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Deion Branch, Patriots WR, on the wide receiver competition

Aug 13, 2012|

Deion Branch joins the show to discuss the wide receiver battle currently going on in Patriots camp and the Ochocinco arrest.

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And the tech guy Deion Branch joins us BI branch on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTZ. With speeds up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible. Welcome back to the showed the Allen scored on. There -- oral. Are -- -- may finally out there yesterday moving around a little bit and -- and even. Just sort of just been hanging out a -- people -- speculating lots of things body and feel. Our pilots and that there are little thicker. You know this is Patrick -- -- record at double got so. What that's what's important. At this point -- you've been through a lot of these to get to this pre season you guys have a big stretch you're gonna play a whole week of practice. And then three games in ten days weird schedule how important -- is a week like this week before you wrap up for the final. Three pre season games over the course at ten days. Right what this week this probably our most important week here you know I think how -- -- things and I'll stop that we got that peninsula in America offers you its first day. We got to kind of put -- out together right now. You know do we know what -- can't patent Wednesday there'll be. Too much insulation a lot of football. Which really goal. You know -- it certainly guys you know try to get a Rex Butler is accurate -- -- -- -- -- so this wouldn't -- -- look -- it for. You know his round here of people attacked the Bill Belichick democratic you know exactly get all the information that you put -- -- -- Dion you're well aware that. So Lisa speculate -- -- Brian Waters you know older guy just taken some time off me will be back hopefully that's the that's the perception of it and maybe similar with you got it's been around a long time has played a lot of football and just for the first few weeks just sort of take it easy was it more to do with that -- was there's some serious that you just through as far as injuries -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And hagel and everybody got to run with it a medical and very -- -- figures out who has the pit that's what we have to do. There's no complaints I mean here I am. Always going to be a little while and it's it was also while sales -- trying to get a little work in on the side as well let. You know it -- about chicken in the gap that yogurt in it so that there. You're receiver -- is being talked about a lot last year the honest is Chad Ochocinco Chad Johnson was in the house this year it's because it's all these guys that that Thomas familiar with not just a couple of guys know the offense but down the whole roster. Guys who know this offense in the terminology. What is that what is that -- like working with there a group of receivers that is already very familiar with what you're trying to do was a group. It's great on the great he's -- -- and in the media world senate where they are you're -- -- -- world and help. You know -- -- production -- their data are sent letters in particular there in corn powder and there are a populist right so. You know that Silverado will look improvement that we have. Old lady Katrina were partnered with me. Who would have you know what what taxes -- -- workers well. You know -- everybody knows and street. We've heard from you before -- the competition is a good thing. I'm wondering you talked to Troy Brown on the -- and versatility to play some defensive back now to what this does it's not a crowded over there are now. They're crowd it is good though it is crowded you know it is called the former alternate route and and -- will do are you all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know in a way that they're -- -- there it is you don't know. Are you you said maybe jokingly it's probable what does that mean for you in terms of -- I know that you've told us last year the reps are important get on that same page where -- where you know the -- and so. Maybe not a hard but when there's a lot of receivers all try to get. Those repetitions in practice does it make it more important to make those reps county put more pressure on yourself on. Not -- source earnest little first Saint Paul La tech event that are worried that you -- what you air. And in Dakota took great doubles. In rep mark all of us and Xstrata you're not wearing. And then get involved with off and now -- about a second he's not particularly. What -- in the orient right. All football you play entry there -- a lot of white shoes at different talents yourself and always look in and and try to Figueroa what makes this guy great in this and that -- are great in that you look at Brandon Lloyd for an awful lot about the way he goes up and fights for the football what have you seen from him. So far can't. Our you know Latin means to be learned -- -- -- been -- branding what if there are. Watch them on me credit with pitching change. You know and most important. He's