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Monday, August 13th Whiner Line

Aug 13, 2012|

So long Chad Johnson, goodbye career!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox. This -- discretionary bottles. -- -- And now you know you -- your time. Steve is in Cambridge and knees next up a month little face stiff. Yeah I question about Dan Lowry I read these coming back in the lineup somebody's plate prepositioning. Snow can actually play those positions they did they come up the elected give it will -- -- That's. Steve WEEI. Who Maureen airlines -- took a shot at me because we're -- games -- in the big -- dial 6177793535. -- are currently. Well it's a case you were doing a good job -- got ample volume pictures shot and keep on. I got like quite a bit which brings us. We're -- gonna play any old time baseball game tomorrow night. Blob nasty bug that annoy him in the lineup whiner line Steve but does the great job with -- and exits a good time that our goal they're checking out -- you do realize that regard that operate both this bucket and now -- did and now. Guys I absolutely love that we blew you off but I -- you know management did at five months ago with one more but I -- -- behind -- whiner line. And I'm gonna give you all the details of bucks game. All the details coming up comment -- don't you wanna one endorsing this bill because for the first time buck didn't call me up and pestered me about them. Really yes. He turned -- he did not. Okay is I think he's fine but he didn't do it so therefore. I will give you all the details. Where you need to go to be there by 7 o'clock and -- Cambridge coming up on our us. Second game -- are really -- o'clock tonight tonight I can't nor got to do a full show. He's got a full show that I loved watching those guys in flannel is -- awful -- A few little warm on the walls confidence -- you want and is powered by AT&T W alive it's available on your iPhone or android Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTD with speeds up to about ten I think. Times faster than three GAT and T. -- think -- I didn't leave much. Room. Hey great question. I don't want the big banks put up put in the way that that was supposed to do that Britain and and getting things. And that. Now we just thank you what sir it's closing ceremonies on. Some you'll. I love -- who but the agency to stop this. And British humor. Question -- they go with -- OK I don't think they -- To that big giant woman of the shot putter from bella rose. She would each machine and a parade at the end. -- Robert title. I'm glad that's a strip Derosa who play better and to -- large and you liked -- -- -- -- -- just listed you know scream into the microphone it's all the difference when increasing. With a restrain him -- to abuse -- via The Spice Girls Earl mills. Get. Pretty I'm going to. Which one's own. Future. Rosemary arsonist today area and he never got to that point in general -- quite yet the requisite of banks and our -- what's your name. It good core movie Latin did this clinic coming out vehicle Josh Beckett. -- one duck and it. Hello. Into the grain. You yankees'. Yeah. What -- -- Pretty. I thought that. Never struck. They know better than I had I had payment. But he didn't have that -- have to help the people -- that. And why it is that that but I'm back. And they'll tell you how we don't just I'm. And that message. Not real creative tonight stupid. Well -- the way. Maybe. Entrepreneur put them kind of realized that I have been won't be regulated. Bobby bowden's back is gonna -- and a big cardboard cutout of drugs and people out of it was. -- don't -- and then if they don't. Actually it was February -- -- -- Every guy and the way we appeal is that accurate. -- Yeah it felt one. -- let -- -- her own -- act but. In the background you know other art work better candidate whitbeck and bush broke. And that message. We'll stuff stealing my act. Not Fiat but neck for the purpose -- I thought that our. Go. And great. And metric should listen there's this press there's a -- free to vote for a jostling reporters. -- the yeah evolution whether to take -- You rather. We all know you're aware that your kind of -- you wouldn't. I don't know but the -- Benedict got. Coming back they cut us we could -- quite gone some way to stick in New York. And the -- produce that yeah. He is wearing complete feature is gone can sponsor my thing would -- issues about the big -- to deal. That the patriots about issues that's the only thing. All these I had wanted to I am not the -- my full time I had an aircraft that yeah my girlfriend. If you had grilled all. Now Mac. Edition. I would land my