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Aug 10, 2012|

Jay, Bruce and Dave discuss the top stories in professional and amateur, local, national and international golf...plus interviews with some of the top Golf Pros on tour.

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Now it's time for the southern New England golf show featuring -- Emeka. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- morning and welcome to another edition of the golf so Sports Radio that you guys legitimate go the golf ball lakers' guys. -- fitness the editor of southern New England golfer magazine that we're going to be talking in this first segment about the new issue that's going to be on newsstands tomorrow. Also we have in studio -- -- -- Morris junior the executive director of the challenge cup. Got a great show for it in our second segment we've got some breaking news so you don't wanna miss our second segment with Steve Feinstein who's the president of the RIE. GA in our third segment we've got TJR clear who's the interactive producer for PGA dot com and always joins us has some great insights. To the PGA tour we're going to be talking about Ryder Cup Ian PGA championship. In our fourth segment we've got Jeff dances from -- in his golf. And a gentleman great so this morning but breaking news in our second segment we can't break it right now. Lots. Absolutely incredible. Yeah -- listeners should definitely stay tuned. It's I think you know. It is tonight's boon for the from around golf association or blown open. No clarity on an incredible field the players in the change -- format two or three day event as opposed 54 holes and Judy is. Terrific venue wind I think that we're gonna see if you are golf fans out while watching the event. Absolutely you know something I hate when news outlets do that -- Unfortunately we're gonna make you listen to the second segment joining us from Cranston country club is bruised -- And Bruce -- got another issue of the magazine coming out some great stories and another great addition. -- it on the street right now are you -- your favorite golf course. The world will be delivered today LB delivered tomorrow. Beating but it's -- golfer were outstanding. On. Almost all the retail shops that you can find it it's. Forty pages it's packed with a lot of good stuff. And what are we were some of the feature articles we -- looking forward to offer this issue. Well Bob Dave did force sergeant. I covered -- operate equity media. Vote and they women's tournament and -- covered. -- -- winning the are Adobe. And it also covered the what these spiritual background. -- -- from California mission won the tournament so. Blog itself -- -- long -- we haven't -- story about -- -- He's. And a little bit on the nationwide tour. You made a Web.Com tour and not 46 years ago his father played in the first US its first US open rod too old to remember the name. And just did the same thing at the same -- open elliptical sell pretty good. And gasoline got to do another great issue of Sullivan and GOLF Magazine an obvious. On -- this a little ahead of time so we are on Thursday Ian in -- rowand who won the Massachusetts public links championship. -- It was close coming down the stretch. On the fifteen Foley made an eagle. He ended up winning by two strokes so. Another MGA championship from mr. -- drone. You know it's nice to see India are back in the winner's circle he got and the short -- there are struggling a little bit with his game not after he had won the amateur championship in. His brother Billy also masters at Sam Champion. In Ohio I talked to both -- billion India on its fusion and you know the older you get the more you have -- in those responsibilities it becomes a little bit more difficult to be successful with golf I'd I'd expressly day in and day out not. You know one of our local guys Bobbie we appalled to disqualified for the US -- there -- gonna become -- a Dutch soon so. Com you'll be Beatrice and see how he you know law works with then you know PM we like five because. There are two different in our commitment you know you lose some of that time you have to practice and we're not in our. North and that's that's part of the reason why have all these young guys who are really so successful. In order all levels of the game on the don't have those commitments. Ambrose so this is the fourth of five issues of southern only golfer magazine panel on Monday we got a chance to enjoy TPC Norton and you know for golf fans around New England the Deutsche Bank championship. Are really brings out the top 100 players in the world so long we've got something to look forward to a couple weeks. There's no question about it I Keegan Bradley who are without immediate -- although teleconference are observed in our -- -- -- -- their second trial. So well he couldn't. Golf and not deal it's worked as a ballplayer that TPC -- I'll larger number he started out real well and assembly -- the second -- -- missed the cut you know the big event. Bradley brigade here so we speculative that it here and it's getting closer. This is I'm right almost for the Ryder -- so -- a couple of great tournaments well that could be the one that determined that. There was almost a big announcement that the media day are so tomorrow I think want to spit those words are out but unfortunately he couldn't tell us. That Deutsche Bank would be backdrop for more -- he almost all but said there would be an announcement during the tournament and it sounds like things are looking pretty yet. The problem EM CR salute that presenting sponsor said look like forty years then it's the greatest news for. Sports and go to enter on this it's a there's a wonderful tournament -- -- was saying about Labor Day is that well really it's probably it's as well well it's it's our area and something to be really proud about. And dollar remember last year -- Keegan I mean he hit the in practice rounds on the -- team Paul. He headed in you know with a driver and a seven iron in competition he. He bogeyed that first two days I believe you missed the cut by one stroke so. You can really like the one all for -- you last year in the playoffs -- was eight people which have been easy for him. Yeah let's talk about that whole -- and talking to Eric Baldwin last week you talked about that whole have been redesigned you guys want to loan officers a little bit about how it's different from last year well. It's really different about