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Out of Bounds: Defining sports moments versus legacies in the modern era

Aug 9, 2012|

On this episode of the Out of Bounds podcast, Ryan Hadfield and Isaiah Moskowitz discuss how conversation in popular culture has accelerated to the point that deciphering the significance of events has become more difficult despite the access of information being easier than ever.

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He's telling her own. I don't know if it's with Isaiah and running in the everything -- things and -- you know. W yeah they don't go. All right thanks for checking out the. Out of bounds podcast here on WEEI dot com my name's Isaiah my partner in crime Ryan who I would like to call. The blogging slot up WEEI dot com over it -- a stay away for America's you know rob Bradford. Las onshore indicated its website innocent brought it -- earning. Out of bounds dot WEEI dot com you immigration it try to keep the -- pathetic between him and I casting and don't -- much try to keep it. PG thirteen a little bit so I can't call audio blogging slot that's what you are don't want like -- mr. blogging vlogging blogging oh -- I don't block the united. The mind. Point is he's crazy with the blogging you guys absolutely got to check out. Out of bounds dot WEEI dot com so much good stuff. We've got a lot of writers to give those guys -- -- yeah so we got to -- and -- Pena an MBA injured why is topping out. And also into a -- So if the writers we got some more coming on next week's that's exciting times after get started now. I am appreciative entered in and out very good go there out of bounds dot WEEI dot com this particular podcast you wanna talk about watts. The -- to talk about a couple things here the guy but mainly. I wanna talk about cultural memory and cultural reference points what. Do we remember. And why now and -- so what's important right. But what sticks out what sticks out because you know nothing really in my blog is super important you know besides me that's entertaining yes right it's funny and that's a lot of hot -- -- and I. It had a -- conceptualize. These things I've -- no matter we kind of put in perspective in what the problems are -- to open this up. You're talking a little bit about. Something near and dear to everyone's hearts Abbas are now which is the you know reality TV show. Known as keeping up. But what are now that I think they're gonna ask if he's really gonna the Red Sox and I are there. John Henry in others -- -- a lot of blame going around. John Henry -- I'll be downtown. And sharing to everybody's pointing players everybody all over the place and -- you know we're not gonna add that really discussion what I wanna do is talk about. Does it really matters. Because willing in the lake in five years or we are gonna look back -- and CEO Leo does it brick or what rules what won't really remember from -- air the Red Sox I don't I don't think this is going to be remembered. Compared to the memory of 2004. When we won the world's -- only because it's just it comes and goes so quickly and there are ten million things going on the world right now. Sure we're looking at right now or -- were bitching about it right now but you're right in in ten minutes. Off to the next thing patriots start boom off to the next thing. You're gonna keep moving down the road I think -- I think you're getting the point of what is remember what sticks out as a benchmark in your head. Yes and you know that kind of becomes a problem. Because we're so consumed with what's next. That we have trouble putting thing different things protect itself for instance let's think about the 1980s right you -- -- play time between now and then. I was there and it's around four necessarily around for a while we want 1986 -- -- I was born in 1970 or -- to give a little bit more of the some reference points what do you think about anything but the eighties. There're there are big things is stick out of I think about the eighties I think abouts. Back to the future. I think about it's I hated them because I'm I'm a Metallica fan anthrax fan along those lines but hair bands. Data robotics videos were Cindy law opera sticks out in my head for -- you're making me think about -- I'm having a bad flashback to -- -- or what but things stick out. In culture and music and sports. Pretty significantly from the 1980 I mean you think about the goofy hair bands than you know it -- -- white line out the world. Even the most ingenuity like that the future elected a hot take on. Take on -- sure it was a great moment and video music is very unique in 1980 MTV comes out right around the time cable comes out and that made that made a mark. Right in their romanticize the net and that stuff matters so. Today. I kind of feel like you know people ask me a lot like what you -- learned this blog in two weeks like you know it's kind of a goofy thing like a ball a lot you know what what -- big takeaways. We will be nervous about it and I think that would have really noticing. Is that we consume so much you know. Benign and stupid stuff there in that is that affecting. What won't remember like so we're always talking about the future whatever in one of the