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Jerry Remy: The whole home stand is deflating

Aug 9, 2012|

NESN Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy joined Dino & Dale to discuss the Sox disappointing homestand and Beckett's continued struggles. Remy touches on how no matter whom you are; the booing will affect you as a player, what's the key to Beckett's disappointing season, and how impressive Carl Crawford has been of late.

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Our conversation -- Jerry Remy is sponsored by a RS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on -- cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7 emergency services. And ARS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. And by dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody the use a computer. You talk it types visit get dragon dot com and of course our good friend barely using and Lexus of watered down inviting you to a new level excellence 1800. Go elections Jerry joins us as always on the AT&T hotline good morning Jerry it's DL of course and dale in for Jerry how aria. All right you guys do it -- but Ohio yet. And got one out might rule more bad yeah that would put it upon. I. But I. Where's the ocean at a young I'm sure you got ocean breezes that it's like 85 degrees and blue skies right. Just let me flaws in the ocean is right yeah I could afford the luxury. -- -- if you as much as anybody know what matters -- to say things a certain way they can't be critical when they could be critical. Get a positive spin on when things are negative. Bobby -- last -- stretched the limits of imagination when he said last night's game. Was not deflating I couldn't think of a more deflating game a file or player of not named Josh Beckett. If I played in that game last night. I have a whole the whole homestand with the lady I mean you know you come home for ten days. And you hope to make some kind of move on the rest of the vision and he can't do anything I mean maybe you know they played poorly basically on all all old standard. Yesterday we just picked opera but then. You know back it was not a good you know like you lead -- to believe but I think you know is he healthy I don't know you know I mean it's it's just wasn't. Wasn't it wasn't at all at the beginning 33 run together in the first inning has been a constant being with them all season long getting. Giving up runs early in ball games in the team out -- flight back so. I mean -- to me at all the hole almost it was deflating because. Is the one time that I thought it up they're gonna make a move him they got to make a move at all -- Aramis and they homestand and they didn't. I said -- earlier I don't care how much of a Texas tough guy you wore. I don't care how fit your skin is to be booed off the mound by nearly 40000 people twice in a row has got to hurt deep. Slowly in the -- it'd -- as everybody. And and we we've we've that we go back that is when they blues -- yeah yeah they are required a lot and he was kind of as you're going to gonna go out to left field so. I mean it ineffectual that is known is no question about it we've you know we've all been through that at some point. And it bothers you you know but you've got to realizes that you can take a step back and say why they -- me because I'm not good right now. And you know when I was -- was because I've made errors in the field right didn't get a big run home from. From third base and you know and did I -- about that but the fact that we -- the boos that makes it doubly is back you know back so. Is that looking at things and not pretty right now there's no disclosure -- that. In the you know there's no getting around but I mean. Become on this road trip and you know who knows what to expect you know you're in Cleveland -- -- an awful. But it seems like we played the competition. -- is the worst you were ever -- specifically and my guess is before you answer it was probably a specific incident as you said a an air at a critical time or strike out at a critical time. I guess and while that's stings temporarily the bigger picture if they are booing you for being on this baseball team for not like -- you for not what you'd be on this baseball team for two or three or four months of bad baseball including September. That's got to her a lot worse. Yeah it does it that it does as -- you know and and you know I mean you don't -- I mean he knows. This all started with the head up I use chicken and NB a thing last year. And he doesn't help himself you know obviously and in an opportunity doesn't do well knows. Yeah I don't Kamal well in the end and you know it's it's it's it's easy to be a likable guy right. And and that's I think the way people would treat him right now and in the -- sides of the performance hasn't been there. The -- hasn't been there for a long time. And you know when you've got guys like -- -- it must've leading your bureau you're used to pitching staff and would have how many -- -- -- between them. Well so I mean if you're not going anywhere. It's an an -- when they pitch well without getting wins and I'm communal hospitalized three times out. As did very well in my opinion. And the other guy wins so you know when I mean you know you can't honestly together and -- in -- way you can do anything. Can you figure out 'cause I can't why they've got three catchers on -- roster and and leave the bullpen is depleted as it was for Valentine yeah. I really don't know it doesn't make any sense to me I mean I can understand. When they first called -- because they needed. Some you know they needed to DH and I figured that Saltalamacchia would be that the -- -- they need him -- protection because -- he's more than available. But you know when -- -- -- like of the Iran disable it should get back so I was disabled list you've got guys out there that didn't work very hard all season long. And you've got my routes in flux whether we don't know he's a bullpen guy Aristotle right now. It was -- community were credible so the bullpen and also like that it doesn't make much sense -- recaps of the club and and don't let himself has said that like we -- -- club so I have no idea whether Austria. I've been trying to figure this out for a couple months now in you're much better at this than I am how do you have two guys who liked thought were co aces of this rotation. Ball off this far this -- what is going