at -- but not. Let us that it's it's it was a half a dollar last year it grew out of political terms it was -- -- half -- dollar and balances -- -- It's absolutely incredible. How much of that Green Bay typical way in Bruce I don't think there was a level flat putt anywhere on decorating. Well it is and they actually made a little area in front of the green. Where you can run it up now but once you go over that green. But it looks like a lot of these are we still designed without. The he did you talk a different kind of caught the right and I -- Or eight feet off the bat an -- it because I know other people it close but. It it really is different and and it -- said he should look like a victim eagle there and there will be -- but they'll also be some other that are that cool or course. And what they're doing. It is I'm seventeen and eighteen they're gonna haven't liked Augusta National can. Actually go see it on the ropes so you'd sit on the ropes and it's Kristi took all. Three under Monday it's a great. That's a great ticket purchased. Absolutely on the eighteenth hole a it went from 65000. Square feet to 41000. Square feet so order order. -- -- Its a ball compared to well last year -- Guts of Leo -- choruses and you know outside of that eighteenth holders -- Very few changes but you know Bruce when I noticed that -- again it's he has to play last year original around but Nancy -- start to hit some shots. In and the Arab bloggers just about placed in every I mean at some thirtieth 257. At 262. On the left on the right you really have to think your way around a golf course. Well you're not there's. Well like I've heard it below electric -- not. Negotiation I'm gonna go in and I think it not necessarily a bomber there -- it's definitely changed from one -- -- first quarter were they just hit it long. Are you gotta play ball and -- they've got a lot of that brokered with that you're on the amendment to well but it can get troubled though that didn't -- it. Absolutely and though was one of the spoils applying. And being part of the -- we do get a chance to get out there and play it was good to. Hear from Keegan Bradley and he knows a -- he's on the outside looking in he thinks he's got an. You know he's gonna play well enough so accumulate the points but. A weird you know com. I'm just thinking is if if Keegan does is ninth. In the points for the Ryder Cup and doesn't get chills and my I think New England is going to fall into the ocean. Because we're all gonna be upset him not make America. I think you've got it you know you get -- it and you don't play well and intended as much that I need to play well there. To show our gave -- -- bit I'm I'm Libby of the spot -- He also said he thought he'd be in the top eight by the time it was -- -- as he felt pretty confident that game go and not go forward for the Lexmark. They're listening to a golf so on Sports Radio W -- -- I would say it may go -- bit there and Dave Matamoros generic and today and tomorrow are. Newest addition of tests any golfer is going to be on newsstands. And you also wanna stick around at least for our second segment because we have a major news announcement concerning. Next week's Rhode Island open and well lot of things going on locally golf butts hey we got us to look forward to the PGA champion. And as much as he does not -- back to the site where you want last year. He still is defending him. -- you know it's an entirely different golf course and there's a lot of pressure on him I think probably almost the most pressure of his Korea are are going into that event. Com you know as a lot at stake -- is defending champion and also our Ryder Cup spot is on the line so. You know in a perfect world. Aren't in his hit in a not so perfect groping him I mean occurred. The wrong set of circumstances happen. In two could be on the outside looking in I mean I certainly think he's -- he deserves a shot on the to represented on the United States. Might think he's proven himself over the long hall lawn. In dom I just I think the elements of his game. And also law also has personal makeup I think would bode very well on -- you know to India member of the team so. You know I hope by hoping grab -- spot on the team but this certainly a lot of pressure. Absolutely a lot of pressure and -- -- still a lot of flaw in a lot of good golf to go we're almost you know we're into August straight now ends Latin next week to Rhode Island. Open is going to be played and then we have the PGA's championship to look forward to the playoffs and Bruce we talked about the pros going through a great stretch and I -- great stretch for us is playing four days in a -- But for these guys it's going to be like 7048. Or seven of nine weeks if they're going to be if they're also on the Ryder Cup and in the playoffs. I think that's being a Ryder Cup the year as all of Geithner playing all of the other. FedEx. And then you know sometimes it's harder -- one and other people it's -- sit in. Not this year and also they've got. It was a great englishman and an -- Great Britain people and Rory Rory and elect would and there are declining so. Soviet debt that within it and Wharton toward -- -- viewed as well as well I think -- who are irishman up -- -- over. I know you're on assignment and another tough golf course today so go ahead in no -- out Bruce and will soon. Grant and then boy it's been great city and not I was the only one of our ports and that put on the island greens I get pregnant right but -- -- -- I don't know that that article on this issue about he would forward that. Was on the PGA of America and then a couple comments about it I'm not formally bird it's. Great ideas that didn't get older and there's a try to look at it says. Riding that since it what you believe that the court should should be playing and I think to be a little bit surprised -- what you -- it's. I think I should be put it out there the 800 yards and we're not doing that I need to. I soaked week in studio. -- are there will be there that's -- right. We come back we've got some major breaking news concerning the Rhode Island golf open next week. Will be right back to listening to the golf so on Sports Radio WE. Now back to the southern New England golf show with -- -- may go on Bruce that there. And gave Adam -- junior. Welcome back to the so Sports Radio W media I would say to make go and David animal owners junior. Our guest this segment -- Steve Feinstein who's the