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Jason Cole, NFL columnist for Yahoo Sports, previews the upcoming 2012 NFL season

Aug 10, 2012|

Jason joins Dino and Dale to discuss all things NFL, including bounty-gate, Terrell Owens signing with the Seahawks, Chad Johnson with the Dolphins, Tim Tebow with the Jets, and the Pats preseason victory over New Orleans last night.

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It is the morning after the patriots riveting 76 win -- the New Orleans Saints in Foxborough last night we are very pleased to have joining us on the AT&T outline. The very talented football writer Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports spent a number of probably fifteen with a Miami Herald color covering via the dolphins down there as well. Jason joins us on AT&T hot like -- its -- and dale in Boston are you my friend. I'm -- out -- well you tell me you -- very interesting piece where you draw the comparisons that the New Orleans Saints and the doing the patriots have more in common. But a couple of high powered offenses led by a couple of high powered quarterbacks working out together in Foxborough this weekend that is that. Large oil -- there part of you remember wanted to come here. I'm in terms of dealing with him now what I don't wanna get into an argument about. What was right or wrong page booklet and we'll lose on both would be -- But the bottom -- The paper that deal with that and you -- one. Man essential about real with a paltry and probably worst. Coached. Because brown -- Olympic upon the thing -- particular on their merits of a broad look at the ball and it is hard to talk Porter went to -- Larry Harmon -- I would really Al questions. You are making a dream every week or right. Wait until -- arms and -- and now of course. The pitcher handle that all the way up until that last minute drive. The tackle possible. I dark or shouldn't go public in -- Is that because it's a much bigger blow little Luther Head coach and and and some players as opposed to just getting find and getting your hands slapped by the by the commissioner. I think it is -- -- -- Commitment on patent and guys who. How admirable of him not more than -- Or guys brought quite that much about all of them because major department are being world. Plea to win and he's been known culture of the opera and maybe one hour on average. You know -- right behind out of about two. You know Jason all of -- around here remember very clearly 2007 they went out and burned and plunder the National Football League have been doing a -- and not only did they win I mean they just ground teams in to dust obviously all we're obviously broke the easier said than done. You have an interesting line in the middle of your piece that indicates what I think the -- want to do that's used this to their advantage you say for the saints there's a constant. And palpable anger in every corner of the building from the equipment staff. To the front office and harness this in -- in in two wins. Yeah I think I can I predict that by. But to be careful don't over do it I think that you talked to doctors all were wanting to Stallworth talked about it but culture. Didn't bring it up throughout treatment. It brought up one. You know early entry to America you brought that one later in treatment to keep that -- and it didn't make the team every single week. Because eventually that -- now have to pick the time it's war. -- And not harp on alt on other matter -- weren't keep everybody focused and again because I don't think our. What are really good after -- wind tunnel -- game. Even without charm patent visit -- whimper and working the way they buy out could have been around even you know number opposition. So. To me. They've got to be judicious. About how much they lean on now to make sure that it is at an angle point economics he point. America America really delicate and. I'm sure you follows followed the legal challenge by Jonathan Vilma as we all have -- and I find it interesting that supposedly teammates have testified before this judge that. They've never seen any evidence of of a bounty -- day a paid for injury type of system. And yet Mike counterargument would be so why did Sean Payton except a year suspension why did Joseph -- the except a six month that's six game suspension if there wasn't any bounty gate program in place anyway. Or worse ordered Williams. Except an indefinite -- out. Who who what and and greater. Harlem Wednesday that the export arm. Look I I think that. This is about mincing words really. Combative. -- performance. Or was this a boundaries. And a quarter. Oh well let players. Want to distinguish what is there Eric -- where the -- -- and problems which -- But maintain right in the -- -- -- -- and performance. Is preparing for our abounding Clark we've known. I'm paying the -- off that particular reporter we're going after. Union army payment Eagles -- game. We're going after Troy Aikman and can -- and -- In my favorite game between the bears and Packers where. And -- mark how. Pollute the number because he couldn't remember -- down. Yet the numbers actually were not hand towel hanging from the belt. You know there were 45 actual -- to the players but we're trying to get kicked out again including Jim McMahon. Which is what you'd be okay. That's -- Barry is interpreted by players and -- it was as well play paper report were the crossed over. There were paying one card off. Organized and you know big -- and Carter and that is where -- a -- -- -- not. Okay it will compete for the bigger perception which stole all of the rule. Doesn't anger -- -- them employer. And the players don't trip and more this and they are. -- The moral line from -- -- better communication. We're -- it -- Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports in a turning the page -- other football items