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Joe Castiglione with Bobby Valentine before the last game of the Twins series.

Aug 5, 2012|

Joe talked to the manager about last night's devastating loss, and about Pedro Ciriaco's contributions to the team.

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Army certainly one of the toughest defeats of the season last night that. It's probably good to have that they game I'll come right back quickly. Yeah I you know -- we've had some tough ones and you know that was a great effort. Likely buckles the offense. Coming up with a two run lead. Seven skidding out of the eighth inning bases loaded no out situation and and given a -- one run but that was enough to get the win. I save this as you said that a great job in the eighth giving up just the sac fly what was your thinking and bring him in in that spot with a bases loaded and nobody out. Well to limit the damage they have us -- without giving up the league you know bases loaded no Nazis the the guy could get a strike out he's behind it. You know get a double play -- did either but it immediately. Limit the damage the element. And had the feel good especially -- the second run in the last in the eighth inning. That is save as mrs. boxer was at its election. Com. You know if he liked his fastball and you know Kelly was -- Simon then change it was hit to center field the couple fastballs were hit. In Ireland he gave them a little credit too I guess they they you know they hit the pitches that there. You know Alfredo has good stuff and his sometimes it shines and sometimes it's a little them. Did you go back and look at the video of the 22 pitch that Mauer took -- which was so close. -- so lot of game again and you know -- -- called but a few times last night but it wasn't necessarily. -- straight three calls. It could have been called but it wasn't it was an all on the play. Was there any thought to breslaw and that's spotter -- that was it saves his game to get out of it. Now there was some you know but it. You know two outs and you know. Alfredo out there and night to studied either guy obviously. I don't know Perez would have gotten him out -- the only guy gives gives up right -- always think that something else would have been a better opportunity. Sure was and -- without a whole lot of sleep that. Now I got I went home went to sleep let's let's give Alou went to sleep and we're ready to go today. Idea unfortunately. It took a little bit away from the moment for port Pedro Syria -- but what a moment that was. In retrospect. Yeah -- you know he came up looking fastball got a fastball and -- overdone it apart to give us the give us the lead in. You know there is very emotional he's been a very very good player forests and as -- said often. I'm glad he said the team. I'll remove line and it today yet Ellsbury back in center field he's okay. Yeah you know yesterday as a precaution because that is the big game. Hopefully he's he's going to be fine interiors and you know Carlos played netted a game an expert period hopefully we'll celebrate together. He's Ortiz continued progress as a timetable yet. He looked great yesterday. So we'll see its progression but it I know there's been set. Back it's -- ago it looks like for Wednesday you know it's like the Wednesday -- game. You know and he's -- you know right now on. If these any other report dole though after you're out. Franklin Morales did does so well his first time around as a starter. He's out there today he is there any limit on emotions he hasn't started for awhile. No I don't I don't think in this we have in this city limit we'll just watch his pitches and what's his command of the pitches as the game goes on and eternity from there. And they go with the Nick Blackburn now this is a guy you -- right handed it this lineup they should have some success against if you look at his numbers at least. He had numbers don't tell host very you know last time out he had assured outing in. He'll be rearing to go you know we have to be selective and and hit that fastball and hit it hard. We've wrapped things up with a Mercedes-Benz question of the day Bobby last night that they -- heroic -- Japanese throw away hit the batter in the back a little dribble -- out front he was clearly not within the restraining line. How is that called and is that sometimes automatic -- the throw it's the run they do call it. Yeah I you know from. My vantage point it was hard to see it the -- so it on TV after the game. You know he was outside of the line the entire time he should have been called out. For interference it's a very tough play you know the bases in -- -- you have to be injured Terry Terry hit the base and that's that the umpire. Told me that is going to use just about hitting the base. So you have to be in that position. But the you know that you have to also -- throwing -- to the catcher. That throw and it was difficult call and you know sorry when it. This good luck today about okay. 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