president of the RIG today. Is also president of the challenge cup and Steve thanks for joining us here on the golf so my first. Question to you is. You know and I I speak with David every week it seems like these kids from the challenge cup each and every week. Our win in bigger and bigger of events. Well I think -- a great promoter. Junior golf but also letting the world know how well the local kids. I do it and by the way today at segment to be back and show again -- I am amazed by how many people who I know various. Places. Listen that they show it here all things that you guys start event that you guys are really hit. It'll -- month but no question about it. All right -- we gotta get to the real news sick as your whole non to a big notre -- listeners and dom. Is going to be a special our guest participant in the Rhode Island opened and it's also a little bit about who without participant is in -- it came for wish and. Well. I think let -- on a good field approach to begin let's and Acosta play and a change of format which would probably start about a minute. As gently encourage -- opposed to play. -- but one never silence on the who has spent a lot of time here. Much of it because it's such as well instantly challenged governments and other things. Billy Andre. I believe this is the first announcement. Very they had committed to play in the Rhode Island open. While I mean absolutely. Incredible. And really this is gonna get everybody talked to him Lou this weekend is going to be quite a -- on day. I believe that there is Steve is -- alleged -- country club prepared for the onslaught of fans though are becoming our next week to to watch the open. I think I'm gonna be calling people like grandstand -- -- that they can do. And it. Steve I can't talk a little bit of -- other tournament I mean -- every year I look at you heard -- golf association schedule in the Massachusetts golf association schedule and I see our support of alleged monitors. Often not only those two associations and and fortunately for the challenge cup. We're on a superb. You know one day event for the kids and when -- junior Ryder Cup which attracts all topped our junior players from the early the northeast corridor. On -- -- -- -- little -- about the club's commitment not to amateur golf and in -- to competitive golf because you know you have a pro men armed. Well you'll have a 144 participants. And now the format of the tournament is changed to three days and they -- just really speaks volumes of the commandment that you guys are. To this tournaments or rather in the Colombian shut down for two days in which has been the norm for most Rhode Island opens. Now we're gonna see a three day event which I know the pros. Are just thrilled about. Well I think in the last number is the attitude of legend has changed. Today. Selfishly without my explode pledge until all populations but I think also that -- very much wants support gulf of support local golf. And support -- golf so they have made the course available to we're ready groups. Certainly the RGA is our you know -- organization. Area. We did not annually that are called upon. China hosted of that whenever we can this is this system that are special to be sure. I thank the members of thrill that we're going to be hosting an event and number of people are often volunteering -- things like that so reluctantly looking for real successful event and speaking has so it's alleged that the moment. Now Steve are the dates of the tournament her next start Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday is -- correct. That is stretches they want then it's going to be it's you know each day with -- cut after those two days and a cut through. Not exactly sure how many people by the third there will be extremely competitive because those are -- people the best school. And Steve voted defending champion is a mark Stephens not only the defending champ but also -- ounce cup player. Horror. That seems that is happening in every event in New England or outside the challenge -- -- their. Taking other world. Steve was pretty special moment last week are for alleged month in our country club in Darfur you was well. For our listeners who are not aware. Our alleged -- has started a phenomenal. Junior program under your recommendation. I believe it was a few years ago -- program was initiated. The end. -- month had the thirteen year old win the Rhode Island in junior golf association title which is an amazing fact I think it's a youngest are competitor that's won the event. And you became the second winner. From large -- of an RA GA competition you being the super senior champion can you talk a little bit about what that means. Are not only to the club on the net and we're obviously talking about will Dixon -- do -- go very bright future out of -- Him on but you talk a little bit about what that means to the club and and and also to you personally. Well at first saw it it what that was direct is that. Can see the idea of establishing what they call -- our affiliate membership they obviously start comedian and you might expect those. Extremely supportive and then. And did everything I could encourage its. And -- there are now as many as twenty there is doing this you have. Really amazing access to golf course and pick up -- improving. Incredibly because of what they can do all of and it's a very good place. Well it is -- did not start electron is about now get. Cut ST there analyst extremely successful -- was or playing. -- before it ever join -- silently failing him and I have become very good friends and help them as as well is challenged at anything that in -- do live -- I -- And -- and if they ever Ballinger is. I -- I am as far as his alleged like gators doing so well. But for all or alas so it would have been medalist as it is he shot 71 off the metal storm and and 13 cup match. Being one of the best albums in in injured Jake bowed to a one in the semis and then just. As you've got office say got its own in the final shoot on 29 on the front side that was sort eight birdies and eleven apple. Important index there was opponent just it's. Nobody nobody could it was stated that that challenge will be comes that you just mentioned. Almost two years the youngest player ever that's. Ever whim of around juniors and let me understand this that I am I'm -- thrilled that this see the support congratulations that the members alleged. Have a court it will it really it really