WEEI>On Demand>>Patriots beat Saints 7-6 in preseason opener and the Red Sox lose to the Indians 5-3

Patriots beat Saints 7-6 in preseason opener and the Red Sox lose to the Indians 5-3

Aug 10, 2012|

Dino and Dale open the show talking about their first impressions of Tom Brady and the Pats offensive line while the Red Sox continue to struggle against the Indians.

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They get down here and -- -- on the four yard line. You know in the regular offense this is the situation that put the defense and combined with a tight ends of the patriots have but in this situation. Think given the Marines. They don't know. -- -- -- -- -- Aloha. Aloha. All me underwhelmed. You know there's only so much more -- soccer game was on yesterday well I was gonna say there's only so much sports you can watch on TV on a given night. And on and even that seems so filled with promise before all began so many choices so many things to watch so many things I was interested in. -- the idiot tweets out if you could only watch one. What would you watch tonight would you watch the patriots the Red Sox or the Olympics well the -- reach the bit that the answer the respond the tweets to me. Overwhelmingly in favor of the patriots and and in in my mind. Patriots first. I guess I need to see the Red Sox start this this this -- of them winning streak road trip or what do case may be reached us yet. About what's happened on its class and I and I said well what can check the Olympic highlights just so much that you can. What an idiot idea. And India where the board well now and it is an -- value are you know -- -- -- adopt patriots are you. Getting me Red Sox you kidding I should have watched the Olympics the only thing I didn't watch last night. With the Olympics and it's nothing really needed to watch and the only. In heart racing moment for the entire night of the two things I watched it happen to be Tom Brady almost get -- snot kicked out of them. Did everybody sort of hold their breath at best. Or not to or not. -- -- Smith again. Working against taken out of the long route and brown. Makes older when he takes the wrap around Nate Silver. He tries to come back out to his right up Gayle Gayle and hill got it. Take a bow. A look at a sold out that was body. That was -- candidate. I'm really disappointed because that was really. Just -- pre season will be off the game was ugly and nobody knows it's awful. All kind of jacked up to get ready for football. Last night to watch yesterday's. One seat in the game. Break -- that the Foreman and with a figure of speech. On earth. Nobody is going to be on the side by picking black -- outside. After it's smoke from behind. That's not the offensive line which is not the offensive line today thank -- not the -- You would -- Though. I can't say I'm surprised and it will -- scores around the National Football League last night -- exhibition games this it was ugly all over the place semi solid Peyton Manning went up the world -- yep pick. Sam everybody had to -- 14447. I mean always it's it's an ugly it was an ugly first name last that I like you know Jones was pretty impressive right now for a first game that's one positive. That I was looking for. Chandler Jones produced five quarterback pressures in fourteen drop back it was a factor on to stop runs. There is a one yard or less in another twelve snaps something which looks like you belong. 77 -- write it well. It is what it is an -- -- exhibition game -- it to me woody woody expressed. -- just. That we're going to be in here on Friday morning and say I think what we're talking it's football season the offense go Brady looked good -- -- -- the offensive line didn't anybody killed the defense looked okay -- -- The reason is that number he didn't talk after the game that's a good question. -- I hope that's what it is as opposed to getting treatment. Was -- after this came up all of this went on the zone and receive one point there while major European Iran to make you feel the IR. -- I don't have whenever I can't remember a time after he's -- game development in this game blow out his -- right right -- and talk after the game even in the exhibitions in Stacey James have any explanation about for anybody aliens cost decency -- the problem. -- -- was either at a family obligation. Where is really just off. Because on the other -- treatment -- deal. -- -- unless he said Stacy you know when faces an update on your immediate and anything that I get up and -- -- it might be better not honest about it. Nothing to say about it nothing positive to say about the -- now. Eight from wrong. Is this the same Cleveland Indians team that I think I heard somebody say that lost eleven in a row. They lost eleven or eleven out of 12 AM on edit they wanted stop the to what again yeah okay so there is -- chance. And is -- the same -- Indian team that I believe I read. As the second worst pitching staff in Major League Baseball yet they fight a pitching coach last night hoops got Drabinsky that they had during the recent -- -- -- review the coordinate with a ten point 44. -- -- -- -- Shapes last. Day as a team lead the American League in walks yes. Ubaldo and as soon as pitcher leads the American League cy humanness. -- One walked -- Red Sox the -- and Sox. Walked once struck out. Well well times. You bald imminently only