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Can Mikey put a positive spin on the Red Sox

Aug 8, 2012|

Mikey isn't happy with the Red Sox pitching performance as of late, he talks about what the issue could be with players like Josh Beckett.

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OK okay here we go back a year ago I know I know. That's all I can say is I know Richard I know which -- taken annoy no I don't mom and ask you to tell me. This is unbelievable. Today sucked. That today release -- this is the wrap up. To eight disastrous. Homestand. And let me just say this the Red Sox -- home brutal. Supposed to be better human moment you're on the road -- were very he called home field advantage. It's you know it applies to most sports are signs of -- call home court advantage. Not with the Red Sox so let's open the phone lines in the two minute rain. I'm Josh Beckett near Boston Red Sox as they had other you know that's the good news actually going on the road that's the good news. They're better on the road than they are home. That's all I have for good news groups of I don't have OK -- get regular mortgage news the offense was good today. That's all I got for you tell me -- and not care what you say in the year you know if you if you swear -- will crowded out. We have to -- the FCC requires that we bleep it out I'm sure that most of you and let's see how bad you can get tonight. Without swearing OK that'll be the challenge. We say patio do you have that ready yet your fingers ready of the button and there. Ready let's find out how much ripping you can do. Tonight. Without swearing. And it makes it really difficult. That's the challenge. Josh Beckett today once again. He's a pathetic. Loser. Is where he has. -- it okay this guy has nothing to offer. We've been well well through and documented the every other year I sucked every of the here I'm okay. Syndrome he's had since the beginning of his career. But I've never seen -- Like I've seen this year's Josh Beckett. Brutal not just the amid the immediate attitude problems he had out of the gates. Bobby Valentine. Not just the fifteen million dollars. He's making this year that's only 300000. Dollars a week after all every week of the year. It's the fact that he is absolutely done he's got -- stuff. His fastball 91 miles an hour. He's as Billy said he's like the pitcher from rise. He's got no brains. He's got no heart Andy's looking for courage. It ain't happening and it's been since September 1 of last year he's been it's been really honestly were like three weeks away from it being a full complete year. -- -- -- A word. Suck this and I I for 1 am on Josh Beckett. Mentally I can't -- I don't know what. I can't imagine what kind of miracle would take. To put me back on his side of the ledger. This is brutal heat is five and nine -- should be five intent he should have lost -- right. He should've had loss. Of anybody who questions that the bill lost today even on the record it'll go to somebody else. Belongs to Josh Beckett. Five and ten -- that -- Lester -- five and ten. I ordered these guys are bad influence on each other tenant -- that's their won loss record. In -- in decisions alone nevermind the team's won lost record in games they've started. You know ritual Austral better you know at aria he was a lot better -- of four runs in six innings you know that is that the six earned run average that better. Now. And if you look at the stats -- -- the Red Sox starting pitching. In of the guy with the lowest year -- all of a sudden. Clay Buchholz. Clay Buchholz has the lowest TRE and his team right now. Everybody else is found their way above the book colts' line number of buckles meddling in nine ERA in April. And was still in the seventh and may. Now. He leads the team of the starters in earned run average okay. Is pitching staff and you know give give all accredited do brunt. Give credit to buck -- for me being the ace of the staff I guess. I save Franklin Morales should be in this rotation Beckett should be sitting on his fat ass. Doing nothing watching along with his buddy John Lackey. Beckett Lackey can sit and watch. On the -- together. For his pathetic as he's bid for fifteen million dollars a year the guy should be hostile. Reticent. Or belligerent. He should be apologetic. He should be kissing the ass of every Red Sox fan and Red Sox Nation prepay and would absolute sorrow over his performance. He should be contrite. Mellow. Down to earth and -- The crap he's thrown out -- this year it's awful. Nine and his stuff car stops on brains go on his will to win is competitive fire all let's trash -- Down the toilet and I'm completely done. With Josh Beckett