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Mut and Merloni's Over/Unders: August 10th

Aug 10, 2012|

Mut and Merloni give their over/unders for the upcoming weekend

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Go -- some of real news older records all over. Now wearing underwear on Sports Radio WU. On the game that is sweeping the nation over under buck -- not a three point seven WE -- we take a look at the weekend -- some lines were degenerate gamblers like you are. And we take aside. Best of five we've got -- it to the week getting to play along at home we even texting your answer certain questions. On the eighteenth tee Tex lines at 85050 we are baseball having as we go through that right now. For the baseball teams still playing games the patriots couple weeks away from actual real games let's start the actual weekend three games left Red Sox and Indians. Lot is set at one and a half wins this weekend. For the Red Sox had gone over or under one and a half points and go to already split the series through and through that -- your best pitchers going to put everything on buckles that I. -- -- -- That the victims and their two best right now identical to a two without enough should've went through -- what this team. But to a -- will be a disappointment they gonna win two games as we can see I should go puke it's gonna be extra motivated now that Hagerty -- that story got to be the rallying cry. -- under one and a half wins they win one of the next three. In Cleveland on it apply to the buckled game tonight. The morale is -- Lester get taken down over the weekend but I just even against Cleveland this team has stunk against under 500 clubs on -- under. One and a half wins Friday Saturday Sunday Red Sox and arguments in a story about. Alex you're talking about this team just doesn't walking more -- we're gonna with three games to go to set the over under -- this weekend. Seven and a half seven and a half walks in three games we've got teams not walk and much. -- an -- trend is your friend right give me the under on seven and a half walks this weekend. They already faced the guy walks the most batters in the American League. They walked once against the Indians last night magically gonna be patient after 11213 games and not be impatient. In the under seven and a half walks Red Sox as we can against the yeah listen I'm not crazy bumps they're going over the seven and a half walks in three or four walks in one game. Kind of just creep your way to a couple the rest of the week -- with a goal over seven -- -- it walks like -- this week let's -- starting pitchers to get to your best three going buckles and -- -- Jon Lester. Wraps it up on Sunday to set the starting pitcher's innings. At nineteen and a half. Over under for the Red Sox this weekend I'm going over the at that saw last Buchholz is 08 I mean the guys their best pitcher he's been lights out lately. He's gonna carry me. You know you Lester is gonna get through six. Right morality is good for. He's good for six they Lester is getting six gonna get too sick to -- -- about 45 he's gonna get through six browsers can give you at least six so. Go to overnight Q&A half a point Twain when he a third point two thirds innings. After we tight buckle sleaze in the fourth tonight York's what that out the entire we all -- has gone done. And for obvious you've done but -- -- -- only seven and two -- a -- and under nineteen and half. The dot if I get six across the board my -- starting pitchers I still get this that I. -- of great value. In nineteen and a half things give -- the under even buckle schools eight tonight. Lester Rouse can get -- I I love the my favorite -- this weekend you meet under. Nineteen and a half starting pitcher and this weekend the Boston right now we got a major golf tournament this -- Q island South Carolina to -- PGA champion GA championship. Tiger Woods currently minus three Italy is at minus six -- that currently maybe if you go organic feed off there on TV but it that your so yes three off the lead. The -- -- both tied for fourteenth. Witness at the over under five and a half what does he finish. Five and a half top five or not I explain that to myself I believe -- -- gosh in the top five I'd go over. Five and happening you'll finish outside the top five illegal under going under. They give me the under on tiger was still tee off at 140 so -- still at three under leader still 600 -- the under I think he'll be in contention. But I -- -- -- any of the top five he's not consistently put together four rounds this year. And I get to a tournament like this at the wind kicks off -- he has a chance to go south real quickly given the under. Top five you'll not finished top five Tiger Woods this week I'm going top five from -- over the finish in the top five. Show some signs that he can do top five -- compete for that I -- European. That moving day today maybe tomorrow. You'll be -- -- -- Saturday's moving -- -- I won't be trunk -- he's gonna make the weekend how movement today for Vijay Singh real quick -- or four under for the tournament. Under today for sixteen. So BJ sings gonna be on top of that leaderboard in the mix now it was like that. Finally. -- made this one for awhile shall we do it three avoided. The jets play their first pre season game tonight against the Cincinnati Bengals. Ominous set Tim Tebow is total yardage now this is not for this is just rushing. And it -- quarterback and I guess he's a receiver that would count to oh yeah. Total yards for Tivo not rip off. Where you can always Tebow mania tonight jets and Bengals under who is -- five and up a pass for about what eighteen yards maybe run for about point 530 and be done. Under 75 an African -- this is going to be a first I'm aligning myself with the Tebow fan -- -- -- roll over so here I'm going over 75 and a half because -- not gonna play Mark Sanchez a lot. And -- all they ever Greg Mac or what they wanna know is what are we haven't Tim Tebow and went Tim Tebow sees a play breakdown he talks any runs. Give me the over on 75 and half yards and people I hate doing it. Taken assured off in the rain down their New York -- get it done tonight and over 75 and a half total yards for him not gonna happen this this series that -- -- one you know it's it's a over on -- or Friday you got immigrant played along on the eighteenth -- text line and a 5050 and look at such and such a great game. The Michael Holley admitted yesterday that -- Frank Morales pitched over the weekend he was thinking about our runners at Holly's brain. It's in your brain as well we thank you for taken part in the game.

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