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Pete believes in Baby Jesus but not Tim Tebow

Aug 8, 2012|

Pete leads his flash discussing Pedroia’s outburst last night after some tough calls and breaks down Lester’s past three starts. They also talk about the love fest between the Saints and the Patriots during their joint practice, why John doesn’t think they need to play Belichick’s weekly breakdown of opponents and how ESPN needs to reevaluate it’s focus on Tim Tebow and the Jets.

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The 22. -- laying out one look like you hear -- Did it. And it did it got them. Murphy guys here at -- -- has been run. Ball Pedroia and nighter going to add an on night. Arguing that it has thrown a lot of the ballgame. Bobby Valentine coming out. He needs to get his second baseman out of their Gonzales is also standing. Right next to the umpire. So he may contain himself as long as possible David Murphy's has been hit on the army takes his base and. First off fireworks less -- at the end of the ballgame between the Red Sox and Rangers at Fenway Park in second baseman Dustin Pedroia has thrown out of the game the night by first base umpire Paul -- in Pedroia the victim of a controversial check swing strike three call 02 pitch by the way back in the eight inning with one on Sox trailing five I love Dave O'Brien but that he really say Dustin Pedroia and paint himself as long as he could. And it's -- I did not exactly what he left us has made double. Did and it's obvious to he went down in the in the dressing room -- quick look at the video and again and barrel. Bobby Valentine after. Him pretty angry and supporting my guy and -- -- And I said at a pentagon. He goes through -- you know them. A statement complete fool myself but -- I don't like seeing them do them a picture of the tournament. That. Fertilize I. Jon Lester allowed four runs. In six and two thirds innings he falls to five intended said. Just a couple of mistakes in this -- Yeah me -- pitches out of eleven. Investors starts pulling up on the ball better -- have all year. From -- to them. Your your Lester yeah that the satellite and you know what I don't how frustrating -- gets for fans to hear that. He's actually right up but you know what to what pitcher -- lied to -- good but what pitcher who's lost a game unless you're you know if you are Richard just lit up or give up nine runs in in or innings. Doesn't have the excuse for the rationalizations -- it was just it was just that Grand Slam and then that -- -- -- pitches a 111 the last three starts have been in his second -- it was burger. This beat the Yankees start why people why it's four runs in six innings supposed to be good it's not good. That's that's below average them and Archuleta gave up compared to what one question is that a rat the well four runs in six innings -- also reduced its great guy proving you can say some pro and -- where is that -- we haven't they are as much as you did earlier in how it's still. -- -- second Red Sox get -- overall these teams once again on the times that to break into say Detroit beat the Yankees six to five Baltimore beat Seattle it's avid Tampa Bay -- Toronto 41. Oakland and the Anaheim cats which other local ones last night ten to four. You're not gonna hop overall these teams let's try to get past that six spot first -- -- looked at the -- break first three games at you for the fifth spot. -- more about that first talk about one game at a time just unbelievable. It. Act big is getting ready for their pre season opener against -- and saints -- tomorrow to let -- say it's held to a practices this week and we can have tomorrow and Bill Belichick you know great. Great -- for the saints. Great organization have a lot of respect for. You know the ownership it's mr. Bentsen and of course. -- and and Joseph and and his staff and players you know we have really good practice out there in terms of working with them and I'm just getting better in a lot of things we need to improve on their real good football team that do good job. Relish or duke was a mutual admiration society -- always thought -- really wasn't unbelievable it -- And -- that that's fine but it's kind of Iran organizations that have had you know the shame of the of gate put on the end of a word on their behalf right and because of that they're like in the same boat here. Vince Wilfork more admiration for a Drew Brees -- Quarter opportunities of there's more you're passionate about what. Everybody is -- office. Just some news. That's just good football office they're. And you know going against them you know she and Brady and boundaries. It's tough match -- but as deep as or they can make us better and that's what in the world would be dead as a defense hoping to have the -- was -- cases. -- -- you're hearing Belichick talk about the saints reminds me that we should hear it WEEI. Early on the Dennis Kelly and program institute does now Austin we are going to not. Deal with or not play actions say. Bill Belichick's. Pregame. -- week. Discussion of the next opponent. Because there's no -- recorded because he says the very same -- sixteen times he could be be winless colts could be the hard charging San Francisco 49ers he says the following things this is a well coached football team were playing on Sunday on the person that they have that I. Always say after. They have an aggressive defense they have an effective offense and they have officially special teams we have our hands full. Every single games. A little news coaching you know -- exactly every team every school Notre Dame played was gonna kick out of -- how -- gonna be assumption I'm on the -- this. Better yet how we gonna get by curry I don't know -- You aren't. You on -- Cortland, New York is the place to be one season fighting more flooding yesterday at New York Jets training camp for the second straight day practice in erupted by flooding in the players for linebacker. To Margaret Davis and running back lets parents gain -- got into it followed by a -- retired and Dustin Keller. A cornerback Antonio Cromartie well -- -- was surprised there. Epic coach Rex Ryan was he warned his players addressed the team down made a run lap. -- try to be physical. But being physical is one