ten but what the first -- what Jacoby the first batter of the game that was it. Those who walked -- he gave -- -- -- that game that's -- it's the only public Jason Donald was was the it was a triple yesterday -- -- -- at this time yesterday he was called -- -- at the last second advocate for hours ago the mayor wasn't AAA. Was a third -- -- it's a home run leadoff home run mark at man. I can't ticket. Am by the way it did the dvd rare opportunity to CD. The often talked about but almost never seen 6564. Double play -- at that at a at a at a at a topic Mildred part of our fundamental serious springs your federal public. It was here for a little while militant part of that right. He was. That now that. I mean. -- Yeah it's a little over this. -- -- -- -- Spears spears needs to score. We have seen more dramatic rock bottom this year and and by the way it rock -- that we. How to that's 32 of its fifth -- -- thirty I think you're set dressing more like team made via. And we've -- more dramatic rock -- but does does not constitute yet another rock you know what it's rock bottom of the different term. It's it's it's so we have the white flag moment and -- and we got that. Point yet yet and that's it. That's it all -- -- doing more in the same way you can't give more than a 100% correct yet be lower than rock bottom IV two is real careful about how you Parse those phrases and and so yes there is not the worse. And rock and you can't go lower. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's just day in day out they frustration two days ago and they scored -- nine at home right lose yes. Yesterday they go to Cleveland against maybe the worst pitching staff in the America second worst with just out and and and they go out there and they can't get anything on the strike out twelve times they walk once they run -- it's like one thing after another -- -- Clinton today. It will tomorrow but you know what I don't I'm not getting crap that at once again -- I mean tomorrow will be better will get the job done. Something else we have to change we can't say rock bottom anymore we have to I suppose -- white flag moment perhaps I don't know if that was it last night -- work I mean you know the white flag moment. We also have to stop saying this is a 500 baseball only. I've said that while they're an apartment for three games on break and perhaps a year ago the runner 500 at home again -- that's like. This is a 487 baseball. We -- if you think about how remarkably consistent they've -- this year. I in the five if you take this season breaking down 22 game actions to get 210 right I've wanted to game matches so far this year they were. 1111. 111111111111. And eleven -- eleven while that does -- -- in each of and other getting worse and now they're below. 1111 neither the other gonna have to scramble to get back to 500. In this point two game match. It just it in just continues. And and the idea you know what it is it's hope it's not it's not realism the idea that you gonna suddenly see this team rip camera roll off is. -- hope it's us it's pyrite and end. I know people point to a number of different things bloody Valentine Beckett Lester to be sure offense defense -- -- the case may be ownership. And as frustrated as. You and -- and all of us are to watch this on a regular basis of this sub 500 baseball team. And I'm not about sticking up for John -- here I'm just saying can you imagine if you invested that kind of money. In this kind of team and got these kinds of results. Unless you are a calmer. Better more placid man and I well that's not hard I would have -- my team be about a hot publicly about a 110 times house or other public the season ticket -- -- other couple Colombia and Saturday and Sunday one guy had done it's four season tickets and he was. Livid and rightly so. Number there's so little for all of that money and and and I posed a question to. -- yesterday and he didn't have the answer for either it was specifically about the first inning. And the Red Sox inability in this particular case Josh -- and ability. To do anything less than a ten point -- and -- in the first inning unless it is this physical or is this mental is a psychological -- a fiscal issue. The whole team is is this thing it's just ahead problem here I mean you think that for a 193 million dollars to assemble at least some semblance of talent. They can win more than in -- 55 baseball games and lose. Fewer than 58 more talent than what you've seen performed so well certainly one -- so what with six thinks so does that not beg the question is this. Between the years but this team. It's great question in and you almost think that you might be hitting the nail on the head with this because I eight. I don't know that Beckett and Lester for instance are you know aces but I think their better than five and ten and five and nine yeah I think they are. And yet they haven't performed that way we edit text -- who says you know they're laying down just like they did last September. I never think that a professional athlete lays down -- ran well. Are all right good point by and others in the rare bright professional athlete I think 99% professional athletes first ball. They have a financial stake in not laying down there and secondly you don't get to be a professional athlete without some modicum of pride in -- -- So I don't think gets a group. They're