will take you text your calls on this on the which unload their college completely unload. You think the team has done America disagree. I'm not gonna disagree you have every right to world to believe that. You if you have tickets to you know go are those sellouts noted that. A lot of people try to put all the blame on. We're on different people throughout the Red Sox organization for I still say it's the players. It's certain players it's not all of whom you know I mean it's not I gonna go -- -- -- go there were Dustin Pedroia. I'm just not it's not that's not part of the mix here. Believe certain people out even him the king of doubles Adrian Gonzalez at least he's at 311 now. He's he's come back a little bit. Beckett. Goes on the DL Hertz isn't a back key wacky womb Odom -- usual way. Pitch -- for case. How long you been a pitcher that you were ten. That's twenty years you know what to expect. You know what to do all my back all right on the coming off the DL now here Greco home three runs and a first inning. Really. Really. Brutal. So let's get some solutions what do you do -- GM unity if you're the owner John Henry. What do you do now. What he did today and what I do. First -- -- at last night what was that one -- during starting at third base when middle Brooks could had a couple of cracks at Dempster. Brooks is hot he wants the gates trying to prove himself. He's -- he's a man and boys' clothing. Clothing he's at what point during unit. Break the morale should be in the rotation Zetterberg disagree 61777. Nuys jury fifty. 88852 fives you -- fifty. And debt -- we're gonna just what you load on tonight's planet Mikey program riders off tonight write off for the whole week right. What's he doing. I don't know he's still doing those -- classes. Got it looks funny and -- skirt. Lenny megs will come in a little bit later -- -- you and me and I'm gonna let the phone calls rattle the cage of anybody you want -- rattle restart with. What's a first name on the list their patio -- Raj. Riggs it's short for Roger Roger. Passionate about Iran might you don't budget forty suit and I you have about Red Sox game. On site a lot of driving home mark and and you know I have these particular -- at about eleven years have been much damage Davenport. But I gotta tell you Bob I bet a lot of up and down vote there of the world very very happy very however. The amount of money in this I want the other red ownership between -- I don't I worked on the matter anything. But I think -- began. The amount of money I'd hate to watch it seemed that it produced but hey while they have. I'm not learned but -- product that is ball. And I'm not gonna blame one person -- players at all and the onus on the outfield and do they got into. -- my money I pay for sport he. You can and that's why -- I'm looking at payroll and that the Yankees. Are hot. I'm -- -- immediate protection -- all my hard earned money -- -- -- Marc -- -- twelve hours like everyone -- like an identity. And I am tired. Of Palin how good money after bad -- what are less than 500 -- Well Mikey how would you want to blow me -- go up the team -- we have all watched no joke. And I don't look block from the block out out of the pocket I'd rather watch those boys play their heart out every day. And by both protected and property. And Obama the next court somewhere in online god bless them but. You know. It's I'd rather honestly watch. Young kids. You know our guys who word like it's struggling to make it in the big leagues like I don't. Really enjoy watching -- middle Brooks OK but his visit his our opening performance this year as a major leaguers getting spoil. By the fact. Complacent. Losers. On the front of the pitching staff. I'm more I -- beauty 100%. 100%. You know about it and I'm not blaming it all on Beckett back almost into year. And a beer achieved and what the -- good copy but not until you know what I am addicted I never liked him again. Not so little between had a little less certain they're they're they're either aren't cutting back import it into a heartbeat and of the jungle -- that end of the day -- I'm wondered if it's not you know black still hanging around on the bench meant I want that guy out to. Auditor there's not a -- -- -- I -- think of his September when they see those three it makes me wanna puke. I want it I want it I'll let you might you might you have a great. Public and generated Arnold -- -- to unload on this -- don't call. But. Thanks I'll buy you more of a rebel medium but Hamas. I'm right there are now. OJ. If we lose. Judge judge anyway I would be calling your name but you're not there. No I'm sorry you know what I feel. I let it might help her a quick