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Does the issue go beyond Bobby Valentine

Aug 8, 2012|

Mikey and Lenny talk more about the Red Sox struggles and whether the team is in need of an attitude adjustment or need to make some big moves in the offseason.

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Now happier note. Do we have another happy song for this -- patio. We got another happy song cued up. I'm Lesley -- sunshine lollipops and roses Lenny megs even remembers that song right -- Melt anything he sang I -- forgot long ago what she's saying it's my party and I'll -- if I want -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then again that it's. Eat what you feel happier no pain no decent. -- it's everything is sunshine lollipops and rose I like him. I don't believe it but I'm like yeah sounds good. Many height amendment got hard you know on a lighter note -- seriously -- -- I got the pats had fifteen and one this year. Okay now I'm I that's subject to change you know how injuries can and you know maybe some -- certain preceding game and they get -- I am going with that for right now fifteen and one everything you say it's subject to Medicare. It could only go up to sixty you know it's cannot go to fourteen and two so I'm locked in at least at 151. Fifteen and one -- do you live and -- with that good like yeah yeah that's what you think so. Should I mean the schedules they use them. This this with a different team and we saw last year and a and it better be around when you know when -- dumped at the end I'm redundant that's the problem yeah right at the end at the end when the giants got. The giants got lucky. You know twice twice generals -- -- -- once the first thing they are actually -- -- sources -- And then I end and even lighter note I of the celtics' winning the east so unless we can move past this Red Sox stuff and by the way I don't I'm not. The -- does continue. To watch every single Red Sox game and -- will middle Brooks and in -- Jaco and guys like that and would -- becomes back you know maybe they're going to this. Maybe maybe they'll that maybe they'll cling to the of the year the hopes that are alive for a wild card spot and punched their way out of the paper bag. Army times is that rookie hit 23 run homers in two days in consecutive days. One prize of one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Lenny megs here because dwell on that because that is John writers here with a sometimes riders off this week and I was trying to do is compile a list of things writer could be to wing. Right now on his time off instead of being here working hard regardless. Can I get my complain the way for sure when you first calls. Right he took a five year old slumped in the game and I am embarrassed that they indicated that the game boo -- Well I don't think it was so upset at least five is though is apparently I don't Rodham hot dog -- -- and team -- it and I know what I mean he is comic called complained EU what do you five feet yeah yeah. -- -- -- What I mean I -- originally I took my five year old of the game last year only cared about was meet Wally -- I mean common barrister and bring it right at the game well you buy tickets you go to game. -- expect the home team to win and that that you take chances right you know what it without a game really I'm -- -- paying a from a baseball perspective Alicia -- really anxious to see Beckett do something right -- -- stand but. Long half the he would past Mexico and with -- -- I think. Yeah they can they sit down. Well a time for like a year this idea that he'd gotten Democrat base and trying. That's baloney I mean he may just have lost it yet. -- and that's the you don't go out but no I don't say this out front there -- -- -- -- a lot -- amber give a crap I say he doesn't look like he gives a crap what happened at. He's he's kind of cocky guy and that he has no reason to be now. But he doesn't change his attitude of facial expressions or anything like that brightness and that it was pretty contrite. In that post game today -- do you have a post game and the I would say yeah. Action is yet know how that. It it was great and you know they gonna catch a plane and my I mean he faced the music and no one else is quotes. At post last night yet with his previous back right almost the same OK so. So what's wrong it's how long. Three evidence -- Beckett. Let's listen as much as we can stand. -- -- -- -- It. Those. Control is what the issue is that it's made to people play. So control. Sir patrol outside of themselves. So. This election -- over. -- this season when you haven't been right here at times you can go back its future destruction numbers look worse certainly looks that. I don't know. The numbers are good. Felt strong out there. Wasn't problems. -- -- -- you -- -- -- image that it can get back into office they kept quite. Let's. Here. They deserve a lot of credit. Just today. Courses here. He's kept our. Victory that's. Because of -- again. We'll make the I don't know from journalism this -- -- Accident you know. -- and a -- assemble blow all right so. From the point being here today. If he's if he really feels rotten about stealing money from the Red Sox at attuned to the tune of fifty million dollars a year. What can he do to change all that now if he's lost four miles an hour off his fastball. Then he's he -- will be. Crises that that changes everything doesn't it. Well that's an idea said he is may be on its -- basically picture and what you do about that what I do is I put Morales in his -- in his job well fine that's that's I do that tomorrow and witty and do with -- personable and I don't know. Yeah anything whatever is on a number of doctors have started lose games. Where -- five -- -- should be five and ten at -- today because he he's I want -- -- game as long as Lester and Beckett Angela they would be going appeared to October 1. And October 1 visit. At the -- -- -- of necessity to game time. If that won't be getting half that. Now we're gonna get back to your phone calls right now but first let's make a list of things John -- might be doing right now one's vacation time and don't start with number one. Punching the clown. You write it down here crunching. Why don't pay any suggestions you have to call and Libya began to list send me something very -- in Rhode Island. Coach right on Jimmy. I don't -- -- -- a couple of questions -- just wanna hang out and here you have to certain number one has Brandon -- do you think -- over or under a thousand yards. And the second question. Is. What