not try and edit and -- and Jerry said this yesterday to us and I agree with him I haven't seen any evidence. That they're not hustling that not trying their you know their Jake and -- through the motions I haven't seen that. But the performance and results are what they are. There's not good -- they're they're just not making plays to me yesterday one for thirteen with runners in scoring position so if indeed is it is between the years. -- we assumed. The September inflicted such deep psychological scars on this baseball team that they are and able to recover are they tragically and and and mentally. Flawed where they can't go out and rise to vacation we've always said the greatest athletes in the world of want to get better when the most. Important stuff is on the lines see Michael Jordan -- virtually Tom Brady out sort of stuff. There are none of those individuals on this team and in fact just the opposite this seems to be a team comprised of people who when the moment presents itself. With a rare occasion book you know Cody ross' walk off home run or whatever the case may be they shrink from the moment they they. Retaliate the big. Well off the mountainsides -- to get them all the that. -- you're seeing more and more of this you know nobody's talking after the games. Last night after the game we heard from grocery opt -- to its credit by the way and I I give him credit because that was horrible base running blunder wasted their time made a mistake. Good for him. We hear from many guys who brought Valentine. -- Jaco and a few others and you ought not a lot. I would say this what is there is points you know what is -- and what they have how many times can Dustin Pedroia say. Didn't go our way tonight we gonna go up tomorrow night player butts off and he wouldn't get a win. Oh over and over and over again 67 sevenths -- 0850 to a free number 8885250850. It is a free form Friday. Is a giant last photo caption contests by an inch in the biggest rate in the history of sports you know what and this is this is -- got 1432. -- not be the an NBA. General manager bill would allow specifically later in the broadcast we can -- who goes where historic implementations are -- everything works out. If the one -- show how do you even makes trades in the NBA. I mean it is -- app. App for that it's great players I can't break on the -- cap remember to register a toll on the players is -- -- although it's it's it's maybe a little different one of the trade call actually goes into the NBA offices this morning we think we know the player yes yeah we think that Orlando. It's getting killed and ST ROR job. I mean even the 31 round picks that the -- yet are not going to be a first round picks now a lakers first round pick will be a corporate -- are. I got -- -- penal breakdown the mercifully the Dwight Howard's August seems to be white or there are ours used Alexis there our long national nightmare is over people break it down for -- -- -- nine seconds. As a sit at the photo caption contest Friday as well as in the photo of the photo that I did you have your -- right it's continue to get your prom picture now it's her -- are not edit your problem exactly as the rockets Jerry's duty on Friday to describe for the people are watching an -- because -- going to show it to you now. Or aren't following me on Twitter at John Dennis WEEI or haven't logged onto WEEI dot com and -- the producers blogs in the picture on the Dennis and Callahan page like to describe looking it's. Simple to say two words and everybody will know yes olina golf lifting weights. But if you look closely there's -- -- Idaho right now that's what you're gonna look -- it's apparently through our companies I. And date it is a photo I'm looking at right now yet per diluted -- what do you notice about the oddity in that photo. Besides that the the massive ball that is holy -- -- maker of Buick which looks like my old lunch lady what's missing. Topping our conclusion that sudden nightlife -- Kevin kneel and pulls his arms off from his body and are leading the middle of the bar bail. Well. Let's to rough -- and disturbing them by its earliest IQ it looked at him. Having breakfast. Your Somalia early leaders in the club yes. Record hot news Olympic village comes to -- streak a -- -- -- do you suffer from erectile dysfunction where you're sure -- and -- And rivals may not ever upstart rivals dot com. May not have a rated as the blue chip but Billy O'Brien is hot on her trail. Someone tell all Jones that this is what divergent athlete is supposed to look like. And finally and this is an expert on the suspect in the finals. Marty about it -- going to be that could might appear the winner undertone to the final one -- finalist best way to hello London cab. Pull off the back -- -- a well done. Is that for a -- -- -- held -- to out of -- welcome Kobe doesn't regular group which Exelixis and -- you know it obviously Australian swimmers whatever the -- as a group rejecting however there are at fault lines -- 92 timeout Brad -- discussed the PGA taking place at the -- island Jason -- by the way I guess -- OK with playing tiger hasn't seen entering from the effort not to opportunity. Talked to Billy North Andover built into bed for rest your phone calls by accident seven when he Jason Cole 820. Free -- Friday into 92.

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