things that kind of made me think about this was. You know I -- post ideas post called the office debate which is typically like. Preparing why you know why -- -- about athlete right -- -- -- -- hot -- compared to one another -- will commentary whatever. And one day. Idea comparison of Jose -- -- life. -- heroes is life -- which one's more pathetic exactly let's that are life and you know -- in their time. Were crush it. And now where they sit right in the other reason -- cup brought up is because. Pete Rose is BI TV show is going to be deleted for Kate bosses say -- -- itself super depressing but that's an embarrassing more specifically if you don't you think about. Jose Canseco and here's a guy that you know was like he's that was once crushing it it. Recently filed for bankruptcy some doing research front and look back and I realize that no man he was once in the season one of this real life. Oh my god that was only 2004. And that was 2004 to eight years ago. And and we party forgotten I've already forgotten that right with flavor flavor that whole cast and and that huge hot -- yes that's kind of what got me -- it would replace clock which got you know brought back up but it I would have thought about that show in. Forever amid a television point it's like it's like -- washing -- that it happened in the -- it's probably something next. Huge huge because I think. I think because in the eighties. I know in the eighties you know having lived through that. Oh my god decade. The channels of information -- thinner. They were so much -- it was like the spotlight was on spits them you know specific things and now that spotlight is fragmented. And there's a zillion things that we're looking at and our heads -- like like Bobble head dolls. Going in fifty different directions with the information -- you contribute to it every day. You know the op on our website out of bounds on WEEI dot com how many times do you tweeted. You know way to much -- -- will be what is it but that what is it. Happening inside your W constantly keeping up if you look at it Ryan's blogs and all of our writers. It's okay couldn't get the story -- quickest who can talk about a -- is and it it it goes through the washing machine. Let's let's so accelerate this conversation -- for -- no pun intended for coach -- about a little bit about another contemporary thing which is he would accept a guy. These are people amateurs -- for the most part. That come and our lives every four years and you we consume them and spit them out so. -- -- You timer that beat out Phelps won the races right exactly eased since Betty he's coming his wife has gone viral. His mom in like a like a week to week never heard -- it guys they before over you know a week ago and his mom now us talking about how. -- he doesn't have driver relationship because he's always trading in his one night stands and that's pretty goofy than he's that ends up being a terrible. -- BI posted. Montage of his interview skills and uses. A goofy guy and he he wears those caps of those grills delegate gold realist economic kids getting a reality show are now yeah exactly and you know this is someone that's already been kinda consumed. This this this date in -- where we are it's almost like you benchmark is a reality show. It's figure. It's sad to say all you've made it if you ever reality show is that the spotlight that we need to have to look back think about when you have kids in 1015 years what are -- -- look back on. A -- can look back now on sale block -- block these memories cultural memory is relevance yes will be extended because this reality TV -- but -- -- pictures that it's gonna be around for what how long and not going to be a season or to -- right the point is. You know we'll -- Kate Gosselin Kate policy at the you know she already gone etc. another example. Of just how quick and transitory things can be in the states and it's drastically changed from generation generally you'll be forgotten and that's understood. But you look at things like Alley -- Osmond are raised it. Singer named -- generally care but he's got the draw for need and that's one logo over Olympian from -- yes first first ever American to win it. The gold medal in the floor exercise strength. And it's hot sauce and -- Gary came away from Comcast sports net tweet it out today that she is now on the level of Larry Bird and that the miracle icing and how is now is that Tom Brady -- one OT picture -- So you know where the problem comes is not -- that -- -- the world of the -- Jose Canseco is real life that you know the brush with -- television. It's what we try to really conceptualize all this information back and figure out what's really important enough that you know this young girls. Olympic legacy is important because it's laid -- the big deal but I think it's huge part of that -- but it's a moment in time compared to a legacy. Rate and we -- we have you know but when the big things that they're going to get to is that. We have trouble -- kind of figure out where mark's right break and -- -- right minefield of dumb information network kind of weaving around -- I think that's a good way to -- it yet and you know who were leaving her on the lock these were -- and weaving