Jason. I'm wondering in your mind which of the diva wide receivers who find themselves in new places this season for -- And will will will produce the most Randy Moss Terrell Owens or Chad don't call me coach O cinco Johnson. In Miami are -- ball mark. On the -- at all on so. You can learn about. -- how is the better team. You -- better team and they move the ball well shall against the red zone which sluggish upbeat outlook on the field goal and though they have a champion and -- America. -- -- CEO and -- and -- you organize and I don't I'm not sure how much luck with that and check out. What -- or better suited to give. I'm not focused on the on the -- luggage. A -- -- and to -- wrote -- -- but. You know folk opera watching people want he -- you do to have forgotten. Actually playing. Power and -- that that and that's what you bill. As far as you know Jason Cole did. Dolphin owner Stephen Ross force Ochocinco down Joseph Philbin throat and if so is that because he needed a star for HBO hard knocks. No I mean look -- held in one. Four as far as hard. What they report on a hard knocks them or what have you seen her and a -- not do it. Are you I would look at the mind of their parent trap -- -- architecture -- who didn't give it back to -- you look -- -- area. Yet you have -- how uncle bill I know that some people unknowingly would argue that you don't. Throw in the house political bill. Deployed again and again what he's black. -- and concentration can learn you can form keeping it -- to go down and don't. The greater question for me about those three wide receivers in who has the better chance of having some semblance of success. It's which one has the better quarterback I don't like any of them. What would. Look Seattle I don't know who their quarterback doesn't plunged to a part of the guy. You know in Miami. If that roar of war for a year that on on little or no potential help. Armed and here and there -- tradition the annual import order to boot your award next. And finally Al Smith Alex -- a -- -- -- the best -- them. And he took back. Speaking of quarterbacks Peyton Manning Cam Newton -- Racks up more wins this year. -- -- -- I mean that there could be a sophomore slump in cam -- future but we don't know what it. No longer hitters there's two parents. Wheat. Gluten that ploy. The commodities. Without doing a lot of fun to I was that it. Newton has the greater ability to fluctuate -- performance. Yeah. You are -- all want -- -- talk about what you gonna have a much as you might go to war on. You don't -- arm and arm. You go -- -- -- way and camp and all looking. You know your retirement talent for it and -- -- talent. -- ambulance on a lot freeagent between -- and Mubarak. -- ultimately. The real problem that. Carolina it was before. They're gonna give -- 100 points easily even though they improved slightly before. It took a personal at all. Over in Denver. -- Fluctuation on patent pending -- Howard you know bodies. A -- he's going to be -- your recourse to import what they've got it slightly better be because in the country great power structure. In between -- juvenile. And that of them on par while another week a medal I mean some people of tackles and linebackers to. You all and so it is. But. I think it's unpopular and probably not. Material world where -- can cover some of that doubt and division much -- you know -- one unit came after another. What you -- go -- you know loading -- what might grow up. So it was another. As you know Jason Cole there is now in -- federal state and local statute that no football interview can be done without mentioning Tim Tebow and so here comes that. But Tebow Sanchez and and the jets this is we Dylan absolutes here no carrier is black and white. Will this be an unmitigated disaster -- surprising success story at the end of the day. Mitigated the proper. What -- there -- there would be be overwhelmed you would cut. What did you do not -- how the current mental fortitude. To get. One substantial lose that game streak of bad game. And not put him in on him. First and -- situation. If you put ten mineral first term situation. You know barring. Commuters and if you put him out there to challenge and so all went on yeah. And then -- sort of walker director -- upon the and that -- were electric elect New England can get away with government from Quito. Pictured as well and so what we're governmental -- third down controversial book I idiotic. Because you Brady. Who work toward Patrick Butler -- to feel it but mostly we're just wonder now what bowl vulture. Two regarding that you could want while in particular situation. That go to work. When would not be you know we'll watch word with them. And at that that's what given that and I agree with you by the way. Given that as they're pretty good expectation that this is Rex his final season as head coach of the jets. Are all. Level one person was in Georgia and it depends an employer without. If these things don't work out depending on on -- to place the blame. Yarder that general manager mark parent armed could be in trouble -- Will look at their. -- one of those together -- they have. Disastrously -- -- and tenement in old ball which I don't expect. The Pentagon. And the -- and will keep. -- game and make a -- and what date at the worst say you know ultimately succeed current. Then vote -- I couldn't just. And he you know mediocre Monday accusing. Them that their oil. Don't go far out on a pair of bomb. It is reportedly. Is the edge in. Terms are. The at the talented and important Jason call from Yahoo! sports' Jason thanks for taking a few minutes of talk football with -- so we appreciate it very much. Robert Rector -- but -- Callahan does dale and dale on the AT&T like AT&T four GL TT EH shepard's work slashes next and more your phone calls as well.

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