys out and it not only were they swinging it well -- It's seven game yes. They have to get away day their basic package their bag to back or heard they've been doing that all the babies -- cry -- a kiss -- their wives of black Cleveland didn't have a chance. It's so it was really more travel than about the actual performance like everybody's got their -- or they got to put their hotel in their dates. You know he got a girl read it over or over Cleveland going. We love the West Coast I don't know but the -- probably -- have -- trust me to girls are that's where the girls -- -- as it is getaway day I could do better against -- but I get away death death and they were -- -- -- man -- does. You've got to throw get away days away and sometimes you go out okay and strike out twelve -- just counting that game as a as a potential sack -- a hole no you just. Did you could see in this game long -- you've got to remember it was getaway day. You know he's just thought of that myself out of that I would have went a little this positively and Harry -- -- I'm not he didn't break game. You know he -- he's capable when he throws the first pitch strike. There when he changes speeds. He gets his breaking ball over point behind in the count anybody can win -- to a three hitter yesterday I went two for two with two walks and 19 -- not let. Where resists this -- Burlington Vermont for my team I'd be a bunch. Middle school teachers for middle Berrian and I had half a quality Sheila as long as the wind can deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what I don't -- -- -- -- -- the Indians took off for LA that's exactly right. Good comment. While Addai currently I did not look that up -- you know we talk about Doug Johnny Pesky closing -- -- I've Raddatz who has a dear friend of both the bars. Whenever you mentioned pesky he said like in -- seriously and it was rare for Raddatz he said he was like a second father to me. Yes he was. He really follow them a little bit everything else that I remember would pick Stewart said the -- -- said the -- he. You know don't have meat but I make more money than you -- right now and all the stuff that pesky had to go through but he took it. But he was the lovable guy you know and you know he was he maybe have been the greatest manager but he was the greatest coach. And a great great guy and a great great guy and you know in the like instead trust me Johnny you know dinner plate and Korea and that is gonna be like when he got back from up the navy to UN rules. To hue and group then candlelight dinner and you're going to be up there on the will lamb at river and doesn't get any better in that. All right my friend well said -- if I could talk and you pal. Bill Lee calling from crass very Vermont's and I checked in in on the late great Johnny Pesky here on the planet Mikey show.

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