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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick with the Big Show

Aug 13, 2012|

We spend the first Patriots Monday of the year with Head Coach Bill Belichick, who says he's still excited for the football season to start, otherwise he wouldn't be here. Bill talks about the camp schedule, the joint team practices, and how some of his newer players are progressing.

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I bet you're the big show it's patriots Monday and it's done for the no nonsense camera station with the coach SP alive and no nonsense like insurance company and our free new low rates. For men and for women call 888 get asked to be alive or visit SP -- buy dot com. For your free quote to seem like it was that long ago bill before we were doing the last show of last year here we are all over demonstrates see him. -- -- -- -- This football season and here we're gonna get -- Now we're an attorney Kampman games and started some general so -- ever get old for you. -- -- -- So it's fun you hit do you get keyed the pitch 34 weeks out before uranium mean it'll time after the draft but feel a little -- On loan and it's -- -- you know -- -- -- one -- here in the years after -- is before training -- and it's nice to there -- -- relevant but analysts on -- -- time ago. And you still get the same. Feeling you do 1520 years ago same excitement for -- and. Yeah I do because it's really you know comes on the heels of the spring and you know we had a good spring -- lot done and so you know kind of anxious to go back out there and -- -- put together -- has on him. You know and non mineral football sitting in on -- -- and run around in shorts but I actually you know do that. To contact work and then on doing camps and thinking during camp then then you feel pretty good about your ability into the game conditions that. But -- on the field. At least your cells you know practicing first. You always you always talk about every year is a unique team and on all by itself. -- how the process works with few in team building and putting together the personnel. He spent a lot of time looking at what happened last year where you see the holes where you see things that could be fixed you do. Well I mean I think -- try to improve your team where you cannon then though when you know opportunities to do that than -- deterrent do it so. And as much as you might wanna. After a certain area that you you can only do what you can do -- -- we can only do what's available on. You can maybe change your scheme. It's a certain players -- rough there and PC wanted to healthier than on the court system and there's plenty of players out there but for whatever reason it's just not. Probably not gonna work for them to be on our team at this time things might change so you look at the ones that you feel like and can help it. With the new camp schedule practice schedule limitations on on the practices. Have you had to. Reconfigure how you approach training camp. Well not not not compared to last year mean you know we're in the same boat here so let's. And I think we made that adjustment last year took us probably a week or so last year -- kind of settle into what we felt like it was a good efficient routine. And since then we we haven't changed a whole lot. You know sometimes you have to because your daily schedule -- Some the comes up with the most tourists there were -- offer anabolic we have last year and that's in or go to work if force. To be -- lack of pad practices make those practices you had like this year against the saints would make those even more important. Well I think. You know it every price -- -- because you're kind of cut in half from what you normally. As adamant in prior years -- -- -- everybody else has so it's all all the you know ever practice is important enough. And we really Monica you know concerted effort to prepare for each practice go out there and to work on things that we feel like our. At the highest priority and and hopefully come off the field and feel that our team has improved and that's that's only needs to be every day because. There really aren't all that many of them -- our first and some government won't count. Before pre season games so when the opportunities are limited gonna take advantage -- wrong. Give money players in here to -- August 27 I believe is that correct artist correspondent. We have to cut to 75. -- after the -- him after the date but -- and you have three games in nine days how difficult does that make it for you. With the competition for jobs to come down to that roster when you've got three games virtually and reminding spam. Well it's it's not -- not an ideal schedule and it's certainly not the -- and it wanna do it. But you know it is what it is so we'll just deal with the best we can. Parents love. Well again -- a plan doubleheader split. Between and three know about that it -- -- do you learn more about these players in between the games do you have to. Use other vices to kind of figure out whether this guy fits for our team. On. On I mean I guess you'll soon have so we get to those that that stretched both. I think the big thing is just you know -- their play and then you know give give the players a chance to recover so they can go and play again and -- a chance to recover so going to play again mean. I don't think it's. Don't plan that many games in that short period times you know obviously not not the ideal way to do it but. And you know