on with those two guys. Right and I -- evidence of where dale I don't know I mean you know wanna what I look -- -- you know to me you know it's it's its velocity I think. In and you know when he when he was pitching you know at 9596. That that's a big difference in 1991. And you'd ever get a and it's just not there anymore I mean you figure is do you see a guy pitch in 1991 miles an hour and in the united changeup and 88. Is that the same for a ball. You know I I I just the only thing I noticed over the years. Over the last few years as the drop in velocity though maybe that's normal -- UH you know I I don't know. But I can tell you facing guys that that 95 and 96 that helped a lot different. You know that a guy throwing ninety -- -- fastball lot more -- even when he's you know you make good pitches. And in the as far as bus that goes you know I. To me he's such a pretty good in it and to me he's you know consistently been decent all season long now I you know and that's bounced open. Because the racquet is not there. But he's he's been in in in cases where -- just seven government you know a lot of run support and it seems like he went through a stretch every tiger made. And one or two mistakes in the game like for example the other night we can put that to me that was the only mistake he made them in that nine. The other on a cut cut fastball tends to put it off the -- and they get a run and to me other than that I thought he pitched brilliantly in that game but still couldn't get a went. Jerry I'm not sure what all the options are available to a baseball team whether it be the manager. The coaches the front office with the ownership try to light a fire under a team that is just you know treading water around 500 I guess in no particular order. There's a trading deadline deal -- blockbuster they decided not to do that I suppose you could have yet a another team meeting and civil once famously said what happens if you lose the day you have a team meeting. November meeting we haven't seen days I guess I never -- that -- That the dreaded vote of confidence which just happened I suppose in the old days Earl Weaver could cost the post game spread. You're a's could hit one of their guys a brawl consumer market team may may be a manager gets thrown out to any of those ever work. And what your experience been over the year years you're -- years in baseball the light a fire under team. Nothing. It doesn't work you know if if none of those things work and you know I've been involved in all kind of things I mean -- let -- Dick Williams surprised allowed. If there was more food on the floor than it wasn't -- an and that's summit. Through them through those those times and you know it just doesn't work and the fact that you got to go out and play good baseball individually. You have to you know do the small things in the game medic -- try to help you win games. And he's just got to keep rolling along and in none of that stuff none of that stuff. Makes a huge difference now you know by giving Valentine. A vote of confidence for the rest of the year that put an end to the ground -- of thought going to be he's going to be fired tomorrow. So you know in that case you'd like to understand that that stopped that. -- he's going to be in the rest of the year and get used to it you know this -- -- guys so now how long you're going to be the guy I don't know. But thirteen meetings usually amount to nothing. Unless -- team is not hustling and I don't think that's success of the Red Sox I think they're trying to you know they've they've been battling. I don't think it's a case where there were. You know -- -- -- through the motions I really don't believe that in watching them day in and day out so what's the point have a team meeting. I'd be going to tell you guys that you guys are better than this judges you know relax and enjoy the game play of the game go out and anyplace some guys it's speculative but. You know that game and you know let's go about the wind also admitted I've been through a lot of those two different things and and the only thing that -- just talent. In and in -- and play in the game the right way. And right now you know -- I would if I was meant I would know what to do -- this group you know I just. You know just make the last cut -- -- does things -- around. Just as managers have to say the right thing in the right way good teammates at the say the right thing in the right way about a teammate who was struggling. A Dustin Pedroia did that last night when when talked to after the game said we can't lose this game tonight because of Josh Beckett which on its face as laughable he could say anything else we lost this is -- team win as a team loses team battled cliche. But in in players positional players parts apart Jerry. Went when middle Brooks has that kind of game when Adrian Gonzales has that -- kind of game Carl Crawford has that -- -- game. Quietly to yourself in moments of introspection and you see your -- grew up there and give up eight runs what do you think about your effort vs their effort your production vs their production. Well yeah it's not effort because that means he he's given that it's not like you adopted try to do bad break -- and I think that's what. That's what Pedroia is talking about it he's even given the best that to that he possibly can have a baby doesn't Avant. And you know as a as a as an individual. You feel good about your performance you rattled up guys and a good game yesterday. You know they have to feel good about that before so probably -- -- -- -- more people and you need more people feeling the same way going into the next game. And it's hard wouldn't you know when you're when your history in Europe this season basically buried as you know like that it is in. And even less as far as wins and losses. You know it it's in -- side view every. Before days you have to wait to pitch again because you really can't survive the season at this point as far as you know wins and losses but you can go out. Impressed the way you're capable of pitching and still help the team win and that's been try to build. I don't sense a lack of -- that anywhere round yeah I really doubt it but I'd be honest with the but it fight but there was. I I don't sense that there's just not winning baseball games and then that you know could keep keep people not contributing the way they should be. Josh Beckett first inning woes. Along