makes me feel very special that we've done the right thing. Certainly a lot can happen over the next few years but -- his position quite nicely to -- join a few other golfers. Not have won the Rhode Island junior three times that potentially even surpassing. The likes of Brad Faxon. Brad Malloy in and Tom Cunningham. I mean that's pretty. I mean just to be able amongst though the factions of boys my brother brown out of mourners Hambrecht where agrees in just out your name on the team -- is impressive but. This young man I mean it's conceivable that you know each of the next few years he's he's one of the front runners went. I think you and I agree that. He could be the next great you know coming out of RI obviously. And thirteen year old doesn't necessarily keep going but he seems to have all the tools and intelligence. The -- -- support of family and everybody else. I think you're gonna hear a lot of little action and the coming years. The listings of adults so on sports radio and to do the I would Jane in Mexico and Dave animal was junior. Our special guest this segment is Steve feinstein's president of the RI GA also president all of the challenge cup and of our listeners have haven't heard. Bob Billy injury and has committed to the Rhode Island open next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday its -- -- month. And Steve. Obviously have -- up really integrated where some of the other top pros -- replaying next week. I have not looked at the list I must invest or it probably is in possession I think they'll adult conversation with David recently. -- and you gonna help may not answer that. Well I mean I have some of the job microphone who's committed on our says is unbelievable I mean with two weeks in a -- now -- we've got a commitment from. One of -- you know the best local players on this area. Mom dodge -- Cisco will be planned Nam my -- born. It's going to be a star studded field Mark Stevens is back to defend so. You know just in looking at the list of players I mean it's it's tough for the amateur sector players to do an -- to this field just because. You know I think this change in format and philosophy armed by the roundup association Bob Ward in and really that the association -- should be commended because this is really the way that stayed open should be coordinated and Ron. On and done he's done a terrific job with this. And I think you panacea are in on outstanding tournament and then for the local fans on you know issue really -- to -- mono watches -- gonna see some outstanding golf fluent. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is like tomorrow normally plays is a par 71 you guys gonna do anything differently as far as course set up goers and and and Norwalk par would be at the course. Believe baucus talking in -- GA event the past they've taken at number one college is an original -- but it. -- we're gonna make that a war which would make par seventy. On the course and -- -- accept it I just did so research in advance of being interviewed and down. We're worried that our court strike it would just 64. Is going to be challenge we've had 460 fours. In that they are the the one that occurred in there I'll open a few years ago as one final. And some of our local gyms that Dana -- and -- Leah falls and shot 64 and a former pro. Actual for a few years who probably one on the PGA Joseph Bryant Abbott. Does 64 has a target number I mean a lot of what retirement by stories about dissent directed. Steve you know can you just talk a little bit about what are the differences as as. Obviously Bob is an executive director of the round golf association in using charges did to day operation both -- listening audience. They might say were what does a president to for the renowned golf association Warner ordered his responsibilities. How long has determined can you just give us of -- brief description of the responsibilities. Well that's the term as one year. You. At some undercut deputy president until they have shown the support of the organization and the ones -- help out at tournaments anyway possible. At a certain point you -- recognizes its future. -- have a president and dumb you go under the operating committee Democrat for a couple of years and again if you continue their. There's still let any deal is the right thing. He gets -- and that's what I did -- and -- -- -- -- distinct take steps there. -- but in truth. Although we set policy of operating committee on the board on the discuss lots of things. We take most of my recommendations from Bob -- He's tremendous executive -- things get as someone. Without seeing everywhere and. It's really the staff but warning. And -- Montana. And Kate and in turn I think it's a very. Did it feel it day in and day out are determined to run them and enlist the help well all of us volunteers to. The maker -- Are thrown out thank you very much for your time I have one closing question are any predictions. For the Rhode Island open either score or winner. Our -- got a live I -- that like a bombing -- the data itself spot. It's unbelievable. I think he would be a threat. But lately at all is. It's is he plays their regularly remember alleged my I would not really embodied minorities manager Billy Andre are saying that -- recently. I don't know what other street guys. We're gonna screw up. That's what's your winning score winning total. Australia John -- I cherish very. I didn't say. Eight under our. All right Steve we're gonna -- his eight or nine under par and Lola definitely check in NetSuite. And would give the total results all of the Rhode Island opened up thanks for joining us once again Steve. It's a legendary Eric Franklin. All right Steve Feinstein who's the president of the GA and once again Billy -- has committed to the Rhode Island open next week. Our tickets are -- you're listening to the golf. Listening to the golf show on Sports Radio WEE. Now back to the southern New England golf show with Jay in Jamaica -- -- And gave Adam -- junior. Welcome back to the -- still on Sports Radio but you need -- I'm Jane -- the golf ball -- -- joined in studio with -- Matamoros junior. The executive director of the challenge cup and I always look forward to our next guest. Who is the interactive producer for PGA dot -- to teach -- -- clear TJ. Bomb. At -- played TPC Boston the other day which means. The playoffs arrayed around the corner but we -- before we get to the playoffs let's talk a little PGA and