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Bobby Valentine: I think we’ll do something special and make the playoffs

Aug 8, 2012|

Red Sox Skipper Bobby Valentine joins John and Dale to discuss the current drama revolving around the Red Sox. Bobby talks about if he’s had to battle the front office since arriving in Boston, what type of support does he have from the clubhouse, especially Pedroia and Ortiz, and how injuries have affected the team. He also touches on if he’s worried about his pitchers continuing to show their emotions on the mound when disagreeing with umps, how close he was to getting thrown out after Pedroia ejection, and if the Sox are really a .500 or a playoff team.

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Bwic conversational Bobby Valentine is brought to you by our belly insurance here for your car home and business here for new englanders here for good and Verizon files a network ahead. Bobby Valentine joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Bobby John and dale near Boston our idea. There must be job until I'm good thank you very. Good good good and -- is -- that -- you're generally perceived to be you know before you got here and certainly after you arrived as as an upbeat and energetic guy when things unfold the way they have unfolded for you for the first whatever his hundred and some games of the season. Is it increasingly difficult to maintain that. Upbeat nest to coin a phrase and not get frustrated. I don't know that it's. So difficult I -- You know when you don't win a game you don't win a game and that's the big picture at the end -- there's always good things that are going their. Development. You know you like to see there are. Progress is that here happy about but I -- do. But -- stay on the building blocks I didn't and -- take care of the guys anyway they can and and not to get not get too frustrated of course that there are laws them. Not a happy camper but. I try to put that to rest before -- get to part of expect. Bobby did you in your wildest dreams or may be more aptly put in your wildest nightmares think things would be like this at this point of the season when you signed on for this I'm talking injuries and talking and performance just the lack of being able to get on a roll at any point so far. I I don't know what they exempt in in my wildest dreams but. I know that this is a long season and I'm trying to stay the course and think that that things are going to. And up a lot better than they it might seem to people who seem to be right now. Through five innings last night I thought Jon Lester was brilliant in the wheels kind of fell off the wagon a bit in the sixth inning. Did anything happen did his delivery changed to daddy did you see anything from the dugout where you want all of this is different now. He still living in a regular couples singles and you know -- the guy I didn't think that. There is anything different at all you know that that's. If that the game where we're scoring a lot of runs and he gave up a couple he pitched an excellent game and because he gave up a couple and we didn't score any -- Look we're gonna make make it seem like you did something. Drastically wrong net it's incredibly well thank. Are you at all concerned that sometimes your pitchers. Seemed to get flustered or frustrated with the umpiring and maybe show more than they should Felix -- brought did the other night. Lester is done that from time to time does that concern you at all. Yeah I take -- it's just part of you know V. Combative in his of this culture that we had here and it seems that. In -- sometimes. There is there a you know a prevailing attitude that. At Texas said variously. And I'm assuming that at this level the people who do that who get flustered by a missed call have been told that's. Done you can't do anything about it the most important thing you can do was focus on the next pitch I assume that's arguments set to these people correct body. I'll take that chuckles yes. So -- it was the hard headed folk here or not. Well and it you know it's not like you just tell someone no one to. You say it there's many times -- couple -- possible and it's ready and make it part of the program. You know it's it's it's a difficult test. Was it clear by Paul umpire Paul now works lack of throwing. Dustan out early in the process that he knew he had -- the call. I don't know what they what they know. You know a lot of time actors they're pretty upset and I thought that by that not throwing me out. With -- Way of saying okay you know I I messed this up enough and to that set it up to think -- last -- to to thrown out for a week. Certainly does certainly Dustin did do what he let him go until we can now for the next inning. Actually. You know -- just yelled a little and then. You know less than to watch the game -- -- -- anything that. That was saying that is. You don't so derogatory that you have to you know be ejected from -- game I mean that. You know umpires. You know just like players. It you know some kinds of -- will continue to yell at a player -- player Leo and an umpire and there's a. You know visit do it don't list and I don't think that there's never crossed over that that line. Out was that the first -- -- -- wrong I think that was the first Bobby Bobby -- I've heard all season at Fenway Park in the answer to that is yes. Why did that thought it's part of the -- some dirt on issues and get taught us that at. I -- but it would be foolish at the time. You know he wasn't going to throw me out he wasn't arguing back could be you said what I had to say and you know -- -- He's immature -- or whatever it enactment might pitchers in the an amount trying to get the next that are out. I didn't I didn't think was the right thing to do right I often like to keep the other pitcher. On the mound. Wanna go out there I don't I don't really. Like to do my guys out there. It is their -- eight -- that you take when you go out and you wanna argue and I understand that every single situation is different but when you know you're right and when you know the umpire is wrong. What was said to him leaving out the words that can't be said