proven that hey you know and that's what area port actually. You know -- straight game overall here is about. -- taken in order political -- and you can crop in their say in this where -- awful if you don't you don't bring up. We're talking a Deion Branch here to patriots Monday what's the biggest difference -- between bill O'Brien running the offense and Josh McDaniels back and running this offense. -- -- Not the book bluegrass great parallel Palin wrote -- -- it was our labor concessions. In Dartmouth colonel Billy. What it was it was you know. All the guys hurt there's been no tech what you wanna do where it to a great outlook couldn't get -- -- position to make plays. Now. In total not as well altogether quite so you know I think cosponsored -- staff. Look -- Britain in the right guys who is this local it and know what they wanna do that with the opposite start with operate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it is -- it is. Protestant majority that -- that a lot of Datsyuk and in a lot of worse. And then so Logan and out of -- actually bad. -- banged up so that it is -- -- our policy there worker partner on air and get back and looked awfully. Or sure offseason like -- preparing for this year you do that you know Josh was going to be here in the things might look a little bit different is the a lot of competition. Did you approach the offseason -- any differently because of that. No sir you have to play tomorrow here where are our. I do have to do to give up equity. That's that's pretty much multilateral -- -- always says. And that's about it you know their commander in Europe we don't want it. Go to our owner our guys reacting here a lot of -- it's basically all media you know -- attorney is in NFL network talking about. Try to compare the potential of this offense in the perspective maybe than historic one and 07. The guys and those things. Now I'll have heard. Now what is -- -- to you all well. So. If it is and I'm with the airmen are spelled out I have absolute. The watch it in any you know -- -- so subtler. Stuff like that what -- workers are. You know. Trying to give my kids like -- in the slot turned and I have left and Wednesday. You know and then before you know it -- packet where he -- so. You know already had -- already yellow -- -- Well that's on the left for your boy gronkowski is to show up at some point as a cartoon on year it's the usual committee where -- -- -- -- it. Not everything else. Here well. They deal and he. You got to know Ted Johnson last year at the a lot of us were pretty -- you know work offered in Miami obviously this week and didn't go so well -- released yesterday by the dolphins are you surprised and just knowing him for a year ago and -- in the situation. Everywhere and then group I don't -- -- -- because I assist I heard about it you know it will all call. You don't doubt that well pursue that in a certain look it's working out. You know whatever it is. The phone or via Bluetooth read a comfort since. You know there are no where ordinary man obviously believes in these are great -- DL last -- for me got a first game here a week from tonight I said to get back in the swing of things practice wise you expect to play in that game on the twentieth week from today. -- -- -- -- -- -- What don't we go to. Us everything we need to know where yeah. So -- you -- go Robert it and and it became a portable copy that. You're out there and you know. -- -- -- That's gonna get a quick little tip here wanna know other I was Louisville look in this fall anyways. -- -- -- -- Oh would you go to big east or. -- spent the first pick it if it. They know little bit opening and in the Big Ten you know now an open statement he gets -- outside -- an -- because things like Beckett. Our luck and be looked at colonial ultimately we got there first of all. We'll go prophecy. Securabit position in the gulf of there. A lot like to call CB to beat Kentucky on a second per hour. Let's get -- it got out of the Augusta before on about the big east York and get lucky in southern Missouri out of the gate before help. But every merit a book. You know if a candidate -- -- these gas came down on the well billboard in Louisville. Yeah that well there are aware of your policy sense of respect. But it isn't it rises up basketball right -- guitar teacher notable for. You know. I do see your team ranked right there at the top of the conference here we gonna get this all year about little. All Yury at this stuff BI appreciate it -- practice today we'll talk to you soon. That's our idea branch and as always our interview with -- on has brought to you by Verizon the official wireless in telecommunication provider. Of the England patriots they are. I'm looking here big east football priest years ago Lou get yourself ready for this number one pre season. Five into a year ago Louisville Cardinals returned seven I'm not a big advocates say he's gonna be crow on about that all year. The prepare yourself mentally good stuff would the op at the practice that they won 34. In the next couple days out there to -- stadium keeping your -- --

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