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Tom Brady: The team is constantly evolving

Aug 13, 2012|

Tom Brady joins John and Kirk to talk about how training camp has gone through the first week of preseason games. The guys talk about all the offensive weapons at Brady’s disposal, his relationship with Brandon Lloyd, the return of Josh McDaniels, how Brady feels about his offensive line, and his true feelings on training camp. Brady also discusses the progress of some of the young players such as Shane Vereen and Ryan Mallett and gives an injury update on his son.

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Here is the page today -- -- interview and conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your -- -- would electrical solution capabilities because this is due in saving energy. And reducing costs according to its giant card and a -- the minute hand here in Boston followed Tom aria. I get more guys they were just saying -- discussed border on an embarrassment of riches in terms of offensive weapons you have at your disposal. More than perhaps any other year Tom. Well I mean actually it's pretty or at least there are a bit. Our -- outburst quieted structured that the receiver position and -- separate. Running back position that the type of British and two guys are returned to. You know we're very productive -- last year so. There's definitely places that Brokaw just a matter -- Al. You know things -- to gather here. In the next four weeks where he's inspectors. Got quite of their practitioners -- get pre pre season games and you know based on lab we perform and entered training camp we know quite -- go to work to do so that's a powered or not there today Iraq. Tom based on what you think you know about this offense would you suspect at west is going to be the guy that gets the most. Pass receptions at the end of the day and rock after that or -- no way of telling. It's hard to tell our -- -- and every he answered strengths and weaknesses through -- and end. You know what they look at our our sense they're gonna decide. Know what they wanna focus on covering and and -- really the quarterback job is to find the guy who has a good match up then that ultimately gets open. -- Our target first order and non -- cunard luck and -- are in -- much larger would probably say yeah -- -- as good anyway. That not all the best way to play quarterback got to try to find. The guys that you you're going to be open and try to get a good. Oh. Where he's seen so far Tom. I hear from Lloyd -- is anything different when you expect hitter what is jumped out here so far early on the would. Yeah he's one of the guys are better command as a as a veteran player and -- are familiar to what we're doing based on being -- and Josh offense Kirk. Actor for years shell. A lot of that they are trying to understand each other a little bit better what you'd look -- -- what I'm looking for him. A bearish at out of that Malawi or better for three weeks and end you know we're constantly communicate about. It we're in order because opera you really -- -- just -- what's gonna happen before that actually happened you can't really beat. React about Internet -- serve it out and -- and no brainer myself or in -- constantly talking and trying to really get on the same page. The transition from Billy O'Brien to Josh was that seamless problem. Black art I got -- quite a bit -- the Josh yeah armed. You know over the years both to the quarterback coach and as a play caller well you know are -- comfortable with the -- with one another and you know he's he's a great coach -- coached -- him he's. -- car -- every single day. You always got some under there are cheaper and a lot of energy to. It. There you -- great coach he's either great coach. Can you compare and contrast Josh and Billy is is one more conservative one more of a gunslinger one more creative one. More vocal coming. Compare contrast those two guys. Well they know every coach at different style. You know but they you know they coach each other so. In terms of our offense -- and that outlaw sanctioned in you know it's it's the same playbook. Every coach has a different kind of flavor to it. You know it's an in and this year is very different that the players that we album this year their current or opera -- And the more suited to the strengths are our our individual skill player so. It's probably not. You know society -- say you well what we're gonna beat this year at all from all of whatever we had a good. We know we are actually part do more of those things. Which is very different than what it could eat or it could have been last year and your what that. Last I'm Josh. Called place for Illini within a little there -- the family. You know the district court and -- -- the wide receiver position they were sure reproductive that year. This year you know could be very different -- -- -- just players and individuals. Kriewaldt ourselves in and you know the guy that played at that ultimately gonna be out their most -- -- -- most productive. Obviously it's price refute that having Matt Light around you throwing the other night no Ballmer. I know Mankins and no waters soldiers thought struggle -- you got it one time I think by Smith. What is your thoughts right now on this offensive line. -- that you expect at all which is trying to -- you know others hurt a lot of players -- her daughter compete for jobs and certainly thought -- -- -- -- you know that played the other night they've been and there are a lot throughout the course of training camps so. You know -- it's not my job to worry about those guys -- I have a lot of culture that seemed. That group. They're in general not just individual -- You know the longer offered -- -- play together. Typically the better bet you know they played more comparable they are with one another church. Not -- very much. You know kind of or a murder offense in general and that that the more -- -- of one another. You know the better that you typically place so it's still early entry and and certainly we don't have all the year or three -- in the year. You know. I wouldn't expect it to peak here -- early August we got a lot of practice it will got a lot of communication a lot of eating a lot of walk through it. We're gonna need it. In order to be ready when he really kicks off. Tom I know it's early and I -- -- work in progress and with all due respect what you just said you've been around the block a couple of times are -- able at this point in a pre season to. Accurately assess or gauge what you think this team can be. It. There are all they try hard to get retain their earlier process in the have to go through that process stronger note you can't get. You know part of that process. Here ticket ultimately where you need to be aware. A lot of ways round at the start of the year we're a long ways Serbian achieved that ultimately were going to be reached. We have -- at a regular she's a practitioner so -- know it lot of people wanna make. Prediction this time a year and that's probably one thing to do. Not trust that are it's really matter to put our head down and then. And going to -- the grinder training camp in the preaching your games