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Rico Petrocelli remembers Johnny Pesky

Aug 13, 2012|

Rico joins Mikey and Lenny and talks about his long time friend Johnny Pesky and how he helped him during his baseball career.

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Back in a planet Mikey show on this. Monday night a full program for yeah. And of course we dollar. Mourning the loss of -- Red Sox icon and legend Johnny Pesky. Where everybody loved and everybody knew so many years from one of those folks that knew better than most of those. Is Rico actress -- our good buddy. -- -- My credit on Ayatollah. Don't go -- doing regimen great yeah you know said it was Rico you know it seems like you know Johnny outlived a lot of Red Sox legends in his day. But you know he let the good life at 92 where you know right from god maybe you broken the big leagues he was around right. 96 and two. I just signed and done. They took a -- young guys to spring training early spring training started. Around the first week of February. And down in Florida and there were it was Johnny Pesky ran it ran the that the training the instructional part of it. And in the -- he was there was also with the Red Sox over sixty years. But anyway they were five guys did when they signed me there was talk about putting me at third base. Those frank bell told was they are they make the other thought a couple of years -- he may retire. And so you know looking for the third base and sort of about -- -- up there. And I think he came over to me it has we got too many guys -- over shortstop. Just like that just like Italy right that they get up. And he said those dead for a few days yet -- we sort this outside the grounds of different Q3 date that he came up it says that. He is we like it -- going to be -- -- -- that okay. Let me give it shortstop and that would. I was so happy I love Hewitt look played shortstop in. Johnny with a guy who moved me you know who that gave me that opportunity to -- short viewers like. What nineteen years old or something. I would I wish they just eight. 18 I am okay let -- -- and Rico Rico of his stated third base you wouldn't acog Rollins is pop up that right there you're. It up and -- over the short track record very Dalton Jones is out there. -- but you know this is a guy who was around so long I mean as I mentioned earlier Ramona with my first game averaged 64. I he was the manager back then and it you know my dad was -- Johnny Pesky this stories from the forties. And this is the name that ever since I started like in the Red Sox as the kid. His name has been part of the mix one way or the other and I can't imagine how many countless conversations and moments you've had dealt with the the great Johnny Pesky. All of tremendous. Yeah I mean I can't count them. You know you're always go to him and put you matches stories. The -- be here. The stories about his era and Ted Williams didn't help pictures on the other side the other teams -- it knocked it down. And they would get up you know brush himself off to get back into that box -- squeeze squeeze that that. The barrel of the bat -- can almost smell -- burning. And then bang he hit one out you know and then make it -- oh let's not -- this guy up so they stopped it stopped rewarded him. Think like that in the great stories about Bobby door in things that the job did lose. When he. Hit it hit and part of that Williams said. You know he would that would say. Don't know -- all the caps they at first base because you know they're gonna walk said yeah right right oh and so he's he's dead you know. It he was at a 46 World Series and you know we hear this over and over again reverted now for years and years about how Leo pesky held the ball. And he later said that he knew in his -- he didn't hold the ball. I you know -- -- a team that lost to that 46 cardinal team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The burden of that series will forever. Yeah you're right he did he he had to live with that and -- to go embarrassing as OPEC. You know over time he went out somewhere in the 200 remind him but. He did these hung in there and even though it might have bothered him you know him he didn't show it. But the -- turnout view if you watch film on that he really didn't hold that so much is that -- slaughter. You know look. Could run and he never stop I mean we were right around and he had intentions the scoring and he did so we yet not yet mean he's. In just the heck of a heck of a ball player but when you look at his life Mike -- use seemed more than -- -- the person. To me that the most important I don't care forgot the hall of Famer Horry hit. Seven billion home run kind of person -- right John John was just the wonderful. Our our music gold and personality of of of you know the highest reputation there was. I said this but to start to show Rico it is it's kind of really kind of aware that way people feel much it was well. Is he can't find somebody that does that didn't like Johnny Pesky you could search her whole life. Are you not going to be able to find a guy who didn't like Johnny Pesky. You know and then it would -- was older and he would go out to a cart shows up the place will be packed. To get his autograph time and time again you know people haven't got tired of Johnny he was just you know what you outlet. You know for an old guy when he got older Rico and you write about the cuts and everything cat shows threat and it's not like he would say in Cooperstown wanted wanted the all time greats I mean we think -- is that around here. But he just had a magnetism about them you know and the personality that I think just drew people to. You know it was loyalty of the Red Sox as one of the reasons you know they hear it live here. And you know he managed to eat -- he was the broadcaster. And he would involve the community did a lot of things a lot of appearances but nothing. Go to help various charities and people who know who lost loved ones and things like that in the by the way idea you know he gave me the opportunity. I came up to the war or those 63 for a month. And that they wanted me to see what looked like -- one with the team on the road. And that we keep back to Fenway at one -- old city keeping it opportunities places. Go it can you know review group. -- to play one game here so I played -- quake first hit second time up. Oh lead than anger course. Hitter off the wall and male what a thrill that was in the you know to get it -- he again in the ball game so I really treatment of the young. At that and you can't bang him -- while to recount that was your first double. Yeah you know what happened there. I I get the ball and I you know what's going up the left believe it pretty decent and I put my head down and just kept running -- the first base coach they go go. And I'm Ryan and I come -- that's why would one little pop up slide and I