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Kevin Millar: There is a problem on the Red Sox and the team doesn't appear to be panicked about missing the playoffs

Aug 10, 2012|

Kevin joins Mut & Lou to discuss the season long struggles of the 2012 Red Sox. Kevin thinks there is something disturbing going on within the team and says there should be no issue with John Lackey having a couple of beers in the clubhouse after last night's loss.

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All we are talking baseball with the guys there with our guy Kevlar on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible -- catch phrases is going global now Kevin I see your show intentional -- is doing a motion where if people tweak U videos. With your got a team catch phrase -- your show on those on. MLB is intentional -- now correct. Media operate at will pop art and it would be keeping -- having to go pick a team that is mostly where he goes again like now and like -- We want -- we want players. That. It can't look oh that's once. I mean you need an action likely to snipe someone mystery that scream -- team what it is that's got currently. Don't yeah. But I think about all of this talk that goes into. Late Tuesday to find a way to do them to do with -- -- And -- waited out do want people to get involved you are Red Sox fans the gym open again ball ball right now I might -- want it would it. -- your Red Sox bank -- it's been a tough stretch this team they're now one in seven. Against teams under 500 some signs after the game last night quiet clubhouse and the writers noting that this team. Let this -- start realize this is not going to be there year you played for couple teams in Baltimore that as they -- the bottom of the -- with their recognition. At some point that this is not our year what happens to a clubhouse can -- go the wrong way when that settles -- -- instincts and looting will cause that Andy -- this. Or in a clubhouse he looked around as much you're thinking hey let's go right -- we're still here. You know what I don't know what it is -- club just can not put something together I don't know army obviously reaching your talked about Beckett Lester and starts in the -- 1528 in their dark and all the stuff the numbers. -- -- -- -- The take away that old -- yeah. Their talent like you know you -- -- Adrian about it for a -- forty date equally rocks in the okay crawled on the -- -- sheets into the -- get back -- -- -- -- -- won't be helping you get meadowbrook that a great job there. We like a problem. And then you know what you want to thank you should not -- year he had that look like it because they're not -- I'll let my administration there's definitely no panic in the club. Although you said they're -- unless you sit there are good team Kevin I got it looked out at what point okay L what. So when that doesn't translate isn't that worse for baseball team to know they have talent and for whatever reason it's not showing up in the wins and losses column. We -- that's that's the worst thing you can do. You know when you have a great team on paper and you don't play your capability. Our Philadelphia Phillies are here. A lot that we are at commanders lose their jobs and that's the biggest thing right now looking at the Red Sox. There -- a problem now I understand that's part of that let's go back we'll quit about 68 weeks because point seven -- -- -- disabled list the most in baseball. You understand that and and that outlook that in reality. But now you better bring healthy and that -- the problem I don't know where this. LU played at some teams like Baltimore Toronto when he played in younger teams -- out of it. I was -- you organization just watched the team even closer right to see which guys I want to move forward with you know what guys -- still put in the effort. Which guys the other guys I like that are still being professionally even though or out of this team. Mean they still have some guys -- contract. We think that's going on to me that some guys that could part with that they see if a team that's out of every five or six weeks and see the effort stopped near the -- not there. It tells a lot I think of teams down the stretch when you Rodham. Yeah yeah it was my -- that people who don't care what card in your audio losing -- -- actor -- in her pocket and get ready for their Oxley compliance. It's the most disturbing part of -- not to -- Now that team got a chance to make the policies and mathematically they're right in the chart you know they actually -- -- or -- club gonna be erased all the way to the city and the Orioles eight victory. But at some point at some point it's not Eli operating -- sell that book it's about eight point five limit quite a lot. Shut the doors and look -- eyeball that there's any red lights of -- pupils and who who who got other tiger put out. And one extra -- out. It's a -- this year are sure to stop these and so I think that's the biggest thing it's that it's disturbing other Rhett saw and it's disturbing -- people can't get on track. It's disturbing like it -- showed no fight. Disturbing why they can't get a run with it ironic how shall charge you'll check -- -- eyeball to eyeball between 2.5 man roster. A lot of Red Sox fans are not in their heads in their car they're listening cat exhibit called it's and after a couple of weeks now in terms of the make up he said this offseason have to do something to. To reshape the team looking back and look this is hindsight OK but