Beckett I know no one wants him for a salary but. Could we treat them and still pay -- -- salary or not well and that is get licked and all our stake in an old picture. Yes that's where -- -- -- -- -- ramps on me you know what the thing is that he's 105 going right yes sir he gets to -- -- to decline. Any offer that he wants our radio ready yet he he could say I was sending unit. Not a -- if he doesn't -- goes well one quibble I have with his remarks when he said that he was nervous and that. About the trading deadline in our lab errors you know -- and five guys -- can refuse to trade what he had nothing to worry about him he is not a care in the world -- -- -- any trading deadline comes and goes right now so that would mean he's clear that worry should -- itself again today. -- and -- of mind now as upset as we might be his fans. Red Sox fans watching him. How do you think the ownership -- every two weeks when they have -- sentiment checked for another million dollars or you know whatever it is well you know it's John Henry you know and -- email we have and we watch -- -- game I watch the game -- hero and yeah. Well when they watch it on TV. Right at home so they can't beat team that ball park because Cameron might catch and it's Japan things that you know they've fields that you think. We're Beckett doesn't give it up or -- somebody pops up with the bases loaded a -- relief pitching you know both it. That they're not thinking insane same nasty words we have yes money and it -- with the money though because if it's the -- on the team the failure on the team is what bugs the owners and this is not directly relative to the money. Not so much you know probably less what the illness and with the fans really you know which is trying to you know make eleven right boats got it I don't seem as rich as you might have to be to do that -- somebody that campaign that kind of money is so bad I'm thinking. Hello my painful well but the problem is there's no getting out of it but it's more egregious that I payroll guys a question about it how about John -- and not -- but oh yeah I know and how how would pay him since we pay him or numerous instances -- -- -- we've been. Well we tell them where he canning can't sit you can -- in the dugout that you can throw. Is your bad influence we know that well we know -- bad influence obviously that then if you dents in the dugout not a good team and we've been through that there Ellsbury you know. It's funny I've been I was a bad influence brought probably a little bit sometimes consider that my parents of my friends and stuff I remember this when I was five years old. Went over and knocked down a girl's sort of complaint would mean if you know live down the street. And I can torrent in the mother comes -- or she opens Doran says okay well wait a minute closed the door and a year. Telling her daughter. I do not want to playing with that Michael Adams. I heard it. And I think what the hell that I do annual flag is though I was I was adds I was the John Lackey of the neighborhood if you fight. Five from I forgot it was ninety -- So John Redick could be put you to Kabul -- Josh -- just -- and I don't at a later note fifteen and one Josh in the car all the guys asked the question over a 100000 yards on less because system anytime yes me too many guys throw. To last fewer than a thousand yards on Brentwood a Josh in the car. You know -- -- Josh. Right now Beckett and Lester and -- back they're pretty pretty awful. Yeah he had -- have the -- from me it's something like. Recession like twelve and 24 in the games they've started now it's not that bad record cluster around -- from. -- -- just you know it is designate. Packets -- side and again -- get rid of them in general and about that money every month. I'll tell you why I tell you why it's partly the money and wanna get them money's worth atom at least for the rest of the year right and it's also. That degree of of -- adulterated hope that he'll turn it around a little bit and and saint the last and that's why I say that they going to be in -- -- -- that injured again. Every rotation for once 62 and whatever comes after she -- and that's that's so wrong. And yet these guys Morales has been hasn't been anything but impressive. Well I looked a lot more out there I mean out. There's so many guys an apple and you could get it in a starting role on Myanmar -- reckless and Josh are good. Frank -- seems to have a plan. You know he's at their -- I'm gonna do any any he's he's got the courage of his conviction throws the pitch he throws at our psyches aggressive. These guys dilly dally around it -- -- nip around the played and then there's stuff -- I don't know -- really really concerned. About the Beckett Lester tandem and you know next -- gonna have Beckett Lester Lackey again to think about authority well and thanks for -- maybe now. You know we have three guys on hold right now out of power for callers in -- rose one line open. Trees degree it's the three of her name's Steve. Before we get to our Steve's we've got Andy. In -- they call -- and over Andy. Andy. And Erica might -- I don't yeah. As a man. I think it can regain. The -- and electric park and yeah they're the opponent about -- -- Yet -- yeah. -- -- first inning runs. I probably have one thing I'm -- piano and -- now. Why it is what I'm waiting waiting and shot and have looked at Saltalamacchia. In Egypt -- Shoppach. Papelbon blew up a great. That's -- it. -- it's good point good point -- that's a skip. Learned the hardware was over he's not doing well so far -- yeah -- the ball. And by the way shopping is heaven or hell he can crush the ball but he strikes out I heard -- say this today it. -- strikes out 40% of the time. You know what an art in. They had three catches like they do now so they can -- that part went on the exit the catcher ninth he says yeah they should ninth period and the story just like they used to algorithm yeah absolutely right. Yes -- Randy went to the game. And you missed the first inning did the right thing. There. Are but how about middle -- so let's look at the positive year middle Brooks looks like a stud. Third baseman star to me. They shot it yardages the he hits a lot of shots she's got that Fenway holes stroke you know -- -- he can really yanked a ball over the offense. Speaking of which take another suggestion of the text line about what John writers doing. Additional punch in the clowns spanking the monkey. And waxing his -- So how's that -- pretty good enough.

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