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Joe Castiglione with Bobby Valentine before the third game in Cleveland.

Aug 11, 2012|

Joe talked with Bobby about Will Middlebrooks's injury, and about Bobby's difficult exit from the park last night.

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My body -- know we are holding our collective breath but the news is not gonna -- on the books. I know that news is good that will's. A terrific guy he's had a terrific this season for us. But. The pitch ready to hit got hit with last night broke his wrist and he'll be lost for most of the rest of the season and you know he'll he'll be with us every day and he'll be part of the team but he won't be swing in the badly he can't. What impressed you the most about his outstanding rookie season everything they mean his pace. Incredibly impressed by him in spring training in the way he handled. The major -- situation I lose in. Incredibly impressed by his. Improvement is defense from the first day that he got -- on the field. In Boston to the last day here in Cleveland he. He improved every day. His backhand became. A factor -- we wanted to hit to his backhand he learned to. Make the plate coming in much better and you know his his -- speaks words itself he had a one spell players that are off speed pitches that he was getting himself out and he made adjustments to see either taken them board you know -- -- and and hitting them wars swinging and fouling them off. Inning getting the fastball and doing major damage and so his his improvement. Was has excellent chances like. Are you see guys wearing elbow patches or any way to protect the hands of the wrist there's so essentially -- -- yours over. If you know I guess it's such a small thing that he can make a lot of money on it but. That's what should be protected that. Outer part that exposed part of your wrists both wrists. We have a little bones which are closest to the plate. Or the disabling injuries mean the elbow really isn't. You know seldom is that the disabling injury it hurts when you get hit there for sure but. Again it's further from the plate and it's. It's a little bigger muscle and bone Mets this year. We tonight you have Pedro Syria Iraq galway Danny Valencia is gonna get here sometime this evening at. Have you formulated plans yet there's going to be day to day I think to be dated day. -- you know when a door opens and closes another opens and you know this might give us a chance of playing Pedro more often. You know we lead picked up led Danny Valencia who had such great season for the twins a couple years ago. He's been a minor league team for two years he's come and up. You know I think we have the opportunity for a couple players to them make major contributions and I believe they will. -- this is the twenty ninth that disabling injury this year. Defies logic doesn't. I guess maybe were just getting ball out of the way in will be helped the the rest of the year. How about David Ortiz he didn't do much yesterday -- today. You know we felt good yesterday -- it was a it was a day of rest for him. Not wrist. That is -- is the wrist -- rest of that Achilles area he had he's gonna take batting practice to run today and then. You know -- we're thinking the medical staff is thinking that he's very close to getting back in the line. Franklin Morales. Has done so well as a starter he's out there tonight three and one last time out to just one run in six innings and he just keeps getting better. Well let's hope that's the case you know his fastball. Is. Has maintained its velocity is is much as any of our starting pitchers and throughout the game. The end -- his changeup and his curveball have improved. The more he's pitched so. Hopefully have control the strike zone will be aggressive in it then that fastball. Will be eluding the heads of the -- to the Cleveland Indians. And look at clay balk calls last night he's really become mr. reliable -- yet. Too bad he can't pitch every day is what do fans don't meet today but. I think he he can stabilize. A staff I know that he really helped out the bullpen last night. You know we get other guys contributing the same way in the starting staff I think will be able Lou. Allow our offense to have relaxed at bats and even at bats with leads and we'll get a rural. Our -- Gaylord Perry's going in the indians' hall of fame did you ever have a chance to swing it is spit ball that I have so it's going and it's -- ball and I guess I was -- -- made his insanity -- A brief time he's a wonderful guy a was it was great team made in. You know he he he had -- to -- also at the puff ball in his first one and remembering Cleveland with. -- put so much resin on his hand that he throws fastball and it. Would that he would smoke from the resin residue as the ball came out of it. -- had a whole bag of tricks. Our Mercedes-Benz question of the day body on a lighter note getting away from injuries. Tell us about your experience trying to get out of Jacobs Field or Progressive Field last night. Well I do stuff like you're too late today to figure out a roster move we're gonna make it about 1230 -- -- -- left here and -- retrieved by Blake out of the boiler room I went outside at the end. The only door that I can get back into was the boiler room because the gates -- -- locked in the parking lot so. I think Kerry might break up a few flights of stairs and -- the door that was open so you get out in the concourses. Rode around that the from the third deck down the first day and then found out that they couldn't get leave. The ballpark is there were no -- no exits available severe it slightly. And he gave up -- particularly emergency exits and hopefully leading a charge too much for a false alarm that's right laughter. 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