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Mikey and Lenny trade Johnny Pesky stories

Aug 13, 2012|

Mikey and Lenny have both been covering the Red Sox and had interactions with Johnny pesky and they trade stories about what a great guy he was and how dedicated to baseball and the Red Sox he was.

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We're back on the planet Mikey show and about how many text messages we get in the course of the day will always get one that once something we don't -- average now. -- What is that wears a coffee cakes is Kat and Kate went and I say coffee can acknowledge copycat out. Promotion. I mean you don't normally -- -- -- talk -- cakes is my grandma's propagate the best cop -- ever made by anyone in God's creation. It's true but we don't have moments on my guys -- him in -- well maybe. To give some away when their invoke. That I -- right you guys -- just say you know Thanksgiving and we -- well sure we do apparently this guy probably got one in that -- Now we get that call from that hick town in limerick Maine. Have you been limerick Maine not been through it and is that it I don't know I just say he don't got lives there's you upset. Ali said GAAP item called allied you know that number one guy got mad as though his text from a guy in mainland he says. Yeah like there's no hick towns in Massachusetts. -- -- you saw it. You did say it. Now right because when he said it and the third in May say yeah right -- -- all -- ultimately writes that let's just think about this the biggest city is Portland. In the whole state. And it's a big damn state immediate states bigger than the rest of knowing the combined. She pooch. And they go one town up there that's Portland Maine and what's popularly supported me a 100000. It's a beautiful stay -- I'm not saying it's -- I never said it was a beautiful state I never said the Blue Mountains aren't great are that sugarloaf USA is a great place to ski or that's a bagel lake eight awesome. Or -- even way way way up the air. And the very far corner of caribou Maine where they take the temperature every -- -- and reported across the country it's ten below in terrible made. It's nuts and it's not beautiful like you don't have to drive to allows from here and go up ocean drive through in Kennebunkport yeah. And you followed. -- and I love me I've said it many times the -- it's a great great statement it may retire there's some. Because I like shoveling my notes now. Yeah I'm sure you do my favorite things to do. Now but I mean we're all I'm saying about that is that viewed you know there's towns of -- and you go through what might remember driving to sugarloaf has no effect to ski. And I saw signs that Wayne main. That's right pop to pop dot population. 100. -- ego of buck they're gonna put a sign up for a well I really I think they're proud of factored -- there. That small and well they -- -- -- keep that guy that one really old guy from diets of the the gold don't have to go back change is signed in nineteen. -- good drive through Nebraska. You would you would die after eight aus die for a town that at eight you know April Nebraska maybe one hormones that are one of the many states have never -- into an -- Iowa. Or Nebraska. You know and have been I don't -- that I don't. No have no Montana. Now. And I've always wondered at Montana whatever he says it's gorgeous but I know you got drive 47 hours to get. -- into a gas station -- you heard anything color points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yup well I guess and remic. General pick Montana star that's really huge thick coat the big guy Mike -- -- China is just -- ideally Montana as a state. Is bigger than Rosie O'Donnell's past. Huge -- you. Have. Tight -- every good road to -- last week I know I hadn't been descent I've been in even better yards -- up at Johnny rescue when did you first meet him. All my guy at in 1937. Before you broke -- -- Now it's been a long time and you know he knew he had a spot in the clubhouse. And through visual -- through clubhouse through. Youth on a stool and the right thank you at a major -- bang when you opened the door knock them over right and he'd be sitting there. A Lanny let's let's start from base and you -- -- head of fungal -- It would death Congo -- he did did it took it to bed no one would ever Mike Johnny Pesky. -- and nice guy -- founded -- home -- and wanted to Omaha at the -- -- -- that remote -- and if he wanted to he could take your head of that debt and put it directly 350 feet -- center field like -- did with your -- is he dead yet. He was a very special guy and -- you know. I don't know if you saw the video of him on the day of the celebration. At Fenway this year I was there. What UB UB saw like the years. Yet and he had that look on his face that. You know sadly right that he was at the end of the road he -- I I said to more than one person in the press or Prague last I'm gonna see ya and I'm done and and it's true army you don't get in 92. -- not a whole lot good going on you -- usually at that age. That he used to he was at the ballpark -- as long as you possibly could be but I thought again I thought it was sad when they made him. They take has had a rule. Oh you can't be here anymore yeah you know that may be says. That -- you used to be in the dugout and then the clubhouse and he was banished from both. He you know he started to slip when is our our wife died yes Ruth. And which anyone that age Andy if you lose your spouse you really feel alone sure that the ball park became a saving even more so. The Columbia because apt since that's right and it gets -- -- physically we can't be at the ballpark anymore yeah unity of this year and yeah that's a sad you know it's old soldier it is but are we lived the good life in you know I don't think it would change so many thanks. You know -- got a really -- some big property really love them -- yet reload the males have a big property especially. -- Johnny Pesky died today -- haven't heard at the age of 9293. Next month. And you know we're kind of -- a little bit attributes him Rico's gonna join us a little while Rico knew very well for very long time Clinton when he makes this year and you on the phone at 617779. Zero way to do this grab a couple calls here -- Jess in Maine hello Jeff. I might I don't. Are there are live in Maine it's been fixed date but I opening the town in Massachusetts. Which one. South Hampton that's the Westfield -- And our eyes are actually played they've groups in Westfield so I'm curious to hear how they. They've. Yeah I guess they didn't make it is going to be Fairfield Connecticut represented well on the Beirut grocers yeah. And I actually drove through wing man on Saturday. Population 100. -- kids -- look at Joseph main has a population of sixteen the last Tomlinson there. A guy just texted me about that from Maine as a matter of fact dead -- says Mikey talent moose head