with some of those other teammates are are pretty well chronicled his first inning ERA Jerious ten point 42 his first inning opponents' batting average is 329 now I norm and asking an unanswerable question. It's all brought them out you think it's psychological or is it physical. I -- that that's -- -- -- -- you know because the Red Sox in general I've given up more in the first inning in any team in baseball. And and and why is that I mean -- that's -- played as I've explained. Why it goes up there result of one every single day I mean I don't know. You know I mean I don't know what does it change in the routine before the game I don't know -- your goal would be getting out of the mound. If you don't believe -- for awhile it was him back it was warming up soon. And sitting around too long before the first -- -- But as a team like that. I mean this is this has been going on with everybody. And you know how do you think something like that I don't know I mean. I've seen you know I've seen pitches Pedro Martinez will -- indeed he -- the -- five minutes before we start to blow out of the bullpen. And and do it and guys the other guys in there you know very early -- Schilling was starting for the Red Sox he'd be the first guy in the club out. Every day you know so I mean I I don't know what the answer is that -- really -- In. You know it's been a problem consistently -- the -- you -- -- -- in. It seemed like it almost every single game but I I wish I had a better answer for why things like that happen but -- I really don't. After a couple of false starts were starting to see the Carl Crawford that I think they believed they were signing and bringing in from Tampa Bay. Is this finally the real guy and -- do you think the -- reasonably that can continue. Yeah I think I think it does because you know there's -- -- that you said -- -- the guys that that -- diplomatic. And that's was here right now and what was the it is you know a guy that was a look and feel bad outside pitches all the sudden start and hit those pitches to the opposite field. Maybe getting used to the way you mean knowing realizing -- -- the ball well get off the wall. You know so. That does police plan right now that Sweeney played out in Tampa Bay Debbie what's what concerns me is -- elbow thing. You know it just collapses on the bottom of these guys need surgery again and miss more time. I mean that that bothers me a little bit but -- the fact is he's playing very good baseball right now and and I think it'd help him relax a little bit in this atmosphere you know -- I don't think at any point last year. He was relaxed play in Boston and get up what about side that has snowballed on them. Are you -- like that kind of thing Beckett on the right now so. I think that you know he's -- success brings you know culprit. And now that he's that was except I think -- couple level here is a little bit better than it has been in the past. Having made really only one major change after the September collapse that would be changing the manager. You suspect since more of the same is continuing for the next you know 34 months after that. If this season plays out the way it's played out so far in the final fifty games you suspect that this is gonna look like a much different ball club come February in Fort Myers next you're Jerry. I would think so you know I mean. I I don't see him standing pat you know the ownership. As far as I know who wants to win all the time -- wanna be in the playoffs every year. It'll be another year of not being in the playoffs which is not good it's been very confusing year. It's been in the you know a year with some injuries has been a year that there's -- communication between men in the players not been good. It's been a year where you cut the Patrick about publicly support you manager. We've heard stories of play is going to the front office what we've heard all. Things that has been it's been a total of dust really good and it's it's it's it's not something you wanna have to deal with it and so. You know if this plays out the way it is playing out right now and they don't make the wildcats spot. They don't you don't get into the get into the dance. And and then you know get things turned around. I would I would expect a lot of changes I really would. Because I don't think they would again go at the same type of situation. Archer I don't mean to a -- issue here but argue the only person on the planet who did not know -- a light Saber is at at it. I probably -- that happens at the moment and I know had no idea what that was and what it's what a surprise that he broke. Yeah yeah a big surprise you and values that way. I don't know what do we -- props now you know it's it's getting bad. He had checked the title charge for a -- Ohio and I think the surf is up in about twenty minutes and is okay and Boyd once famously said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well let things going right now you may -- associate. It is gonna have to be at least it's seven run lead I think good about themselves as you can imagine pull that thing out. What each season every game and we never get the CNN it's in there a dime well. I've visited but the hope of release I do see myself bring and I always getting beat five and not not enough in the -- adamant that -- played very well. -- -- though I didn't play very well but that would be really bad. The jury what you should do is set up DO you should put something like really embarrassing in your briefcase and have for just the moment and it should put out of. What about that. I really embarrassing stuff. I don't know what you mean yeah exactly. Allegedly yeah Abuja we got that Somalia you know yeah you gotta be good we've got to -- got to be careful art Graham dog enjoys a -- Ohio have time sun screen on your -- don't -- -- our. All right written -- Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline. Sponsored by JRS restoration specialist property managers that insurance pros depend on a -- to cover all the disaster bases when it comes to 24/7 emergency services swing on eight RS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. And by dragons speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use -- computer you -- it types does it get dragon dot com and by Lexus of watered down inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Collects.

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