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Friday, August 10th Whiner Line

Aug 10, 2012|

Kirk vs. Haggs, plus John Lackey loves double-fisting.

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Views excusing views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like these -- TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- Us now you want your. Well let me tell you about I mean the people in this -- -- -- Lives in Baltimore. And I'm I'm always -- about the last three days and now lives in Baltimore -- tried to hang around the practices -- -- said he was opposed earlier buddy rice wanted to work in the NFL he has no credentials to work in the NFL they are just hung around. Nobody ever hired in the WEEI. Warning airlines he reaches out to everyone. I got a sister in Burlington junction Missouri. So when we took William Perry back in 8485. I talked or two days later she said why do you take the front hit dial 6177793535. But I mean -- try forgets to your sister he gets to your mother he gets to everybody whiner line listen to him trashing people this guy can't do this this guy's dumb. Just I can't do that. And unfortunately some of the college coaches out there think that now. Piper is part of the National Football League inner circle and -- and now I have -- Three minutes to take a shot back at him WEEI. And we will win regardless of what -- 5% from the whiner line. Bitterness there -- well built opened. Strong with people got a sister in Missouri. Yesterday it -- you know that -- Adams no carryover will get your sister. -- to go ahead perhaps it expects that. He'll get the despite my appreciation picked up the call all the wars the -- a lot of power by AT&T WE I live is available on your iPhone android or Blackberry device. Brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to -- About Janet it's roughly at about ten yards just to -- right yeah nine less than eleven AT&T rethink possible. Still that would I don't know -- line. Coke Coke. And this message. -- Candidate would really work they -- Could. Got a more. All did you agree with -- Q did you shut up Klebanov during football season accident years of chat chat -- The suckers of plants are now. I it's okay. Yeah. Sexy criticism Joan at right outside figure. -- full circle. Able to beat off. That's just how. I don't notice I did say that inning when they are completely out parts I don't know. Well -- you know master based government may be. I am so Warner and I can't wait to see to it sounds so wrong when he says that stuff to me. -- It's he. Everett not but not actually put this -- obviously. You've -- the way to decide that the speed of flat board of the brand new. Why don't let that go I don't want. You know one I think that's why does it matter that she should -- the terms. You're doing his job. If he beats you can. You if you beat him. Oh vote anyway and your -- anyway you guys just let the jobs okay. Here's how it works Michael. I don't shore yet so you have to do the flash if you lose an awkward problem. -- -- Absolutely come on -- started my Asia. Is it. You know that. But -- benefit of -- time and when you have not been -- typical balance that tomorrow and a couple. And that. Frustrated what was CEO of the attic and when he does golden palace -- golden shower that was Colin Powell that's how banana exactly and Nazis. Monitoring my about. But and but I don't. If anybody knows about this thing it would be -- -- -- -- Yes check our candy strippers to promise -- -- in the early -- answered all the questions and direction. Your double dip. Into. And -- you learned how to do it -- That our current college what the hell are you doing an hour. And this this I don't get it -- always references drinking Beers in the shower college. Something that never you know that that's a great question I would actually hold any reference to. To which. You work -- here part. Which drink -- which I guess it's likes of them -- get ready to go routes that season time. You should now. Cree -- polishing his arm because the college me really thought about punctuality and college you going out always got to be there exactly -- -- -- -- -- -- But yeah my. Candidate Bill White and not inherited -- mud ball game goes hey hey mom people are tracked and killed nobody else job. -- -- All cancers than Mikey I inning how does a poll shows on. You know in the past American -- -- -- not not you gonna stay above it gonna take the high road out to scams -- that Pallet -- like Turkey. A particular -- that this -- thing he did too I heard yeah without Danielle you took the high -- time which -- -- and what well it's remembers it always doubt little packet so it's lower than it was even through third I would say it's it's it's fine. It's except -- -- -- to what you get is not about IQ right if yours sportswriters actually average. -- You were allowed to count you know from elements -- will deserve I apologize. I don't find it ironic that went golfing fan boys Dale Arnold the biggest ball watching. Got that they rob swab and about the media got guys get great -- Michael -- autograph. Hate mail I'm pretty sure you have somebody got a lot more than an autograph -- today. Texas. By the way. You guys have never heard of shower -- come on showing underage this is I drink -- in the shower all the time. You guys are out of touch. Always brought -- -- to the shower with me I don't -- leader and Syria to wash yourself one -- it cold cold beer hot shower amazing really. That -- makes sense to test matches score with just -- for five minute shower drink your yeah. Once removed -- miles cam at some music and that. You all very surprised. WB PI have to promote good at all. Kind of fed could happen even bought them. They're gonna pick a