lake have a built in -- call could catch Joseph. The sign -- says welcome to could catch Joseph population not many. The show what its bets that stock. Draw our. They don't have the people were paid -- to actually take consensus now so that is gas. When we -- want to live -- a time where you can you pronounces it. -- -- and it is yet to catch oh yeah I don't vote -- old policy now okay don't you don't know what's gonna take notes I don't know it's gonna you know. Don't know where I wanted to call about Johnny Pesky to some. A lot of people don't realize that he took a lot of crews criticism over the year all the old farmers uses. Say the world you know they would've won the World Series defeat. Patent held the ball out in -- live without for a long -- like. Bill Buckner kind of had to live with -- -- six same thing same thing. And -- how long time editor one year and now automatic gunfire at a one year now 63 and 64 they -- to two years you also was back as -- An interim manager in eighty when they fired Don Zimmer are right oh I forgot about yeah that's it was a nice guy to be demanding access and plug it in nice guy. The you know after all yet -- those things down -- remember as a manager -- tomorrow on the field and they -- Soviet you know that -- when they've won and they put his number off tomorrow that was good it was an awesome moment are. Are hip he had tears command got out of his guards and soldiers charges. Why not urgent for everything needed for that -- about -- time. For a large right. We don't even realize. In the clubhouse what -- -- rose players on how many players billions are just scoop from his presence. Right by uses old school as you get he had that the personality of a saint and very few people had had an easy going personality like camera so accommodating. Every step of the way. Throughout his life in the major leagues and thereafter he was a very very good man and we will miss. Thanks for the call appreciate it from a another hick town in -- a you know we've been getting a lot of calls from -- I mean maybe we can get to people from Maine to call with the Hickey -- town. In Maine but maybe. A town where they get their first -- -- something and I know what you're doing with these girls who sent it taken out of -- you don't have heart wrenching. Don't want to our program there are people who wanted to we're gonna get to receive -- obviously we do it in a fair and democratic way to take -- not always way we we take him in order and unless there's a line it's lit up that. Under the comments section says he wants to talk more about what a jerk you -- that I usually wait till till last for the -- there but. You know we try to even it out as best we can. Our text lines are -- some text from all over the place. Here's a text from five -- area code that says strange fact Joseph DiMaggio died on the same day fifteen years ago. -- -- -- -- Not Dominique I used it to -- yet -- fifteen years ago. Today you know what also -- weird you know. If there were two iconic figures that both in its August 16 as the data distant you name me two famous name -- people died in August 16. I can be -- Babe Ruth. And Elvis Presley. Both died on August 16 coincident tomorrow with the exports like yeah Thursday okay. Oh yes and -- and on Thursday will it will mark the I believe the 35 anniversary. Of Elvis I seen. So Elvis is usually -- live 42 years he he's gonna be dead 35. Years well. Coming up this coming Thursday reports life and perspective and it you don't elsewhere too and down often weird tangent here VOA's phone calls. We get to them at this'll tangent here. Babe Ruth. Was only 53. When he died. EEB 53 like is Jamie Moyer 5353. Even it's forty. Yeah I -- 1895. And he died in 1948 and August 16 1940s -- -- -- but when you saw the -- And the and the white here's haircuts are white so fast and he is all bent over knees like. It's -- You know any sound so bad. 53 is really young in this today's world. Are younger than many and maybe they could have done something from you know today but. Unfortunately. You know when life gets away from -- -- -- facts wallow now that is that was an that was unbelievable seeing him at that you know what happened. Yeah the voices -- it was quiet he was emaciated and talk and -- nice speech he did. Back in the day I wrote I wrote it from if it did you really don't you pen that's dependent and that missive yeah. LA makes is here Adam is in Boston -- don't at a. I much in the first and not talk the media -- like. Six hours they -- -- Asia and around it but it's a great job radio listeners should. And -- The ultimate having the kind of but I thought -- on the -- today that. I'm at now it's like -- its operating hours iPad -- in. And now my grandma from open brilliant and now and -- have been a tree has now and she's -- -- -- -- -- My you know and that's -- all the houses on the -- basic come out and play out stick politics it's like ours today. -- elite when they are playing your own -- -- the -- -- that -- -- -- that you spoke you know a lot about him or not. -- -- -- -- -- until the cost him but you run it when they are released a book the teammates yet -- and that. Yeah they'll have a true they had -- DiMaggio indoor had a little Q and pay up at the hall of fame one they had date that popping into there it starts. And it was political and militants the street at -- in their eighties now test you know that has been under the lights -- about the this guy that great friend to orient them up. This really get an emotional I relate you know a static -- -- it has not been completed and had. I never fit Ed -- to affairs camp and 87 Ted Williams made the parents. Down in Winter Haven Florida. And he got up and start talking about how the great guys and he played with -- he started mentioned by name Bobby door in Johnny Pesky first two names out of his mouth. These guys are our friends for life I did Johnny gets up there and he's talking about how I got Ted. I guess Ted likes me just let me take service -- one summer they give us the dump them off goldfish and here's here's John Henry Johnny take care for a summer at Johnny test. Is -- wouldn't say -- -- anybody Mel a lot of those that are alpha and a threesome it was William how mean and billions and boisterous and you know cause I'm Barbie do it'd say people. Yeah graduate from the all time grade of elementary ever put on live. Austrian haven't that the -- -- era like the markets that something cute really quiet -- like that's he has -- on -- about how like -- they're only going to you know it was -- spot on outs and everything not. He was in the. Let us plus everybody's balls and then it carbonate unit to have balls he'd be he'd bust somebody -- -- -- -- he was used for everybody else vote -- picked on him or you knew you -- -- That's how it is with -- and saying. That the evidence Adam thanks for that projected in.

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