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Thursday August 9th - Whiner Line

Aug 9, 2012|

Herbert the Pervert disturbs us all

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Views expressed and expressed the -- -- stars -- ET TE Chris and cautioned. That solutions Greg's music box. -- And now I know you weren't here -- This guy here all right never seen a machine operate like that in person. To see video game numbers and while dropping off factor okay and now you're not a fan all right. You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV you're not an analyst -- part of it WEEI. Warning airlines they want you to be a part of it. So get get with the program because obviously -- not get -- And -- -- because you're dreaming was seeing that it was amazing to see it's amazing to see because you don't understand -- to dial 6177793535. You still don't understand it and it's amazing to you because you can't get it whiner line stopped Sweden and get your playbook if you're just waking up now I don't know when this was six minutes ago or something like that just a bed and get to the stadium and watch some more film if you still think it's amazing and now -- -- -- and you know what should -- and you execute out there you don't think it's amazing you know why because -- what you're supposed to do. You are still at -- to be a member of the new England Patriots offense to join the system button for jumping. I didn't want airlines. At that's what Mercury Morris will be saying after week five. I guess we'll wrap you -- -- -- -- right now and Internet prison. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See we only half hour we did your shift yesterday that half I don't know about you Michael but after half an hour. It's thirsty for more Democrats is no doubt about it it's much akin to doing the 100 your hundred meter dash instead of like that you -- -- marathon really writes that he you do exploit your anniversary expert knowledge comes with a dash -- -- into the open debate I think what's your what's your record for the hundred I do about an hour hour and a half that. Did you want a lot it's hard. Like AT&T WEEI -- it's available to -- put your Droid or Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LT TE speeds up to ten times faster. Then three GAT and T rethink possible aren't any event since it started out. Well look I don't know. They have about your American -- and all that matters is called -- The comic part I've really got both ways. I did have a and that that a lot of metal hit I about. Don't average them out. About this video and everybody else. -- want to have a good you have to know that I did get court. A little Jones Biggest Loser of the Olympics -- the she's the legislation is gonna come out of this thing it'll go down pan pour -- Mary Decker slander claim she got tripped the structure I don't know I'd try to cause that's wrong. -- Well well well I was I got to look at the bright side there I don't know voted to voters and -- you know. Don't you. Children -- chili -- children okay. Nobody. Wild like -- Maybe. Could -- about is king food stores. Yeah -- little. Why don't we hear about Kirk Gibson and how -- black players don't like him or about Jim -- didn't. And who's upset what do you aliens pitching moves the. An. Enemy. -- when you -- when you're way you can no I have I heard at all Leo it's good. Bobby talent and I think I have no idea why he can't protect can put Abby. -- -- From the crowd -- -- that the iPad that brought you vote democratic I'm. -- -- -- That was that was something about that a statement from the fans were behind you chant his name. -- It'll do well in the bottom of the ninth -- I didn't. What would you run ball at the heart of the order coming up in the top -- the bank and and we need more info out there we don't bring him to warm weather hindered not trying to get Bobby Valentine. And -- It was my last call us on I couldn't believe that that that made no sense to think. A -- -- Are eventually I Bob. -- Body would be good Waldman. Corey and visit it yeah. Yeah good old. Do you view it -- Big. All right all of this could come. Because they -- and it. Don't cry. I admitted and a course for Michael he just wants the manager here that doesn't force them to watch the game there -- games. This is around Europe for our breath I have to watch game he says. The -- you hear my voice this is in the best twelve years of my life -- I wouldn't miss this for anybody. -- I -- so -- -- actually -- I went into the clubhouse and the coaches are sitting in Torre's office and they are watching this. And the tears that you hear in my voice. Are coming down the faces of the coaches in the hotel just -- very come close. Susan and apply it here live on. Two and it's like that he's got the strong purple Becker I. It's not for. They have been listening to some of his broadcast I can understand why Yankee fans. Listen to him because he's topical. But it's not intended to be on the note but it's comical if -- ever -- every everything as we -- the hole I guess is one gigantic. That falls voice of I -- I gotta get out the skirt helpers people waited. She's got that the dale I think. Doesn't everybody. I gotta get out the spirit helpers before we do that. That's -- not as a standalone sound bytes that -- wanted to -- -- -- -- and it's not girl. Skirt. And let's face it you know I think -- it's so I'm five. -- -- -- -- Why didn't -- -- myself Bob Hope it is going to be in the second wanna cut -- -- quite complete the technical people like to think cockpit. Go to football. Gonna -- We do we have and I like what -- -- user information in this kind of does that -- you'll -- -- If you have. Who put her. Which -- in which I'm very few people are doing that right. I find it ironic that Steve from cobra I don't part of an idol is -- important commitment. Happy that's Steve and Fall River I don't know how old he is but he's got to the point is is like we finally see you know been negative for my entire life right. I'm gonna go a lot indeed mr. positive on the once I need to. Exit 2000. Stuff Medicare and -- -- it. The only thing that. Now Bob Hope you're going to be in the back -- cut and -- could -- And opinions. But. You guys might collapse but this this this -- -- that whole week. Objective. Media guys in this outlook about the Red Sox are the people on the radio. -- I'd swap goods are good 10% true. -- He must mean the new mutant. You know the show -- Much fog up your charge. At the. The likelihood it. You know at -- been avoided this Guy Kawasaki. Gave yeah quite are quite good wake up and. Now with the new improved feature Britain's com he's so Marines. And some Medicaid it's -- medication breath. No matter where you turned the case that's he'd come off an eight. You know what Paul McNamee and arrogant full swing and there. And then he truly are aware that what put back in the bullpen guys that pick out the ten. -- -- preferred that it had a puppet abroad and -- drink but. And -- could sit in my left that line Mikey but sad is that you. Donna I was not sure released it I don't hold secret. And kind of civility on opening NFL network. We -- out that -- honored to -- growing the first pitch at lake Indian Red Sox game but you know can't guarantee -- Droid. There are no pressure at his -- our starters they can't guarantee a direct data. Just can procedures -- our I. Hours away Bible until I thought the wider with criticism that now you went -- man. That are -- or three years it still does for awhile what happens it's an intricate had an ear reductions at our site. I'm glad that it was no good come on a good quote. Comment about golf back -- but well. Why couldn't couldn't say they'd both -- -- They're both were called every hole and we've -- your back pocket that I got the ball. And just maybe they will be here next year. Two women dressing right now on the Olympics and some adjustments on Wachovia -- -- out -- -- -- close and you know. Well guess what I picked you wouldn't want to keep -- -- -- I don't know what she goes on a sideshow Bob is one problem there and keep him here last that he needed a -- gas did. Yeah you wanna hear the rest no not a golf. They used to get together in a bullet jail now. They go yeah. Start doubting Dustin Pedroia on short not made both me and him being cute but those are going to. I appreciate that thank and just. What no on prop it today showed little personality for a couple. A couple of days and god knows god. District and said I don't wanna have. -- -- -- -- Like that is Placer of -- -- -- -- -- -- I was actually tweeting earlier today yeah he's on weekends just answer as to east as to a TV twenty news you I was telling you about synchronized swimming in the bad thing about it is that -- him to. -- -- the same size and lookalike. It's CA in Jason wolf synchronized swimming. -- Electorate just -- -- -- but that but that makes it work. Mike -- your chores. And if you -- That's right. As well as for the Redskins and and it's called. The way so it. Prayer and squeezed on. While feel the big disgrace breaking balls was back. Saying this every. This -- game is about. -- -- Expect right now it's free. They need. It's -- team. And into the accordion man is hired -- -- that is pretty good -- so that's called the way it was at the -- this song was the load. -- let me ask you this he eulogized Andy through the channels and you just happened to drift on to this -- I I've. I just -- I don't murdered Brothers are I don't I don't know why I want to stop watching it and I want I'd say -- you know start wrestling. Best bull -- Republican. Yeah when you are good and bad he's what he's got a company yeah it didn't want to have to climb a ladder that free up his father I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. -- but I have to imagine Jordan and climbing a -- from the electable and property -- square but only whoever. And it -- activities clog free now and. Being what happened but don't -- bit about him in these Olympic coverage of what they do they put -- I'd do bad. -- -- Okay this is thrown off I don't -- But what what what what what. I upgraded to a patient. Bizarre last night in the middle of the Olympic coverage at 11 o'clock they should only gonna give you a sneak preview. Commercial free of this brand new old you know Matthew Perry show. And -- -- -- the middle of the Olympic coverage obviously trying to take advantage of the large audience they -- sense. Do you see who was aren't -- KG was on. Kevin Garnett his voice he was on by phone and they had TO you watched him. I -- -- I just I don't watch watch fit this whilst the average doesn't want it was over then went back to electric up now -- Katy Perry. -- -- -- -- Yeah. But what did quite a bit. And I'm -- -- -- the are okay well I've been doing it all -- And it put cleaning. Yeah. Can claim. No one optical. Out. But. But. What could clean about what happened. Of course I thought -- good clean it. You wouldn't have to clean and -- Then. It. Nastier and Sosa -- -- -- that I'm going back the -- like -- -- There's a waterline power buy something it's that's a -- it it AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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