hindsight being 22 money. Should they have done more to reset the roster. In this past offseason. -- -- -- -- Such an exciting time -- quite sure what Bobby Valentine -- don't like good gracious a lot about your name out there and available on the payment. I did take over the -- cycle when you're saying only can only different in its gonna win the World Series and can't. And -- in LA got an injury and if they want. There -- so much created in just like. And the government it's like. And the identity of that -- he still won't know what they do. Yet and you you know you talk about his team struggle that the demand -- lose their job and it is -- the -- history of managers being fired any sport and it's hard to just point fingers to get back that was the problem but it's just the move right that is made. Is that something you see before the season to go that self that you think Bobby be could be out of here. Why actually looks directly it's definitely a situation that they're gonna addressed in the bottom line -- your job not the kitchen and he's out there and here -- -- one per Barley -- they're striking out based voting not to make an air okay. So so problematic it's too much credit what game played well. Some on demand to get -- -- Not for you and your job that -- -- They wait to know -- I'm totally like five different egos and salaries and know. Most reporters and that you're helpless and an -- record gaining weight -- media. You know out real terrible year I'm it was unfortunate and just didn't want. Walks later and said don't let let out it was that late in spring training and done. Take a deep -- Are able to get on and you know at some -- -- got to get -- -- does -- get out of my personal with the commander's job on the way I -- the players. And right now it's apple Robert -- it's notable -- -- we've -- people -- -- on the shelf for a kidnapper. I don't know why can't the -- has gotten better players. We're talking -- Kevlar we always do on Fridays here mark Lou we talked to Tom grieve of the Rangers that was their GM for a long time Kevin. -- does their TV now and he said look when -- as the GM. You never hire a manager and not allow him to pick is coaching staff that's essentially what happened here. A with the Red Sox Jerry Roy Stewart brought on that everybody else's service signed a Bobby Valentine. By the ownership I've been sharing and you've been part of a lot of clubhouse is how would that have gone on you coming you senior manager here but boy. On his coaches are back which any red flag at all about that situation. I don't know enough about -- -- solo you know he had Greek bond you ask that question pretty good. Eat them that situation I'll never cheated out of supplier and now we're near peace maker. Although it looked at all on most things you want the knowledge obviously get along in the don't usually borrow boat and one's drive and they got -- -- a -- securely that -- -- manager at what basically strap I guess is that what you're trying to say that he'll ever going to be a circular matter. That's what you -- mostly at the big -- ill -- -- guy. That that we you know politicking unfortunately you'll all the first base coach or whatever is there -- I don't know about step because up about a man Giorgio. Ever going to get your opinion story today that news reported and I think it's a nonissue non story. You know John Lackey in the clubhouse on the road double fisted last night after the big loss and now listen drinking beer in a row has not been outlawed by Bobby Valentine adjusted Holman on the way back from a plane ride. We get it's being that made a big deal I understand as teams -- big punching bag but. Did you help explain -- another opinion that drinking beer club buses on the road it's a common thing and done everywhere. We're we're talking about -- and guys that there's a Little League World Series that we -- 212 year old Robert Abbott two Beers okay. And we're talking marked as we're talking about Protestants. A girl and -- point one lower your have a beer and a lot about choices that the -- redrawn and let's stop with the nonsense -- -- -- the -- -- figure out. Why the Red Sox can get it out -- that it would John Lackey have a beer and an adult members that's what we US men. It's interesting because I get what you guys are sane but you'll understand that there's gonna be a faction Red Sox fans observers and Kevin -- one of them. It just finds this annoying -- lack he's been with the team all year and their elusive last night 53 in an after the game. It just it's from perception stamp what I get their adult but after last September. I would have thought it maybe be a little more discreet about -- to the media is out of they're gonna do your thing understanding your men. Well in the media is there after what happened a year ago it did catch you by surprise based on the guy a year. That's -- pretty straight history imported into a Coca-Cola collapse are probably wait to go around Asia wanna beat. A ridiculous walking out with a cigarette a lit into appeared colonial. Industry as this is is a great point your part by. How worried about what -- cute that's a punch you back people who just said -- like who care -- -- like amnesty plan that ball out it there's. Thanks Q another story about a worry another option ordinary wait another 92 front -- like you have a beer. You know you always -- signal I don't know what the Red Sox team is and now it's like the -- 112 -- -- a better idea maybe of what they are but. I'm not