appear at a minute though each drove crashed here. What's up today and that I wanted to say I. Did earlier today -- The outlook that it garbage. Don't even it out and out and yeah I can yeah. I expect it Florian is your Beckett crap thrown out there every single start he gets. The sky Sox. I don't I don't I don't know a little -- and it's really pretty small but if I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- I'd -- I'll work of course you you know these contracts. But this particular that's why I think we all. Its heart are opened -- -- of apology note they don't get -- on -- off. You know impact it would have been shipped out by now. If you could be guaranteed contract it's the it's ridiculous that -- -- that much money. He's at least spoiled us and it's not just him it's others to -- I've talked about it -- a rampant situation with all the salaries -- baseball. But -- it is the poster boy but he spoiled rotten. You know underachieving. Overpaid. -- and he's these these arguments are worried about it. The attacker kit that Beatty who retired and in particular our blog that story a year ago. Luckily enough to earn the money so he said he didn't -- it even edit and. The classic is Ted Williams after his 591959. Season giving back. Money. -- outlook puppet character in the immediate relief but and but look I didn't look at -- And not carry as much as he is obviously cared much who competed. -- just come out and said don't prove otherwise he's five and twelve since last September. I -- twelfth that -- it's Jayne Appel. And I Texaco. Gary feeding you know that's up as near -- want. You put him now might be part of -- one here right. -- What's up. Okay. I think -- name of these people like -- -- just -- -- and Beckett. -- got lucky and the -- there and -- but. That's very clever -- -- -- you feeding those guys man it's gotta get a pretty early in the morning to beat you guys. Thank you very right. Is that our have -- analysts pretty quite an offering. I think -- Beckett is at Texas has put on waivers even Clinton who. Claim fifteen million dollars a year for that crap. It's never gonna happen. He's obsolete now. OK. And I am not I'm looking to see what what is it would it would strong new ways of throwing 95 anymore. Does have the big 126 curve ball same stupid look on his face. -- a loser. He's a loser. And tell the truth I you know. As have been a big winners since 07 or nine it was OK you know three point 86 nice record seventeen and six but. I don't know without this oh I heard my leg Mormon up to -- the mound was way that Monday. Chick in the year fifteen million that -- throw up before you ever liked -- began Peters and Sanford Maine. Like uniter and Peter how're you I'm doing great. Just for a second today. When little -- -- hit that home run I know didn't chase say -- illegal. Yes and you know what these guys like middle Brooks. You can root for. Guys like middle Brooks who had the three run home run that was wasted yesterday two days to three run clutch shots and they're both wasted because the pitching sucks now. Yesterday -- and he start. Why support dole starting in in the major leagues at this on this team. With this payroll in this league with -- all the work they have the duty to make the playoffs why is point oh starting. I don't know what it would Israel and right. Yeah great article wanted to be fresh for the playoffs that you're -- economy. Is one other thing has played it was an area that I -- a she could double Lee and can Omar's there'd be eight court -- Billy quote him as well but what are you on the -- talks about baseball. Yeah I did -- with a metal that'll never happen news to any idle -- it's too bad because it than you'd have real baseball going but thanks ecumenical even ecology. I understand what he's got rocket shot out and now there's a little political bad. It -- reputation you know some people that like as he keeps his mouth that never closes as the problem Peters he has no self. There's no filter and in this day and age you know it and went the manager talent through. He used to be measured brought Syria wants to -- his corporate structure. You know they tell their managers can't say this is say that we were -- anybody. We don't have said Josh Beckett being the year Bobby Valentine don't caller last year on ESPN. Says Beckett takes too long to pitch the ball or something like that -- All love you know and -- We -- have to sit down screwing you. Prove your worth fifty million dollars a year maybe people think about like a day -- -- had a number nineteen shirt I'd burn. Ariza might be to be too harsh on this guy let me you know.

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