and there's nothing more important in the health of our team so we we want. Recognize -- during the Canada. Turkey's main guys practice and healthiest as -- possibly cancel. Let's say that a pregnant number one priority relative to those those Anderson and then evaluate the guys that are playing until they do. Does that schedule. That many games in that short time does that limit bureaus what your normal insulation would be during the pre season. Have solicited and you can pass on to -- and two minutes later and it's like Planon -- imminent plan on on Thursday you know you're you don't really amateur game plan to just try to. You know get ready what you know how to do and apply it to you know on certain things go out there and turn around to itself. -- the installation that's why this is such a big we force this week has its you know longer week at this time install. What we didn't get them prior to the New Orleans again and you know after this -- that's really about it until. The long week before Tennessee. Much do you change your bill on both sides of the ball. Based on new guys come in here that have a specific skills so we obviously saw the last couple years to tight ends. And obviously they're featured far more in your office but. How -- you to change things once you see that as a skill set out here and an individual player that allows you to exploit another team. It's not tickets for -- more of of in season game plan thing a thinker and and training camp the ideas for everybody. To learn the basic play is the foundation. You know what with the basics are and then. Once we get that down the facilities here modify something that we need to put. -- probably the best example I was on Randy Cain and here you know use the unique unique player for us here really anybody like him. Before or since then. And their training camp. You know he missed some of that first training camp that was still more just in inspiring you know this kind of getting things down. You know make sure everybody understood what they are doing not just him and everybody else than what's been done in the season where it -- -- We'll take advantage of some of the things that he did loan and and modify some of our plays are adjustments. When you're evaluating your your new guys rookies and free agents it is it more. The physical aspect of it or. How quickly the copper and -- to try doing millions pulling up to everything you need to do yeah. Well let's say both it's a vote because slump. And as you know Stephen training camp it's it's you know -- more in the new would have been in a weekly game plan -- everything you have been and then. You have to defend everything that the offence does or everything that your opponent doesn't normally. In a game plan situation -- -- -- -- -- you know he ago half your plate over. 40% your playbook for whatever first cern team and they Whittle down what they're gonna do against you and you know it's a smaller. On number multiples -- me right now it's it's everything goes against everything so. Think the -- part of tar that's certainly further violations in the physical part of and it's obviously important and -- the physically can. Perform the skills that that he needs for his position and has different responsibilities on offense defense special teams and set to put all that together you know and and some guys don't always gonna the first time around that you know eventually they get on the the second or third. Go round if they get some experience within a confidence runner that type of thing so. On that that foreign evaluation and that's all the way through training camp you know -- lot of us don't that the first time that your foot. And after we you know here it get a chance to digest it configured and sometimes we do that are with a second third time around. Do you evaluate this study habits or their film room habits and things like that to her. Or of the way the approach of the meetings in particular. Well thought yeah I'd say that you know to agree -- -- certainly. Explain to them you know how how we want to study but. And you know everybody processor and -- bit differently and and the important thing is they get -- an opinion of players that control. You know grasping certain console of her. You know particular scheme or plan and then -- the coaches and sometimes -- -- players spend much time with -- -- And try to you know teach him a short -- or you know get them -- their perspective on and see if that helps and that's -- usually does. That's where you're from which is -- pictures. I get understand a bill you've got Logan Mankins back -- Z how does he likened. I'm not sure I buy that taping in -- on the knee but maybe it does work maybe somebody stranded somewhere. Have always been here you know amazed and obviously work and and since last. February but. And spending your working hardware revenue history heaven you know running and all the things that he's been doing. -- yesterday and -- feel left school days and you know we're we're taking a slow doing one thing at a time. And building you know daily so it'll be a little bit process but he diplomatic progress in fact is back on the field is. You know assignment that things are on loan -- he continues to progress than. You know they'll be able to do more with the timeframe on this we just have to wait and see goes but it's good -- back out there. When you blow when you were evaluating these offensive line positions and -- you've. -- involves guys around not just in in the game