around Magic Johnson in -- -- on our grieving her around it's an -- storm of information that we're constantly tweeting and re tweeting and sharing and -- -- over and over and over and that its loss though because the the the real things in sports the real events in sports that. -- -- matter like this. Like -- there again their naming continue to -- -- trying to girl's name I don't but you know. Try to contextualize a moment -- legacy becomes harder -- -- is looking for what's next. There there are things that stick out and things unfortunately they have to be. Huge or wanna say and I was gonna go to the Penn State -- it has to be of that magnitude or at least I feel that way these days it's like you have. Your pool is full right to the edge of information what's gonna make a bigger slice somebody's got a cannon ball right in the middle of that thing to make a big splash. And everybody's trying to do it ever was trying so hard to do it. There are so many media outlets that people wanna get in front of so the things that in ten years fifteen years. I'm gonna look back on from 201220102011. Look at will be the Penn State story. It's a huge massive story that's a cultural shift yeah you don't mean terror -- total shift there in sports any society and in life. So what look at what could literally they don't look at the or shootings right obviously being out in Colorado -- an immediate comparisons people made was Oklahoma City bombing. Tim and I -- -- in my you don't know honestly not eleven because. Is actually done by American citizen you know the homes kid out and now aren't and then also. -- today is that she's done by you know it's an internal -- and you know Psycho whatever. So -- that named a -- by completely forgot about it. Gratefully and not rightfully so I mean this is something that should -- stick with me -- Again the eighties you know the pearl of the wall I think about it I thought you should have got people as a bad memory. Bring of the eighties but I'd like -- -- yeah right and that that stuff kind of matters. And it's interesting because we're always looking for what's next -- not you know if there becomes a point where. What remember why and how to how or read conceptual they can really contextualizing all these different memory. How we remember and why is absolutely. Part of how. It's consumed today you're a million different ways of getting information you didn't have that in the eighties in the seventies you just did not have that you talk about the Berlin Wall. You talk about the release of a big movie Star Wars comes out it's just this huge cultural thing and there's one camera. And there's one reporter people would sit around watch the nightly news nobody's watching the nightly news now because there's 56 channels of all I got your member -- breaking news used to be like. Oh my god it's all over CNN and MSNBC and -- and fox all everything's breaking news and it's almost it's. Let's stop insulting me watching television it's constant feeds and information like nothing's real anymore and how much to bolster remember something being real because it just it doesn't -- out. -- again kind of respect a sports so we think about like the jets for its impact their owner Woody Johnson comes out and says I didn't realize that Tim Tebow went. Bring this much media attention in New York welcome to a body yeah -- you know and that sounds like a ridiculous statement -- and you know quite frankly it is because. Makes you wonder if you watch football last year or did not turn you spent on -- whatever how how does this guy I mean really how all the way out now is by just. He's a little bit older generation where is probably that you didn't see it coming. How did you not see that we've both of boom here comes -- days and you know look at processor during other New Jersey but look into the city and you've got a guy like Jeremy Lin who was. You took over society took over New York. And because of that ethnicity and what he meant and reuniting the next Eisenhower to be on his -- counts -- he's in and he's -- for the next in you know at the time he was considered. This huge culture phenomenon not but he isn't anymore who knows he got hurt is such a small samples I don't remember that in ten years. Eight you know that's the thing I don't know whether to jump on and say well and always Houston rocket. And his relevancy is cultural reference point right now forever be waning. Or whether it's the matter and the point is. We try to -- chairman and the young guy he's gonna have a career offered her right he may not though who knows but this was a moment. -- is a legacy and think. What I think what what's happened honestly is that we've dumbed ourselves down. We've dumbed ourselves down because we are hungry for what's happening next. Because the media whether it's sports whether it's talk whether it's political others it has said our. Our our whatever you wanna call we're feeding our own animal for oh my -- I've got to know more and what's next -- what's next. You don't have time to develop and get them that the memory muscle. I guess I'll say of all of ABBA catalog something in right it's like okay had to like stop down and say what just happened with debt. Girl from