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Troy Brown: Patriots Wide Receivers who make the roster will be ones who can do multiple things

Aug 10, 2012|

Former Patriot WR Troy Brown joined M&M to give his reaction to what the Patriots showed in their first preseason game. Troy discusses if Deion Branch will make the final roster, how Brady will utilize the new toys he has on offense, will the 2012 Patriots come close to challenging the high power offense they had in 2007, and gives his impressions of former teammate Curtis Martin’s Hall of Fame speech.

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Joining us on the eighteenth the outline its AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible patriot -- -- patriots Monday guy Troy Brown joins us stay after pre season game number one to. -- how -- you. I don't know where I guess -- sitting -- That's a much Troy you know -- that one of the more interesting I think position battles I think on this team is wide receiver because the individual involved you know whenever you think of Deion Branch is involved. In in a battle for his job I think that makes it interesting how do you see that thing playing out. Well -- -- -- don't play out like you know -- the and you know the great about bank of Danielle is just sticking to guard the bring the most value. To their opinion are going to be interesting thing that. It is so many of those guys that have some very little wide receivers. Men now going to come down to which one of these guys can give him and some. Production and especially -- getting. And I knew you and I don't think any of you guys really have a lot of our experience neck area you know being umbrellas came at the start or work the way -- Jabar -- will start right away initially again you know. Donte' Stallworth who. Kind of always been a starter in the millions and all we got have a little bit to return ability and -- -- get can fuel components -- You at least a little guy of the field -- -- like like got Slater definitely good to cover plastic interpreted dolce and if he confirmed the way the field goals and there it is probably a bit of the people are getting a little garden have a chance of sticking around -- He does have a lot of talent at a position right now. I got letting go live just football and get open and run good routes and know how to run option at. But I that's so close so I would love to have that problem and then they have diploma -- last year where he could not find guys. They're coming there and and give Deion -- and local worker. A wrist at times during the game that can compete and do well yeah -- that's a problem over there right now and -- let's just. Up about the offense do we overstate -- I think it's a big deal that -- Brady can drop back and he knows the Jabar Gaffney and dot distort the Brandon Lloyd is this time in Denver. They know the terminology they know the offense I think that's great do we overstate how important that is for Brady in the prep for the steam in the regular season. But no you can't overstate their permanent part of the -- -- -- want to -- -- playbook and and one of the first BTU -- I -- puts you in the -- people know what to do. Okay how affairs to our record you are where -- -- if you don't know what to do then. Everybody else is that as stick their head and wrist. And particularly a quarterback who don't give you know a guy you know you run the wrong route or you can have decided to -- and -- -- from the Baghdad and in ninety outscored. You don't see you enough for our games and then you put so -- to do a pretty you don't you start haven't -- it's been -- no disrespect to Ryan mallet. Are already anybody but I guess you know you it's starting quarterback Tom Brady is the proven guy. And I missed you run the risk of revenue -- because. You know you have decided just so -- know what to do if you include. Only part of the game can be you know mimic everything up until -- today you have to be able to undermine her out and -- -- -- -- -- -- and boom you know you can use both the blog you -- good thanks so you can't overstate them at all. You know if you look at this offense to new -- talk -- dangerously could be won the concerns come into camp I think it is still two weeks into it. Is the offensive line even you saw last night delegates -- a couple times and candid on the -- tackle positions. Mean that's gotta be the one area of concern rain slowing down as high powered offense is not giving dumb enough -- mounted to go through his progression. Well and -- -- that they people who you know guitar valuable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That they are at this certain confidence on the ball that's for sure he talked about a wide receivers. On the run America finger and then you found out as we all know a big issue with its -- local football they can do that. You know you're behind and then obviously it's early and when we probably -- getting better and predicted they -- to you know go about picking up. And sample there from the rights and so. Well they've they've they've made a lot of improvement definitely one area -- the offensive glass -- -- -- the football but you could natural ability got to get the job done and I discriminate. We're talking to Troy Brown little patriots pre season conversation you. Were there when Josh McDaniels who came up as an assistant first these -- just a regular says that he's on the defense side of the football quarterbacks coach and eventually. With Colin plays Troy give us an idea. On what Josh McDaniels will do with this offense given all the weapons he's got this year playing with. Torn that I could take years more options than they've had in a while now. Been doing just that 2007. Season and an emotional -- has -- And there's so many different sort of the Dominican and now we. A slew of starting pitching -- for a -- different lot of different activity continued -- they're -- know most of -- working at -- -- -- -- position and try to position you can do so many different things would be different -- -- doing so many different looks and then the versatility -- there and tremendous. And what they would do on the football field and an important stagnant slot receivers are wide receiver to run and at that time -- you have worked so ligament thing you can do it and and -- -- at the very creative mind and admitted that they need to be very creative with so this kind of and you -- the limit for the got a model that can handle it. Your portable -- and -- and know what to do and our people you can get petitioned the whole thing you can pretty -- store where you want to throw this on offense and have different got to do that -- think that and so that's -- -- looks -- -- so many talented player the only option. The only Doug what Tom Green passed to some young wide receivers -- guys pitchers are in the position I can understand the playbook in how we can lose conference will be frustrated with those guys. How does that work with Tom Brady becomes maybe offensive lineman or import quarterback like Ryan mallet who -- -- Africa we are still slow its decision making it. It could that be an issue you think with as far as Brady and how he treats we've seen it with wide receivers gonna be like that what the other guys. -- well what I would say that's been a bit of a doubt -- -- -- you that would be it Tim did not have enough pitching to you. They will be able to develop some of these guys because -- you know you want it right now. And there's nothing wrong though but you know -- when you go out and about given -- -- an opportunity though he used to play look at them in other just all the when Deion Branch in Beirut given immunity and and they were able to produce the way they work well Tibet and can -- their mother. -- disputed the perception of other routes is limited community both Rebecca we want that type downsides as Tom Brady. But yeah I mean you have that's something what you got to be able to develop. You know some of these guys -- and I've been around Olivia Harrison got an and they have been trying to develop any given them complete for years to -- -- -- -- -- you know that's only one -- veteran guys and try to learn. And then become more like them it just didn't work out. You know over the long I'm so. You know you have TomTom does split ugly part you know it and now we -- got to do because you don't have the patient to be looking and they won't do -- stick around a very reliable. A look seems like the defense side of football Troy you know the addition was made first Stephen Gregory in that secondary for the most part that group is pretty similar. All the change there are front Chandler Jones who wowed me last night what he did in the first pre season game Donta hightower. That front seven -- is it. Is it really fair to say if that front seven creates pressure and I'll just automatically. Make the secondary better because you'll have quarterbacks or running for their life in some cases that just allows. Those guys in the second and -- place. Power without a -- -- you saw Tampa Bay Buccaneers take throughout the night even in the 2000. With the warrants abstinence in New York you know got to get after the quarterback and they really even had -- instead of a bit like I'm expanding the transport there was didn't advance but if you got seven got the ability -- -- -- assuming after the quarterback in making things -- you may have been getting rid of -- -- another -- -- and of course -- backed -- -- for you -- -- -- -- secondary. They -- that Intel has been. And any -- you we -- -- gonna get some -- the blame for the entire -- episcopal uses. You know whom we also where the DB -- -- everybody you know -- things but you know there's a principally Google got the chance to make something happen back -- you don't know what we're challenged only got their work hard enough they can keep creating pressure. And they're making these guys move around a little bit and not let them have a -- pay up on the field to see what's going on down here. Then yeah they're dead tired because -- don't look much much better than wanna get in the past. Big discussion coming in the this year was -- this offense vs say 2007. You guys put up. The record numbers get a close look at that team when you look at this team what they're capable love do you think that they can duplicate those numbers Serbia better offense. Well you know I don't know I don't really like a big into the number that they -- -- certainly look at that I do think they can be more productive because. You know we're all just because of the way you. Between the structure right now on the potential. That they have they keep you people that they need to keep -- -- and I got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- compared -- -- and starting position. They got the game he would period in their own party -- Kevin fault -- American come in and this particular beleaguered and and also be involved in the passing game but there are a lot of options like power I think being built. Much different than what the 2017. -- they're you know -- -- also dispute what you look for on the new stuff. You know and there have been wanting to debilitating but you look at it now that article listen. The openness toward a bit you -- equal ability and we're getting what she wanted to each year. So. A bit can be eat that befell him be more productive than what they were behind him and -- also mean there won't be taken -- on the shot downfield that. They're still gonna be vulnerable to listen to him -- leave and they take the defense gives him and has -- -- now McCain's problem mixing things happen. When they get the ball in hand and and you can make your that the judge. And they won't play again this patriots team now for ten days Troy from your recollection man has Belichick treat that first game boy is every bit of film. Worked over I mean is he treated like a regular game and really go after the film work -- first pre season game. Of this because there's a lot of luck to learn when newspaper -- it will definitely got to play a lot not so much for Tom Brady you know and I was working together didn't play very much and so so would there be somewhere that you can get another derby. A handful of bad -- W wonderful -- and you can teach from. You know and and and didn't get the loan from -- dispersed if you can get into Manila most of no parade really go. You know -- -- In the preceding game and they all have some -- to -- -- each player gets in there which -- mobile will -- been -- I want each claimed they were involved in a commercial have been lobbying for the position and they will learn from them and even the veteran got to learn from some of the mistakes that they've all -- -- -- they got the play that game luck they will locomotion -- excuse sort of always the -- do you have. Play this routine and try and make you don't we don't. And you can go back to Pete Harmon and contribute back from a. I your former teammate Curtis Martin inducted in the hall of fame this past week and a look at the calendar we got a month until your induction. At Gillette Stadium for the patriots off and you start work on that speed chatter what Troy. No man now I don't believe Curtis Martin day and it always goes better for me -- you speak from the heart and now they ripped from their minutes. And the so I'm I'm not deal with this speech that -- going to lose. Always screwed up and I don't know formula don't -- when you must -- the number. You open hours group we're just -- one of the face looking so I just forget about looking none of the piece of paper not just -- mark. It's funny idea that four hours a day screw up words Troy didn't tell you may imagine Curtis going off just off the top this or were you there for -- did you see his speech. Well yeah yeah I was heartbroken that when men who maybe a great jump up there and -- -- you know a lot of up and heard a lot of some of those stories. And you like talking to bill for a filled out the -- you know very little experience saying things that you know I've heard the story before but I -- I heard it quite like that in the -- Pose a more detailed into a bit we didn't know but. Did you talk about a young man that bit. Earned a lot of people you respect. When he came to England and everybody respect victory as more and in the -- before we knew about his background but it didn't try to I was you know I think it was something that. But people out there about particular uses that that -- status as something as a platform. Can he trump entertainment and he told this story and he's the oldest or the -- the -- -- know pulling the trigger you know pentagon now and all from the Pentagon extending the munitions and you know I mean how blessed -- bet and you know -- -- -- don't Stearns merchant Curtis Martin who use the union movement. You know. I knew more interest in the and you don't of their life and -- and I know people give them the religion and they gave you know whether you are equipping the -- right amount very elusive and and I am too -- also another light I'm not but in accordance with a -- -- bit loose. He wasn't really doesn't include you have been sanctioned you do a lot of Mussolini and and you're kind of pot from you know I think you need very -- tolerant of actually you know president and I think -- people respected and so much because. You know if you have and company would tell you truth you know what you're doing it longer you know they didn't try to temples is. There's little other people and it is where you would never knew I can't everybody just respect the tradition and NN. I an album or anybody. You know it's from New York to New England could have a bad thing to say about Curtis Martin. Well always emotional speech and you got a month and you're not gonna prepare like off the cuff alike that's 11 September 15 there -- the hall at patriot place stable for the patriots season opener. I against the titans toward brown Troy thank you reported seen in a couple of weeks we'll talk to -- Thank archer. AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible.

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