and practice to how important is that versatility for for your -- -- or is it just for back up. Offensive line. Well no it it can be -- in areas that are playing you know we only -- seven guys to the -- then. You know we are back of -- when multiple positions or. One of our starters who have foam from -- dishonor or. You know. Right tackle left tackle whatever it is to -- for seven players to cover five positions in -- and of the death of the so. Somebody's gotta back up some more -- can't just play one position and so dependent on with a combination of people is that these different. In a different movements but in the end. With a sense of ideas left and a field cover those five spots so for utilities you know they -- in now's the time to work on you know. You get into the regular season you're trying to work on your timing keep guys where you you think they're gonna play the most of the game and you know now's the time where they can work on on their secondary position more you know where they can give it depth and and and weakening confidence in them they gain confidence and play in a position they have been known that their commerce clause somewhere else. When you play these. Pre season games is there ever -- courtesy by one coach of the other asking you not to do. Certain things and Rex Ryan was saying that. He was asked not to from the while current cat is so normal conversation that happens for coaches before pre season game. And really experience think you don't pre season. You obviously you know it's it's nice to win but the outcome of the game isn't the most important thing you know nobody's. Planners you know starting quarterback in the room last foot in a series at a fourth quarter of that type of thing so. You know whoever's and is competing then you know whatever you get you get and I think -- whatever our opponents do we learn from so. Like last year in pre season. And giants ran a fake promise and you know -- obviously bad play from forest that we learn from it and I'd better learn there than learn in the regular season so. You know if we get blistering get blitzed us that he. Fake -- that if they care if they onside kick down you know whatever they do we we ought to be ready for now when and later so. Somebody feels like they -- -- on Boston's front better that we see and it tests -- -- then -- -- find out the hard -- -- regular season -- -- and really -- How quickly can you tell a young players see the feet. Belongs in Italy or or that he's not overwhelmed by what's going on around him and in particular particular challenge Jones it. He seem like you've looked. Like he was not out of place in that first pre season game in some practice looks like he's. Comfortable being -- is it uses part of the evaluation. Seeing you don't physically for kids comfortable there doing what you're ask them to do. Yeah absolutely I think. You know again that's something that just have to that you get a sense -- -- you know as does the game too -- for an -- is moving too fast -- just you know ready for. You know to his situation or roll -- player. I think I can come in different. And Allen in different. Time periods. You know looked like after one practice the game wasn't today frailty. What to -- a similar different humor of the first practice and ushered in a good in the then and I remember. After the first practice. Bill we announced that mean in adults you know. Like to -- -- bring along you know little bitten enough pulmonary island and finish first and Second Amendment. Right. -- was -- -- -- -- want to practice Kidman herself. You know it in various and in Logan Mankins and ultimately guys just announced that the there right away. And -- the guys in -- forties Adam Jones Mayo so some guys that are. More ready sometimes that's because of them sometimes because of the system they were and in college and and the transition is not as much as it is for you know player come -- from you know totally different -- systems so. I think there's any set form on percent to kind of played by ear and -- you know. So you know they just the different situation to the government but that those bring quality is definitely helped that you can get a feel at that point. You know how much a player is ready to handle and then that -- course attorney -- -- physically oh how well it would do but it's part of the learning process how quickly. They absorb this stuff can you -- that you yeah I'm sure you know because that's -- -- -- -- and we put in a game plan on Wednesday and then. Now Thursday we go to third down red area and Friday that you go to Google onshore courage and -- -- in London in the and so that's. And then we plan on Sunday so does like you know we have now -- do it and correct that mundane to -- than and we put -- down and work. Oral under in the season so their ability to process things and in many camp and in the spring and training camp or hadn't. You know 45 new things new things every day it's if they can handle it and you know go out there and and handle on the field as well then that's a pretty good indication when we get to the regular season the learning and the game plans in the scatter report all that W keep with a -- of the -- to. -- -- football that's great to have you back every Monday. Here on the air and the picture we're looking forward to it have a great season contact me -- thing excellence -- -- in -- Bill Belichick right here on the big show and patriots one thing.

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