I know Keegan was the special guest therein. He's looking forward to. Defending his title. You should you know I mean he's done something that I think only three others are two others before I'm done. And that was to win a major championship and the first truly did that last August at Atlanta athletic club in the PGA championship and you know you get three more majors under his belt since then finally got to play the masters US open and British Open with mixed results but. Now he has -- the mile and you know defend your -- in much the masters is unlike any other term it because you're not returning to prevent that you actually order so. He'll be interest in the field he can reforms can -- you know after those peaks but he adds all last year he's got a couple go to this here then. Much more consistent with the commissioners but just hasn't had. You know the wind so far this -- and so. We'll -- that up please go to Q island but I know he's certainly excited he got to look at the immediate -- Back in March he liked what -- and total interest in Chile as. How much press you think is on him prone to the Savannah immunized I think it's twofold foreign TJ you know first of all is defending champs -- this pretty our expectations there. And right now I mean I think most of us feel like he's a lock for the Ryder Cup team but based on points. He is not a -- so much pressure do you think Kerry's two down going into this event. Well -- I think he -- a lot of pressure I mean I'm sure there's nothing more that he wants them to be on the US Ryder Cup team a lot of people feel like you got snubbed on the presidents cup team last year I felt you should have made the team. But you mentioned he's on the outside looking and that after the PGA championship. -- have that copy with the automatic bid that'll make the team Keegan right now is a night. So he's on the outside looking in attention but. When I look at the list you know Davis Love there's gonna have a lot of pressure on himself for those four closing -- because. He got guys like change your crews -- Ryder -- stole -- -- on the outside looking and so is Steve Stricker number thirteen you get Dustin Johnson who. You know who worked for injury this year could probably be in the top five so there's three guys right there and of course Rickie Fowler. Who Davis Love every time -- speak to -- just race about the case you know we saw what he did it help yourself. You know I really think Keegan is gonna ask you it doesn't get into that. Copied automatically. He's gonna have to place and -- gulf between now and the picture made after Deutsche Bank championship. So do you think it's a realistic possibility that it's it's possible he might not make this team either. Well just based on the guys that are behind camera ignited -- -- said the Irish soccer and you're immediately comes to mind those are veterans who have played in several Ryder Cups. You know say what you will about how you know the American averaged fewer. All that well -- was not its -- well they are all we since basically 99 at Brookline and now they wanna know that Allah. But they just haven't played well but with so many young guys playing so well on so many new members on the team I do think it's been it's gonna try to find some veteran leadership. You're not gonna find much more better leadership -- guys. Sure well liked it just read -- headlines in the Boston Globe screwed yeah -- screwed it get a feel of the night and does not get it. All of flaw I think New -- -- set without one but. Let's talk a little bit so you know with the Ryder Cup coming up book but the playoffs in the PGA championship so. The terrorism toward the end of the year there's a quite a stretch of golf. On the PGA tour for these guys. There certainly is change you know a lot of people want and not the bigger players bigger names for not playing more throughout the course she's in but. I hate using the term ruling we're talking about golf because it is dull but I didn't. It is a ruling stretch of the Everett now located at the British Open two weeks ago stable World Golf Championship this week a major championship next week. You know -- regular tour event in their right into the playoffs and and for those guys. On US that have played well the last few years and on the European side that -- -- the Ryder Cup so. I mean you're talking you know fresh -- guys it's gonna be about ten weeks in a row and guys it's going to be eight of -- So you know it's really at that point -- these guys need to pace themselves and. You know just so little side note actually -- reaching out to Dustin Johnson a few days ago because. They put in a little for next week's Q I don't know all the bunkers are gonna play as waste -- -- sure that we don't wanna see -- -- -- I think straight when I try to reach out. You know his agent told me you know Dustin issues trying to not do anything right now he doesn't have you know can easily get an accurate. He gave him -- the PGA but right now he's just trying to limit all the -- questioner I think he's really really try to -- for these next several weeks. -- just talk a little bit about our QR I mean obviously it's an ocean course so mom you know the -- probably -- if there is any wind. You know the British Open I think we all thought they were gonna give -- -- in the days of golf. And three of the days were incredibly benign and then that the -- came on on -- -- well what's your expectation you've been down to the course. Oh what are your expectations for winning score with some of the guys -- you -- for the PGA championship. End in just stood carrying the Ryder Cup talk a little bit let's see somebody gut. How lucky you Bradley winds are there are the PGA championship. Does that create an even bigger. Our problem for Keegan Bradley if that somebody. In all and an unknown much -- he was last year earns a point in the event does that create even more of an issue form. Bullish last question first yes -- do you think he creates a problem because points are doubled the majors so. Hypothetically you could have a guy you know maybe its side and into the thirties are now on the rankings. Could bounce all the way up and that topped it with a one of the PGA championship. Again you could say it's not likely but as you mentioned with Keegan last year we saw him do just that you know -- bounced way up in the standings of course the point sworn as much as they are now. But you know he was a surprise winner and