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Clay Buchholz continues to prove he is the ace in the Sox rotation

Aug 11, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane open the show discussing last night's brilliant performance by Clay Buchholz but once again another Red Sox player was lost due to injury. Will Middlebrooks fractured his right wrist and will probably miss the remainder of the season. The guys also discuss the John Lackey "double-fisting" beers incident.

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You or -- complete total enigma to my wife. You puzzle. Of all the sense that by heavy here I know what I like to try to throw little curve ball. You -- an enigma -- a puzzle there because she points out to me. You seem to (%expletive) off everybody you ever come in contact with except. I like when. I'm on camera interim nobody likes you except me a note. Like you likened it to kinda off all well maybe not drop it and he cuts sauce CA all over your spot. Well Joseph aegs wants a piece of yet curtail a cup of its -- with that's -- -- I -- down I see he likes he -- little. We're change we're still. We're still sort of in the late and that's this may -- that but yes I. -- but you see something is -- as haggard yesterday but yet and got a call -- -- -- Got lit up. In the clubhouse yesterday. Yeah I talked somebody Cleveland says it was a little uncomfortable. And and you know you kind of knew it was coming. And I should point out that John Lackey wasn't part of the group that let him up. Yeah apparently John -- teammates were sticking up on his behalf with Joseph Hagerty. And it was it was probably not the the most funding to. -- -- and I heard -- turtle Appalachian front congress. Mean it was that kind of like that I don't I thought. My people -- -- you know listen I mean we can get injured and not talk about it much but we won't talk about a -- but. We talked talked about yesterday and -- time of the deal here I think you have to have been in the club -- from more than. I date power on the road before reports and know what you know. Before reporting haggard did know everything went ahead and try to go rages. They got caught. When now when we talked about yesterday morning John Dennis and I talked about it -- the the tweet was out there and then the the the piece on CS and Manny was out there. We certainly went through. The parts that we knew no alcohol was a lot and they -- they're also commonsensical you wonder why it isn't this way for every organization. You can't have a home clubhouse right where you gonna go get a car and drive home afterwards you can't have it on the final leg of -- road trip with -- relying home. Where you get in the car and drive and home those are just common sense normal things. When we went through the Bobby Valentine February edict about you know we're gonna have beer in the clubhouse it was a little hazy. -- and John found it and we went back through wood again and it was a little hate or about whether that meant just here whether that meant everywhere. Op and and we kept saying we don't know what they allow on the road. I heard you say this yesterday in your exactly right I'm gonna tell you right now -- any team. Anywhere any time serves alcohol in the clubhouse is beat our locker room. Which is it is in other sports it's beyond me. It makes no -- is just get over to the tag it's 2012 we know what we know there's there's no reason for this to exist nothing zero good. C'mon guys drinking Beers after games nothing what good can come out the back in the old days way back when. When I was around hockey it was very commonplace there would be coolers full of beer in the locker room laughed again. There's none anymore. Mean it doesn't exist and and you know what you see in in locker rooms nowadays you see guys drinking you know electoral like replacement drinks and protein shakes and and lots and lots of water there is no beer and by the way I'm not suggesting hockey players don't drink alcohol of course they deal. But it's just not the locker right and and I am not around the Celtics can't comment on what it's like there. Died after games and locker right -- Davis -- nice food spread there you go when you get it's nine and you've been the patriots locker and I know it's not it is not there it's in. Army teams in baseball don't have. It's like nineteen or twenty years something against something really bad is going to happen if you keep doing this somebody in listen to be John Lackey could -- -- -- computer which. It could be anybody. They're gonna go on the road even in Cleveland OK you're gonna trample it a couple of drinks you go to buddies had few more drinks in an instant he finally at three Beers to start. And prime the pump right in his lawsuit this is just hate it makes no sense to be shipped. Well the point and made here was that that. I have no problem with an adult having a beer after a game I'm