even all that caught ball. In the pants look a lot out of 2000 fans in the you know the game. The -- can't cure we're about this. I did they say that double all of my god lovable. That was your first career hit and an -- Cuba's Johnny Pesky -- the lineup. Johnny kept stepping in the lineup and you write from that first spring training that I mentioned to get -- -- game and it. I was hoping a lot of young guys will open that he would be manager we first got started coming up. But you know it's funny because the young guys back then you know when you play for team it's an eight to ninth place you're gonna him probably substantially more opportunities than an in this day and age where this Red Sox team and they got a you know they're so concerned about the the hunt now every single year in year route. You know it's Cali you probably got an earlier opportunity now it is 64. Year Eddie pursued was a shortstop a new junior -- took summoned his action right. Well you at 65. Actually 65. -- had to do a heck of the year to. War and that's -- 300 some -- Red Sox wanted to bring the young kids so they gave me the opportunity of course Tony he was up here ready to -- and Paul Jones and few other young guys to be humble organ and of course when Williams gave me any court even more so but yeah I mean we got the opportunity because of that not. In 64. Johnny Pesky. Police he had that the best spring training I've ever seen. Anybody have. Every time when the bad either Phil like shot the world run. And Johnny wanted to take them up and Mike Higgins and GM's you know like -- like the veterans. And then they kept that it could finally says okay you know what it's gonna be your rear end. Well well turned up Tony had a heck of a year. We're rookie 24 homers and something and it was great job the next -- it was gone. Yet -- rookie he did it took effect Rico Rico you know this very great -- -- and it was the first man hit a hundred home runs at the age of a youngest age of 2.2. Or so they they that is you know talk about cricket and -- embassy in 96 for to Cuba's nineteen years old so. They were looking to give the young guys. A chance and speaking of that. Went went art when Johnny Pesky was a young man he held the record for the most hits by rookie Red Sox history -- -- five wasn't broken told all far. It up that's right well he can get that I mean you know you spray the ball around. Meet with a great bunker. In those days -- -- that era they've really stress fundamentals if you got the but signals which they did have the note that things had won the that. And you better get that bunt down and in these guys if they did. Right there would be guys it wouldn't be AME what is never got a -- have a -- What not have a you. Well I -- get the bunt sign all the field line and never -- a career. You've got these scientists and hit a three run home run you out of it yet in Iran that right we care about the recall it now you know it's sad day for all of us. Johnny Pesky again it's it's kind of you know a golden moment to -- to think about Johnny Pesky last they'd -- where you were there they. As they bring all the players back Johnny's that Johnny's at Fenway Park for probably the last time to a huge ovation a push from up there. In a chair at that it's just is that memory broader we will hold onto Johnny's last day at Fenway Park -- Believe you're mind via. And 99 all star game with -- pass it down it is similar and human. And -- Bobby door quick out there and they were really I mean emotional they were they were that tears flowing down. And the guys were going up to them in multiple out of thanking them you know. Just put all help that they gave us and Johnny you know we -- that -- -- -- used to -- me and inadequate to keep them back about the note he loved the shortcut -- be no. -- -- retirement the company is solid you're you've got to be a short. -- -- Already did that when -- are -- on the scene oh boy oh my god. -- I never thought of that. Well Mike -- -- -- give you a hard time about who she nods at one point you know but Johnny Johnny had a nose up at that -- that's trend right there are tons regrets are. He -- the needle that all that's what it was all along. That it's yeah -- that is the joke around we stood by each other to -- turn around you there. Killed somebody and well -- in my eye level laughed so hard art could get a kick out of it in he did well in the prove that to a good short stop the big note. Well this is not good -- -- -- lace these download project and he's got a smile miles up and have daycare that exhibited no great. Break out the guys from the 67 to being we see him now it -- into whatever Fenway right. They look like they look like -- rates there in this seventies except you'll and long bore what's the story we YouTube guy you'll pass with fifty. -- Borg is Jimmy would like he works out he runs he -- yeah very active. And I think that the -- so. I've met his dad -- dad was that like that to Jimmy. And can make any you know I mean not like he -- himself. But on the way I look at Joseph right I mean I yet you know you're not -- like lumber Eric but not not a salty though but I'm talking from the neck out -- patiently. If someone I said in my way came out -- someone -- in the EU and industry didn't know who you were right it's against my age they probably say 52. They would say June 27 1943. For your brutality that is all right I -- period and the boat dock. Half half half and we've got our -- -- McCain way grab. It's as instead doubled talks is that a new Italian line that I yeah exactly. Are these events Puerto Rico listen thanks for good for joining us here on -- says kind of sad day and your family's well -- big tall six foot seven someplace else tournament on your boys are okay the grand. -- could good guys in the thank god that the grand kids who would not. And by the way you -- what you just mentioned Johnny we wanted to celebrate his life. Because he gave so much yes it's only people who love them. That that's who we wanna think about all the great you know he. It I want -- oil from a number six to a number six -- good stuff Rico. I -- they'll do that now across our way for another week down but may be next Tuesday they come home and maybe they'll lose something that night. Yeah yeah -- so -- really do. It would be great thanks for again for joining -- my friend and I welcome -- the U. -- particular -- -- a -- no -- only when my favorite people and all world. And it's not just disease Italian when he and -- helps -- you know I can say what the group yankees and I -- -- this guy behind you gotta love Rico down everywhere. 6177790850. Oddly. It wasn't just Mickey Mantle died in the state. -- -- already counts Arizona well who bad five years ago to excuse us about it. All sympathetic and cavities -- it just. -- start stop. Others are well guy ago.

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