thing. Going past that is something else and that's why don't like that's why we stopped -- we had to remind guys that. You know the the enemy is non Korean War. In a jackass. What did Jack gases meanwhile. You talk more about these skirmishes it's that time here you've already had -- scrimmage. When you come back it's not uncommon there's. You guys should -- they still wanna hit all those type of things. This look to see once I'm just -- pilot Toppert Tebow just and I tell you what ESPN -- -- -- there were partnered with them analysts off but you got there are so many people pissed off round this country because you're focusing on. The worst quarterback in the NFL and back -- one at that when there are so we -- the great stores going on around in the league and Uga has spent a packer quarterback -- over ESPN report self I'll tell you that you must be stuck in that messed. Steve serving from the New York Post details what happened in yesterday's scrimmage now. Obviously wasn't on tape because if you watch sports and all the hip joint was Monday's skirmish. Show yesterday's it's just bring up and -- -- say they think. That nobody should be surprised it was -- Marty who is at the center of all of this and as the crow fire as the crow flies example number one. Pro Mardy said I'm gonna punch you in the bleep and -- he said the rookie wide receiver Stephen Hill. Cromartie then held -- receivers coach Sanjay life screamed at the official throw the flag. Example number two crow -- he took a cheap shot at Dustin Keller fault him. Knocking him out against the law held a terrific teammate jumped up nosed -- the pro Marty as others rushed Ian. Marty may or may not be the second best receiver on the jets which is sad commentary at least in the receiving corps as it is -- Marty's foot and mouth disease. When the tone deaf depth chart is back. This disease. HBO hard -- needs to be here. Let's. There's this theory yeah -- like -- -- Well I mean what it what is agreement to guy's done it every discipline team the entire time Rex Ryan is evident. The only good news you hear our camp I hate to say is that you know Sanchez so far so it says is look -- look triggered. -- that's like the average looking girl come under the rob with a girlfriend is like a five feet two and 475 o'clock that night he looks good by comparison to ball. Well as anybody looks to compare I looked you looked a -- comparison to team we talk about -- with a foot. All how -- you all know how you say stuff like that folks start -- not if you're you're anti got your anti God's -- what I got the baby geez I believe in god but I tell you what I do not believe Tim Tebow was a quarterback and never will -- -- and I -- -- -- it was dot dot stopped -- skip -- and wrap up those -- and -- park yesterday -- a disgrace. As usual. Yeah as usually get a cut. I try to find it was and we get were -- in ten seconds. Ten seconds this is that he's just what he's a fool for doing it for two years now this sounds idiotic this -- first take -- the discussion was Tom Brady playing past the age forty. And you have Eric Mangini. Skip Bayless who is. Like second both most of -- some of the river and clear rules and now. -- And rob Parker is gonna be -- about -- -- and Troy got his job you may be lab he's been doing this abrupt -- acted it's almost Tony I don't know if they -- this or what it sounds really -- -- can anybody beat that stupid we about to hear these comments. All the sinister tone when he doesn't play well in the post season why I want to look at these stocks are getting. I don't know how the bottom line dollars model lineup you'll not winner so you'll know where on the -- -- another super don't ever get tuna usually don't soreness but if you don't so -- -- Super Bowl as he turns 35 he is definitely to do it John quoting you here he's on the downside of his career when she just say that. I think turns 35. Tom he's on a downside of his career and at have you asked me if feel obligated to another Super -- how one -- -- No way you -- whole Powell. And -- judgment of you know he's actually right mathematically. I mean there's there's. Less time left and Tom Brady's -- beneath plight so far but that's that's the death an -- -- -- I know that I am I'm just trying to figure on the back nine. Absolutely yeah. There once the back -- -- thrown 39 touchdowns and twelve picks and throughout the 66% completions -- 5200 yards. -- the back nine -- if if you make the argument that he hasn't played well -- -- and it's hasn't you know close the deal was suitable you can certainly do that and you can you can say he's on the downside is accurate and if that means he's. He has fewer years left than you -- -- that -- played. That's true I don't think which you and I don't think the next thing we hear rob. I think -- -- people look at the total regular season numbers aren't talking about don't post season it. Mutually Tomlin should be seven touchdowns and seven picks in five post season games. He should be only font Baltimore -- don't Micheal field and at home that almost lost three straight playoff date -- Want to borrow up -- -- -- quarterback noticed not only quarterback then -- roulette and I won a super lost did you shoot somebody's performance of the second half. What's a good. I'm number sixteen straight completions at one point in the game. Adamant that -- at the end of the game you know -- there are people in the -- and we know -- some of the Maher whose entire act is based on being contrary in baying at the moon and and that's what that -- it's try to try to be contrary and try to right. -- Rob Parker and -- of the masters -- and you know reasons. Are you skip pass so he decided he was always offense operated a listen to some of his other ridiculous arguments about Tebow he when he defends Brady. It it it really it's no envoy to me because it is stupid idiotic. Comments about Tivo. That are beyond. Beyond stupid as all the way to describe it just beyond stupid is the worst quarterback in the NFL and to store if you were -- if he has they upper HBO's hard knocks and a lot of people it probably taped it. A legal step of a chat formerly Ochocinco Johnson. Trying to be the star that -- the -- erect -- when we come back.

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