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Mut's already calling for Chandler Jones' bust to head to Canton

Aug 10, 2012|

Mut leads off the show expressing his love for Patriots first round pick Chandler Jones after his first preseason game while Lou tries to bring some common sense to the discussion. The boys also touch on their impressions of the Patriots offensive line struggle, if they will be the biggest question mark going into the season, and what to take out of the defense's performance in their first preseason game.

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My big question coming out of patriots and saints pre season game number one is. -- -- -- Years -- jones' hall of fame speech will be as good as -- Curtis -- what do we go over the weekend and -- can we just slow it down now and I get them up get -- abroad hurting let's get the people and can't work on this we get of the bronze head of Chandler Jones right there will say X amount of sacks X amount of Super -- greatest offensive player of all time. I just hope it's as good as -- -- he set the bar pretty hot this past week. But is that -- jarring to holding penalties and five quarterback pressures. Is good because he's a rookie out like -- -- sacks and some strips acts and some other things tackles for losses a very good it's among the slow you down -- -- put him again. US users you have flown out -- you -- -- for Cuba also said watching Taylor Jones first game hall of fame career that was a big doctor and the priests and. It was a monster last night was good he was awesome because it was what you wanted to see out of a young patriots defender. Since the days of Willie McGinest OK he lined up on the and he lined up outside he got after the quarterback. He went up against they left tackle that's considered a pretty good tackle. -- -- bush -- right guy who saw him all week and sort -- -- feeling for what Chandler Jones might do any still read over his ass. Opt out we're like get tickets although it was induction ceremony now give me the distance I'm an going to be -- to address. Because in the camp the you've seen and I think a lot of people trapped it's that it a couple of years you know look at. Wherever the first showed up sloppy reporting Manny looks then he looks skinny got to get stronger is like what where was the I think it went through. The big as far as bench pressing 225 or twenty time yeah come -- -- absolutely at. I don't know where was like 36 or something as far as that's the strength wasn't near the speed was the emotional there. He's got a lot of strength and you're excited by seeing it but. You know let's. It was it was great believe me I loved it because night at the washes I have the next few years hopefully and and it progress into exactly what you've been waiting for for years right. A young guy and he had -- get after the quarterback. Only thing I watched last night I gotta type is that match at a -- this out Matt -- going to be on the big show with many hand this afternoon. And Chatham said these games are about one on one -- try to focus on. What these guys are doing individually and I couldn't take my -- up 95 a couldn't. Look I -- being a little bit sarcastic about the whole fame thing right. To play a little but the idea that finally as a patriots fan you have this type of player and what that means upfront for this -- what. What Belichick can do. When they Chandler Jones out with the with Chandler Jones -- HL announced with stellar job not a player it's here. And I and my expectation was like a lot of people you would comment and it would be a redshirt year for him but he replace situationally -- That he would come in and give you here and there are a couple of starts and a couple of spots we go there's the flash -- it's gonna take him a year. All indications he's well ahead of the curve and if -- Is it Chandler Jones is going to be there he's going to give you last night this personal guy inside outside get after the quarterback run down. A mobile quarterback and Trace data can from his -- ramp down -- tucked in try to run the football. It means everything else around Chandler Jones has a chance to be even better because defense is probably watch that game last night. And they go okay this kid Jones. We gotta start to not account for him but at least pay attention not just a rookie first round is gonna command. The first is that not I would next I love what I saw from him last night but unless you read a couple things and it. Make it sound like he hit three sacks. Used to you know forced fumbles. It was a good day in good game its first I forgot who we didn't know it could be 85 pressure the quarterback. OK okay back to back coldly panel back to Beckel and I guess they have global tackle tackle there's no question there's a good game yes. Once in -- -- this week. Let's they'll ping in oh absolute bananas there. I thought for the time he was in there I thought he was I don't sit there and done earlier because out terribly excited -- your your excitement that is -- -- well it's excitement not just about the player ball what it means for the defense and I I I told you a -- and go crazy about anything you see. But that just that flash of what Chandler Jones ones that president that's you know -- that's still a flashback that we shouldn't get that cut when when it did here yet today I didn't say let's migrated to pre season game. The and I can tell you right now. And marketing vehicle crazy -- what I see in just one game in the first thirty seconds. You're sarcastically talking about just slightly like you said putting in all the fame. After the game he had -- just right which you are not -- -- -- don't knock it -- OK sounds violent Puerto assault payment -- can't -- Jones may bush trouble -- can't bush -- right. Iowa budget times it was fun to watch that was my favorite thing about the one and right you wanna watch the rookies. And I thought you know Jones -- good which thick -- our linebacker position my -- good. I thought he was active. Alec is Alec what you saw from him. -- he -- in that it into the middle got up at strong side linebacker went and Pletcher got hurt which is unfortunate will get that through torn ACL means that as far up ghosts and he's a guy he really kind of like to have kind of count on -- pressure and Alex bikes. Who has now missed foot four days and get the guy in front. On the front line and -- to get the linebacker to mimic a Tivo Wilson in the -- gets great point every every level you've got Hollywood it's a separate religion and it was exciting to see. Exciting. Watch the defense and Tom -- writes about this it's the insanity dot com bait they attacked a little bit last time this has been. The most party reactionary defense up and you spent time talking about last year. We saw -- that for three able to attack a little bit more enabled to allow. -- Jerod Mayo roll around Jerod Mayo last night. Made three plays that made you make note you watch the game and taken -- even a pre season game. Covered Darren Sproles twice to a -- out of the backfield Darren Sproles lucky that he's not Reggie Bush we know that they still a Reggie Bush there in New Orleans Audubon. But articulate the last few -- -- -- to a I don't Reggie Bush Reggie good they look outstanding as registered -- of tough got to cover on two different mail us. Mail was right there covered and an interception from Gregory there -- male enrollment around the middle of the field. It's our a covered position knocking the ball in the air here comes the the new guy Steven Gregory. Just allowing these guys to attack upfront. -- allowing those linebackers to go right up front seven in general as much as people wrote about it. It was it was fun to watch them in the different moving parts. And you made a good point about the different layers it's just. That's real look at what's public -- patriots is a defense that attacks. Defense as players you got to account for what Carter Mark Anderson not there admittedly I wasn't sure it was gonna create those plays and that was the electorate pre season. He saw glimpses that they have players that can make plays defensively. And make you is an opposing offense account for God's. Love that part. I this I think it that was the part of the ball real goal in the last night offensively. You know crossing before was a really concern all the worsen things that continue to be concerned but defensively is where you really gonna be tested. I Drew Brees wasn't in the very long chase Daniels comes in its -- That's what you wanted to see that's the question marks a feared for the last three or four years with this team defensively what's gonna look like last year elect OK Andre Carter hangings were. Anderson what what are we doing here spikes and -- and become the player. So every year if that go into it with more -- in the defense and how they react so and three season you look that if you should be excited. You know -- excitement -- showing for Taylor Jones for five quarterback. You know pressures to holds just goes to show you how -- we -- to have a young pass -- how excited we are -- up on. Really because I -- that it is excited to have this guy is no question about it he did have a good game. I put the -- Jason Pierre Paul stuff Phillips all that Alabama is get boy I -- -- imagine Israel on this day and JPT part of this. He's pretty good yeah there was good ethic is that you talked about learning lessons right after that first eleven on eleven practiced with the with the -- won't -- I think there's more learning lessons there. Last night as well the first step others lot of things I liked I liked that the two running backs a -- get a lot of carries relief in the first half. And the chamber in there at first drive and I was dancing with the bold in the second quarter. You -- in Vereen was more that third quarter kind of guy. Just the order of -- at times you read into each and read into -- you just wonder the boulder based talk about how great of acute he has looked and he goes to camp you know. Basically nets' second quarter you know as their strategy of marine coming out of the gate after halftime. But a proportion green and -- -- that was -- first -- mr. plight. In really seen much in the last year in all the reports at a campus cookies there. But he's not standing out here there -- anything that he's doing. I thought he stood up there in the third quarter might take reported is -- quarters are -- out again William and against but still. I thought a pretty good and it's somebody hadn't really seen mr. -- -- -- about Ras I -- guys like that you have really seen all that much of you finally get a look. Yeah and you gotta look at a couple of running backs but was good to got to look at an 85 that but I should make some plays this year as a seventeen yard pass to Brandon Lloyd that was was called back but I. Almost immediately. You know it looks like a different player word about uniformity can tell that you know the offense was not good last night and Brady was that would -- to tell you that. The offense -- first group had their struggles right the game will get to what led to a lot of those struggles. A pro wide receiver standpoint mean Brandon Lloyd a meal looks like a guy. That 85 that you can trust what they're from the guy worry five last year this team. What are some good things stick out of that game do you go crazy about the first pre season game I individually. -- goal -- on Chandler Jones but as a as a group. You could tell offensively they were behind where the saints four and Drew Brees barely played -- see a lot of him. But Kiki got the feeling the saints from that first game on Sunday in a couple a joint practices. They were ahead of the patriots but. If you went in questioning defensively you know what happened in Jones and high powered -- that rotations gonna work up front they have the talent. I feel pretty good about you saw overall but again it's a pre season game with perky and you know Randy cross and -- patriot uniforms they got Mike flag to patriot logos on MC don't go too crazy. About it we ought to take some positive news was the -- -- a positive video positive you backing it last night. You're all fired up robbery and I'm fired up -- Taylor Jones. Yeah I know the running backs Odyssey marine and that was one guy like the safety like Stephen Gregory had talked about the interception and Jerod Mayo great tip. There's no you know that was a great player but just he -- and Patrick Chung I just picked it -- group -- seem like Patrick -- a year under his belt alleged he thought you take that next step I think that he did he just got injured. Was out of a lineup for awhile so I think hopefully those two -- lot better about. The safety position on this football team with that maybe feel better about the corners. You know we talk about of the corners to burn it centers on TV you watch it's an honest guy and according -- the -- -- to topple wasn't really him I was supposed to be helped from the safety play. You gates helped that safety played better play from that position I think it does make you quarters that much better. Clinic that's a position that you watched for hopefully he'd take that next step -- gonna make the whole defense better. It's giving a lot of fun to watch just in the next couple that play for ten days a week from spot you'll see them again. And I wonder if by then. The offensive line looks will be different because it would get all your phone calls and -- at 617779. -- fifty toll free 888. 5250850. Get your thoughts on what you saw last like to start with the football is lot of good the talk about look for the fans that -- their last that are watching on TV. Given us their take on what they liked. I think going to and that why would they hold up and you know you got an answer. I don't like the -- saw last night the first pre season game. We'll talk about packets your phone calls nine seconds.

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