diet Fanny -- -- And of that woman's issues. Along with its more than I didn't know better that might have been for a disguise his boy who remembers his well we won't choose. That they go out that -- Numbers what did better view. Bread and donated over -- jock -- both locker room. Bob Brady says the what can probably. Some of them will throw those. And I'm sure you validate. It's actually anymore and number. EU needs its passion for. It. It hurts the -- -- Actually stories for -- -- -- last month excellence and 3150. If you want but it -- it's pretty good. Campbell -- some. Of -- seven if you want right now. The 850. Yeah you know can't help it. Never do anything like that Papa. -- -- although -- under the current ability. -- -- -- -- HBO. Enjoy hearing is being attacked evidently their bank. I mean check out and whatever I caught up now. It's gonna -- should cancel it. Yeah no I just -- cancel the show and it's one -- -- -- -- speech one -- and I don't want is gonna do with his wife the cancer whatever hardened -- continues on every week -- -- and tomorrow will be the last good episode. And how much of this do you think Asia one -- -- mark but that was all taped before the uses you know. It was all weekend. -- That's not indicate an already. We -- went to the hard knocks the other one might virtual hard not shows up every week. Now -- line is you're making -- that Julia. Stiles behind Alex brown and update that we few weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have. Yet. At this point it out and. Of course -- she he claims just the opposite he claims that -- head to head on him. Any truth to the world Evelyn. Cop taught at -- and Chad cart path of what the Miami Dolphins. And that message. She just need one and so. It. You know I love it didn't do we trust probably trust Bill Belichick to deliver another championship. Patriots knowing that he couldn't he threw that ball Chad Johnson Ochocinco whatever you call total phony -- And that change. He's been wrong before about guys just just a monumental like this. Probably. All of me your belt open -- it won't cut it. Gonna -- bordering his fingers. Through a political book that is from Grady. Now we at all it's and you you're ahead for the benefit of humanity. Because who currently get used its political crowd work with his brother. And that message. In Russia newlyweds have to put together. Different I was very and and I got that. I don't that they can't debate was blocked but it. You can bet I would probably have a backup paper out of a bag and said what are you got everything I don't I don't that I. And so I actually did that not on television they opened up deals back because I could best promoting it was like eight to one and that's when I left. So I wasn't there for the actual unveiling an opening in the bag -- they actually did that yes they do now. At this great -- at W. -- -- Then hit his head Ed Buckley Buckley made the -- -- the way bill. It's gotten better data involving. Now I added my. I think everybody -- about what else. You don't want -- best golf. And men of -- Mikey did you mention me. Unique month a government. Should help he's -- guys like he's a good -- well you call this a -- that is a heck of a mole. Yeah on the back of his neck. Bob Black ankle. Popping through all -- A doll like I had the but there are. And I am -- OK okay yeah. I'm not a good. Oh got. Back to crawl to better protect the ban on Adam. I have -- our goal. Is gonna blow that out yet. Bit fat -- Yeah yeah. Certain bad advantage. -- All why. They can expand it a bit better about. Okay. Call. And button had a bad. And that message. The whole poll of analysts and our own Jessica -- and -- see if he replies to it. -- if those two together and out of jello wrestling YouTube put them together death match each other hole. Yeah buckle. -- sporting -- football -- the boot directly. But I don't I don't want -- brought hopefully they'll -- but all the girls holding. What an amazing fight this -- I thought having don't go away but not quite likely appeal what. What what -- -- We'll talk to Cole replied about what it -- like to win the Olympic gold would basketball ample woman look below. Eight PR people don't want you don't of the local mall specialty put him at the Bible Belt. Capable. Frequently. Talk about the good stuff but Bob Johnson called -- -- and a lot of New York Jeff flake picked him up. The start of the new reality show we'd have been -- at. It apparently we'll have. And after that. -- why don't -- barred by AT&T AT&T forgy LT ease things up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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