not I'm not that's kind of a crude I don't I don't mind that John Lackey had a -- in the clubhouse. There's a certain tone deafness involved here -- your Lackey the culture given what happened here given what happened last September. I mean the only way it could have been worse is if instead of having the Bud Light in each hand he had a -- like one hand and a -- -- in the uprising to Beers in the chick -- that would have been the only thing that would have made it different. So there's a certain tone deafness to this. Where if you're gonna have a beer in the clubhouse after the game in Cleveland which is allowed okay as by the way Lackey -- CBA he's allowed to be absolutely so I don't doubt that I might have -- stall. Have a sip at a packed in the stalled you know that's sort of thing you just. Not that not that there's anything illegal immoral. Unethical. It's just given what's happened here it's probably not the image you want. That's fighting people are down on -- that's why I think Hagerty wrote when he -- because to be honest I mean the image if you're reading after terrible loss to Cleveland 5550 at the time -- lost like he's been terrible as a band they're all year. As a pitched all year and the idea of -- to be -- -- -- -- -- inherited strutting around in recent last and I TB like a fraternity party. That's easy that's easy stuff -- outs and so yeah you have back. But I would say that these guys and I don't know the answer yes I don't know the answer no. It's an example this year. Of John Lackey being bad -- there might want I'm just saying it is quite a concrete example -- too -- today. In fact it's just the opposite from an iron I'm an Italian having traveled with the team last summer and sought out much more up close and personal I have this summer. He might be one of the most popular teammates in that clubhouse and then maybe the guys on the team love that it be telling one way may be telling -- another way I don't know but that's just the reality of it. Well that's all that's at almost why there was this group who surrounded Joseph Hagerty yesterday and a guys include Lackey right and the guys talked to Tomas -- Today so it was a popular guy you could say well the players are dominant phone dumb guy that's fine but. There's no example that some leaking didn't -- I don't know about these. Like he's been a bad team this year and he's allowed to the collective bargaining agreement be back -- you get to choose. We don't we obviously with consultation right the team medical personnel you then get to choose and I'm gonna go rehab in in Arizona. Art you know I wanna stay here in rehab with Mike -- which is perfectly within your rights. And in fact I think in a lot of ways the team would prefer. -- -- into preferred to have him. You know directly answerable to Mike Ronald in the training staff on a daily basis they know exactly what he's doing they don't have to rely on secondhand reports -- -- -- Lackey do today. You know what what did you have him doing today -- do when it went right and it works out perfectly. And -- and there's that and I just think that Iraqis. That's what comes out he's easy target I understand why he's been paid a lot of money. He's been awful is terrible the media he shows up teammates on the field and in apple last September. I get it but this would just it lose it -- worked up but this is the worst. Kind of journalism it's it's sloppy it's lazy -- checked everything he went reported because he knew what would happen and happen. -- -- And debts and certainly. An insurer that it got to be even larger than life a favorite story ever written than ever and equity. Ever. Ever ever that is an area sports I will say this you saw the ace of your pitching staff well now. And he's been the ace of the pitching staff all season long -- this isn't exactly a bulletin that. I can't tell you what an education it is for me. That the little bit here I get to do nine games in a row filling in for Tom Karen while he's on vacation and the education it is for me to sit in the green room. And while the game is going on we just sit there with our scorecards in front of us and I just -- -- Dennis Tankersley. And listen. I tried a shot up and just listen he knows pitching so well. He knows exactly what they're trying to do he's guessing pitches before they throw them he's he's breaking down how how he's working against this guy. And he was so impressed with how -- COLT was from beginning and and that's strike out of -- in the ninth inning. I'm I mean I thought I thought act was gonna come over the table he like. That's so much when healthy he's been their best pitcher for the last three seasons yes two years ago and last year I thought -- was good last year at the same time to. And this year just their best pitcher you know he -- and in terrible start to his numbers are demonstrate that. But he's been pitching like an -- here for a few months now and I would