then. You don't make a mistake and art from our mistakes and talking about the mistakes and ultimately. You know when it really matters the most bet you know weaken the aircraft so. You know that's why they are the -- this is so necessary because you. Here we sit basically every day we walk through every day. I restrict our immediate that they were -- -- -- -- a potential problems they were going well and we need to do more things we needed to lash out and you know -- one goal which securities or other regular -- do you -- trading. I mean I don't. I I certainly don't hate it I know it's not try to everybody's favorite target year. You know I don't I don't mind at all I I I loved player shall order a lot of people out there are actually late in the report that we. -- developed. You know it's it's fun part of the year -- it under the pact in its fuel -- and really developed in. Avert a lot coach and -- goes on at this time of the year. You know you're really -- -- certificate -- -- you battered over the course bought seat -- Including the rookie session and this is where you really take shape that achievement and use you see. The work ethic the -- -- -- on your team and how it develops and you know we don't have a lot of guys that. You know come in a bit about track this is why we do and that's why -- that not a lot of guys that. Sure it is slower out -- that's what we're gonna go -- do so. That's not fun part this is well. And you really can't comment on this specifically. I guess I'll ask anyway how happy would you be if we want the regular season. The regular officials are back on the games. Well I mean I think like you say it. Not enrich our players don't worry about an elite how to go out there and do -- -- and you know we -- -- -- into our -- that we need to take care and you know a lot -- the other night for example lashing out thinking about what the rest of your calls and you know I was worried about trying to complete this well. Whoever got there it out there I -- -- You know I I really can't. Picture election you know -- on the game I gotta go out there you might especially. In October talked about all the offensive weapons you have -- Fernandez west a -- Stallworth Brandon Lloyd is very need freight Plaxico Burress on this team he was worked out by the patriots this weekend. You know I don't. I had no idea you know about it again aren't up to me and I elect Obama player on the team I don't make any note -- -- enter. You wrote this I you know who is the argument so or weak draft that I I kind of find out like everybody else so. You know we've we have some you know we have a lot of receivers have worked really hard over the course -- and then. Returning can't that are compete for jobs that very competitive position and you know every single one of those guys on the Schlossberg you know that I -- -- to be out there are a lot of content potential. You know whatever. You know however present itself with the final lost bird -- the order really -- culture expert Richard. You may go to that got here and -- really. Thank you don't know what their -- You are talking and then you're out of anything he's he's one may call certain and so that's kind of the way go. I'll tell us what you think you know all about your two running backs Ridley and marine. Well I'm an -- I looked quite a bit while the marsh here and the and I spent. The other. You know the entire. In a lot -- and a lot of communication both those guys who. You know papers. Obviously it looks like it really learn a lot from last year and -- You know by the way they've played the other night I mean obviously. You know very talented players so it's just a matter electric separate matter. In other constituency and accountability of everybody on our offense and certainly the running back what you ever played that much she notes on. Figured out there and play and really see the work that you put him off he's and then. Let's see how it played out on the field then you know their vote excitable and that an avocado and you know they've made a bunch of great play our night out on the street. Obvious who sometimes you read too much or too little and and to pre season games of a mallet was up and down. The other night I was learning which UC you've seen him for a year now is have been progress over the last year and if so what really stands out. Like you're at it sure -- he's another young players. The good work -- -- Eric you know at your current and -- -- -- look you know you make mistakes out there and you. You are on each and not to make -- mistakes you know that article learning process. -- Internet at 2 o'clock o'clock where certainly isn't an easy job and there are a lot of very quick but -- can you need to make a fair and Iraq has worked extremely hard. You know -- like Brian -- has been and you know the quarterback group's chair. Due. To -- earlier Hamachi into play at a high level -- and certainly. You know we -- we don't at all to better our position we're. It will work harder like your audio eliminate the stakes in the get out there in secret leader for the change of control. Two. You know locker played a better level so hopefully we are a lot better. Air that England played -- level that we did collapse and and that a lot of it comes under eliminate mistakes and make it later they're being made -- understand what a good players and and and when you gotta throw the ball so there are those are things that you know you're trying to hold your skill that that's. -- that's a quarterback position and then. You know work let -- we've got four more weeks for where we you know kick off for real and and that you know we're working every data try to be actually compete at that point that -- Tom last Monday we had Keegan Bradley on the radio when I asked him about nerve wracking situations and coming down the stretch with a golf tournament he said he's taken a new approach this year he doesn't get nervous. He just says WW TB DD why would Tom Brady do you abused by that. They didn't -- or well you. Hopefully we can win the separate union permanently at least so we. You know maybe it should be argued that UK BP. You know -- look at based on the way you performed so you'd that underlie -- a local guy he's. He's playing great call -- talk about -- good competition every week you know electoral what they are. Are somewhat different when -- on the tour so it America returned yesterday. Does Ben Brady's arm head and -- day or on the populist. I know a man -- sure you know one of those finger -- you know. You know in their -- it's you know actors are that you you know. He. -- got caught on on child and then and Eric got to work that went for a few days so. Better safe than sorry you're cut -- Can you tell if he's gonna have a brother or sister -- -- any time soon. -- Arm out earlier you -- your first nowhere to our partner about a fair enough docket it's common enjoy the rest -- the training camp is much Campbell talked down the road. -- thank you Brady with Dennis and Callahan brought to you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your debut electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs.

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