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WEEI.com’s Paul Flannery on the Dwight Howard trade and how it impacts the Celtics

Aug 11, 2012|

Paul joins Mustard and Johnson to talk about the expectations for the Lakers this upcoming season now that they have acquired arguably the best center in the league, Dwight Howard. Paul also discusses Andrew Bynum going to the 76ers and how the Atlantic Division is loaded now with solid centers including Tyson Chandler, Brook Lopez, and of course, KG.

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Mustard and Johnson and our number three don't forget Dale Arnold occurred many hand coming up that 1 o'clock let's explain a little. Earlier tonight 605 start out in. Cleveland at the Jake are pre game begins at five when he right here on Sports Radio. WEEI. Our baseball discussion and some that pre season talk will continue little bit later -- right now. Lets us say hello to WEEI dot com's Paul Flannery basketball writer extraordinary hello Paul. Oh pretty good well the NBA had themselves say a little deal the other day for players four teams they should say and the players the matter most obviously Dwight Howard going to L hey. And Andrew Bynum -- a heading to Philadelphia I would say that David Stern. And company have to be pretty happy about the events of Thursday. I guess they didn't take it it's sort of a weird how that's what turned out I mean. Sure I get the idea it would like to our look into that different between the tricky deal for the Celtics -- -- now they're gonna have to deal with major item. And and that that was that but the problem that -- -- -- one -- the guys that Kevin Garnett really dislike when he plays that are that he open. And -- between. And so now -- could be that it is network and -- if you look at the Atlantic Division guys. There were legit centers now in -- in the late edition I Chandler we know about Brook Lopez was coming back. -- return them I don't the Palestinians. Buried. I mean the lead at sixteen games you have a partner in Plano real center without you know frankly there are real back. You know -- I made an attempt to be sort of an objective. And almost global about this about this trade but it didn't take a walk thrust -- -- the thing is that's what it means for the Boston Celtics we got local very quickly did win. Well yeah. I mean Erica I think they get a lot of attention do you pay it'll -- out. Right now and rightly so that people forget he had. But you know Virginia last year and back problem and there are a lot of people who think melted in the second -- the year in the if he would not commanders looking good at all. And so but he's still a top three player in my opinion in the -- yes. So my problem -- and I apologize. And the problem I have with Howard I I saw him in that Turkey of the game he played in Boston. This year I was at that game they got blown out by thirty and he was terrible -- team was awful. Every year I wait for Dwight Howard. To become a little bit more multi dimensional offensively in every year I'm disappointed he is so one dimensional so predictable on offense. Is he really a top three player. All right yeah I see yeah I do not single quote I think it'll look look -- -- it -- and it came amid a malignant right now but. You know he's he get eighteen point by point 91214. Rebounds initially -- to 60%. I mean he's not gonna be obliged or not he scored thirty points. But -- instructors -- on defense and an. -- office article on a player like him he's got. You know he's he's different and some of these guys but I he would absolutely and completely Carrie can he carry the magic all the way to the end is also not. A great magic team in 2009 he carried them to the final when he engaged. In that good -- had been engaged -- years and sometimes. It I think they can turn it on and turn it up political work out that way but we will see because you have to be engaged playing in LA playing -- All talk about. Harkin and Greg about earlier -- -- -- immediately -- that I he's -- -- any offense well what kind of effect does Nash can have on him. I -- have a bigger the pick and roll. They are thicker although one bit. You immediately think because we the people at the lakers. And you know the analogy. I've come to mind -- -- different compared to import nuclear but but 2014. The went out and got Karl Malone and -- say. And you know if I were all being you know the number one option and they are all basically fighting the number one option now Nash. Not in -- we know that. But you still have how to salt and still -- at all our players you have OB -- -- into the ultimate Al alpha guys there. And you have to wait so they can be the four options in that mix and somebody's not going to be happy. That's pretty combustible mix -- app or. Do you see all of you salmon run Miami right -- -- all right right is that why a look at -- it looks you're describing may be Miami in their first year. Not trying to get to know each other and obviously to the -- -- -- -- at all. Came together couple months ago do you sense on some ego problems getting in the way of their success out west. Oh sure absolutely. Of course the Ita let me it's written a little bit different for I was -- because this electorate we got to try and did not have on each other toe -- Rather than three guys you know try to assert themselves in the -- who's the -- And you know there's that they make you baker wrote out -- reported in the -- all the Kobe and Dwight Howard had. We're quite expected him to stay Yakima Klein you're DR number cute guy and Kobe was like no option here you're gonna play defense and rebound you know