that's what came along with the forest killer -- you know we saw those conditions at royal and you know -- didn't really showing -- until Sunday. We have a situation here where the wind blows. The British Open to break out the PGA championship you know I mean that. -- gonna have some. If that wind blows that course is just going to be brutal. I -- to try and predict the winning score because they know what's gonna happen happens every major -- Olympic club. In any horse country to accept these players they complain about typical the court is and over par could win you know. That's never the case these guys I think you're just kinda -- themselves up you know that it doesn't seem as bad as it actually hurt but you know actually worsened and actually so. I certainly expect an under par score win if you look. As far as to LA may be surprised to hear this but there's going to be his first start since the British Open. I wouldn't be surprised to see Adam Scott pull off or Mac or -- -- last year after that crushing loss of the masters she bounced right back and one US open. I'm looking Adam -- I just think he handled it with such class. At the British Open bogeyed the last four holes. You know -- Greg Norman in 96 masters everybody's comparing it to that with Norman that whole thing was kind of a slow we know it started right from the start. -- started around you know -- -- -- -- it was bogeys. They sell those -- fantastic golf. Adam Scott I mean you made four bogeys on the last four holes he played outstanding golf all week. You're supposed to take bogeys and a British Open and unfortunately for him became the worst time possible. In everybody overlooks what Ernie Els still on disclosing four calls were cheaply wonder -- You know much -- birdie on people show. I like Adam Scott who it's not don't expect to win the PGA at least that serious contender. -- into the golf show on Sports Radio W the I would say tomato and Dave Alamos junior. Our special guest is TJ are clear who follows the PGA. Or PGA dot com. Our TJ well we're on the subject of Scott Mel's I want talk a little bit about anchoring in and we think all this is going around with these these plotters. Yeah -- know believe it seems like. It's seems like you are -- wants to do something about USG AGA wants to do something about it. My stance on it and so is and the stance you know it's my consent and it really doesn't matter but. I just don't understand what the big deal as I know that the you don't like anchoring whatever except it's the same rules for everybody so it's much of an advantage. I think everybody out there would be you know it certainly is resurrected Adam -- career there's no denying that. Except you know -- yield even as one of the belly putter at the British Open and. So before as long as they let me I'm gonna keep cheating of course it was -- -- he could not only that but. You know. Get everybody can do what I don't understand what the issue is you know we have these traditional Jews say you know eat it really can't do it. I get get that's how they feel except you know the game has evolved. He equipment if you're gonna do anything. You know he rolled back the ball and make it a little more actually don't have bombers you don't have these -- -- -- -- the other day yet these sudden 101000 yard courses. Trying to you can golf so. You know you can't let technology get away and I really think. They're gonna have a very difficult time trying to get the actual true even though they're trying to do it because the manufacturers out there are gonna go crazy you know there are the ones. Or could not all of my -- equipment. And now you know you have the ruling body can't take it so either except for -- for the pros and. Pitchers or you know saying you know what it's. It's legal record what you use a good start and managed -- All the US GA came out and said that by the end of the year they'll have a decision but the aren't they came out. It's -- listen we sit down every four years and we're not sit down until 2016. So I think if they wait. Until 2016. It's definitely not gonna. But definitely not gonna have any changes. Our TJ you know that the funny thing I find is as you know I think maybe with -- one of the first guys and I can remember that was actually using along partner. And and at the time I mean none of these guys are really all that successful it seems also that these guys have been successful by using this equipment. You know now now it's like whoa you know it it's. It's not the fashion statement per say and and then people are attributing the success of these guys to it to this equipment. And you know known about an argument with that before I mean most people looked out in laughter are you when he used a back in the data. Yes David you know back in the eighth day you know for the most part it was probably guys who either had back problems or were out of shape that we're using it. Many have guys which he can Bradley and Websense and who have been using it you know forever that's solely no. So I understand you know the logic behind it where you know tirelessly Gary -- the British Open a couple weeks ago and he's -- for. Getting along potter and the Billy -- because she thinks. It's extra nerves and that you know you got to control does he -- control your hand when you're trying to put everything I get that. Except when you guys have been brought up that way you know try it -- that's the equipment they've. They've known all along. I just don't think it's -- now that you have all the success with the potter. I don't understand they can certainly tell Adam Scott Ernie Els -- Keegan Bradley your web solutions he can't use that potter. One more question before with a -- -- jail last week the Canadian open Canadian open won by. Scott accuracy but everybody was up Poland or dirt Mcguirk and unfortunately all you need was. Or four to finish up we always like a new winner on the PGA tour but. You know was good these sirens afterwards. Not be disappointed for common in second he was excited -- listen I came in fifth I came in second. Hello Warren. Yes and it's a great attitude to have you know I mean these guys and urged out there a couple of years now and you know he's come close a couple times finishes. It's great experience for those guys you know not everybody is gonna come out and you know take over the adult world like. A -- Mac or are Tiger Woods straight thing you know they have to build up that scar tissue