presume. He stays healthy and continue to do. He is the ace of the staff the other guys have been enormously disappointing. It was bad as Lester Beckett -- been buckled has been that Goodling and these other guys have just been okay as you said a million times you -- this thing. We were sort of as we were watching the game. He finished up the eighth inning and act as watching the game and he says he says there's no way Bobby Valentine brings in cents. In the -- yet not -- -- Eagles right end and when we had our post game hit with Bobby Valentine. He said he was in the game until -- got tied. Right in other words right he had he had -- -- a lead and he was gone back out there and nothing was gonna change that unless they tied at the game in which case he'd had to make a move. Not only did he give them the perfect performance -- two hit performance in Cleveland on the road complete game all of that stuff. Let -- set that ball up and down for a day and just chip and because unfortunately. The wave Beckett and Lester have been pitching -- dip in and that bullpen way earlier than you're gonna need. Of course -- this team and you have a nice story like. Like buckles last advocates you know overshadowed by bad because just -- bad news year. This -- in the Brooks is mean to presume that's the rest of the season here. With a broken and it's just and it's only what six weeks left yen and this I think is probably at least a six to eight week type of thing -- -- -- -- -- -- says are the Sox gonna hit someone tonight why. That's that was so clearly hot and -- purpose pitch intentional thing but I -- hit all the time. And and I understand -- the ethics of base Bubba. The atmosphere of baseball if you're thrown at my guy I'm gonna throw one year guys that nobody thought they were trying to it will no that was even at that. Thought my -- Happen but it's a rough -- you know it -- this team and really bad mix of your brutal injury. It sees from the Brooks appreciate -- and again another injury for the steam to have plenty of blame on their own without the injuries but it's unbelievable season and it's that you think about in one of those weird things the Sox are playing the twins over the weekend. -- bench Harrington makes one of those weird via deals where he makes a trade with the team you're playing right and Danny Valencia. Is on a Sunday thinking he's packing up his bags to make the trip with the twins to Cleveland and instead he's packing his bags to make the trip to attack. Because the Sox have traded foreign assignment to Pawtucket. And in 05 days later he's back in the big leagues because he's been recalled from Pawtucket to replace -- Brooks on the roster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But his coaches from. I mean what if there isn't LSU LSU manufacture -- from -- if Morales goes out replicate it tonight got what 45 or even get the conversation right -- you have to you have ever done it you know they win they win two or three start to say well. Where this much out of the second wild card they're going to lose 45 source even gets on the going to -- it but mostly. He like art Masai life everything about it I hated it from the time Bud Selig announced that I hate it more today. Yeah definition of false hope it's an and I know what kind of joked about it and called it pyrite it is full school -- gives you the impression. -- it because you only five games out of a wildcard. You're not because there's sport teams between you when that other. That other spot and -- you could a lot you could literally a lot win ten in a row and gaining game in the wild card standings could happen. Yet it happened it is going to be years where. There's you're gonna have two teams who win 9394. Games in a battle that's like while corporate 45 teams went over ninety problem miss out this just is one of those years have bags you here. Numerically and had a first second walker -- about such a bad teams are promoting good teams. Was giving his giving people chance you know people who go to games -- TV ratings and help the stuff and that's what baseball wanted. Bad like and like when he announced that to me he do when going 8478 to lose in the past season. Wanted to how bad the Red Sox season has been so far. Her sports fans in this town are breaking down offensive line play for the patriots in the pre season. That's that's not bad -- when he over I mean that's how bad things are for the Red Sox that day you are sitting here trying to break down. Offensive line play when 60% of your offensive line wasn't playing. Right yeah me and that's what we're breaking down get to the applicable -- -- -- second ninety seconds only we'll open up the lines will bring you guys and where geared to 4 o'clock he's cartman and I'm Dale Arnold is Pete and it. Years beaten before today Pete Shepperd will be in at 4 o'clock today here on Sports Radio WE.

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