what what he wanted to hear. Think they're going to be and he goes and you have a guy Mike Brown who I think in the backe might rather decent NBA coach. But you know you never had to handle a team like that would -- kind of personality so. Yeah there's going to be a lot of attention did it you know everybody they're going to be under scrutiny and their window and not very big is very short. The other question to me is if the -- commission was so concerned about Chris Paul and about the balance of betrayed not earning any franchises. -- the lakers pull off a deal like this can still keep Chris hall. Well I mean you know there'd be different there at the NBA own -- when that when that treatment which is always been a problem and in particular the your problem for years and years that although likely that went. I think they I think you're -- overstepped its bounds even. Even a problem got a better deal I think -- MBA overstepped his belt but. In that situation I mean it creek you know Internet is a -- -- -- currently -- we're gonna get this guy we're gonna get that guy and a New London billing it. So you know credit Mitch Kupchak who did get -- guys when nobody thinks they -- but Orlando did not handle this well are. Now. Down so out as anybody bent -- gun that at all since he reads. -- thought Garnett and and nobody can write him I know pierce had a comment about that. So are you pleased still with the way the Celtics are presently constituted in do you still see them in the hunt but the rest of these teams. Yeah I think no question it's interesting though they may build any rebuilt the team that I am in -- You know personal guards personal forward guys who play different positions different lineup different matchup. And I'm like yeah I like everything made it early dale and you know considering. How you know I don't limited they weren't in it that are really really really nice job. Rebuilding the team but if you look at the biggest problem they have is they just don't have a lot of shots. After Garnett they've got it and Colin two you know will give you ten minutes -- -- better in the oval tracks yet Chris Wilcox. And I really don't think you can count on I know giving you all act of a lot -- console. -- lies in and -- their big issue. I'm pessimistic about green. And health wise and believe. Yet it now when I mean I know before he came Aaron trading that same detect a long time for him to assimilate into. This system if -- if he's healthy you know obviously we have to Levy is or would be out there. Candy contribute a lot it to the team this year. Well I mean you -- health -- -- everyone at Irwin that you're going to be fine and that that's obviously the most important thing. With with the car but you know I've never particularly been a jet string and as that basketball player I think I. You know nothing wrong there but I just I don't see you. Sort of not really small or not really a floor you know -- its hybrid guy. And he lets you determine. Wouldn't you motivated and its skill that you want to show he's better player. The way and let you know I don't see her really gotta see before -- buy into it that was -- and moved this summer that I would have a quibble with not not bring him back but just you know -- melts and the -- Brought out say one thing I say is the right about the grind some of these guys Symbian church more than me digits -- Jermaine O'Neal signed majorities are at Phoenix Suns now. First thank you I mean not everybody. A lot bit frustrating step in the league. So big Flannery power rankings of -- as of this morning. August 11 2012. With the acquisition of power to the lakers shoot to the top where are the still number one. I put up one and I got Oklahoma City one LS. I really do. So why do you think Oklahoma City will be challenged obviously but not overtaken by the lakers. No one -- and I think they're younger and I think they had -- cute thing figured LA matchup problems with two point guard Russell Westbrook that they can't guard him Perkins and and the wind player and Kevin bury it they will have a hard time cart him -- -- -- about Perkins in the middle. -- -- -- You -- overrated embarked from but I love a guy delivers the bad thing about it but he can guard Howard. If you're looking to battle -- side pertinent your diet and you know they went out and got -- like -- -- And Daniel Orton the big -- that are never done much and you know there. It may not much. Their day in and -- build their content they're set up. To play a big scheme like the lakers and don't -- of particular interest and inconvenience eloquent speaker bench. It's pretty -- so I don't like Oklahoma City. I got to ask you this quickly and and I know about salary caps and cutting people and everything but still. From your relationship and being around Doc -- a lot. How would you compare him to what's going on over at the firm language to -- it Bobby Valentine. In interest -- just relating to players. -- Well you know under a lot of coaches -- sports and I have never seen a character -- coach quite like doc. In terms of relating to players it's it -- nick and -- because it yet their utmost respect. And yet they also the year that it in -- way and who is your command intention to commit respect. They will do anything for it will run through offered him at the same time he says you know I didn't you do that it. There may be some grumbling but they're gonna do why do they fear him. You know he just woodcock says. Because I think I think to go back to respect as much as anything else when. Quit when he went to sit -- and they know it well thought out that it has the best interest of the team in -- And it may not be in their personal best interest. But -- for the team and that's why they're there and that culture they have and it really you know really it's it's a wonderful thing to watch in professional sports it's rare isn't something that you should all the. Do athletes like. Do their homework in like in other -- stark has the has the cash he's played in the league in what he's dumb but this team. Mike Allen time we know about you know his cash shape our lack thereof or what he's dynamite he hasn't done did you think players in -- course play as assessed enough space that. The players know this dark cat Danny as dark as the Andy's backing him and as well as the ownership. Wears red Valentine. I don't sense that the players sense that he has the same backing. Well you know the big day and I think that you know and -- -- corporate about -- -- -- catalog of everything either they disagree. But it -- -- Away from the locker you know look at disagreement but working out of my help that's really what makes it's helped it. They actually quite all the time they are between themselves but it rarely rarely get out. You were you rarely -- that's why you know public realm a people start you know what why how we're going on -- -- -- what he's saying bubbling below the surface but yeah I think. The fact that the Celtics organization is you know hand and right now that goes along way in term the terms of keeping control of and -- Plus also -- to continue that power rankings if you have a Miami and Oklahoma the top where have the Celtics. In that. Our great collection about it yet. You know -- don't -- -- think pitcher -- and a better regular C power and we might be closer to number ten and number one. But you're talking about playoff power ranking. Right now I don't think that it the second best team in the U. In the playoffs it their -- And -- bakery and a lot of people -- -- -- think it says that they're gonna take a big slide this year but I don't think matchup to matchup eerie eerie. Edit and that is up -- that -- is going to be but the -- met in the past Miami and I think to date has. A bit of a hold over other squad you know the older kind of them in flocks. The pacers I'm not sold on yet and Brooklyn until they're going to be much much better but they haven't done it. Amstel dealt watching I agree with you liking that Howard now has become the villain of the NBA this is -- handle everything that is coach fry it nannies also played the lakers now but even before that don't think -- -- coach -- and then he cuts out. But the other pod is with with LeBron winning. In him in the Olympics and the other night he put up a great game for them. Do it at do you think he's recovered his image now and people no longer going to be used as judgment on on on him. Sir I mean not -- not and -- more for the innocent women and especially winning the way he did it where he could control that -- here you had a monster game. Attempt really to control the NBA finals who played well when Obama took it. You know about you you you know if anybody redeemed himself he couldn't have done it in a more spectacular. Convincing way than LeBron any -- the good fortune of having the Olympics I don't type of this is like the year that -- -- and redeemed in its home for everything that happened before. And Dwight Howard -- here -- the first -- and Howard has certainly. You know -- -- -- -- there will be complex I mean let you know -- I'm a bit -- -- player I do not like the way you handled his business the past -- -- -- and -- I think that David Stern -- and company have to do figure out a way to stop. Further issues like this from happening because you know we we understand what happened. With the other players like like. Mellow. And in in players who will themselves to other teams when they're under contract to another team and and I think the NBA really has to find a way to stop that. At the way up now and they try to tell you that nonsense very blocked out they're gonna stop it which was the chairman -- -- And they can't stop it because -- the player on our it is without players UK where you can not win with a team of good players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- None. You you can't stop you decay and that the belief that they're not wait for advertised but I will. Is -- going to be successful in Houston. I think so I think so I think you're good player I don't think you know we're gonna people infinity and I think he's a good player. He's in a situation where he just told you player and not have to write this day. I think for him it's fantastic I think for him would the exposure and and he couldn't even leave his house he had to be in -- -- half the places he went. He was not having any kind of a private life at all. Yet if from the knicks perspective was not a colossal mistake I mean the guy delivered on the court he stays healthy and all the marketing possibilities and everything else. I mean they are being penny wise and pound forward from my priest now. Yeah unit for the next that would -- video. And not only that but I mean I think it is in pretty much -- end of the rope and a great helping. I'll just -- it right just because they went out celebrated. Jason Kidd just because they went out and celebrated afterwards. Yeah yeah when a PR disaster on outlaws. No doubt that there any element belting a little work we're currently. -- -- fake it -- But the but the eight ball we've. Share your insights as usual and will low -- watch that next article on WEI dot com. I -- great thanks while Paul Flannery joining us some Sports Radio W.

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