and I'm her I'm sure that -- finishing the way that he did last week. It's going to be a learning experience and it's only gonna help dollar. Well TJ we always X enjoy having you on the show when will be talked to within a couple weeks when you're at the PGA championship. Our report all right TJ are Claire was interactive producer for PGA dot com we're gonna take a short break. You're listening to the golf show on Sports Radio WEEI. Now back to the southern New England golf show with Jay Leno may go Bruce sit there and did that -- -- junior. Welcome back to ask ourselves which means that he unite as a reminder you couldn't listen to us Saturday mornings and had six. -- we also have a replay. At 8 o'clock on Sunday morning in his pro segment is brought to you by crest would country club and our pro joining us. Here in studio is Jeff dentists who is from Jeff. -- -- -- And next week he's going to be playing in the Rhode Island. Open. And and so not only are you one of the best teachers now you're gonna go out there and so it is students just how games play it. Yeah I mean that's where I started. And a plan. Innocent so early high school days and then went to college and in turn pro and -- had some success in the road down open finish second four times now wants at the golf course or plan this year. An and I kind of -- to golf clubs down for a little island study teaching all the top juniors and it New England area. Took can you talk to our listeners a little bit about what your process is as far as teaching because it's much different than most people you go to most people. Your column on the telephone and it's as simple Z gonna get a lesson and on where your dot in your process is a lot deeper on many of the top players from the challenge -- are you in even some of the collegiate players and on this area. You know you are seeing you present instructor. In I think they really electric furnace of your process do you talk to our listeners about you know steps that someone would take you know it's a competitive golfer on to improve. If I mean as a competitive junior or actually has just a weekend player. What I do that's different is I have a program that's called learn train practiced perform so it's the steps that you need to take. To get better to understand -- golf swing and be able to apply that to your golf game in in the spring summer and fall. So my thought always about teaching somebody how to become -- had to learn now works. And once they learn how to golf swing works on the -- practices. And it's very hard to practice why you trying to play so that's five years ago I started I built my first indoor golf facility is about 800 square feet. And in a year I was at another facility we move that facility were about and it 1718100. Square feet and into a 6000 square feet -- place. And -- -- -- in a big mill building in Warren. At 426 fitness and I brought the fitness aspect. In new whistler golf so now we have a complete program. Can we talk about the permanent because today happened in Vietnam on the reentry Q1 of my players needed a quick fix. And we were talking about some of the things that he needed to accomplish. He and we couldn't really get him into one of the positions that he wanted to get into because of the lack of fitness in this kid is actually a pretty good athletes so can you talk about the importance of. It's very surprising I mean -- a lot of the junior golfers and a lot of the you know cop collegiate golfers and all the golfers that I work with. You'll find that. You'll try to put him in a certain position in the -- and they can't get there and it it as an instructor to always been frustrating. That I would tell somebody I want you hand your elbow here in your hand man and they try and they can't get it there. And we get to had to be something. There was making them not be able to get there. And this summer I went -- it CPI which is a -- performance institute and they started teaching. The teachers about the body. I have a great fitness instructor at 426. She's actually miss fitness world back in the day she's very very. Athletics are very flexible so she can. Understand the fitness part I needed to go to learn how to communicate with her and say listen. I can't get this guy to keep his -- still moves every time which causes very instability in the lower body. She can look Angola that's because he's got that hit flexes. Okay so issue we take them through tests. With doing a couple of hip flexor moves like I -- Brian this morning on -- and it's just simple overhead and China squat or this. Candlelight yoga move called a pigeon and he couldn't even get close. And I have taken my gain through the same process where I never worked out for golf I never. But all these guys on tour now they're -- and that's why to the ball's going further this flexibility in their strength. So when I started to do that I started to see the difference in my ball striking ability and how much better guy. And then I started to apply it to my juniors I mean they don't like to work out. But they see the benefits so getting them in a winter program where they are not going out playing golf. And their stretching and getting stronger and -- monitoring where -- golf swing is. That's why my guys are coming out in his spring after their wintertime they're coming on the spring and -- win I'll turn it. You know it's it's very interesting to watch the program during the wintertime. And I really like how the players transition in what happens with the players that you're working with. Are when you move on to the arts is that the actual golf season. You know. During now the wintertime and watching the players they're working on every facet of the game they're getting that TGI training which I think is imperative really to being a successful player in developing consistent. Our team armed they're getting to work on their long game and have a fantastic short game facility inside their tour so they really didn't work on all the components of the gaming facility. Yeah I mean that's one of the things. That I always have been striving for is to have the complete facilities there for them. To be able to work on every aspect of the game. The new the new facility that we're building now it's called 360 golf factory. And that's what it is it's a factory we're gonna build golfers we're gonna build golfers. You know short stature tall stature. They need to be monitored in need to be built in the