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Adrian Gonzalez with Joe & Dave after the last game of the Twins series

Aug 5, 2012|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox first baseman, who knocked in three runs in the win.

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Our thanks very much -- who can't do I think about what happened the last few days that certainly was a relief to come on -- the ball like that they're getting. Fourteen hits with you leave the west eight yen I was -- in the -- today you know after losing four straight you know can afford to listen. Not just hopefully making -- back and going street here. It mean how hard is that to put away what happened last night show law and pound not a wind today plumbing you know me. We're worthy enough thought to forget about yesterday and focus on today that's when they have time. He needs you want to write the momentum when it's. You put it behind you keep going forward in and -- -- and you know today it was -- game we needed frankly it was completely. In the spot start there. We've been leading the league hitting with managed going position for quite awhile now when that the case again and then. Today with a single in the third and of course. And what it's -- position when you hit it out as he did the two run homer. And I just you know distressed they wouldn't within myself and I was pretty frustrated after my first about women choose to pitch out of the zone and just and in between them that. Magistrate get back back and being aggressive enough it was the next event. 53 games remaining gonzo a look what do you tell Sox fans many who were listening the radio on the way home right now. From the ballpark a file the club's postseason chances. -- one of the things that we we we like to focus on especially right now the fact nick Fuentes with us and he was -- the team last year that. Know going into September was way out of it and if -- anomaly a month of based on in September and and wrote that all of which two win the World Series you know we're capable of doing then you know we've got to continue to play good baseball and just like we did today and you know. If we we -- -- it would earns our position. -- -- -- Adrienne a youth who have dedicated their the second -- to that Jimmy Fund 5000 dollars rarely home run that's five since the all star break it. With a one today yet tell us that why you're doing now had and what your thoughts. I'm not just you know out of it over the break and just it -- wait to get involved -- that he would donate some money hopefully. Know a whole lot of rumors that it wasn't in the first -- you know I'm not they're trying to hit home runs you know really hoping for them and more than there. Well great job today and congratulations on the Red Sox went one club really needed gonzo thank you very much our guys appreciate it -- thanks for helping the Jimmy Fund. So other Red Sox winning here six to four job.

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