bank that Michael -- paid for the big show -- you Robert good outcome Soviet it was. Good television us. I'm thinking meteorologist -- apparently had a Hulbert. Dug in at the lot pay up to it and and this that doesn't say and that I was stormy wound up. I've done this guy should shower with a beer you don't like you know -- ever got out packets across I've watched him many times I do like -- Sizable or more hot shower and a cold beer at the man thing to surprise but knows about it. -- But maybe you do about it -- about -- era where adult human being alive. I'm going back my only that they -- have a portable. My average it brought back not because it was thought well. I don't vote on it quiet because of the thought well I'm happy I did -- in the go back because of -- -- well. Dustin Pedroia a quiet at night creek or what but don't cricket board but -- -- well but most importantly. I got so bad that must be gotten out. And that. There as men. Your phone yet I have is set to ring that sounds like a fly noticed. I don't it's our bodies thankfully. Public -- -- during the current edition of -- brought. You'll. You'll need to -- I I feel sorry for you guys are excellent odds are. I feel about that maybe this -- call that accurate -- -- Jim -- do. Much for humans and to care to get original frank honest and somebody's doing -- now Christian that's for a cause the -- Did it to us. -- interest to do is we have put into that -- out. In the -- -- -- Her child -- work fine supported her. Yeah I don't I read about -- if you guys do everybody. It's very badly because. And all the time Paul's ringing off -- I don't forget tune in next Friday it's free ticket Friday you get three chances to win free tickets. Here on WEEI. With mud Malone and -- and tell him here in the picture tickets to one thank you very much threats -- follow your team did the first place team. Did you pick them up as I don't think well you picked up. There a couple of things that entered into the may not have had an -- solace you're sliding under the radar here but -- I did. You're is you're backing away from the vehicle -- -- -- and it was a croak you were on board but you didn't know Beckett was what last week it crow broke. -- go I think it goes wrong about -- not Fall River and I have been positive and everyone else -- on the Red Sox don't have to -- up. Or drew more prepared. People probably normal -- -- And he called him and Steve from Fall River. Right cause every night -- dynamic doesn't it yes today gives Sarah smiling update. -- over you don't get a -- of British BS -- kids bright background as far as I'm here Ross. -- Originally due to their business until you and the ball. -- -- -- A week ago that the line -- read -- and caught in order to create web. One trader at -- strike back all of our players. People trying to treat -- like -- as an example Bob I apologize. Quote known as. Hit my Howard you have to do it off of handle garbage and it could take. And message. The first round pick out of that are diagnosed several first round protected -- lottery protected. Goodbye little black dot -- -- and -- have had been relevant -- ten years ago. Don't go all the way. And cool pointedly go to governor bill rocket attack squadron of -- not -- Well -- always beat -- also aren't touching very. Interesting lives and to think that while. I don't know who have a bigger like. Updated below president. -- -- talk about -- down there there again Randy Babbitt again. And it seemed excited I think Havana and I get the sound -- -- -- this time creaky. -- told equities -- -- entering. Sounds nice textures. Like British encouraged created. It'll be sounds like -- thousand -- creaky telecast from the porch and everything else like it should have -- this Maalox moment. Bob crap -- I'm sorry I wanted. A little boy and now that we've agreed ball Gallup area. I think that don't have an effort. -- -- And an. Interest in people. Out there it I'm -- he deserves that reputation giant counter. Sleazy. Alex stop and. What bit. What did support of collecting double it appears well but I got to go off. But boy they're back page both boys are back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It has -- -- happy about. I hit my putt at. It wasn't about and that. That couldn't ask and I had gotten I have a big deal out but I give Alabama. Apparently and my. -- you know rock and pat and I think. That put everything is. Yeah at going to be. And that. I think -- be allowed anyway that ruled -- literally put it. Based these are full grown men right now a drive through the Banca assumptions that he'll be blues and is serious this is sucking it pitching this -- at all times -- it's it's it's it's it's their workplaces. Did that in 58 models appear on the office. If he would probably again. Did they want outlet passes it around 50059. Bottles of beer on the law. And a potential. Great thing is user edit yeah right Jesus didn't follow the usual pattern but you know potential. I don't don't anger in the that's not. Added there. I don't know that -- beautiful. Back. Who who's as opposed to me Lackey as your opponent is whack job actually -- him. This one's called the Allen -- Stay in the just about 100. Okay. Boom I hit Iron Man but he's clearly none -- -- lose and here. Burn. And the. Okay. This. Water. There. You liked it to the left is on he's on a minute I'll show. That's a great video Cuba as respecting that you know he's as panic to -- the girl married woman's. Aren't you even like these videos. That's a great army we're as it does accordion -- have a video with -- to -- and maybe maybe next week there's a lot of firepower by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink process.

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