wintertime so we can build on the ship mosque the lines -- learning a -- playing in the summertime so it's. It's it's really got to be a real good process. It was into the golf so on Sports Radio WB with Jane and echo and Dave Matamoros junior. Our special guest in this pro segment is Jeff -- is from Jeff -- his golf and I have one question is. I know you work with a lot of good juniors deposits 125. Handicap that I go to you for help. Absolutely because it's just about learning the process of how to. Make a golf club work it out when I contact you and -- -- you can go right on Jess dentist golf and -- on the website Nance all of bunch of pictures of a book a lot of different people that I worked -- you can contact me through there. You know -- -- has also developed some amazing training is all of the students use during the cross of you know on their training. He and Don you know law I think you -- -- -- -- actually watching on one of the students prime Boller. We resort to what he was using one of the training games and really made it easy for me don't understand some of the concepts that Jeff was trying to get across because not everybody can stand in back of it's a video camera and just say well hey -- -- to be here aren't moral line you know for me on the type a guy who needs to hear something audibly you know for him to say. See something in an -- and I'm gonna keep the arm to be communicated with them and that in those terms not not looking at a camera so. You don't do a thing to treating you it's kinda they they help to fill the void of where you are a lot of people are just anti. They take a look at justice's responsibility you know like well that's great I'm supposed to be -- -- harming gonna get there in the training in that they really help to produce our. Yeah and that's that's the way to simplify the process like Brian's -- was there. And -- that's not a golf instructor he doesn't know about the golf swing. But when he had the training he and I can you explain to Brian and his dad where the training he should be and what it should look like and how it should work. His dad can see it. His dad can help him can't help guide him through that process. Of learning the proper rotations of the golf club so. There are a lot of machines out there and you see him all the time we get these k's ass and you get all these big machines and they're great. You know if you were able to go in there and use that machine every day awesome. But it's like an extreme machines you give me you know an extreme machine MRI machine they're great. But if you give me a picture of the next chairman our eyes are gonna do me any -- because I'm not a doctor. So the tools are really simple I mean a six year old can understand that tools it's a red ball yellow ball in the -- ball. Is there rom with the amateurs is there one basic problem and what is the most common problem. That's you have to work with with somebody just coming up street. The one word rotation -- golfers don't understand irritation whether it's the shoulders and hips the arms the hands. They just don't understand and it's not a difficult process. And it's not difficult to. Learn it or to be told it or to be shown it it's difficult to practice it and making it. Easy is I tell my students a lot of time it's like. You can add ten plus ten so that means you can add that if I say 7987. And ninety it takes a little while you stuff to think about it but he can end. So that's kind of process I can show you what the rotation is it looks easy for -- to do it because I've been doing it for so long. But we -- -- ideally you like what I gotta do that. Because it's difficult or different from yet for what you've done it becomes hard you do once you get it and understand -- -- on the range this morning. He was struggling a little bit but then when I left them alone and it kind of just let it CNN by the time we're done -- hit the ball really well. Now I know I talked to a lot of flow from players that are getting over fifty inmates feel of their losing twenty or thirty yards and if there was into the TV they -- get the newest greatest club. Blogs as somebody that's getting older and losing distance is that really just about club head speed. Well I -- club head speed. -- driver is what makes a golf ball go far. Most of the time -- is your ions is the -- they hit it -- -- it. You know I if I'm swinging a golf club at ninety miles an hour and I'm hitting it with fifty degrees of loft it's gonna go. Hundred yards as I'm swinging -- not -- speed ninety miles an hour hit it was 45 degrees loft. It's gonna go ten yards further. So a lot of leg offers as they get older try to make the club go faster and as the club goes faster increase is the loss to the golf club. So even Billy clubs going fast there. You're hitting it would more loft the balls don't shorter. The monster ball. Quickly to you don't have that fitness suspect him and he was ahead of -- time really with you know start new Yorker regiment and all that's up but I think I think. That the fitness even plays a role I mean I know as -- here and all the I'm not -- any more physically fit unfortunately and I think you know we've been talking about that in the Solomon I think it's it's important for the all the people you know to to partake in that thinness. -- -- Yeah we have a great group. That -- Butterfield runs at. As port 26 fitness. And we have a bunch of guys and then they're in their sixties and in a commanding she she builds a plan for them on their flexibility on their endurance. And it stepped up one at a time at a time so it's kind of individualized but it's all golf specific it's like I've never worked out in my life. On but I worked out for golf because I wanna be a better golfer I mean you go to the storm by 700 -- driver could you wanna hit further. But if you learned. How to Gosling works and your flexible and strong enough to hold 214 years in your midsection you're gonna hit the ball for a. -- once again if our listeners wanted to get -- -- you Jeff we're committee -- just gonna let it just can't as golf and now on my contact information as well as bonds are on the on the website and OK all right Jeff Flock thanks for joining us here on the golf so you gotta thank you. Right that's all the time we have for this week's -- -- -- you know -- -- though the golf ball -- guys. And you're listening to the golf show on Sports Radio WE.

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