quite sure another team I'm not quite sure what the Anaheim angels already know we always talk look at that big guy not everybody CC sabathia goal of the brewers inducted touched. The second half of the season but -- -- keys over their announced lost the team has lost its first three starts. What what what's going on with the angels and they just looked at me like they're equipped with a front three guys that never get -- back is still to me look like. The best team in America only got I don't know. Yeah you're right Lou it's it's a great point because everybody all are currently right now with the Eagles. In the playoffs and then and now maybe win the western almost up. But they're still like to dominate. I mean you get from -- or shouldn't Kendrick you know our great. And third trial and you can't storage locker that still -- any of all of Australia this is adamant. At all. Our secure and spend big sort and that emit pitched well lately -- has given the long ball. You also Ben Leber -- Chris leak. And an -- comes over like -- at it and I'm great first start of the -- Just changed the program that you oppose it. The other Scott outlook you lost a point. You know what you -- them -- seat but their -- out okay. And and then all of -- story that you are great team owner and elected to realize there spoke should be year. A team that should should we execute our service games here and compete like Alfred at. You know the American League west division so it's -- quirky things bigger gonna target -- itself also outward about what's on paper. And got to go a particular business. You said you're just a player and I Wear make up in an earpiece on the first second pretend you've got an MVP vote the American League. Who you vote for as of today as BA Allenby -- I would Miguel Cabrera. All my goodness I route isn't yet BP and it's not close UN Jim Leland you gonna call him wonder boy now going to be like you gonna call wonder -- he's the MVP -- it's not close. -- You have an opinion you -- they do we Q so you're on the outside is tremendous -- Okay but -- Miguel Cabrera girls out there are brought -- 136. RBIs. And -- 39 home runs. And try it's it's 24 home runs it's going to be a great great -- it micro and -- that in my opinion I do acute upset. I decide that the Cabrera is -- -- an exciting player but you know Cabrera what he's doing he's unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It shouldn't speak at the -- that the -- they -- -- the playoffs and -- Troy and central. And Miguel Cabrera -- operates -- -- -- thirty plus. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To -- -- -- that -- central and it seek it out walk aren't you being on that up game and now the angels. What are play our game make the wild card now you know like maybe try you have BP sort wishing they'd be taking -- partying -- And it became. -- don't and they don't like what actually try to win in public. And I assuming the angels and that's a great point they don't give it to the playoffs that now hurt his candidacy big now I know you're always around Fenway Park and sit in the owners' seats yep there it you bought the times deterrent I wrote is what that. That game it. Let's get right now did I -- correct -- you sell your shares of having a ball -- now because the -- try to claim the value of their some years and is now -- team to. So the more out of Iraq. Well we're always addresses. -- speaks to the front row more -- and it race IC. They don't. And so I don't think about it it brought people want. You get a pretty change. We got buster on the other day and I just ask the simple question how they do what do you know it in because a lot of things that make the you know the big declines teams at Washington Tampa opened the -- with pitching. All it was and everything's just okay but yet just that right there. The other duo that. Our they scrapped a climate strap there that you don't market gets -- back key as easily slips. He knows this and -- it now he just our we're just in the first round pick from Georgia Tech that they thought he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our Reynolds -- -- the potentially doing like little -- -- -- -- very underrated shortstop. You look at this club jobs back in the open source but older rock and pitch and that a picture. Get -- obliterate Iran to Iraq. If you want you look at where you appreciate the -- -- the -- without it he -- partly not I'll sleep on the -- -- I'm a little bit. That's my hand. I'll do great things that's for sure cabinet cut intentional plot today congratulations. Up it was 2011 Charlie Sheen to be great guest today mr. felt it break it down into a month. Eddy listen listen mod it's gonna actually entertain it has that same. Is that it Charlie Sheen what the heck or high school he would say I'm -- -- -- -- on a day. Better catch phrase winning or god he -- I. I agree it's more relevant today to capital RM LB intentional walk joining us gavel reluctant tonight thanks but. -- met the guy Campbell large of the MVP vote wrong it's got Charlie Sheen tonight that's good and as always Kevin. Spots a bike about a tractor and its New England -- swing into New England voted dot com. Wake about a gift certificates throughout the entire baseball season the league looked bloated dot com. And buy dot BO northern Italian steakhouse location in Boston and patriot place in Foxborough IC mark in Billy in Ryan. We'll get to your phone calls nine seconds.

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