on the radio what should point 22 more its -- debate or what was questions. Yes but telling him point. My point was -- to that flight through that now when he when he told me -- You know could total exception to didn't think it distance sedated. -- -- to get thrown out of the game and sort of questioning is. Judgment borrowing limit their players -- a game. I always wonder when now when things don't go all the way York team wants them to go. How much credit do you give the other team and how much blame do you take upon yourself how much was Ryan Dempster responsible for your team's offensive issues last night. You know he had a streak of over thirty innings Torre gave up but no runs. Pictured in the generally again you know pitching against. And mentally he pitched well last night he pitched well he -- them. It's sliders and splits where a lot of rumors spread at the edge you know coming minutes and he's got an -- zoning is making good pitches with -- cutter. Inside through lefty handers. I thought when he made some mistakes we jump on them but. I didn't think there were a lot of mistakes they give him credit. When I saw a year your team's offensive performance two nights ago and especially at the top the order where they went eleven for eighteen with eight doubles and seven runs batted in -- something. I'm sure there's part of you in the in the back you mind race and I wouldn't mind saving this for another night but of course it doesn't work that way in baseball. Now it doesn't work that way and it also doesn't work the way we get eight doubles every night other ways you know. They had in the pitchers who -- -- release so you know this is a game a bit implode and you know peaks valleys. Whatever you do whatever you want might wanna say but this is also would game that. You know it's played -- a individuals who are competing. Rigorously every night and -- you know you got to earn whatever you get. Body Bill Parcells has famously said you are what your record says you -- and money small sample of almost a couple of years indicates the Boston Red Sox -- 500 baseball team. In your heart. Do you think this is a 500 baseball team at its score. No I I don't think so I think there a playoff team and I think we're going to be there it is where. This season's over. And I'm not sure whether you projected number of wins necessary to get to the playoffs but a lot of people smarter than I have said 89 is about the that the high water mark can this team go 34 and seventeen in the final games. Yeah of course of course. And that better than 34 and seventy boy you do do remain optimistic Bobby. I don't think -- so optimistic and think it's. Realistic -- we you know stay healthy and they'll right now we have some concerns in the bullpen and that sets that stabilizes I think the other big reds ahead. Do you think it's going to be necessary for you to get another bullpen army in here if not for today's game. -- for the upcoming road trip based on those issues that you just mentioned. Uga. Andy -- having issues and effectively we started Franklin Morales because. You know we we had -- skip that just started in you know that it's taken me. Full arm out of the bullpen and does not replacing him is. Is there the dangerous. And this carrying three catchers on the roster also deplete chew bubble bullpen arm a spot on the roster as well. Prom. Yet to systemic then actually you know. Bobby eclectic guy is history one of your points of interest. Some history. While -- this is the history you elect talk about that elected backpedaling like Chinese history broken and and they're brilliant -- baseball history okay. Not -- okay the Sox brass before anybody was hired promised a number of the players that Bobby Valentine the manager like -- Bobby Valentine parenthetically let me -- I'm not exactly what that means would not be higher. When you were hired apparently a number of players rolled their eyes and work necessarily on board. Do you feel your heart of -- that you have been battling an uphill battle to win the hearts and minds of the guys on the baseball team since you were hired. Well first -- did have to wonder since the them. Most impressed that was here no longer here who made those promises. I don't think it was -- was the current the current ownership and mentally yeah vigorous ownership. But that. Steal the -- was that I bet on the wrong. So you think it was people who sits on on to the midwestern reported and who knows is aware that I was promised them front office Coca. Prison are well are so no matter some front office. Person who ordered Internet OK so let's asides made the promise a promise that they gave me at a community unit old players. And how much Ella Ella works -- Do you think of bloody Valentine tight means is that someone who has. You know 15100 wins under his belt and someone who's been. Experienced in both leagues in the end overseas than someone who. You know speaks a couple of languages what what does that mean it Bobby Valentine tight. Probably all of the above but I think the perception mark that. Well let me finish but probably all of the above. But it more than that the perception both up close and personal and from a distance was a guy a little different than Tito a guy. Who would. Pick a little but who would who would hold players accountable. Who would make them a little more uncomfortable. And correct what happened in September and not let it happen again in April and may and June I think that's what most people thought and maybe even the Red Sox brass and ownership current ones ones in place. Plot they wanted to get how much they allowed -- beat that when -- beat that person what you've got your body. Well like you know -- today I don't I don't really know what. This is dictated histories bill that you're gonna comment on. -- do you feel that you have the unmitigated support of the leaders in in in your clubhouse your teases and the Pedroia is do they have your back 100%. Pete and Andre so no doubt in your -- not an. Do you know who went to ownership up the back stairs they Bobby Valentine was then. Think that happened then don't think anybody went up Baxter's. Insists its little drama