Needham that's a great story that's a great local story good for her where she go to. Bull we're off to the next thing we we we forgotten about. Conversations that you and I have last week on a podcast because it's off -- how many things have you written since last time we did a podcast at 10152325. To thirty things -- Because and that it it we are were contributing to our own delinquency. Of it being so fast paced because it because that I've got to have more right now 88 you know admittedly so mostly out of bounds blog. Is kind of just inane and try things and really really really hot checks and out of bounds dot WEEI dot com it's it's not something like Penn State -- that's gonna resonate. Right that not something like. You know this even -- even the -- girls -- it's nothing like that trillion and resonate but this is gonna be ten times worse in ten more years you think it's gonna slow down. There's no Reagan -- slows down the consumption of information is. Compared to 1985 slow easy one camera 2012 almighty god it's it's seriously eighty the on steroids. And it's weird because there's so much talk about the Red Sox just to kind of bring it pulls it's not gonna matter it's not -- -- a matter. Think about it who asked what the Red Sox last won the World Series in 2007 wonderful time and -- five years ago. And then 2004 before that before that there was any six years in between championships. And that she doesn't there at two doesn't three iterations of you mean you and now everyone in Boston would happily trade. The memories that this ownership group has come abroad and no one's arguing that it all the columns I've read you know everyone has those caveats. You'll get Iran to doesn't for a great dozens demonstrating Josh Beckett they never win the title that Josh Beckett and -- its legacy obviously something different because. That is in Hedo and this can be easily changed you but you think about all the things that happened to him the last. Year yeah he's taken a beating right easy easy set himself up for but are people gonna remember this in ten years. -- Red Sox make a run in the next couple months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kudos on that -- it's gonna happen they've shown no iota of possibility it's gonna happen but they -- provide -- on the patriots if they make a run. Does that now changed. What does that wipe out all of this conversation. It is a combination of the matter of five years anyway because they won the World Series I think I think doesn't seventy doesn't I think unfortunately marred a car you know compared. You know -- catalog. I I think it's it's really unfortunate that we we do what we do and that we we pound and in search and dig for information. Short the Red Sox maker on -- something else significance -- significant happens in the world of sports or or pop culture or entertainment. It doesn't matter -- to this point our minds are trained to just the kids right now that are ten years old. Twelve years old fifteen years old five years old their consumption level is fifty times what ours was when we are growing up it's not gonna change. Something an atom bomb has to drop like a Penn State. For -- ago I will remember that for the rest of my life yes outside of that I'm telling -- we can win the World Series this year. That might -- that out. I got a little sick of seeing another example like out Joaquin Phoenix goes rogue and knows what is big actor in the -- sudden -- Does this weird. Have elect character change where he quits acting it's gonna become a wrapper of that and of being a hoax. But now is coming out that new movie -- that would Scientology's. With Philip Seymour Hoffman and driving her where only one thing being like well what happened it Joaquin Phoenix spirits and look at Charlie Sheen you know wedding bells are huge deal a year ago right. It will be remembered it -- I think he'll be one of those things -- that's armored but like. Actually because when he wasn't even -- his they'll be remembered that will be remembered because that was that was just an ass show that came out of nowhere. And the winning thing will stack it's like having. There are -- have lower compared to how much we were talking about it then I'll write compared how it's gonna stick. And -- a great you know we're we're probably taught you know you bring up things like the eighties. At the time I'm sure people were talking about that the future constantly right. It's it was a huge movie was a big deal -- that comes out these days it is a flash in the pan period and the story on. You guys -- check out all the stuff Iran and all of our writers put up on now on the web so it really good website lots of cool information hot checks. On yeah I think -- and he covers that as well out of bounds dot WEEI dot com. I give us your opinion on the on the podcast -- and actually look. Throw throw all sorts of stuff -- -- we talk about these these subjects we want feedback okay and so it's out of bounds at WEEI dot com as our email what's your Twitter handle. Our underscore Hatfield. That's up on the website to get out of the -- out of bounds dot WEEI dot com will catch up for the guys next time.

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