stuff I think that. You know guys get together isn't. W owners when talking with some of the guys probably said they have the ability situations. That they and you -- have have been. Something other than you expected and so might it says something and they might again back to me at all because everything was running and up Extenders. And -- and do you not find it a little bit of an affront. That management if they did come to you instead you've got to be nicer to the guys you can't you can't say mean things like that too will middle Brooks I mean aren't you allowed to manage the way you think is best. Without that kind of interference. Once again and nothing mean -- said that it too will they and I've been with its ownership now -- whatever. -- for six months they've been nothing but supportive and I have reached out to them at times and today. It is paying you see that I'm doing here that I'm doing anyway that I can be better from what we're all trying to accomplish please let me know. I've heard it's said about you when the way use you manage I'd rather ask you directly are you managing this team exactly the way you want without. Any any interference or or rules this is Bobby Valentine were watching in the dugout every night. Whatever that means I can imagine anybody -- Wear my uniform when I go in there and. You know I'm doing everything that I can hand what I wanna do. At -- is limited by -- just the you know the personnel at some guys. Might not run as well as they. Would would love for someone to and so the play that might you know be in my mind can't be. Adam can't be implemented implemented in other of that them. I think I'm doing. Everything that I can every chance to make him. Bobby the last one for me and -- the TV opportunity to dispel what is an urban legend that most people think is true. And that is in spring training via -- got on somebody's ass pretty hard who really screwed up a drill. Well one report said it was a -- this one reports it was somebody else doesn't matter who was but it was done NA -- Bobby Valentine got away again whatever that is. And someone from either management or ownership at some point subsequent to that called you it and say. We don't treat our players that way publicly we don't dress them down that way or false. Absolutely. Flow management. Or ownership. Said that to me yes you have the identity as they. At the ball ball ball mellow. All right got -- So just because Bobby's interview moved to our show this week it doesn't mean we were not doing what Reagan son dinner with a big show question that this question for Bobby Valentine comes from the coal. From Charles to take a listen Bobby V. It's my questions obviously what expectations could you have about anything that I -- appetite out as you expect it. Well that got Nicole -- in Nicole thanks. You know there's a lot of most of my expectations. You know or are really -- and I think that there they're all coming. To fruition I think I think that the health situation. I just never imagined that down. We would deal flow with every press conference every day. Having ten minutes of Reading the the entry list in the deprive -- of the players to mean that that's not the most Paramount. Putting -- -- played every day but it seems to be something that then we have to deal with too often and so. They picked the expectation is that we would be you know more help billion. You know whether that assistance is the -- right this is. An amazing place to be. And incredibly. Amazed -- you know getting in there might -- this morning and have people waiting for me to. Tell me that they which we like -- when it. Had me up I was -- -- to their apartment and have in the guy who's delivering the -- Christmas tree cameramen come running nowhere is like is getting up I'd like to. They do playing with the men that you know they -- -- -- he he and his days are behind me knowing that the passionate. And -- am very supportive. Community and I think we're gonna do something special. You know crazy things have happened in the game and there's no one else there that so good that we have to fear them. You know we're currently we are stumbling a little -- teams stumbled live person. You know a game all week for the Christmas season to make up to be first place in the American League east isn't out of the realm of comprehension. All right I'm gonna get back your bike in just a second but you mentioned the injury things -- to disappoint you and not bring it up with a what are we gonna seed David Ortiz your best guess. A few days a few days. Yet it I mean yesterday here's the he was really good good experience could help. Now he needs to just get the. You know the checklist. The running -- dodging the whatever to take the league we need him to do before you get -- Green light to go on the field what he's swinging the bat well and he's feeling very good. So you're thinking by the weekend but the very least after the softly on the thirteenth -- against Baltimore. 02 days -- well I can't. Absolutely because you know you can't -- those things that he's not. Playing -- of -- I'd be very disciplined. Okay and now back to the bike publisher pan mass experience at. Another incredible experience. We. We do you think pretty pretty good up there that was says it is because it gets thousands of people doing it for the very reason and the beautiful morning. I wish it could go longer just a little a couple of hours that. You know maybe it another time well make the same -- You just at the downhill part right. I -- look at that. Our body about gonna duck and you'll talk to down the road. Bobby balance animate AT&T hotline for being selected the calls wanna midweek overnight stay at Mohegan Sun and is now eligible to win the end of the season grand prize which he has. An overnight stay and -- -- the big show at Mohegan Sun visit WEI dot com slash Mohegan every single week. To submit your question for body -- of the big show is brought to you by Mohegan Sun among life's millions of moments some of the very buster made by Mohegan Sun create your moment at Mohegan Sun dot com he can -- I'm to shine.

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